Magic and Mobile Suits

Part Eleven

Runes had passed with relatively no trouble. It was one of the few classes Duo never acted up in. It was followed by dinner, in which Heero had taken to glaring toward Duo and Draco. Harry tried to engage Heero in Hermione's talk, but it didn't seem to work. Yesterday had been tryouts for Quiddich in which Heero and Trowa had participated in. Sylrina had been so impressed that she had automatically picked positions for them. Araki came into the dinning room, a scowl on her face as she took a seat across from Heero and Harry and between Sylrina and Hermione.

"Is everything all right, 'Raki-chan?" Sylrina asked. Harry stared at the new-comer in surprise. Trowa, Hermione, and Ron just smiled, having already met her earlier. Heero continued to glare at the two Slytherin boys.

"You know her?" Harry asked. Sylrina nodded.

"Have you forgotten last summer already, Harry?" Sylrina questioned. Harry stared at her.

"You made me forget!" he exclaimed. Sylrina had the good grace to flush.

"Actually, Dumbledore did. We had to, Harry. Otherwise you would have told everyone about us." Harry glared at both Sylrina and Araki.

"Heero, what's a good curse in Japanese?" Harry asked of the stoic boy. Heero finally took his eyes off of Draco and Duo and looked at Harry.

"Kuso," Heero answered.

"Kuso," Harry repeated, only more forcefully. Trowa snickered while Hermione and Ron appeared lost. Sylrina gasped while Araki stared at both Harry and Heero.

"Are you two related?" Araki asked, looking between the two boys. Heero returned to staring at Draco and Duo, yet answered her question.

"Hai. Harry wa itoko desu." Araki grinned at Heero's words.

"He's obviously not much of a talker. Yet I must say Dudley's changed quite a bit." Heero turned his glare on Araki. Harry spit out his pumpkin juice out at Araki's words, catching Sylrina and her slightly with its spray. Sylrina cried out softly while Araki squealed. Trowa merely snickered once again.

"He's not my cousin Dudley. He's my cousin Heero. He's been in Japan for quite a while," Harry answered, correcting Araki. "Besides, Dudley wouldn't know what to do with magic even if he had a small bit of it." Trowa grinned at that.

"What's so funny?" Heero asked, looking toward the Slytherin table once more. Trowa shrugged, not really answering him. Araki followed Heero's glare. She then looked back at him with a wicked grin.

"What's so interesting over at he Slytherin table?" she asked of the Japanese boy, catching sight of the one boy she had fought with earlier. Heero turned his glare on her once more. This time, Araki swallowed slightly, fearful of that look.

"Hn," was all Heero replied. Trowa laughed this time, gaining Heero's darkest glare yet. Trowa merely shrugged it off, ignoring its deadly warning.

"What am I missing?" Araki asked. Hermione sighed.

"You wouldn't believe it if we told you," she answered. Trowa stood up then.

'You are dead later," Heero silently communicated to the taller boy. Trowa smirked.

'I've at least got until after your class,' Trowa answered, just as silently. He then stopped beside Heero and patted his head. "Same threat, same time, next week." Trowa then chuckled at his own twisted joke and left, meeting Quatre at the door. Heero was fairly death glaring Trowa's back now, almost as if willing him dead on the spot.

"I've got a meeting to keep," Sylrina spoke up suddenly. Her blue-green eyes slowly met Heero's. 'I'm meeting Duo at the owlery in twenty minutes. Anything you want me to tell him?'

'No. I'll talk to him myself.'

'What about your classes?'

'Forget the class. This is more important.'

'As you say,' Sylrina answered.

"You won't be gone too lone, will you?" Hermione asked. "I promised Araki that we'd help her catch up." Sylrina nodded.

"I'll be there." She left then, taking Heero's attention from her. As he turned his eyes on the Slytherin table he noticed instantly that Duo was gone. Draco was left alone with his fellow Slytherin's. Heero sighed inaudibly and left the dinning hall, wanting to hear more of Duo's explanation.

Duo sat in the owlery, humming softly while allowing Scythe some exercise. Currently, Scythe was flying with Quatre's owl, Iria, and Heero's falcon, Wing. Quatre rested against the wall, his body close to Trowa's. On Trowa's shoulder was his lynx, whom he'd affectionately named Lion. Quatre had thought it was rather adorable. Duo thought it showed Trowa's unusual sense of humor.

"Maxwell?" Wufei called. Duo smirked.

"We're over here, Wuffles," Duo called in reply. Wufei appeared from around the corner, his firedrake, whom, to everyone's surprise, he'd named Sparky, flew over to join in the flight patterns of Wing, Scythe, and Iria.

"Maxwell," he growled, glaring at the boy with long hair. As usual, the glare did nothing to Duo.

"Why'd you call us together early? You aren't meeting Sylrina here for another fifteen minutes," Quatre questioned, already having a good idea what this was about.

"Our time here ends at the end of this school term, perhaps a little before it end. Dumbledore can't keep us out of our time any longer than that." Wufei blinked.

"So we go back a year early. That's fine," Wufei answered. A strong gust of wind blew by, causing the candles Duo had lit to blow out. He waved a slender hand, in the same gesture Dumbledore had used before. The candles re-lit themselves. This time, their flames remained steady despite the wind. Trowa looked at Duo with both serious emerald eyes showing.

"There's something you aren't telling us. What is it?" Trowa asked. "Remember no evasion, it'll be the same as lying to us." Duo laughed darkly at that.

"No beating around the bush, huh?" Duo asked in return. At the serious looks he got from everyone, he sighed. "All right, I'll be as straight foreword as I can. After this year I'll have learned everything I can possibly learn. When we go home I'll be perfectly capable of running Hogwarts."

"Without us," Quatre said softly. Duo nodded.

"Yeah. You'll never be able to learn all seven years in one. You can try, but I can almost assure you that not everything will be learned in time. There is lot more to magic than just knowing the words. You have to feel it. You have to know what you're looking for, what you're using your magic for." Quatre smiled softly.

"You really love this place and its meaning behind it," Quatre told Duo. Duo grinned.

"Yeah, Quat, I do. I only want the best for Hogwarts and its future students." Trowa had remained silent for a while since he had last spoke. Now, he finally felt the need to speak once more.

"I've got some leave coming. How about if I become your first student?" Duo's eyes widened. You want to be my first student?" Duo questioned, surprise in his voice. Trowa nodded seriously.

"I want to learn more. I'll learn as much as I can while I'm here. Then I'll learn the rest from you. Once I'm done, then I'll offer my services." Duo smiled at that, his eyes bright.

"Thanks, Tro-man." Wufei moved then.

"I'd like to do the same as Trowa, Maxwell," Wufei said, Sparky coming over to wrap around his arm. Quatre grinned as well, wrapping an arm around Trowa's waist.

"Count me in as well, Duo. We're partners, sure, but we're friends first." Duo looked away, tears shimmering in his eyes.

"You guys really wanna do this?" Duo asked.

"You really are an idiot, Maxwell. Since when have any of us done anything we didn't want to do?" Duo stuck his tongue out at Wufei.

"I get ya, Wuffles. We'll try it your way. If it works, then I'll accept your offers to help teach. If it doesn't, you keep protecting peace. All right?"

"All right," the other three agreed.

"Now you three should get going. I've got Sylrina to talk to soon."

"Okay. Take care, Duo," Quatre said before leading Trowa, Lion, and Iria away. Wufei left as silently as he'd come up. Duo leaned back and looked up at Scythe and Wing.

"Looks like the teams still trying to stay together." Scythe trilled in answer. Duo smiled softly. "Yeah, I know. We're meant to stick together. I just don't know if I can bring Hogwarts back to life and win Heero over at the same time." Duo sighed and stroked Wing's head, who had come to settle beside him. "That's why I left Heero out of this. I can't have him that near and yet so far. In the end, I'll help Harry and Draco find one another and then leave. I'll expect nothing from Heero. Nothing at all."

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