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Smashin Life!-Continue Foward! With A smile!


**WARNING** Contains Strong Language! Read with Care —————- Summers Finally Arrived! It means summer Vacation For Ren! While that dosent Mean Work is out as well... Its heard people get Lazier in the summer At Work.. And THAT means Money Lost. While Rehearsal Is scheduled Early, They plain to Work as hard as possible during The summer!....But Is emerald ok? ————— There is A backstory to this, It will not be a realsed Vol, But there will be background information inside! So read on! -MoonlightShine-

Fantasy / Adventure
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Background Information-Smashin Life!

Super smash bros! The most paying job! But only Tough People Can get it! With a pay of atleast ¥100,000 A week! Emerald Is a household Wife. One Day her daughter, Ami Brings in the mail. With a Old fashion stamped Letter. She Now Enjoys a band named ‘Smashin Life!’ Made up of 5 Members, Including herself!

Vocalist-Emerald Diaz! (Also ‘Main Charcter’ ) Emerald Is a talentful Girl with a voice of an angel. But she is also known to sing in diffrent tones as well! She was first scouted by pit, The keyboardist of smashin life. It started with karaoke And he heard how beautiful her voice was. She Was a school idol at One Point of her life

Keyboardist-Pit! Pit is The Music writer and costume maker of smashin life. Thought He Does alot work he doesn’t mind it! Though The band insit he takes a break once in a while. He once Fainted Because of stress and Tiredness when making costumes! He now learned that to take a break ever once it a long while.

Drummer-Zelda! *CURRENT DESIGN IN SSPU Zelda was once links spy to see what emerald was up to. After discovering that she was soon invited to join the band. The reason she was spying because of terrible horrible rumors about her. After finding the rumors false, She gladly joined the band!

Guitarist-Link! Link very disliked the band because having a band in smash was very unnecessary. Soon later He was Forced to join by the ‘Boss**’. Soon after he became use to the band And now enjoys being with everyone!

Bassist-Ren Amayima***-(Also known as ‘Joker) Ren was first Disliked The band first. But not as much as Link did. He was first made talk with Emerald. Because of a certain ‘Event’. They soon had to Farewell because he thought talkin to her more was unnecessary. Her last words to ren were “I Promise will meet again soon!” Soon after Ren found them rehearsing. Feeling bad for emerald, He asked To join the band. They glady accepeted his requst. As well Emerald Refers to “Ren-Kun!” Or “Ren-Kun-Chan!” Because the fact emerald has a ‘Crush’ on him.

*¥100,000=$900 US dollars **The boss is also referred to as ‘Mr. Sakurai’ But dosent Appear in story ***Name found from ‘Persona Five The animation’ Or P5A

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