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One World, Two Lives

By Lauren Nightling



Hi, my name is Alinai. Alinai Merope Riddle. You've probably guessed by now that I'm the Dark Lord's daughter. I'm not proud of the things my Father has done, unlike my sisters Lily and Miracle. I'm also not proud of what they've done. All 3 of them have destroyed lives and torn apart families, our family included. Me and my other sister Melissa don't know how we'll be able to forgive them. When people look at me and Mel, they stop and wonder that how on earth in a family so dark and evil, there are 2 people with hearts so pure? Well it was our Mother, she made sure that we didn't end up like our other halves, or like Father. And I'm thankful for that, even though she's no longer with us. Before when I used to look at my past, all I saw is pain and suffering and destruction thanks to my Father. Yet there were certain people who changed that. People who I would give my life for their well being. People I'm grateful to have.

I am Alinai Riddle, the Girl-Who-Lived and this is my story…

"You have never seen a city until you have seen Alicante of the glass towers" ~ Book ~ City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Alinai sneaked out of the large manor that she lived in, not noticing the small mousy-brown haired girl watching her from one of the upper windows or the dark brown haired girl following her. She walked down the path and into the village nearby. She always loved Ottery St. Catchpole. Her father hated it here, but it was where her mother's paternal lived and her father wasn't about to stay at Riddle Manor in Little Hangleton or in Ashlynn's childhood home in Dublin, Ireland. So they stayed at Ravenwood Manor in Ottery St. Catchpole. Alinai, like her mother, loved it.

When she reached the village, she started running through it, smiling at everyone. She was heading for the field when she tripped over someone's foot.

"Oh sorry!" a young male voice said before holding out a hand to help her up. Alinai looked up at him. He had messy red hair, warm brown eyes, light skin and a freckled face. He smiled kindly at her and she knew she could immediately trust him. She smiled back and took his hand, letting him pull her up. He looked about her age, 9. He released her hand and she brushed herself off.

"I'm George. George Weasley" the boy said. Alinai froze. She was told several times by Father that the Weasleys were not people she was to mix with, or even talk to. But yet there was one right in front of her. And she didn't understand why her Father told her to stay away.

"Alinai but call me Ali" she said. She smiled at him and held out her hand, she had seen her Father do this a few times with other men. George seemed to know what she was doing as well because he took her hand again and shook it, smiling back at her. An identical boy to George walked over.

"I see you've made a new friend without me George. I'm Fred" the boy said.

"Nice to meet you Fred. I'm Alinai or Ali for short" she replied, smiling as she shook hands with Fred.

"You too" Fred said.

"Do you live in the village?" Alinai asked. Fred shook his head.

"No, we live in a house on the outskirts of Ottery St. Catchpole. What about you?" George asked.

"I live on the edge of the village in Ravenwood Manor" Alinai said.

"Nice. We've seen Ravenwood Manor. It's huge" Fred said.

"Just makes it easier to get lost" she said, rolling her eyes. It felt nice to act so muggle. To not have to worry about posture or getting her expensive clothes muddy, like she had gotten her ordinary jeans and long sleeve top already.

"But at least you're respected" George said.

"Yes. And I'm expected to grow up to be ladylike and fragile. Please" she said crossing her arms. Fred and George smirked.

"Well then Miss Alinai, would you like to help us pull a prank?" George asked.

"Only if you promise not to call me Alinai"

Alinai and the twins laughed silently from their hiding spot.

"Did you see their faces? It was priceless!" Alinai said.

"This is the joy we experience everyday dear Ali" Fred said.

"Lucky idiots" she said. Fred and George looked mock hurt.

"Ouch" George said. Alinai laughed. Her laughter was cut short when someone came up behind Fred and George. He looked about 12.

"Hey pipsqueaks" he said.

"Go away Jeremy" Fred said.

"No" his eyes rested on Alinai.

"Who's this? A new friend?" he asked.

"Leave us alone!" Alinai said.

"She's got guts" Jeremy said, pushing Alinai. She stumbled back over a loose brick. She heard her ankle snap faintly.

"Hey! That's my sister!" another voice said and the dark brown haired girl from earlier stepped out. She was a little taller than Alinai. Her dark brown hair fell to her shoulders and her cold, brown eyes, that stood out against her pale skin, were narrowed. Fred and George glared at him and suddenly a pile of barrels behind them blew up. Jeremy jumped and ran off.

"Freaks!" he called as he ran.

"Accidental Magic. You're wizards" Miracle and Alinai whispered together. Fred and George grinned at each other.

"He won't try to hurt our friend again" Fred said. George nodded.

"I like to see him try" Miracle said.

"Who are you?" George asked, looking at her.

"Miracle. Alinai's twin sister" Miracle said in her slightly stuck up voice.

"So let me guess you're the stuck up, posh one out of the 2 of you" Fred said. Miracle scoffed and rolled her eyes before spotting Ali sitting on the ground holding her ankle.

"Alinai! Are you alright?!" Miracle exclaimed running over.

"No, my ankle. I'm pretty sure it's broken" she said quietly. Miracle stood up, brushed off her dress and looked at Ali.

"I'll go get father" she said before running off. Ali watched after her with wide fearful eyes.

"No Mira! Don't get father! Anyone but father!" she shouted after her but Miracle didn't listen. Fred looked at George and George nodded slightly to him. Fred held his hand out to Ali.

"Here, I know somewhere close where we can get your ankle fixed" he said. Ali looked at him warily.

"Where?" she asked, Fred grinned at her.

"My house" he said. Ali bit her lip but took his hand and let him pull her up.

It took them about 5 minutes but they eventually made it to the Burrow. Fred and Ali waited outside while George went in to tell Mr and Mrs Weasley what happened. Mrs Weasley came out, a slightly worried expression on her face. She looked at Ali sympathetically.

"Bring her in Fred, carefully" Mrs Weasley said. Fred nodded and helped her in. Ali gave him a grateful smile as she sat down in the kitchen.

"Thank you" she said.

"It was nothing" Fred said. Ali smiled again and he smiled back. Mrs Weasley came over with her wand.

"Now this will hurt a little" she said. Ali nodded.

"Episkey" Mrs Weasley said. There was a sharp quiet snap. Ali didn't make a sound but she did bite her lip hard enough to make it bleed.

"There all fixed" Mrs Weasley said. Ali nodded again.

"Thank you Mrs Weasley" she said politely.

"It's okay dear. Nice to see Fred and George are making friends with people who aren't like them. You'll be a good influence on them I think" Mrs Weasley replied. Ali smiled.

"Maybe" she said.

"Or maybe we'll be a bad influence on her" George said.

"I'd like to see you try" Ali said.

"Oh we will" Fred said. Mrs Weasley sighed.

"What's your name dear?" she asked.

"Alinai. Ali for short" Ali replied.

"Well Ali, do you have anyone who can pick you up? I don't want you walking home by yourself after what happened" Mrs Weasley said. Ali nodded after a moment.

"I can ask my mother to come pick me up" Ali said.

"What about your dad?" George asked. Ali's head sharply turned to him.

"No!" she exclaimed. Mrs Weasley, Fred and George frowned.

"I mean, no he wouldn't want to come and collect me because he thinks I can walk home perfectly fine on my own. He likes Mira more than me" Ali recovered herself from the previous outburst.

"Mira?" Mrs Weasley questioned.

"Miracle. Ali's stuck up twin sister" Fred explained.

"She's not stuck up!" Ali protested frowning. Fred raised an eyebrow.

"You sure about that?" he said. Ali bit her lip again.

"Okay maybe she's a bit stuck up…..Or maybe a lot….Okay she's stuck up!" Ali admitted.

"Told you" Fred said.

"Can I floo my mother please?" Ali asked.

"Sure you can dear" Mrs Weasley said. She showed Ali where the fireplace was and handed her the pot with floo powder in.

"Just call if you need any help" Mrs Weasley said. Ali nodded and turned to the fire as soon as Mrs Weasley left. Ali threw some floo powder into the fireplace.

"Ravenwood Manor, Ottery St. Catchpole" Ali said. The flames turned Green and suddenly her mother's face appeared in the fire.

"Ali! Are you okay? Miracle said your ankle was broken" Ashlynn asked.

"I'm fine Mama. I'm at a friend's house. He and his twin brother helped me here and his Mother fixed my ankle" Ali said.

"Oh thank Rowena" Ashlynn said.

"Can you pick me up?" Ali asked.

"Why can't your Tom pick you up? You know I'm busy right now" Ashlynn said.

"Because I'm scared of father, because he hates me and loves Mira and because I'm at the Weasley's house" Ali said.

"Oh, I'll be there in a minute. I Love you Ali" Ashlynn said.

"Love you too mama" Ali said as her Mother's face disappeared along with the fire.

Ali walked into the kitchen and sat down.

"Mother will be here in a minute" Ali said just as there was a knocking at the door. Ali's eyes brightened.

"That's probably her!" Ali said running towards the door and flinging it open. Just as Mrs Weasley, Fred and George arrived at the door, Ali flung herself into a woman's arms. The woman had white-blonde curly hair that fell past her waist, beautiful shimmering crystallized dark blue eyes the colour of violets, pale white skin and freckles. Mrs Weasley's eyes widened as Ashlynn put Ali down and looked at her.

"Molly" Ashlynn said.

"Ashlynn" Molly replied.

"Mama? You know Mrs Weasley?" Ali said.

"Yes, we were friends at school" Ashlynn said.

"Were?" Fred questioned.

"Yes. I was forced into an arranged marriage with one of our enemies and when I had you and Mira she couldn't believe I had created miniature versions of your father" Ashlynn said. Ali gasped.

"But I'm nothing like father! Father is a cruel evil man! I'm scared of father! I don't even look anything like him!" Ali said.

"Yes but Ali you did when you were born. You and Mira were identical to begin with" Ashlynn said.

"What?" she said. Ashlynn sighed. Alinai saw Fred beckon her over out of the corner of her eye and walked over to them, both looking very confused.

"Ali, who's your dad?" Fred asked.

"I'm not telling you" Ali said.

"Please Ali" Fred said.

"No! If I do you'll hate me like everyone else!" Ali said.

"Alia, please. I won't hate you" Fred said

"I can't believe I didn't see it earlier. She looks exactly like you. I mean identical to you" Molly said.

"I didn't want to have them with him you know" Ashlynn said.

"Yeah I know. You didn't have a choice. I guess I could've been a bit more helpful. Help Miracle turn out more like you and Ali than her Father" Molly said.

"It wasn't your fault Molly. Regulus wasn't happy either. And what do you mean help Miracle turn out more like me?" Ashlynn asked frowning.

"Ali said her Father likes Miracle more than her. You know what that means Ashlynn. Miracle believes in her father's ways. Ali doesn't, not right now at least" Molly said.

"Ali will never believe Tom's ways, she'll never be like him" Ashlynn said.

"How do you know that? He has Miracle wrapped around his little finger but I can tell Ali has your magic and she's part of the prophecy. He'll want her as well. And what he wants, he gets. He wanted you and he got you. You couldn't escape it" Molly said. Ashlynn bit her lip and sighed again.

"She's not part of the prophecy. She hasn't shown any signs of my powers" Ashlynn said shaking her head.

"Give it time Ash"

Back over with the twins and Ali, the small Riddle girl had finally cracked under Fred's insistence.

"Okay" Ali said. She took a deep breath and looked at her shoes.

"My Father is Tom Riddle Jr. Otherwise known as Voldemort" she said. Fred stood there silently before turning around and storming off towards the house, George following him. George glanced at Ali before entering the house. Fred entered after him and slammed the door. Ali stood there in shock for a few seconds and Molly and Ashlynn stared at the door.

"I wonder what happened to them?" Molly said before Ali ran to Ashlynn crying.

"Ali! What's wrong?" Ashlynn asked.

"Fred and George hate me now because my dad is Tom Riddle. I hate father! He's destroying every friendship I make! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!" Ali cried. Ashlynn hugged her before turning to Molly.

"We should get back. Hopefully you can talk some sense into your sons. They were perfectly fine with Ali before she told them her Father's name. Now I know why they would be prejudiced, but they know Ali. They know she's not like him. They shouldn't be acting like this" Ashlynn said before taking Ali's hand and apparating to Riddle Manor. That was the last Ashlynn had talked to Molly. Molly never tried to speak to her again either, despite their conversation, the animosity between them was still there.

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