Third First Breaths


Usagi Tsukino blinks her eyes open to find her room, her sun kissed navy blanket around her shoulders, and her cat curled up alive and well on the pillow, smiling at her.

"Luna!" She screeches and grabs Luna, hugging her tight. "You're alive!"

"Yes well…I won't be much longer if you keep this up."

"Sorry!" Usagi relaxes her grip and settles Luna on her shoulder. "Sorry, sorry, I just…" Suddenly she remembers her dream and her hand flies to her stomach, flat. "Oh, boo."

"What is it?" Luna asks.

"Nothing, I just…dreamed it was my wedding… Mamo-chan was so handsome and Chibiusa was…well." She taps her stomach. "I felt so happy."

"Yes well, Chibiusa is downstairs. I heard her wake up a few hours ago…and someday, Usagi. Someday."

"I know," she grins. Everyone is alive, she can feel it - all alive and well after everything. "She was so brave."

"As were you," Luna nuzzles against her cheek. "You defeated Galaxia and Chaos. I'm so proud."

Usagi shakes her head. "They won't be the last." These past few years have taught her that much. "But maybe we get a break for now." The word tastes strange on her tongue. "The universe and the cauldron…I felt like they'd be at peace…for a little while."

"Then let's enjoy it now and prepare to maintain it at a later date," Luna suggests. She hops off Usagi's shoulder and onto the floor. "Come on downstairs."

Usagi grabs a bathrobe from the floor and follows her, coming down the stairs to a kitchen that smells like eggs and bacon and "Pancakes!"

"Good morning, Usagi," her mother laughs like Usagi hadn't hugged her goodbye and left on a suicide mission what must be months ago (if the winter coats by the door are anything to go by). "Finally awake."

"Finally," she agrees, dazed at the normal day happening around hr. Shingo walks in from the living room.

"You slept until noon," Shingo pipes up as he goes to the fridge and pours himself some orange juice. "Mom let us all have a late start though…so thanks." Then he hugs her hard around the waist. "I'm glad you're not dead."

"Huh?" she's stunned. How are they all so…not freaking out at her sudden appearance?

"Chibiusa told us everything," her father says as he follows Shingo into the kitchen with said pink haired child.

"Well," her daughter meets her eyes, "not everything." They share a mischievous grin. "Just the parts about the 'sailor scout' thing…and the 'saving the galaxy from an evil witch' thing."

"That evil witch led a really awful life, Chibiusa," she glares. From her daughter's startled face she wonders if this is an expression she lectures Chibiusa with in the future. "She wanted the power to make the universe better on her terms, and she got corrupted by that power and by Chaos."

"Sit down and eat," Ikuko sets a plate down in her normal seat and they all – her family – tuck in to breakfast like any other day. "We want to know everything," her mother smiles. "You don't have to hide from us Usagi."She feels like crying and laughing and like Mamo-chan should finally meet her father. "Well…where to start?"

"Chaos," Shingo jumps in. "What is it?"

"Uh…it's an evil…spirit…thing." She stuffs some bacon in Luna's face to keep the cat from laughing at her. Shingo smirks at her. "I mean it, well, it took over the Galaxy Cauldron – that's the source of all life in the Universe, and I had to either destroy them both or I had to sacrifice myself and ensure that life could continue even if it meant Chaos was reborn as well."

"So you died?" Shingo asks.

"Uhh," She glances nervously at her parents. "Yes."

"That is so cool."

"Shingo!" Ikuko shouts.

"What!" He waves a forkful of bacon. "That's like…unreal."

"Actually this is the third time." She adds, stuffing an egg into her mouth.

"It's what?" Her father looks like he might faint. And she can't speak around the whole egg she's attempting to eat. All she can do is shrug. Shingo and Chibiusa snicker.

"Don't worry, Kenji Papa, that's actually not a lot," sometimes Chibiusa is an excellent child, Usagi thinks as she eats. Always saving her neck. "See the first time was a thousand years ago when she was a princess and there was this really huge battle. But her mom saved the Sailors and sent their souls to the future to finish the battle here."

"My sister is a Princess," Shingo mutters. "Now I've heard everything."

"She's gonna become Queen of the Earth," Chibiusa chimes in.

"Holy shit! They let her do that with her grades?"


"Shingo!" both of her parents glare at him.

As her brother makes a face at her, Usagi tries to wrap her head around this reality. It's a fantasy she's dreamed over and over: after the D-point battle, Diamond, Pharaoh 90, and Nehelenia…and Usagi feels her heart swell in her chest. Finally, everything feels just right.

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