The Return of Shield

Hydra Revealed....Again

A few days after the confrontation, Phil and Kat were in his office discussing things.

“You know, I wouldn’t have believed it but the group therapy really helped! The team actually seems somewhat settled now,” Phil said.

Kat shook her head, smiling. “Always the tone of surprise with you, Phil. Some things never change, huh? Psychology may be a “soft” science but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective.”

Phil just laughed. “How’s Jemma?”

“Good,” Kat replied. “She finally let me help with her PTSD. She knows that it’s a process and it will take a while for the symptoms to completely go away but she has started seeing some improvement.”

“Fitz also seems to be doing better. I would have never thought it possible but I think Ward spending time with him has really helped,” Phil said.

Kat nodded. “I told you they needed emotional healing. How’s Skye? She won’t talk to me much.”


“She knows better but I think she’s jealous of all the time Grant and I spend together and how relaxed he is with me. She still isn’t certain that nothing is going on between us. So, I have no idea of how her training is going and I have yet to ask him much about it.”

“From what I can tell, it seems to be going smoothly. Neither of them has talked with me much about it either. Do you think I should ask?”

“Not unless you have a reason.”

Suddenly May’s voice came over the intercom. “Phil! You need to get to Command ASAP. We have a Hydra alert!”

“Have the team meet me there!” Phil shouted as both he and Kat raced out of the room.

When they reached Command, the monitors were displaying images of various Hydra agents shooting guards and attacking a large compound.

“Where is this?” Phil asked.

Skye punched a few keys on her computer. “I think they’re in Norway. I have no idea…” her voice trailed off as an image of Ian Quinn and another good-looking dark-haired man came out of the house with material in their hands and grins of triumph on their faces.

“Ahh….our good friend Ian Quinn,” Phil said grimly. “Who’s that with him?” Phil looked at the screen closely, a confused look on his face. “Wait. Kat, is that who I think it is?” He looked over at Kat who looked like she was about to be sick. “Is that Blake?”

“It can’t be,” she said faintly, white to the lips. The whole team looked at her with concern and Grant put out his hand to steady her.

“Are you all right?” he asked. She nodded, so he looked back at the screen. “Who is Blake?”

“My husband, Blake Cordis,” Kat said. “He’s supposed to be dead.”

“Well, given that there are two of us around the table who are also supposed to be dead but aren’t, apparently that’s going around,” Phil said dryly.

Kat smiled slightly, then gasped out, “I think I’m going to be sick!” She turned and ran for the bathroom. After she finished emptying her stomach, she leaned back against the door and willed her body to calm down. She then slowly stood up and returned to Command where the monitors were still showing images of the Norwegian compound.

Phil looked up when she returned. “Kat, it’s confirmed. We ran facial recognition and the man with Ian Quinn is indeed Blake. I think it’s time that you told us what happened that weekend at your parent’s house so we can figure this out.”

“OK. But I think I’m going to need to be sitting down for this,” she said and everyone reconvened in the lounge. Phil took a seat and looked expectantly at Kat.

“I’m not sure where to start,” Kat said, then stopped, uncertain of how to continue.

“Who is Blake and how did you meet him?” Skye asked.

“That’s right, you don’t know. I keep forgetting how new you are to SHIELD,” Kat said. “Blake was a SHIELD operative, like Grant and May. One of the best. I met him through my parents who were high level SHIELD agents. That’s how I met a lot of people,” Kat said glancing at Phil and Tripp. They nodded. “After all, SHIELD is, or at least it was, a pretty small organization.”

“It still is,” Phil said a bit ruefully and Kat gave him a ghost of a smile.

“Blake and I started dating and I fell in love with him. I thought he was in love with me too but now I’m wondering if that was true. If he’s Hydra, and it looks like he is, maybe it was all a lie.” Kat’s voice trailed off.

“You might have been his assignment but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t parts that were real,” Grant said. “That happens,” he said looking directly at Skye, who gave him a half smile.

Kat also smiled slightly. “You’re right but it’s hard to take in. I used to tell people all about my whirlwind romance with Blake but now I’m thinking that he swept me off my feet for reasons other than love.” She again looked sick.

“If that’s true, why were you his assignment?” May asked. “What would Hydra want with you?”

“I was PsyOps, a division I imagine Hydra wanted to contain. If anyone in SHIELD was going to figure out the Hydra infiltration, it would have been us and I was recruited pretty hard. I can’t know for certain but I think Hydra was trying to bring me into their organization, especially after what happened. But, I imagine the real reason I was targeted was…” Once again, her voice trailed off.

“Your parents,” Phil said firmly. Kat nodded and looked down.

“Who are your parents?” Fitz asked.

“Man, Kat’s parents were the bomb!” Tripp said enthusiastically. “They knew everyone, from Fury on down. I don’t know how high they went in SHIELD but rumor had it that no major decision or operation went down without their knowledge.”

Phil nodded. “If I were Hydra and I wanted to incapacitate SHIELD, they were two people I’d want out of the way. Hydra tried to assassinate Fury, so it makes sense they’d try to kill Jatan and Anna too.”

“But I don’t understand. Where does Blake come in?” Jemma asked.

“Blake and I had been married for a year when…” Kat stopped again, swallowed hard and continued, “we found out I was pregnant.” She avoided looking at the group so that she could continue but she could imagine their shocked faces. “That weekend, we went to my parents’ compound so we could tell them the good news and plan for the future. We told them on Friday night and then spent all day Saturday celebrating and talking about the baby.” Kat’s voice caught and she stopped talking.

Grant leaned over and took her hand. It was the unexpected nature of the gesture that startled her enough out of her misery to continue her narrative. She could remember it all like it was yesterday.

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