The Return of Shield

The Downfall of SHIELD

Kat found that working for the FBI was a lot different than working for SHIELD. Since the FBI dealt solely with human beings, the cases ended up being a lot less serious than she was used to. As a result, the work was less urgent, protocol wasn’t as rigid and tension was fairly low. This was a nice change and Kat soaked up the atmosphere. She used her down time to gather as much data as she could and to endear herself to her superiors. Kat knew that she would need their trust sooner or later. All intel suggested sooner so, once again, she was left to wait.

In February, Kat noticed that things were starting to heat up. There was a lot of talk about a terrorist called The Clairvoyant who was messing things up for several SHIELD operations, particularly those that had anything to do with high-powered weapons or the Centipede project. Then, later in the month, Trevor Slattery – the actor who posed as the Mandarin to hide Extremis mistakes – escaped from prison. In March, things got even weirder. A top-secret storage facility named The Guest House was blown up and an Asgardian called Lorelei spent two days laying waste to things in Nevada. Kat technically wasn’t supposed to know about any of these things but some upgrades to Cassady’s computer proved very helpful. As a result, she could tell that the shit was about the hit the fan.

It hit with a vengeance in April. As she was no longer a member of SHIELD, with her heart in her throat, Kat could only watch the events unfold on her computer. She ached when SHIELD Director Nick Fury was pronounced dead. She physically threw up when dear, sweet Steve was declared a fugitive and he and Nat went on the run together. The very next day, Kat sat at her desk in helpless terror as Steve and Nat fought the Winter Soldier (“Who was that guy and where did he come from?” she wondered), were arrested and then seemed to disappear.

Feeling sick, Kat took the next day off of work but was called into a meeting with her boss. She was still in that meeting (which ended up going on for hours) when all of SHIELD and Hydra secrets were leaked to the public, the Helicarriers were destroyed, the Triskelion was reduced to rubble, and the Cube and the SHIELD Academy were attacked by Hydra operatives. If that wasn’t enough, later in the evening they heard that John Garrett was exposed as the Clairvoyant. Kat couldn’t help but feel satisfaction at hearing that news. She had been right. She looked forward to her next meeting with Maria Hill, that is, if she survived.

The very next day, the government declared SHIELD to be a terrorist organization. This meant that, as a member of the FBI, Kat would be forced to work against SHIELD and their agents. She would be working against Hydra too, of course, but she had no problem with that. However, this was what she had been waiting for and Kat was exactly where she needed to be when, on the 9th of May, Agent Grant Ward was taken into custody by the FBI.

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