Third First Breaths

Uranus and Neptune

Haruka Tenoh wakes up breathing in air that tastes like the sea. She savours each breath as her senses sharpen until she's fully awake. The air tastes like home, like Japan, like Michiru.

Michiru Kaiou is curled around a pillow right beside her. Her brow is relaxed. Her body is unwounded and calm. And Haruka spends her first few minutes awake watching the rise and fall of Michiru's chest. Somehow this feels different than the mornings after other battles. They were dead, she recalls. Not anymore, but they had been. She almost wishes this death was as vague as her first, or as painless as her second in the fight with Kaori. No, regretfully sitting in limbo in a cauldron for months after having your body shredded for your star seed hurts a whole fucking lot. She pushes away the thoughts by drinking in the sight of Michiru, counting the faint outline of each rib, looking at each strand of hair as it falls like a waterfall on her love's face and over her pillow. She ends her exploration on Michiru's lips, smiling as she rarely has in the months leading up to their battle with Galaxia. She appears so content, so blissful. Looking suddenly isn't enough anymore. She aches to feel Michiru in her arms.

Haruka rolls closer, sliding one hand around Michiru's waist and using the other to tuck Michiru's head under her chin. She swings her leg over both of Michiru's knowing it isn't truly possible to melt into her, but needing to get as close as possible all the same. She closes her eyes as Michiru breathes against her chest; she never wants to move. Michiru is so warm, soft, and alive.

"Ruka?" The soft whisper sounds like waves breaking against a beach. She feels familiar hands wrap around her back and lips smile against her shoulder.

She pulls away just enough to dive in and kiss Michiru soundly, feeling the excitement coiling in both of them.

Regretfully she breaks away to breathe, gazing into Michiru's deep blue eyes as they press their foreheads together.

"We're alive." Michiru gasps.

"We are. I don't know how Sailor Moon –"

But Michiru's kissing her again, rolling them over so that every one of her curves is pressed into every one of Haruka's. Fingers, strong and nimble from years of playing the violin, twine into her hair, and a hand traces meandering paths along her torso. Fuck, who cares how Sailor Moon pulled this off?

"I just…need to feel you." Michiru says between kisses. Haruka gasps as her lover bends down to kiss her neck, tongue tracing her hammering pulse.

"Oh gods, I love you."

"I love you too," Michiru whispers, gasping quietly when Haruka shifts one of her thighs to press between Michiru's legs. "I do, I do."

She flips them again, hands caressing every bit of Michiru she can reach – nothing calculated about it – she just needs to recommit every inch of her to memory. The fire of Michiru's calloused hands on her skin expresses the same need.

"Marry me?"

"Yes." No hesitation. Michiru kisses her until they're both breathless. "But, you'd better propose properly later."

"When we're done,"

"Feeling like this is real." Michiru finishes her thought. Haruka moans as Michiru's hands reach a particularly sensitive spot.

"God!" she cries.

"That's Goddess, dear." Michiru is smirking at her. She brings her close to kiss the smirk off her lips. She shares in her joy, her lust, and her disbelief. And lets the feelings, intense and physical, crash through her body.

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