Magic and Mobile Suits

Part Thirteen

Snape caught Duo as he was leaving their first potions class after break. Duo waved off Draco and muttered something about teachers hating their students showing them up. Duo had then turned back to Snape and faced him head on. Snape glared for a moment before they both found themselves hissing in surprise pain. Voldemort had been letting them know periodically that he was in charge of their lives.

"Follow me, Maxwell," Snape ordered once the worst of the sharp pain had dissipated. Duo nodded and allow Snape to lead him into his office. Once he was certain they were safe from any prying ears, he turned a dark look on Duo, his eyes openly hostile.

"What can I do for you, Severus?" Duo asked, his voice falling into the one he was used to using when around other Death Eaters. Even Snape seemed to start in surprise at the rapid change in the boy.

"Don't call me that in school, Maxwell." Duo sneered at him.

"Oh, I'm soooo sorry, Professor. I didn't mean to hit a nerve. Did I make you uncomfortable when I became Voldemort's right hand man in only a matter of two weeks?" Snape glared back at Duo, seemingly ready to strangle the boy.

"Just because you were able to get further than I have does not make you a good member of the Order. It just means you're as dark as your house." Duo chuckled darkly, causing shivers to run across Snape's back.

"As I should be if I'm going to achieve what I need to." Snape sighed and placed a hand on Duo's shoulder, almost as if in a pleading manner.

"Don't kill them tonight, Duo. We need them where they are," Snape said, trying to plead with the one he knew could change the others. Duo looked away.

"They had to die. They will only turn on us the second they realize we are as they are. This is the way of life. Spies lose their life when they become careless. I hope you realize this, Snape. You could become a name on that list." Snape visibly paled even more and stepped back.

"As you say, Maxwell. Just don't come crying to me once you've gotten blood on your hands." Duo couldn't help but laughed bitterly at that as he walked toward the door of Snape's office.

"I've got so much blood on these hands now that there is no possible way of seeing anything else." Duo paused at the door and looked back at Snape. His eyes were violet colored ice, the eyes of the once believed dead Shinigami Duo had once been. Snape physically stepped back, even though Duo was no where near him. "Trust me, Severus. I know what I'm doing." That said he left, dropping the mask of Shinigami for his Slytherin one, his lips slightly crooked as he teased someone just outside the door before it closed on him. Snape's eyes wide in fear, he glanced up at the ceiling.

"Dumbledore, what have you brought into our school?" he whispered, but there was no one there to answer him.

Duo had gone through classes without anything showing on his face as to how much discomfort he was in every other hour. Voldemort was upset. While he knew his newest right hand man couldn't be at his side and still appear the perfect student while at Hogwarts, he seemed to show his displeasure with his followers by punishing all. Duo waited until night fall, giving Sylrina the slip and telling Draco he had business to attend to. Slipping out of the school in the dark of night, he felt like he was back on those missions that G used to send him out on. Wanting him to slip in and out undetected before blowing them sky high. Too bad Duo couldn't treat Voldemort as demolition job. He'd love to just leave a bomb on him and make him kiss his life good-bye.

He slid past Hagrid's hut, and past Forbidden Forest, even though he had held meetings with several Death Eaters in there. He had then left Hogwarts grounds all together before coming to the surrounding forest outside of the school grounds. Once there, he raised his wand up to the sky and allowed it to shine, alerting those he was to be meeting with today that he was there. He wasn't disappointed to see the five he had ordered come out of the shadows.

"Antonin Dolohov, Bellatrix Lestrange, Avery, Walden MacNair, and Lucius Malfoy. I see Voldemort sent his most trusted killers out tonight. Yet, I must say that I'm a little surprised. What ever would have made you agree to such a dirty job, Lucius? I would have thought you'd want to keep those unsoiled hands of yours as pristine as possible," Duo snarled, refusing to be kind to them.

"I have yet to thank my lord for freeing me from the prison I was to call home," he replied, obviously uncomfortable with having to take orders from someone younger than himself.

"I see. So in other words, our Lord said help or be killed as well, didn't he," Duo commented, a wicked gleam in his eyes. Lucius blanched in embarrassment and nodded.

"It is as you say." Duo smirked.

"Of course it is. Lord Voldemort has found out that everything I tell him his true. He knows I've got access to places not even his other Death Eaters, ones loyal to him for many years, could ever get into to. He's seen I care little for the life of others and will not hesitate to kill if necessary. Must I prove why he named me his right hand man?" Everyone but Avery shook they head. They had already had the pleasure of seeing Duo prove it, and nothing about his methods were kind. Yet Avery seemed to have never had the pleasure. He glared at Duo as if he was a rodent that needed to be squished.

"Why should I take orders from a brat? Especially one who's been seeing your little brat, Malfoy," he grumbled darkly. Duo's eyes chilled over and Bellatrix stepped away from Avery instantly. Lucius, while he wasn't happy about his sons choice of relationship partners, he wasn't a fool either. He could see what was coming as well as anyone else and he too moved away.

"Because I said you should." With a wave of his hand his wand suddenly appeared into his hands. He then muttered one word under his breath. "Crucio." Avery crumbled to the ground, moaning in agony. Bellatrix watched in wide eyed eagerness. She had always enjoyed watching people being tortured. Yet her greatest joy was being the one doing the torturing. "Now, did you still want to question my skill and thus ability to be our Dark Lord's right hand man?" Duo asked, each word punctuated by an extra burst of pain. Duo stopped that curse and then raised his wand once more. "Imperio," Duo said next.

"What are you planning, Duo?" Bellatrix asked, her eyes wild and eager to see more pain being inflicted.

"I don't have time to torture him as I did Augustus. So let this be your lesson." As Duo spoke he urged Avery to slap himself. The sound echoed through the woods. Duo raised an eyebrow. "Why are you hitting yourself?" he asked as he made him smack himself once more. "Why are you hitting yourself?" Duo then had him slapping himself on his every word. "Never question my authority again. Is that understood?" At his last word he let him go. Avery dropped to the ground and MacNair and Lucius stepped foreword to drag him away. "Now go take care of those you were ordered to deal with. I shall join you later once I take care of a little pest." They nodded and left before Duo could prove his anger any further. Duo then turned and glared into the forest. "Your good, but not as good as me. What are you doing here and why did you follow me?" Duo asked of the unusual shadows he was glaring into.

"Duo?" Heero's voice came from the shadows. As he stepped out into the light of the moon, Duo was surprised to see awe written clearly across his face. Duo knew he couldn't let his Death Eater act drop, for he was being watched, but he also knew that there was something going on inside of Heero that he knew he could learn what it was.

"Oh, it's you, Heero. How much did you see?" Heero continued to walk over to Duo, his footsteps slow and sure, almost as if he couldn't stop himself and didn't want to.

"Enough," Heero said before stopping face-to-face with Duo. Duo rolled him eyes and glared slightly at the other boy. Yet, before he could say anything, Heero leaned in and kissed him. It was soft and unsure, but to Duo it had been something he had been wanting for such a long time that how it was given didn't really matter. Duo casually broke off the kiss, knowing he couldn't let it appear to have been meaningful to him.

"Heero, go back to the school and forget everything you saw. That's an order," Duo said in his most commanding voice. He watched Heero's knees seem to play with giving out on him, and Duo couldn't help the smirk that crossed over his lips. Heero was a sucker for orders! Well, Duo always knew he needed to be told what to do, but he hadn't thought it would follow through into his personal life. With Heero's obvious attraction to Duo, it seemed that when Duo gave the orders, it caused a secondary reaction of the likes Duo had never seen before and could really begin to enjoy.

"Ha. . .hai," Heero answered, turning to leave. Duo smirked darkly, knowing whomever was watching him would realize exactly how dark he could be.

"Matte," Duo said suddenly, his voice still as commanding as before. Heero froze and stood facing Duo, in perfect soldier stance.

"Hai," he answered, his voice almost sounding excited, even though his face was in the same mask he had worn during the wars. Duo looked directly at Heero, his eyes gleaming with calculated calm. He was going to enjoy this.

"Why did you follow me?" he questioned, demanding nothing but the truth.

"I was worried about you," Heero replied.

"Worried? About me? How kind of you. Yet I'll have you know that below Dumbledore I'm the best in that school. Nothing could harm me without my allowing it. Haven't you realized yet that Shinigami never dies unless he wants to die." Heero nodded, refusing to vocalize the suddenly surprising feeling that appeared in his chest. He had never seen Duo like this. The few times he had seen him was only when the lives of those he called friend or himself were in danger. Watching him in Shinigami mode, without due cause, and giving orders like he used to give jokes or insults, it made his pulse race. Maybe was falling pray to the insanity Duo suffered from. Whatever it was, Heero wanted more of it.

"I know, yet I hadn't realized you had left as Shinigami," Heero answered, knowing he had been ordered to without the actual order. Duo smirked, making Heero start. It was about as cold as ever, but his eyes were even darker than the one time he had seen him in full out Shinigami mode.

"What's the penalty for mistrusting your partner, Heero?" Duo asked, slipping up to him and slowly allowing a hand to trail over his cheek, exposing shivers down the shorter boys spine.

"I. . .I don't know. We've never covered that." Duo chuckled, sliding the hand down along the sensitive hallow of his throat.

"So we haven't. Perhaps its time I gave you one. Ne, Hee-chan?" Duo asked, sliding his hand under the neckline of his shirt. Heero's breath hissed inside his throat in shock.

"Hai, master," he said without thinking. Duo froze for a second and looked at Heero in mild surprise. Yet he recovered instantly and looked him over. Duo's eyes slowly traveled from the tip of Heero's feet to the very top of his head, a slow, heated smile coming to his lips as he did so.

"Master? Is that what J had you calling him?" Heero glanced away for a moment, causing Duo to play the card he knew would make him answer. "Remember I've ordered you to tell me the truth. I want nothing less." Heero's head whipped around to face Duo, his eyes wide as he nodded.

"Hai. He said that when we were alone I was to call him that." Duo smiled, knowing this was bound to look and sound odd to the watcher, but it sounded just fine to Duo.

"So, Hee-chan, you like it when I order you, don't you?" I asked. He nodded, his knees once again going weak for a moment, yet he never fell or stumbled.

"Hai," he answered.

"Would you like it even more if I wanted to be your new master, Hee-chan?" At this his eyes went very wide as he turned his fully attention on Duo. He couldn't believe this conversation. Here he was, revealing a side of himself no one knew, and yet he was glad it was Duo. He hadn't really understood what he had told Duo back at Grimmauld Place, but he knew Duo had. Perhaps if he started out taking orders from Duo, he would be able to show him what it was he was feeling and help him make sense out of it all.

"Aa, it would be an honor to have Shinigami as my master." Heero then stepped beside Duo. "Please let me help you," he said, bowing his head in submission to this side of Duo he was beginning to like.

"I can't have you join up like me, Hee-chan. You own almost no long sleeved shirts so they would realize you had joined before you could blink." That said, Duo raised his sleeve, revealing his dark mark for his friend to see. Heero recognized the mark but knew it was too dangerous to talk about it out here. "In fact, I'm not even certain I could be your master. You'd have to pass a test first." Heero titled his head, his eyes curious.

"What kind of test?" he questioned. Duo smirked, one that seemed to pull into the coldest of hearts and make fear fill their mind. It was dark and down right frightful and yet Heero loved it.

"Just one to see how well you'll listen to my orders, Heero. Nothing too big." Duo slid up beside Heero, knowing his sudden problem was evident as it pressed against Heero's hip, yet he had other thoughts in mind. "I want you to remain absolutely silent as I do something," Duo ordered, before taking his hand and cupping Heero's privates through his pants. He drew in a quick breath, but no actual sound passed his lips. Duo smiled in delight, knowing almost anyone else would have either yelled, cried, or moaned at such a quick and firm action. "Very good, Heero."

Duo then leaned in close and brought his breath just a hair breath away from his ear as he lightly allowed his tongue to slip out and caress the shell of his ear. Once again, Heero merely drew in a deep breath. After a few moments of making himself aquatinted with his ears and throat, of which Duo could tell he was struggling to keep silent about, he knew it was time for the absolute final test. Waving one hand, Heero's pants suddenly pooled around his ankles. Duo was pleased to see that his Heero was going commando, which was his favorite way of seeing Heero dressed.

"Now, Heero, one final test. I want you to remain standing, no matter what I do to you. Understood?" Heero nodded his head, yet his eyes were slightly wide in confusion. He nodded his head in answer, knowing he still wasn't allowed to speak. Duo's grin was worth not answering as he smiled at the slightly shorter boy. Heero wasn't embarrassed by his sudden nudity. Far from that emotion, in fact. He was used to having to change in front of others and had no embarrassing moments in showing his body, seeing as it was in top condition. Yet he was uncertain why Duo had wanted him to remain standing like this. What could he possibly expect him to do?

Dropping to his knees before Heero, Duo wasted no time in taking his length entirely into his mouth. Duo moaned once it was settled with his tongue caressing it as Heero suddenly bit his lip to remain silent. Sucking softly as he brought it out to its tip, Duo lapped at it for a second to savor the mingled taste of sweetness and musk that had escaped from it. He then let it go long enough to speak. "I want to hear you, Hee-chan. I want to hear every moan, groan, and cry that falls from those lips of yours." Needing no further encouragement, Duo once again sucked him all the way in, causing a spine shivering moan to fall past those recently stoic lips. Humming softly as he began to work up and down Heero's enlarged shaft, Duo realized Heero wouldn't be lasting long. Every moan, groan, and sigh that fell past his lips let Duo know exactly what he was feeling. Soon, Heero was thrusting into his mouth. Duo didn't care, though, for he had wanted the taste of him for so long that he couldn't stop him, even when he realized this was taking advantage of a weakness in a fellow former pilot and friend. With a hoarse shout, Heero came in a rush of warm, salty fluid. Duo greedily took in what he could manage, finding it a bitter-sweet moment even without getting off himself. Leaning back on his ankles while looking up at Heero, Duo smirked. Heero's entire body was trembling and it was obvious he was well loved this night.

"Get dressed and go back to school. We'll speak later." Heero nodded and pulled back up his pants. Yet Duo couldn't let him go right away and stopped to press a kiss to his lips as he stood before his slightly weak kneed, tired, and content friend. "I'll be your master, Hee-chan. Don't let anyone else have that honor. You're mine. . .even if I'm not free at the moment." Heero looked at him oddly but didn't argue. He knew something was up, but he wouldn't get his answers from Duo. Not any time soon.

"Wakata," he answered. He then kissed Duo lips once more before turning and rushing back toward the school grounds. Duo then turned a wary eye on the forest behind himself.

"Come on out. I want to know why you were spying on me?"

"Because if I'm going to be replaced, I want to see what low-life did the replacing," a smooth alto voice said from the shadows. Stepping into the light was the woman Duo had managed to kick out of a very prized position. Her long red hair was pulled back just enough so as to be out of her face and her dark gray-blue eyes seemed to be even colder that Voldemort's when he was killing someone. Her eyes flickered toward the direction Heero had taken off in. "I see you've found yourself a play toy. A little something on the side since I'm certain Malfoy's stuff shirt of a brat is no where near ready to copulate with you." Duo's eyes narrowed, ice coming from them.

"Heero is under my protection. Do something to him and you'll regret it, I swear upon the Dark Lord that it will be so." She laughed, her head tipped back at such a threat.

"I am not afraid of such threats. Yet I care very little about your little boy toy. Just answer me this, can he be trusted?" Duo nodded in answer.

"Don't worry Maleficent, I am his master. He would die before betraying me."

"I say mark him before he thinks you are an unfit one. Especially since you gave him what he wanted and got nothing in return." Duo shrugged and looked away.

"That can always be taken care of at a later date. I didn't like the fact we were being watched. While he can perform under any circumstances, I can't." Maleficent nodded and motioned for him to follow her.

"Come along, Duo. Our Dark Lord wishes to see you tonight. Seems one of your men was killed and one of them slated to die, got away." Duo's eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Which one?" he asked, almost certain it had been Avery, seeing as he had punished him just a short time before they had left.

"Lucius Malfoy." Her calm, uncaring reply left a bitter taste in his mouth. Voldemort would not be happy with this out come. Nor would Draco. While Draco had feared his father, there was some love for him there. Coming to learn of his death would hurt him greatly. Duo nodded and headed out to face what punishment would be coming his way for a tragedy of major proportions. He nodded and followed her to the rest of the Death Eaters. Once he arrived, he hadn't been wrong. Voldemort hit him so fast with the Cruciatus that he instantly dropped to his knees, his eyes glazing over in pain. Yet he didn't cry out or beg for mercy. Instead, he simply whimpered softly, almost as if more in pleasure than in pain. Voldemort kept this up for about a minute straight before letting up and releasing the spell. Many of the men stood in awe of the boy, while Maleficent seemed to be mildly surprised. Voldemort then held out his hand and Duo accepted it, being lifted to his feet.

"Aw, I see you have most certainly earned yourself a place at my side, Shinigami. Never have I seen anyone take that curse that well save one person, and she already resides at my side." Duo glanced around, until his gaze settled on Maleficent. She gave just the barest hit of a nod at the question in his gaze and his smile seemed to grow wide.

"I see, my lord. I've been Through a lot even though my life isn't that far lived. That pain was nothing compared to that I have dealt with in my years." Voldemort turned toward the rest of the group and shook his head.

"This is what you all should strive to be like. Neither of them fears pain or death. They would do whatever I ask of them. I expect the same from all of you." Several eyes seemed to widened but everyone nodded. Duo then bowed deeply, his eyes still a little glazed.

"I am sorry for not accompanying my group. I had believed it was easy enough for them to handle on their own." Voldemort waved him off.

"Never mind, just get the rest of the prophecy from Dumbledore as soon as possible. Maleficent will begin going to that school tomorrow, so don't pay any major attention to her. She'll be attempting to get something for me and I'll require you to make certain no one realizes she isn't a student." Duo nodded.

"Of course. Have her arrive after noon tomorrow and she should be able to get around with very little trouble." Voldemort grinned at that.

"Always eager to please, Shinigami." Duo smirked darkly and bowed once more.

"Of course. This makes things a lot safer. Until tomorrow evening, I've got to get back before I'm missed." Voldemort motioned his hand in a gesture that told him he could leave. Duo swiftly headed back toward the school, knowing he'd have to let Dumbledore know about the girl who'd be sneaking in. He's also have to set things in the works to be able to find out what she's after before she retrieved it. All in all, tonight had been a lot more furthering that any other night. It had also been the most painful of his life as well. Good thing he'd had a rough life, otherwise he would have looked more pitiful than Avery had looked, and that was one thing Shinigami would never be.

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