Chuck vs The Game


Chuck's childhood home - Encino
"So Charles, which one you are going to choose?" asked his father.

'' I…..I have to think about that Dad. That's not a decision to be taken lightly. How do you know that ASIS are interested in me anyway?"

"When you were growing up, your mother and I knew that you were special. So your mother began to teach you martial arts while I introduced you to computers. We had friends and contacts in ASIS. They knew that we were teaching you and were interested in possibly recruiting you when you got older. When I moved us to the USA after your mother's death, I knew that they followed us, but I was able to cover our tracks. When you began at Stanford, they found you again. So I called one of my old contacts and warned them to stay away from you. They seemed to give up for a while, but then they found out that you were working for the CIA and the success you had. So we came to an agreement. I would fill you in on your past and let you know of their interest in you. If you said no, they would give up any efforts to monitor and recruit you."

10 days after Encino

Chuck was lying on his bed and trying to come to a decision. He already knew what he wanted and it wasn't to work again for the CIA. His father had said that they would always see him as an asset even after training and they may never allow him to remove the Intersect. For the sake of the greater good, they would never let him live the life he wanted. But what about his relationship with Sarah? He knew that Sarah loved her job and was loyal to the CIA. She couldn't just give up her job like it was nothing. He didn't want her to give up something she loved for him. He always wanted her to be happy. But how could they have a relationship if he choose ASIS? His father said something about WIS and that he and his mother had worked for them. Maybe they could help? He decided to call his father.

"Hello Charles" answered Stephen.

'' Hi Dad, can you help me with something?"

Stephen could hear the nervousness in his voice and asked, "What is it Charles? Has something happened? You can tell me."

"Nothing has happened Dad. But I am still trying to choose between CIA and ASIS. I am not sure, but I am leaning towards about ASIS."

"That's good news Charles. The CIA are never going to allow you to walk away because of the Intersect. They are going to use you until you have nothing left to give."

"I agree Dad. They are going to always use me for their 'greater good'. But I want more than that. However, what is going to happen with my relationship with Sarah if I choose ASIS? You know that I love her with all my heart. She loves her job so much Dad. And I'm sure there is some sort of protocol somewhere that says foreign agents can't be together. We will never be together if I choose ASIS. But maybe you can advise me on that. How did you and Mom get around that? I love Sarah and I don't want to lose her. But if I choose the CIA, I will probably never be free from them. Can you give me some advice?"

Stephen Bartowski knew that if it wasn't for Sarah Walker, that Chuck would have already picked ASIS. He knew that how much his son loved Sarah, so he hesitated about his choice.

"Look Charles, I know how you feel about Sarah but I don't want you constantly at the CIA's beck and call. Sarah is a very talented spy and maybe I can use my contacts to get her into the WIS. That's the only way that both of you can be together. But you have to prove that you can not only be a spy, but one of the best spies there is."

After what his father said, Chuck begin to decide what he is going to do. He knew that Sarah was one of the best and he was confident that it wouldn't be a problem to arrange something for her in WIS. But he was just a civilian with incomplete training. However with the proper training and motivation, he knew that he could do this. But given that it was his future at stake, he felt he had to think a little more about it.

"Okay, thanks Dad. When I decide, I will call you."

'' Not a problem Charles. Whatever you decide, I will be here for you."

That night Chuck finally settled on a course of action.

The next day

Stephen was woken out of his sleep by his phone ringing.

"Dad, I finally know what to do," said an excited Chuck.

"Good morning to you too Charles. What's your decision?"' Stephen asked nervously. He hoped Chuck hadn't picked the CIA and didn't know how he'd cover his disappointment if that was the case.

"I am prepared to work for ASIS but I have some conditions. Can you arrange a meeting with them so that we can talk about this?"

"Sure Charles, I will call you and let you know where and when," responded a relieved Stephen Bartowski.

"Thanks Dad for all of this, I don't know what I would do without you. Talk to you again," Chuck said happily.

That afternoon Chuck received a brief message came from his father.

Tomorrow 2 pm at our house.

Present Time after Sarah read Chuck's letter - Casa Bartowski 4 p.m.

After a lot of tears, Sarah had decided to try once again to talk to Chuck, hoping that maybe he'd changed his mind and returned home. She needed to repair their relationship even after that hurtful letter. It said a lot of things about Chuck's feelings for her. She could clearly see that he was extremely hurt from her actions, all those years that they worked together. But he never once give up hope. He was always there for her, no matter what they went through. She had never realised how her actions could cause this much hurt to Chuck. But even Chuck had his limits. She knew that Chuck was her only real friend, the only one that cared for her and that this was her last chance the repair their relationship and regain his trust

She take a deep breath and rang the bell. Seconds felt like hours waiting for the door to open. Finally Ellie opened it. Although Sarah was very fond of Ellie, there was only one person she wanted to see now.

"What is it Sarah?"' asked Ellie coldly.

Sarah was taken aback. First Chuck, now Ellie was given her the cold shoulder.

"Hi Ellie. Sorry to bother you but I need to talk to Chuck. Is he home?' asked Sarah nervously.

"Chuck's not here Sarah," replied Ellie in the same cold tone.

"Oh. Do you know when he'll be back? It's really important that I talk to him about us."

"I have no idea when he'll be back Sarah, if ever."

"I don't understand Ellie. Where is he?" said Sarah. She tried not to panic.

"I think you should come inside Sarah. Or would you prefer I called you Agent Walker?"

"What? What are you talking about Ellie?"

"Don't play coy with me Sarah, I know everything. I know you're a CIA agent and that you were my brother's handler with NSA agent John Casey. Chuck has told me everything, even about the Intersect. I know about your cover relationship with him. I'll always appreciate you for saving his life so many times, but he also told me about how you played on his feelings for you. He loved you Sarah! I thought you loved him too. All this time, you were also playing me. I thought you as the sister I never had. Now I don't really know who you are," finished Ellie sadly, yet still angry.

For once in my life as an agent, I am going to tell the truth. I can't do this anymore, thought Sarah.

"Look Ellie I know that you are hurt right now because of me. I lied to you for two years about who I am and what I do for a living. But my feelings and behaviour to you were never a lie. At first Chuck was a mission and I would do anything to complete my mission. The spy life was the only life I had. But after I really got to know Chuck, you, Devon and even Morgan, I began to realize there was more to life. Because of Chuck, I had friends, even a family of sorts."

"I wanted to tell you all about me and what I really did. But my orders say that I can't do that. Even if they didn't, I was afraid what you would think about me. Besides, if you did know who I was, I could have put you in danger. I have made a lot of enemies and they could get at me through you. I couldn't live with myself if anything happened to any of you because of that. Chuck literally begged me to tell him something real about myself, but I couldn't say anything because of this."

"But that wasn't the only reason Ellie. With the sort of life I've led since I was young, I have been betrayed and used by a lot of people in my life. So I began to think that I couldn't trust anyone anymore. I was afraid if Chuck learned something real about me, that he would betray that trust. I was so wrong. If there is anyone in my life that would never betray me and that I could trust with the real me, it would be Chuck. I have never trusted anyone this much. But recently, I did something very stupid to hurt Chuck and now everything has fallen apart."

At this point, Sarah didn't even try to restrain the tears.

Ellie didn't know what to think or say. She knew that Chuck had a plan, but she never expected Sarah to break down in front of her. Chuck had said that Sarah was a great actress, but it looked pretty real to her. He had said that she would come to Ellie to try to find out from her where he was. But Ellie knew that if Chuck's plan was going to work, she had to do as he asked. Besides, she really wanted to hear the full story from Sarah.

Ellie's tone softened slightly. "I think you should stay here tonight so that we can continue this conversation." Before Sarah could said anything, Ellie got up and went to the kitchen.

She returned with a bottle of red wine and two glasses. She filled up Sarah's glass and her own.

"Okay Sarah, continue," said Ellie once they had settled on the couch.

Sarah spoke all night about how this it all began. How Chuck, Casey and her had worked together, about his heroism, even his refusal to stay in the car. She opened up about her relationship with Chuck. She explained that she fell for Chuck from the first, before she realised he had the Intersect. When their relationship began first though, it was all about the cover. However, when she began to see the real Chuck, her feelings towards him began to change. She really wanted to be with him, but she couldn't as she was his handler and CIA rules forbade it. Also deep down, she was afraid of Chuck rejecting if he knew all about her past.

She admitted that Chuck was always there for her, even when all she seemed to do was hurt him. Sarah told Ellie how hurt she was about Prague when Chuck turned down the chance to run away with her, because he had the chance to finally learn to be a spy. She didn't want him to be a spy because of how the spy life changed a person, especially how it changed her. And she didn't want him to change. She wanted him to stay Chuck.

And finally she talked about Shaw and the biggest mistake in her life.

"I don't know what come over me Ellie. I could see Chuck starting to turn into a spy and change in front of my eyes and that hurt me. I don't want to Chuck to be a spy and end up like me or Casey, but I couldn't do anything about it. I don't know why I said my real name to Shaw. He didn't mean anything to me. I love Chuck so much and once again I ended up hurting him. So I came here tonight to talk to Chuck and to beg him to give us a chance. I don't want to lose him Ellie. I love him so much that I don't think I could live life knowing Chuck didn't forgive me or without the knowledge of my love for him. Even if we were only friends, that would be enough for me, just to know that we were there for each other. At least for now anyway Sarah thought. I miss him so much already Ellie. Can you please tell me where he is?"

Ellie didn't know what to do or say. Chuck had warned her about Sarah. But Ellie had known from the first that Sarah really love her brother. She knew that from the beginning, but her brother being an idiot, didn't believe her when she said that to him. She so badly wanted to tell Sarah the truth, but she had made a promise to Chuck and she was going to keep it.

"I am really sorry Sarah, but I don't know where he is. He just said that he was going for a vacation to clear his head and that he'd be gone for about two months. I wish I knew where he was so I could tell you. I miss him too. But we can talk some more in the morning. Why don't you sleep in Chuck's room tonight?"

Sarah didn't want to sleep because she was no closer to finding Chuck, but she was really exhausted after talking for so long.

"Thank you Ellie for listening and giving me a chance to explain, Ellie," replied Sarah. "It really means a lot to me. And thanks for letting me stay over."

"It's the least I can do Sarah. But I still have to think about what we talked about tonight. I'm not too sure that I can forgive you so quickly for all this. But please know that I will try to. Goodnight Sarah."

Ellie and Sarah hugged before going to their rooms.

Later that night, Ellie awoke and could hear crying. She got up when she realised it was coming from Chuck's room. She pushed the door open as quietly as she could and saw Sarah asleep in Chuck's bed, wearing one of his Stanford T-shirts. She was hugging a pillow from Chuck's side of the bed and crying in her sleep.

Ellie thought Stupid Chuck. You should be here to see this. You better be right about this plan of yours because you should see how much Sarah really loves you. I am so sorry Sarah for keeping this from you but I promised Chuck. Ellie closed the door softly and went back to her own room.

Next Morning CASA BARTOWSKI 9am

Sarah woke up, dressed herself quickly and went to the kitchen. Ellie was already there having breakfast.

"Good morning Ellie." Thank you for letting me stay the night."

"You're welcome Sarah. Even though I'm still coming to terms with what you told me last night, I'm here for you," replied Ellie.

Sarah wasn't sure how to respond to that. "Maybe I should go now." But when Sarah went to leave the kitchen, Ellie shouted, ''Oh no Sarah Walker, you are not going anywhere without at least having breakfast." Before Sarah could protest, Ellie had already pulled her back into the kitchen and sat her down at the table.

"Thanks Ellie," said Sarah with a smile.

''You're welcome Sarah. Let me get you some coffee."

However, before Ellie could pour the coffee, the doorbell rang. Ellie went to answer it, so Sarah poured her own.

To Ellie's surprise, there were two police officers at the door.

''Good morning Officers. Can I help you?"

''Good morning Ma'am. Are you Ellie Bartowski?" one of them replied.

"Yes .What is going on? Is there something wrong?" said Ellie said, getting alarmed at this point.

'"May we come in please? Do you have anyone with you at the moment?"

"My brother's girlfriend is here. Can you just tell me what this is about?"

"I am very sorry to inform you Ma'am that your brother Chuck Bartowski has passed away," the officer responded.

"What," cried Ellie. "What are you talking about Officer?! "What's happened to my brother!?''

As he was about to answer, they heard a cry and a crashing sound from the kitchen. When Ellie and the two officers ran into the apartment to investigate, they found Sarah passed out on the kitchen floor and a broken coffee cup beside her.

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