Magic and Mobile Suits

Part Ten

"You're daughter!" Draco found himself exclaiming with the others.

"That's no way to greet a family member," Wufei commented from his place across from Duo and Draco. Duo looked at Wufei then, those violet orbs determined.

"Who asked you, Wuffles? Not all families are created equal," Duo remarked. Wufei's eyes narrowed.

"It's Wufei, Maxwell, get it right for once." Duo did the most childish thing then, he stuck his tongue out at him.

"Wuffles?" Araki questioned quietly. Wufei's eyes seemed to turn the glare on her at those words.

"Don't even think about it," he growled.

"Would only be fitting if Wuffles stuck," Duo commented. Wufei continued to glare at him, yet he remained silent. Duo turned his attention on Araki then. "So why all the hatred toward Professor Lupin? From your robes, you're a Gryffindor. They aren't normally so quick to hate people." Draco watched Duo, wondering what he was up to. The long haired boy was constantly surprising everyone. One could never tell what he was up to.

"This no good son of a. . ."

"Beach!" Duo interrupted. Araki blinked, stunned into silence. The class laughed a little at the American's actions. Even Romulus looked at him a little oddly.

"Beach?" he questioned. Duo grinned while Draco merely stared at his newest friend.

"Yeah, you know, where the ocean meets the shore. The beach."

"I know what the beach is," Romulus replied. "I simply wondered what prompted you to say it." Duo looked toward Araki.

"I didn't think we needed the language she was about to use," Duo answered. "You could tell what she was gonna say, couldn't you?" Romulus nodded.

"I could at that. Five points from Gryffindor. Five goes to Slytherin for stopping it."

"So, you were saying, Araki-san?" Duo asked, returning his gaze on the girl.

"I thought he was dead!" Araki exclaimed. Duo looked over at Romulus. He almost looked pained.

"I couldn't tell you I was alive. He would have come after us again. He wanted me as much as he wanted you."

"Who wanted you, Professor?" Wufei asked, interested in the explanation as well.

"He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named," Romulus answered slowly. While most of the class gasped, Duo and Wufei shared a look. This wizard was a royal pain for a lot of people. Duo knew they had to find a way to help them bring Voldemort down before they left this time. He then suddenly recalled his last book and his eyes widened. He knew what had to be done. He just knew it wouldn't be right to just straight to tell Harry what was needed.

"Voldemort's just a big pain in the ass," Duo soon commented, gaining several gasps. Draco'' wide gray eyes stared nervously at his new friend. A lot of students hissed in fear. Only Wufei didn't appear worried or nervous.

"Don't say that name," Romulus growled slowly. Duo blinked innocently up at him. "Araki, we'll discuss this later. Class, turn to page 512. No arguments. Now!" Araki stormed off while the entire class quickly opened their books. The rest of class went by quickly, no one making any noise for the entire duration.

"What's your next class?" Draco asked once they were headed out of the classroom. Duo glanced up at the blonde, his eyes thoughtful.

"I've got Runes with about ten other students," Duo replied, his voice serious. Draco stared at him.

"Why so serious? I've never seen you this way before, and I have to say I don't really like it." Duo shrugged.

"Just thinking, that's all," he replied. Draco sighed.

"Maxwell, You're scary when you're serious. Not thinking about what happened in class, are you?"

"No, just about everyone's fear of a name. It's not going to magically bring him here."

"True, but it will gain his attention. If you're not careful he'll get into your mind. " Duo laughed without humor.

"Not my mind. First thing I learned from Aberforth, Dumbledore's brother, was Occlumency. Dumbledore's been strengthening my skills in it since I arrived. Even Sylrina's mind reading abilities can't get into this head of mine, if I don't want her to." Draco grinned.

"That explains her anger recently She hates being shut out."

"I know That's one of the reasons I do it. I enjoy making her angry. Annoying anyone is rather enjoyable if you do it correctly, even if it's the only entertainment I get." Duo then waved off Draco's next words. "I've really got to head off to class. See you at dinner." Duo then rushed off before the blonde could say anything else.

Reaching the door to the Runes class with a good thirty minutes to spare, Duo sighed. He wanted to time think without having to really strain himself with others watching him. Yet he was pulled into the room by strong arms and thrown against the wall, simply held there. The steel bands that passed for arms belonged to only one person, and Duo couldn't help but smile inwardly. The door remained unlocked due to the teacher and other students who had yet to arrive. Duo looked up into Heero's angered face, his violet eyes going wide at the show of emotion.

"Um, hey Hee-chan. What's up? " Duo asked, just a little nervously.

"Don't call me that," he growled. Duo nodded.

"All right. I won't. What's up? You obviously want to talk." Duo ignored the fact that his feet were off the floor and Heero's hands were digging into his upper arms. It wasn't a very pleasant sensation.

"What's gotten into you?" Heero asked after a moment. Duo schooled his face to remain calm and to show no pain.

"Nothing. I'm still me, Heero. I'm just playing a role. Same as every one of us." Heero glared darkly.

"I suppose kissing Malfoy was part of your act in being unnoticeable and acting the normal teenager." Duo laughed softly. Heero was jealous. That's what this all came down to. It was kind of cute, even if it was painful.

"No, that was a bet. I won and he lost. End of story."

"And if he had won?" Heero asked darkly. Duo smirked.

"Then I would have had to kiss him." Heero's eyes would have froze Duo had he not been used to them.

"It would have been a win-win situation for you, huh, Duo?" Heero questioned darkly. Duo laughed bitterly.

"Hey, at least someone wanted to," he muttered. Heero released him then, allowing him to fall to the floor, landing on his ass. Duo hissed in pain, one hand instantly going to rub his behind. "Ouch, Heero, that's gonna bruise."

"It'll be difficult to explain to your boyfriend, wouldn't it," Heero remarked. Duo blinked up owlishly at him. If this was Heero's way of dealing with jealousy, it wasn't a very comfortable way.

"I don't have a boyfriend Heero."

"I meant Malfoy," Heero replied. Duo smiled sadly, shaking his head.

"Malfoy's a friend. Nothing more than that. I am allowed a friend, aren't I?" Duo was glad Heero was talking to him, but something was missing. Heero was angry and upset. His churning emotions were what got him speaking so much in the first place.

"You all ready have friends."

"No offense, but Trowa, Quatre, Wufei, and yourself can't always put up with me. Besides, who said there was a limit to friendship?"

"There's Sylrina," Heero pointed out, trying to ignore how right Duo's last question sounded. There shouldn't be a limit to friendship.

"She's a girl. It's not the same." Heero paced away from Duo and took a seat. Duo slowly stood up and walked over to the seat beside Heero and sat as well. His expression deathly calm in the face of Heero's wrath.

"Why Malfoy?"

"Why not Malfoy?" Duo asked. "Don't worry about it. After this year, I won't be seeing any of them anymore. You can relax." Heero turned serious eyes on Duo.

"This year? I thought you had two years left?" Duo shook his head, conjuring a soda in front of himself. He popped the top and took a sip before answering.

"Not really. I've been training a lot most of my life, ever since first coming to this time so many years ago. Dumbledore can't keep us here that long. We're not in our correct time. We're messing with the past. Eventually we'll have to go back, trained or not." Heero stared at Duo, before one perfect eyebrow raised.

"It's because there's nothing more he can teach you, isn't it. Not because of time restraints." Duo shook his head.

"No, it's mainly the time restraints. Yet you are right. I've learned all I can about my magic. Granted, its something I'll never actually ever fully know everything about, but for this moment in time, I can't learn much more. Only what Dumbledore is teaching me now is new. Since the middle of this week I've been done. My mind's always been quick to learn. You have to be wise and quick witted to survive on the streets. So I've just been playing student. Dumbledore has taught me much over the years, as has his brother, Aberforth. This is the last thing he can teach me." Heero smiled faintly.

"Then we'll be leaving them all behind." Duo realized Heero's meaning, but he didn't smile.

"Yes. I'm flattered by your offers of help, Heero. Really I am." Duo knew this would become hard, but he had to do it. For their sake, as well as his own. "Quatre's trying to accomplish all seven years in this one, but I don't think he'll manage it. So I've told the others that I want you all to remain with the Preventers. I can handle Hogwarts on my own." Heero's eyes flashed with worry for a second before it was covered up.

"You're a part of our team and my partner. We won't let you go it alone," he growled.

"I'm not going to let unschooled wizards teach completely unknowledgeable ones, Heero. You can't cram seven years plus some into one year and be flawless at it. It just can't happen, even for us former pilots."

"You're my partner. I won't just let you go off alone," Heero protested. Duo looked away, sipping his soda. Heero glared at the offending can. "I thought pulling things through time wasn't allowed?" Duo appeared confused a second before glancing at his soda.

"This isn't from our time, Heero. We have the same name brand, but this one tastes different as well as has a slightly different casing. Somewhere in this time is a guy wondering where his soda went. When it comes back, he'll wonder when he drank it. Either that, or he'll think aliens abducted it. Kind of funny either way you look at it."

Heero cracked a smile for several seconds before returning to his cold glare. "I'm not going to leave you without back up when we return." Duo sighed.

"You have no choice. You hate having only a wand for protection and you know it." Heero pulled his wand from the folds of his robes and glared at the offending piece of wood.

"This stick couldn't protect anything, but I'll have my guns back once we return and I'll be able to protect anything." Duo laughed softly, his eyes not quite matching the laughter he produced.

"I'll be keeping to Dumbledore's rules. No weapons except wands will be allowed. You'd just feel uncomfortable and useless, and the perfect soldier is anything but useless."

"Duo," he grumbled. Duo shook his head.

"Don't Heero. Stop it before this becomes an argument. When we return, you'll go back to the Preventers with Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei and I'll do what I have to. I know I'm your partner, but you'll have to get a new one. Promise me this. For me." Heero sighed and looked away.

"Fine," Heero muttered. "But my only real partner is you." Heero's last whispered words were lost as the rest of the class and their professor walked in, effectively silencing their entire conversation. Duo made his soda vanish and turned to face the professor, ready to see what else could learn.

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