The Return of Shield

The Lorelei Liquid

After Skye finished her hack, she went to join the rest of the team assigned to either capture or destroy the serum. After hearing Kat play around with the name, they all agreed to call it the Lorelei Liquid. As she made her way across the compound, Skye also noticed the lack of security guards and her steps quickened. Something was wrong.

She felt the tremors from the gravitonium start and she remembered like it was yesterday jumping into the pool and being saved by Ward. She hoped he was okay. She was worried about him. The Lorelei episode was not a good memory for him, both because he was essentially raped and because it reminded him of how much he lost by following orders. Skye was glad that Grant had been assigned to Quinn and the gravitonium parts of the mission. She wanted him to stay far away from the Lorelei Liquid.

The tremors finally stopped just as Skye turned left, opened two huge doors just enough for her to slowly enter a large room set up like a lab. She saw scientific apparatus set up on the right side of the cavernous space. Skye counted five people in white lab coats working with the beakers, computers and other equipment. Along the left side were twenty men who looked like they were asleep on raised beds. She hoped that the Hydra scientists hadn’t yet gotten around to injecting the men with the Liquid. If they had, this was going to be a lot harder than they expected.

Skye quickly backed out of the room, hoping that no one had seen her. She had to wait for the others. Turning her head to the right, Skye saw a sight that had her smiling with appreciation. Walking across the compound side by side were three women, all in black cat suits: May, Kat and, of all people, Akela Amador (from the “I-Spy Mission” as they used to call it on the Bus).

AC’s attempt to get more SHIELD agents hadn’t yielded many people. Most of the ones who agreed to come were still on the Bus, watching the prisoners, preparing space for the gravitonium and the Liquid and making sure the plane was ready to leave at a moment’s notice. However, Akela was the only one who volunteered to do whatever AC needed her to do. SHIELD scientists had given her another robotic eye but this one, thankfully, was not controlled by anyone else and would not end her life if she failed to obey. In other words, her new eye wasn’t creepy.

The three black-clad women strode purposefully towards Skye who shook her head in admiration. Given how attractive and fit they all were, they reminded Skye of more serious and far more deadly Charlie’s Angels. If there had only been a wind blowing back their hair, they would have looked like they were in a movie. And then she saw Jemma scampering along behind them. Skye shook her head in amusement this time. Jemma was not dressed in black and had a backpack she was carrying. She looked like a college student trying to keep up with her older, cooler friends.

Skye gestured for them to hurry and then kept watch on the surrounding buildings. While she was grateful for the missing security guards, their absence continued to be ominous. The four women arrived and May said, “Report, Agent Skye.”

“There are five Hydra people in there on the right side of the room. I think they’re scientists but it’s hard to tell. There are also twenty soldiers on the left side who all look like they’re asleep. I hope they haven’t been dosed with the Lorelei Liquid but I don’t know.”

“Let’s hope they remain asleep,” Kat said in a tone of foreboding.

The group nodded and May said, “Ready?” She stealthily opened the double doors and the group slunk into the room with Jemma bringing up the rear. Unfortunately, their entry must have set off an alarm because almost immediately there was increased activity among the Hydra people, almost like bees buzzing around after their hive has been attacked. All of the SHIELD women except Jemma started running toward the people in the lab coats.

One of the Hydra agents ran to a microphone connected to one of the computers. “Soldiers, awake and terminate the enemy!” she said firmly. Her voice was amplified by the microphone but also sounded like it had an extra echo to it.

Skye looked over at the men in dread. Sure enough, all of them were sitting up, getting off of their beds and making their way to the SHIELD group. May, Akela and Kat had been fighting the scientists. Most of them were down but several of them had darted out of reach when the Lorelei soldiers distracted the fighting SHIELD agents. The initial plan had called for the three SHIELD Angels to take out the Hydra agents while Skye and Simmons worked on capturing information and the serum. Unfortunately, there was no time for that.

“Switch!” May called out.

Skye immediately stopped looking at computers and turned her focus to the remaining Hydra agents. “If the ones still fighting are scientists, then they had some damn good training,” she thought. More likely though, they were Hydra operatives ordered to protect the real scientists, most of whom were already on the floor.

At May’s command, both she and Akela started fighting the Lorelei soldiers. If there hadn’t been so many of them, they probably would have succeeded but Skye could tell that they were quickly going to be overwhelmed. Kat was busy with the remaining Hydra operatives while Jemma desperately searched through computers and scientific notes. Skye touched her coms, “AC! We’re going to need help down here and fast!” Then she ran to help Kat.

In the gravitonium chamber, Fitz and Trip were preparing the element for transport while Phil handcuffed Raina and was starting to lead her to the rendezvous point. He halted when he heard Skye’s voice in his ear.

“Ward!” he said in a desperate tone. He threw him two ICERs. “The rest of the team needs help. Unfortunately, the gravitonium’s instability makes transporting it a two-person job and I need to take Raina and the other Hydra captives back to the Bus. I’m sorry but you’re the only person available to help.”

“Yes sir!” Ward said as he raced toward the lab.

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