One World, Two Lives

4: First Day

"We are dust and shadows" ~ Book ~ Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Ali sighed as she opened her eyes and stared up a the blue canopy of her bed in the Third Year Girl's dorm of Ravenclaw Tower. The other girls of her dorm, Isabelle, Aries, Sari and some girl called Charlotte (who hated Ali's guts and made that perfectly clear on their first day, for reasons Ali did not know), were talking together about their summers. Ali sighed and drew back the bed curtains. She quickly picked up her school robes from the chair beside her bed and got dressed in less than five minutes. She grabbed her bed and dashed out of the dorm before any of her 3 friends could catch her.

Ali was walking down an empty corridor on her way to the Great Hall when she saw her little sister Melissa. Melissa was a small girl, like Ali, who mainly wore Emerald Green and Silver or Emerald Green and Rose Pink dresses made of a fine, soft silk. The colour set off the light blue in her eyes, making them softer and more beautiful. The colours also brought some darkness to her pale skin, well unless the dresses were Rose Pink or Silver. According to their Father, on it's own, Melissa's mousy brown hair was dull. Especially since it wasn't straight and it had a slight curl to the tips. The Emerald and Silver dresses were designed with some sort of hairpiece that would soften the dullness of her hair. Ali thought that it just softened the colour, making Melissa's hair seem blonder and more like herself. The Rose Pink dresses were made to set off the blue in her eyes. It was meant to make them softer, Ali thought it made them look brighter. And the dresses did no justice when it came to bringing darkness into her skin. As Ali watched her walking towards her, she couldn't help but notice that the black colour of her robes and the Crimson Red colour of the robe hood made her pale skin seem even paler then usual, making her mousy brown hair lighter by comparison. Ali wondered if that was what her own black robes did. Whether they made her already pale white skin seemed even whiter, whether they made her hair looked White-Silver instead of White-Blond. She also wondered whether the Sapphire Blue colour of her robe hood made her eyes seem darker then they really were. Melissa's eyes brightened when she spotted her elder sister and ran to hug her. Ali smiled and her gentle, delicate arms (which had been called 2 twigs connected to her shoulders a couple of times by Lodi because of how thin and frail they looked) wrapped around Melissa, enveloping her in a hug. Melissa buried her face in the crook of Ali's neck, where her shoulder and neck connected. Melissa smelled like she always did, of grass and lilies.

"I wish I was with you. The girls of my dorm are mean. And that Hermione Granger keeps asking if we are in league with Father. Like Lily and Mira supposedly are" she said. Ali rubbed her back reassuringly, smiling slightly as she noticed that Melissa had curled her hair slightly so that the curls reached her shoulders instead of being that tiny curl at the tips of her hair. Ali always noticed the unimportant things during serious situations. She didn't know why, but she did.

"Don't worry Liss. I'll protect you. No mean, scary Gryffindors will be mean to you when I'm around" she replied.

"Well we're not all mean and scary" Ali looked up to see none other than Fred and George Weasley. Lissa broke away from the hug and looked as well. Her face broke into a smile and she ran and hugged Fred who laughed and hugged back. Ali found herself wondering if Lissa smelled like grass and lilies to Fred as well.

"Hello Mel" he said ruffling her hair.

"What, so now that she's a Gryffindor you'll be friendly to her?" Ali asked, her voice shaking with anger and bitterness. And protection. Lissa was hers and only hers. Fred wasn't allowed near her. Not after what he did to Ali. Fred's smile faded and he stopped messing Lissa's hair up. He looked at Ali with steady, calm, chocolate brown eyes. They were warm, soft, loving, caring. So why did they send shivers down Ali's spine? Why did they make her feel light-headed as if she was burning with fever? Why did they make her chest tighten and her heart quicken, especially when they were looking at her with hate, a cold, cruel hate that made Ali want to look away? She didn't look away though. Didn't give him the satisfaction. She looked back at him with equally calm, steady, warm, soft blue eyes. Her eyes were a darker shade of sky blue. They were the colour of the sky when it starts to darken into night.

"Her dorm were bullying her. She needed someone there for her and since you weren't-" A burning anger in her chest made her cut him off mid-sentence.

"How could I?! I was in an entirely different house, in an entirely different common room reading till midnight to escape the hate passed onto me by Charlotte Evers!" she snapped. Fred glared at her before continuing.

"So since you weren't there, I was. She's very, very different from your Father" Ali's hands clenched into fists and it took all of her self control not to punch him.

"So is Ali!" Lissa piped up, not wanting her sister to be seen as evil and cold. Ali sighed, closing her eyes.

"Don't waste your breath Liss, I've been trying for the past 3 years to get them to see that" Ali opened her eyes and looked at the twins.

"I know I can't protect Lissa from Ravenclaw Tower. I'll admit that. So I'm trusting you to take care of her and protect her for me. But if she gets hurts on your watch, I'll never forgive you" And with that, Ali pushed past the twins and headed off down the corridor. Lissa watched her go, a single elegant eyebrow raised.

"She's changed" she said.

"Huh?" George asked.

"Ali usually doesn't act like this. Whenever she sees you or if someone is talking about you, she either runs away and avoids it or you, look sad and weak or her eyes glisten with tears. She stood up to you. That's not her" Lissa explained. George turned to Fred, checking that the youngest Riddle wasn't listening. She wasn't. Instead she was talking with a portrait to their left.

"Fred, maybe we pushed her too far. Maybe we were wrong. She needs us, she misses us-"

"No she doesn't George. She just told Lissa that to make her think that Ali was on her side-"

"The girls a bloody Ravenclaw! Her best friend happens to be one of our friends! Actually all 4 of her best friends are our friends. Aries Malfoy, Sari Malfoy, Izzy Black and Lodi Black. And I saw the look in her eyes when she said she wouldn't forgive us if Lissa got hurt. The look was not one you would have if you were lying to your sister, someone who believed you were good when everyone else thought you were evil, and finally talking to some FORMER friends after 4 years of avoiding them and their mean comments. The look she had for Lissa was pure love and caring. The look she had for us was hatred-"


"You didn't let me finish. Hatred, sadness, caring, love, longing, loneliness and need. She misses us Fred, she needs us. Maybe you can't see that but I can and Lissa can and so can Lodi, Aries, Izzy and Sari" Fred sighed

"Fine, mix with her if you want. I don't care. But I sure as hell aren't making friends with her again"

"Can we just get to breakfast?" Lissa asked quietly. It seemed that she had finished her conversation with the portrait and was watching them.

"Sure" George replied nodding. Lissa started off down the same direction Ali had walked down moments before.

"Why did she follow Alinai's direction?" Fred asked.

"Oh I don't know, maybe Ali went to breakfast?" George suggested sarcastically before following the little brunette. Fred sighed impatiently before starting off himself.

In the Great Hall, Ali placed herself in the seat next to Lodi.

"Did you see Fred and George?" he asked quietly. Ali nodded.


"Lissa likes them. They're nice to her. They saved her from the bullying her dorm was giving to her. I told them that if she's hurt under their watch, I'll never forgive them" she replied. Lodi grinned.

"Finally standing up for yourself," he said "Good girl" Ali smiled a small smile.

"Yeah" she said. Lodi sighed.

"I'll talk to them"

"Oh! Thank you L!"

"Yeah, yeah. It's only cause you know I'm a sucker for blue eyes and I go soft when someone looks downhearted" Ali laughed.

"You told me Lodi. You told me" she said.

"Didn't think you'd actually remember after 2 years" he muttered. Ali grinned and started eating her breakfast. Lodi did the same a few minutes after when Aries and Sari sat opposite and Izzy sat next to Lodi. Terry Boot sat next to Sari and he smiled at Ali. Remus sat opposite Izzy and Selene sat next to Ali, opposite Terry.

"I managed to teach him that that family isn't everything" Selene whispered to her. Ali smiled gratefully.

"Thank you"

"No problem. I did the same to the other students in Ravenclaw. Now 1st and 2nd year are willing to get to know you. They'll also be working throughout the week on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th years of Ravenclaw. Well 2nd year will work on 3rd, 3rd will work on 4th, 4th on 5th, 5th on 6th and 6th on 7th. Us 1st years will work on the 1st and 2nd years of Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. We won't go any further than that though, considering what we've been told about you and the Weasley Twins" Selene replied. Remus was repeating her word for word to Lodi, Izzy, Aries and Sari.

"Thank you again Selene. And I don't mind. What you got in mind is enough" Ali said, slightly surprised by the younger girl's plans. Selene just smiled at her and proceeded to eat some bacon and eggs.

"So, your father really is You-Know-Who?" Terry asked. Ali nodded.

"Yep. The one and only Voldemort" Terry gasped.

"You said his name" he said. Ali sighed.

"A) It's not taboo and B) I'm his daughter. I'm more scared of him then the name. In fact I'm not scared of the name at all" she said pointing a knife at him since she was in the middle of buttering a slice of toast. Terry nodded in understanding.

"Makes sense. I'm still calling him You-Know-Who"

"Of course" Ali sighed but smiled. "Anyway, enough of my father. I'm sure you know who he is. I, on the other hand, am Alinai. Alinai Riddle but you can call me Ali" she said, holding out a hand.

"Terry. Terry Boot" he replied shaking her hand. Ali nodded.

"I know. Sorting" Teddy nodded, his cheeks flushed in embarrassment.

"Right" he said. Ali smiled.

"Don't worry. I did the same myself with Lodi on our sorting. I was after him so he already knew who I was. I didn't know him thought, I didn't pay attention till my name was called" Lodi glanced at her as he heard his name while Terry laughed.

"I almost did the same thing but I knew a few people so I wanted to see what house they'd get. One of them was a girl called Lila Black" he said. Lodi looked at him incredulously.

"You know…my sister? She didn't try to push you away or anything like that?" he asked. Terry shook his head.

"No. She's my friend, why?"

"Because Lila's usually really cut off and cold. She didn't make friends very well. Nothing me, my brother Cameron or Izzy tried could make her be more open. Looks like she did that on her own" Lodi answered. Terry nodded.

"Ah, I understand" he said.

"Yep, shortest explanation ever" Ali said as McGonagall came down with their timetables.

"Ugh. Charms with the Gryffindors first" Lodi said.

"I thought you liked Charms" Sari said.

"I do. Just not with Lee Jordan" he replied.

"Yeah while you're verbally fighting with Lee in the back of the class, I'll be trying to ignore Fred and George" Ali said, taking a bite of her toast.

"You could've just said arguing" Lodi said looking at her. Ali swallowed and returned his gaze.

"I could've. But I didn't feel like it" she replied. Lodi rolled his eyes, chuckling.

"I thought you said you liked Lee Jordan cuz" Izzy said.

"No, I despise him" Lodi replied.

"It's true, he does. He hates Lee as much as Charlotte hates me" Ali added. Izzy whistled lowly.

"Wow. That's some deep hatred" Aries said. Ali and Lodi nodded. Ali pushed her plate away and picked up her bag.

"We should get to class. I want to get a good seat at the front" Ali said, Lodi nodded and picked up his bag himself and stood up. He slung his bag over his shoulder and held out a hand to her. She took it and he pulled her to her feet. Aries, Sari and Izzy stood up as well. Matthew Granger, who had been sitting next to Izzy, stood up himself. He was friends with Lodi so he has grown used to Ali. He knew about You-Know-Who but being that Ali was a Ravenclaw and she was kind and she didn't seem to want to attack him, he didn't mind being around her.

The six of them made their way to the Charms Classroom. When they reached the classroom there was already someone waiting outside. It was a boy with flaming red hair and chocolate brown eyes. His skin was light and he has a face full of freckles. He was about a head and a half taller than Ali. His hair was ear length and messy.

"Ali" he said. His voice and appearance was nearly identical to his brother's, but Ali saw small subtle differences that no one else saw. He was smiling at her, a smile that made the empty feeling in her half disappear slightly. It still remained. But then there was only one of them waiting for her.

"Fred?" Lodi questioned. Ali shook her head at her best friend.

"No, it's not Fred. It's George!" she said before running over and hugging him like Lissa did with Fred.

"Hey Ali. I know sorry won't cover what I did, but I'll apologise anyway. I, George Weasley, am sorry for my behaviour over the past 4 years" he said, returning the hug. Ali smiled a sad smile.

"But not Fred" she said. George sighed.

"I tried to make him see Ali, I really did. But he's stubborn, you know that"

"I know. I forgive you George" she said.

"You do?"

Ali nodded again and said: "Yes, sorry is enough George. Words have a greater meaning to me than they do to anyone else"

Lodi smiled, walking over to them just as other students started arriving. Ali and George released each other from the hug. Ali smiled back at Lodi before turning to the classroom door as it opened. Flitwick walked out, usually he came up to the 3rd year students' knees, but because Ali was short, he reached her waist.

"Come in students. Come in" he said in his squeaky voice. Ali, Lodi, George, Aries, Sari, Izzy, Matthew and Fred, once he arrived, along with the other students filed into the classroom. George took a seat at the back with Lee, Fred and Lodi, who was glaring daggers at Lee, whereas Aries, Izzy, Sari and Ali sat at the very front. Matthew sat down behind Izzy and Charlotte sat down next to him, behind Ali.

'This is going to be a long lesson' she thought with a sigh as Flitwick started talking to them about what they would be learning this year along with the wand movement for the charm they would be performing the next week. Ali copied down the diagram of the wand movement into her notebook, resting her chin on her right hand and glancing up at the board every now and then as she did so. She could feel Charlotte throwing scrunched up pieces of parchment at her but she just ignored them. After all, she had reunited with George. Nothing could destroy the happy mood she was in. Now all she needed was Fred, and everything would be perfect.

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