Magic and Mobile Suits

Part Eight

Duo thought long and hard about how he'd wear his hair on his first day of school. Draco and him were the only two in the dorm currently; none of the others had arrived yet. Duo's robes were perfectly ironed and his uniform fit his lithe body to perfection. All that was left to decide was how to wear his hair.

Last night had been wonderful. He had talked with his fellow former pilots and found them firmly behind him. It was heartwarming to know they were there for him. Yet soon they would want to be anything but his friend. He had talked with Draco at length last night and both agreed that he couldn't be his usually cheerful self. At least, not while they were with other Slytherin's. This way, the plan they were working on to catch Harry and Heero wouldn't backfire.

"Aren't you ready yet? They'll be arriving soon," Draco said, looking over at him. Duo frowned. Scythe tilted his head and looked at his owner.

"I don't know what to do with my hair. I just don't feel a braid is proper Slytherin hair style." Draco looked at Duo once more, this time with a more critical eye.

"You do have a point. Most Slytherin's wouldn't allow their hair to get that long. Then again, it's the sign of a powerful wizard who can have their hair so long and still be commanding." Draco then rubbed his jaw. "I say pull it back at the nape of your neck and tie it off with either your green or silver ribbon."

"I was thinking the same thing," Duo answered. He swiftly un-braided his hair and brushed it out. He then pulled it back neatly at the nape of his neck and pulled out a green ribbon. Draco took it from him and efficiently tied up the chestnut locks for Duo. Duo studied himself when he was done. He really missed his braid. "How do I look?" Draco studied him a long moment himself.

"Very nice, Duo. I'd never recognize you for the bright, always smiling idiot I first met." Scythe trilled his agreement, earning him a small scratch under his beak, which he loved.

"Good. Let's head off to dinner," Duo said, nodding at his reflection. Draco smiled at him and nodded.

"Let's," he answered. They then headed off together; both hoping all would look correct when Duo put his whole personality on a radical makeover, and not for the better.

Heero pulled on the robes and found them to be surprisingly comfortable. He moved in them cautiously at first, testing his range of movements. He would be able to physically fight if necessary. Yet, reading the books Dumbledore and Hermione had gathered for them, Heero had come to realize that his fists wouldn't help him against a wizard. The curses alone could cause some serious damage.

"Heero? Are you ready?" Harry called from the doorway. He turned to look at him, almost seeing himself for a moment where the other boy stood. Aside from his scar, glasses, and green eyes, Harry looked identical to Heero, well minus a little body mass as well. Harry noticed this too and his eyes widened behind his glasses. "Whoa, this is eerie. I wasn't expecting this," Harry said softly, coming up to Heero.

"We could be related," Heero added. Harry nodded. He then smiled.

"You wanted a decent cover, didn't you?" Harry asked. "Weren't all of you supposed to come up with places you've all come from?" Heero nodded. "Then say you're family. Perhaps that you went to school in Japan. You are good at Japanese, aren't you?" Heero smirked, causing Harry to swallow deeply.

"Hai. Nihongo desu ka," Heero answered. Harry looked confused.

"He said yes he knows Japanese," Sylrina spoke quietly as she walked into the room. Heero looked at the girl who had Duo's friendship and his own growing respect. He nodded his head in agreement.

"I see," Harry answered. "That was pretty dense of me to even have to ask." He then looked at Sylrina. "What brings you here?"

"I've helped everyone else with their cover stories, so I thought I'd help Heero out as well."

"Thank you," Heero told her.

"Do Itashimashite," she replied. Heero grinned at that. "You can act, can't you Yuy-san?"

"Hai. I've had training from the best actor I know." They all smiled then, knowing Duo was the one Heero was talking about.

"Good. Story around campus for you is that you come from Maho no Daigaku, located in Japan somewhere. Your English is sketchy sometimes. So you'll have to slip occasionally. You can't show you know the others either. Trowa will have come from Beuxbeauton and Wufei from Durmstrang. Quatre will be from some little known school in Egypt. Can you handle all of that?" Heero nodded.

"I can. Does my English have to be really bad?"

"No. Just slip up from time to time, that's all."

"Understood. Ninmu ryoukai." Sylrina grinned while Harry appeared confused once again.

"Itoko no Harry, ne?" Sylrina asked after a moment. Harry's brow furrowed.

"What am I missing?"

"Heero said 'Mission accepted'. I said that you two would be cousins."

"Oh, okay." Sylrina laughed softly. They walked down to the common room, only to see Hermione, Ron, and Trowa.

"Sleep well?" Hermione asked. Heero nodded.

"Comfortable with your cover?" he asked of Trowa, his voice suddenly thickly accented. Everyone looked at Heero with a surprised expression.

"I'm good. Hermione lent me a book on the school I'm to be from. I'm fine with it."

"Let's put it to work then," Sylrina said.

"I'm getting' rather hungry," Ron remarked. Harry laughed.

"You're always hungry, Ron," Harry replied.

"Then let's go eat." The group smiled and headed on down to the main hall, every one of them with a smile on their faces.

Duo had entered the great hall with Draco at his side. A smile still rested on his lips, but it was less happy and more snide. He had met Crabbe and Goyle outside the hall and they had become the first to be hit by Duo's Slytherin attitude. Knowing how stupid they were, Duo had much to work with. Draco had been hard pressed not to fall over laughing. Once they two had a moment alone, Draco snickered.

"That was amazing Maxwell." Duo smirked.

"I've been training for this my whole life. This allows me to be as bad as I could have been without feeling bad about it."

"What about your friends?"

"Quatre and Wufei know I have to play Devil's Advocate. They'll pass the word around." Draco seemed thoughtful, his gray eyes watching the door. He then leaned in close to Duo.

"I hope so, because here they come." Duo grinned and leaned in ever closer to Draco.

"Good, Malfoy, hope you can handle what I'm about to do." Draco's eyes rounded in surprise. He wasn't about to do what he thought he was, was he? Sylrina walked over to the table with Harry and Heero in tow. Trowa was slightly behind them. Draco laughed before casting a cold look toward Harry.

"Gee, what do we have here, Potter?" Before any of them could speak, Duo raised a single chestnut eyebrow.

"You mean to tell me that this boy is THE Harry Potter?! But he's so. . ." Duo trailed off a moment, gaining snickers from the table. Harry and Heero both looked angrily Duo. Sylrina blinked in surprise. What in the world had gotten into Duo? "He's soooo not big as life," he finished finally, gaining more snickers from around him.

"Draco, as a prefect, you are supposed to meet our new students," Sylrina said, growling.

"Of course, Sylrina," Draco said, placing a hand on Duo's arm. "Relax my friend. Sylrina Black, may I introduce Duo Maxwell." Sylrina glared.

"I've had the misfortune of knowing him before today."

"Nice to see you too, Blacky," Duo said with a snicker. While Sylrina looked ready to kill, everyone else looked nervous as hell.

"Don't you know, man, she's a Mystic Charmist. She'll force you to do something really nasty," a pock-faced Slytherin whispered. Duo simply smirked.

"Oh, but I do know. Yet a Mystic Charmist can only force someone to tell the truth and that's never scared me. I never lie to begin with so she can't do anything to me." Everyone looked awed while Sylrina sighed.

"Be that as it may, I simply wanted to introduce Heero Yuy and Trowa Barton."

"Charmed," Draco muttered darkly. Duo allowed his violet eyes to look between Heero and Harry, jealousy in both their postures as they stood watching them. That was a positive thing.

"Gee, two Potters. How quaint." More people snickered. Draco laughed out right.

"I wouldn't have noticed that. They do look alike," Draco added.

"They should, seeing as they're cousins," Sylrina said. Draco and Duo smirked.

"Would explain why they hang around you then, wouldn't it," Duo said snidely. Sylrina spun on her heel and left, Harry and Heero following behind her. Trowa followed slowly, a smirk on his lips. His hand moved in their secret language.

'Sneaky, Duo. That was terrible,' he told him. Duo smirked as well.

'But necessary,' Duo sent back before Trowa was too far away to see. Draco couldn't help snickering some more.

"That was truly terrible," Draco said finally. Duo laughed as well.

"I know, wasn't it?" They laughed once more before a shadow fell over them. Duo and Draco looked up to see Professor Snape, greasy hair and all. "Hello Professor," Duo said.

"Hello Professor Snape," Draco said as well.

"Malfoy and Maxwell. Two people I never thought to see together. Why the change, Maxwell? This isn't at all like how you used to be."

"I believed it was time to act accordingly."

"See to it you never insult Sylrina again," he reprimanded. Duo nodded.

"Yes Professor," Duo answered.

"As for Potter and that new kid, Yuy, keep up the good work. Ten points for Slytherin." Draco and Duo shared a laugh. This was beginning to look promising after all.

As the first week of classes drew to a close, Duo headed down to the main hall. He had won. Every one of his fellow pilots had caught up to sixth year with a day to spare. Draco had found out that he had lost just last night, yet Duo had told him not to worry about it. It was all made in joking anyway.

Draco, on the other hand, refused to back down. He had made the bet and would not become a coward just because he had lost. Standing in the front of the main hall, he waited for Duo, Crabbe and Goyle beside him. Harry and Heero were on their way to go eat when they saw the two meet at the door.

"Draco, why do you put up with Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber?" Duo asked, coming up to the blond. Draco shrugged.

"They're good for muscle, but not much else," Draco answered.

"I figured as much. Their combined IQ doesn't even equal one. Shall we go eat?"

"What's an IQ?" Crabbe asked of Goyle, who just shrugged. Draco and Duo shared a look, trying not to laugh.

"In a moment." Draco then stepped right up to Duo, suddenly becoming face-to-face with him. "I have something to do first." That said he grabbed Duo and kissed him. Sylrina, Harry, and Heero could do nothing more than stare, their eyes full of shock as he kissed Duo deeply and with no signs of stopping.

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