One World, Two Lives

8: Letters from Father

"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one remembers to turn on the light" ~ Book ~ Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K Rowling

Ali flumped back onto her bed, staring at the blue canopy of it. A letter fluttered out of her hand and she blinked back tears that threatened to spill. It took her absolutely ages to find Fred, George and Lodi and by that point Fred and George were persuading Lodi to send a letter to his father telling him that he was now a bisexual prankster (for whatever reason that Fred and George were persuading - no daring - him to do it, Ali never found out). Meaning that she had been made to go send it because Lodi wouldn't be able to face his owl, Jupiter, knowing what the letter contained. Ali agreed, it was Lodi after all and anyway, even if she said no, Fred and George would dare her.

Upon arriving there, she saw her own owl, Dublin (yes, he was named after the Dublin in Ireland), with a letter attached to his leg. Dreading what was in the letter, she quickly sent Jupiter off with Lodi's letter after hurriedly scribbling 'P.S Regulus, this is just a dare that Fred and George dared Lodi to do. Lodi is in no way Bisexual or a prankster. At least, not that I know of' (And as Regulus always trusted her opinion, she knew that to write that would cause no caution in Regulus. He especially didn't want his son to turn into a prankster like his brother) before turning to her own owl. A beautiful male Tawny with soft but piercing olive green eyes. He was fairly small for his age and species, like Ali herself. But she thought he was perfect. She cautiously pulled the scroll of parchment off of his leg, aware of what it might say. She hadn't even read the first line before she almost dropped the letter. She quickly skimmed through it, her face paling. She sprinted out of the owlery, up to Ravenclaw Tower, answered the riddle quickly before running in and taking the stairs to the dorms 3 at a time. She flung her door open, startling Charlotte, Aries and Sari, before running into the small bathroom leading off, slamming the door shut and throwing up. She had never been good at dealing with these kind of things. It was like the staircases when she was standing on one and it moved. It made her feel sick to the core. She stayed in there for a few minutes, dismissing Aries' constant knocking. Eventually she opened the door and walked past her family friend. Which led her to where she was now. Lying on her bed, hid by the curtains, staring at the Royal Blue canopy. A tear rolled down her cheek and the letter fluttered onto the ground. Aries managed to grab it before Charlotte had even stood up. She read it once and paled. She shoved Charlotte into the bathroom, locked the door and cast a silencing charm on the door. Sari used her own charms that she made to keep the door locked, even after the Alohomora Charm was used. Sari turned to her twin sister, slightly confused. Aries hands were trembling as she read out the letter.

To my dearest daughter, Alinai,

Now I understand that you would be mad at me. Perhaps a howler to Melissa about getting in Gryffindor wasn't the best plan of action. Just because she's in Gryffindor doesn't mean she still can't turn out like me. Look at Peter Pettigrew for one thing. He sold out the Potters to me and faked his own death to get Sirius Black in Azkaban, ha ha. Clever wasn't it? Especially of him. But then he had your godfather and Uncle Henry Ravenwood to help him. And the Ravenwoods are direct descendants of Rowena Ravenclaw are they not?

Now, you're probably wondering why I wrote to you. I wouldn't have wrote to you if I was just going to apologise about my behaviour to Melissa. I would've written to her instead. No, I wrote to you because of what I heard from both Liliana and Miracle about your friendships. Now, you have perfectly good friends such as Aries Carina Malfoy, Sagittarius Gemini Malfoy, Taliah Breanna Lestrange, and I take it Isabelle Eleanor Black as well? I've also heard from them that you are on good terms with Melodious Aquila Cassiopeia Malfoy, Cameron Remus Black, Lilia Selene Black and one of your few best friends includes Lodi Regulus Black. The current heir of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. Some of my most devoted followers. Even more than the Malfoys.

But that's not the point. Miracle and Liliana have been telling me that you have been getting close to that Muggle-Born girl in the year below you that's also in Ravenclaw, Tatiana Ariail was it? Yes, I believe that's her name. You have also been getting dangerously close to the Half Breeds, Serine Emerald Lupin, Remus Ali Lupin, Reani Matthew Lupin from Ravenclaw and Crystal Emma Lupin from Slytherin along with the Muggle-Born boy in your year, Matthew Granger. Now, under normal circumstances, I wouldn't of minded you being friends with Miss Crystal Lupin. It would mean that you have one extra friend in Slytherin. But she is a Half Breed and any more interaction with her would lead to immediate punishment.

Now that we've come onto the topic of punishment for your interactions at Hogwarts, further punishment will be taken if you continue to intermingle with the Weasleys, especially the twins Frederick Gideon Weasley and George Fabian Weasley and their younger brother Ronald Bilius Weasley. The same punishment will be taken if you also continue to intermingle with any Hufflepuff outside of Miss Melodious Malfoy and Mr Cameron Black and if you intermingle with any other Gryffindors besides your sister and Miss Black. This includes that Harry Potter. You know what he is to me.

As for the Weasley twins, well you wouldn't want them to end up like their namesakes Fabian and Gideon Prewett now would you?

This is the last time I'll say it Alinai Merope Aili Riddle, you stick to being friends with Aries Malfoy, Sagittarius Malfoy, Melodious Malfoy, Taliah Lestrange, Isabelle Black, Lilia Black, Cameron Black, and Lodi Black. But you are allowed to become friends with Draco Lucius Malfoy, Alice Fay Black and Sync Orion Black.

I will see you come Christmas Alinai.

Your forever loving Father,

Tom "Voldemort" Riddle

Sari was almost sick herself when Aries had finished reading aloud and by the time Aries dropped the letter, her voice was barely a whisper.

"But Fred….he's just gotten on speaking terms with you" she said in the almost inaudible whisper that was her voice now. Ali let out a strangled sob from behind the curtains. She preferred to cry when no one could see her, whether they heard her or not. After all, one of the rules of being a proper Pureblood woman was to never cry when others could see.

"I-I'll j-just have t-to break I-it t-to him t-that w-we c-can't be f-friends a-anymore" Ali said through her tears. Sari glared at Ali's bed, picked up the letter, the cursive writing glimmering in the weak sunlight through the window. The letter was too powerful, had too much of a shadow hanging over them that Sari found it impossible to find the strength to tear it. Instead she pulled open and drawer, threw the letter in and slammed it shut.

"No. You will reply to you father about how you understand and will do as he says. But you will continue to speak to everyone he says you can't. It's not fair on Fred. And it isn't fair on you or any of your other friends" she said firmly, yanking the curtains of Ali's bed open. The silvery white-blonde haired girl hastily erased the tear stains on her cheeks and surprisingly she didn't look like she had been crying at all. But that was Ali's gift.

"But what about my darker sisters" she said, her stutter gone but she still hiccupped and her voice was ragged from recovering from the crying.

"Leave that to us. You won't be getting away from Fred that easily Ali. We are determined to make you best friends. Now more than ever. And what your father hasn't realised, is that we are a very bad influence on you" Aries said grinning and Ali let out a small choked laugh.

"I'm going to head down to the library. See if Lodi is down there, trying - and failing - to get Fred and George to study" she said before standing up. She straightened herself up so that she looked impeccable again, like nothing happened and the letter didn't exist, before disappearing out of the door. It was all she could do not to break down when Serine asked her from one of the couches if she was alright.

'You have also been getting dangerously close to the Half Breeds, Serine Emerald Lupin, Remus Ali Lupin, Reani Matthew Lupin from Ravenclaw and Crystal Emma Lupin from Slytherin' The passage from the letter rung in her mind. She managed a fake smile at the young Ravenclaw girl that had done so much for her.

"I'm fine Serine. Just something happened down by the lake" she lied. Serine bit her lip, it was obvious the first year didn't believe her. Serine wasn't very good at hiding whether or not she believed a lie or if she trusted someone. But she still nodded.

"If you're sure. I'll see you tomorrow then?" she asked hopefully. Ali felt a pang of discomfort in her chest and she bit her lip as well.

"Yes. I guess you will" she said before leaving. Her head pounding with confusion, she didn't even stop to talk to Rowena's portrait that hung next to the knocker that spoke the riddles like she normally did.

As Ali walked down the darkening hallway towards the library, her mind kept straying to the letter.

If Voldemort kept up with this, sending those type of letters to her regularly, she was going to become the one thing she didn't want to be. A proper Pureblood.

And if by what she had been told over the summer…

That was the last thing she wanted….

As it meant that Harry would have even less protection…

And he would be no match for her father. Even in the form he was in.

It wasn't easy by the daughter of the most feared villain in the Wizarding World. It was even harder if you were the unknown Girl-Who-Lived. If you were part of a prophecy next to nobody but your father knew about. That was just too much for one girl to handle.

'Too much for me to handle' Ali corrected in her mind as she placed her hand on the door handle to the library. Hoping for once, that no red-headed Weasley was there. It was just Ali's luck that her wish hadn't been granted.

"Fred!" Ali exclaimed, seeing the red head standing alone. "What are you doing here?"

"Waiting for you" he replied. "I wanted to ask you about your family. And about your role in the family"

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