Third First Breaths

Tuxedo Kamen

Mamoru Chiba is quite dazed when he wakes up in a bed that was his with sheets that weren't. It's his old apartment, he realizes as he swings out of bed. Of course he doesn't wake up anywhere else. He never made it to America and he doesn't have any other home. He thanks all the good fortune in the universe that he'd subleted the place to Motoki when he finds the boxes of his clothes still neatly stored in the closet. He's equally glad that Motoki has a girlfriend with a nicer place as he realizes it could have been quite awkward to wake up naked in your friend's bed. He wipes a hand over his face. Just the thought makes him long for coffee.

Hopefully Motoki won't mind if he helps himself, he thinks as he shuffles out into the kitchen and flicks on the light.

"Gah!" He jumps. He was not expecting bare-naked ass to greet him in the middle of the hallway. Bare-naked…male ass…this is a weird nightmare even by his life's standards. Then he notices the long chestnut brown hair. "Nephrite." His eyes widen as he takes in the living room.

All of them are there. Jadeite is sprawled out across the armchair and Kunzite and Zoisite lie curled together on the sofa…and all of them are naked. He sighs as he shuffles back towards the bedroom for blankets and clothes. "Just once could clothes come along with rebirth?" he grumbles though there's a huge smile on his face. Hopefully Nephrite's huge shoulders will fit into his shirts.

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