Chuck vs The Game


Casa Bartowski 9 a.m. Present Time
When Ellie saw Sarah passed out she immediately ran to her. After a few minutes later Sarah regained her consciousness then looked at Ellie while she cried.

"No, this can't be real…no no…" Sarah sobbed.

She was crying really hard then hugged Ellie

"No" Sarah moaned continuously as if it was a mantra.

Ellie with the help police officer carried Sarah to couch. Ellie went kitchen again and came back with water. Then she turned the officers.

"What happened to my Brother? Would you please explain that to me?" Ellie asked also being on the verge of tears.

She held them at bay because she had to be strong for Sarah.

"Yesterday afternoon after 4PM, someone called and reported that they found the car on the forest road to San Diego. They also reported that they saw a body which was burnt. They thought that there had to be some kind of explosion. They reported the body was in pieces. So we went there to investigate the report. First we wanted to find out who was the driver. So we ran the license plate in our system and saw the car was rental. We called the rental agency. They said the renter was Charles Irving Bartowski of Burbank address. We wanted to make sure. So we had the body tested for DNA. The results were conclusive. It was indeed the body was Charles Irving Bartowski. I am really sorry for your loss." The officer stated.

"What caused the car to explode?" Ellie asked while she also crying.

Sarah was in shock. She had not stopped crying and repeatedly said "No."

"We found that there was no camera in that area of the road so we don't have proof about explosion. However, our expert said it made sense. We looked at the car. There was a fuel tank leak that could cause an explosion. Our expert surmised that the electronics being faulty caused the spark which ignited the gas. Your brother was driving the car when all of this happened. Our expert determined he did not have time to realize the problem. Once he realized it was already too late . I am once again sorry for your loss." explained the other officer as they both rose then left.

The effect on Sarah from this devastating news could not be underestimated. There were many questions swirling in her head.

How could this happen? Her Chuck was dead? Her Chuck, the love of her life was dead? He died before she can say she love him? No no, she won't accept that. He couldn't have died. This all has to be some kind of joke right? He is going to come and say 'Surprise.'

Sarah turned to Ellie then saw that she was also crying. Her Brother was really dead. He was her only relative.

"Ellie this has to be a joke right? He is not dead? He can't be dead. After all of this he can't have died." Sarah said as she began to shout. ''He survived all of the spy shit and dies in car accident no I can't accept that. This is some kind of cruel game for me. It is all because of what I said to Shaw right? You are playing with me. Soon Chuck is going to come in from that door and will laugh at me." She began to laugh. "You can't fool me. I dedicated all my adult life to being spy. I am not going to believe this."

She finished then sat on the couch while smiling.

Ellie turned to her and began to talk. Sarah could feel the seriousness of her words and voice.

"Sarah I wish this was a game. I wish that we were playing you. No Sarah this is not a game. No we aren't trying to make a fool out of you. This is real. I am so sorry Sarah but we have to face facts. My Brother is really dead. I am so sorry." Ellie stated as she continue to cry.

The realization had finally sunk in and she was crying really hard too. When Sarah saw real tears in Ellie's eyes she couldn't breathe. Once again she began to cry.

"Chuck is really dead isn't he? I lost him…I … lost … him. He died before I said I'd loved him. He died not knowing my real feelings." Sarah wailed as she hung onto Ellie.

They both keenly felt the loss of their special Chuck.

Encino – Chuck's childhood home - After the text

Chuck was nervous and also excited because after today he was going to begin his new life as an ASIS agent if everything goes right. Yesterday when his father texted him he was so happy. He wanted to begin his new life as soon as possible. He had lost a lot of time. Now, he didn't want to lose any more time . So with this thought he rang the bell.

His Dad opened the door and said "Come in Charles"

"Hi Dad" Chuck said with a smile.

When he got to living room he saw three men. One was sitting the other standing behind him. He thought they have to be his agents. The one sitting is good looking 40 – 45 years old blue eyes and straight blonde hair. Chuck flashed on the man seated. He was one of the directors of the ASIS. Chuck stood straighter as he approached the man. Stephen not watching Chuck directed him to stand next to the seated man as he made the introduction.

"Charles I want you to meet one of my friend and ASIS Tactical and Operational Director William Johnson." Stephen said.

"Sir, it is really nice to meet you." Chuck said politely.

"It's nice to meet you too Charles. Your parents are great friends of mine. We met once but you don't remember me do you?" He asked as he warmly shook Chuck's hand.

"No Sir, I am sorry I don't" Chuck said sincerely.

"There's no need to be sorry, Charles. You were quite little when we first met. It was at the time of your Mother's death. You and your sister stayed with me until your Dad came for you. After that you all went to USA." replied Director William Johnson.

"Thank you for taking care of us when we were little, Sir I appreciated it." Chuck said politely.

"Sir is not necessary Charles. Will would be fine, okay Charles." said Director sincerely.

"Please call me Chuck Will." Chuck said with smile.

"Gentlemen, we should now talk about business" Stephen said.

"Oh yes of course, Chuck please come sit." He said gesturing to Chuck to take the seat on his right.

"So Chuck before you came we talked to Stephen about your recruitment into the ASIS. We have been after you for years now. You are intelligent and we need this in our agency. You also were being trained by your parents. They are best agents we know. Your father began to teach you computers and electronics. Your Mother taught you martial arts. Though, after she died you didn't continue. Even from the beginning you were good at what you did. We know that you are very good with computers. We also know that what you have done without much training for the CIA for 2 years now. You managed to survive without serious injury. We think that with proper training you can be one of the best field agents. We want you to work with us. What you think? Your Dad said that you have some conditions? So let's hear those first." Director explained.

"Thank you for all compliments Will, I would say that these are more of requests than conditions. First, you have to know that Ellie will always come first to me. I can't keep my job a secret from her. She basically raised me so I can't lie to her about my life. I care too much about my family. So you need to know I would do everything for my family and friends. I also want them to be safe from the spy world. So I know that maybe this is a little far for me to suggest but I want you to find them jobs in UK or any other European country." Chuck stated.

"If they stay here because of our closeness they can be hurt by anyone. This also can be easily CIA or NSA. This government could try to use Ellie as some kind of experiment. I certainly don't want what happened to me happen her too. So I want them out of USA. They are really great doctors. They can really help out there too. Second, before I began my training I want to do holiday for 2 months. No one will know where I am. After 2 months I will contact my Father to begin the training. Third, right now I am in love with my current handler Sarah Walker. I also think she has feelings for me. I know that there is a rule somewhere that foreign agents can't date but I talked about this with my Dad. He stated that there is a solution would be to begin working at WIS. I know that I am new in the game. You might think that I am currently rookie. You are right. I am going to work so hard and be one of the best agents. When the time comes I want you to support me to become a WIS agent. This last one is that you know that I have currently have Intersect. I will get rid of it as soon as possible. We know that in the end it's going to hurt me. Once it is gone I don't want to become someone else pet experiment. I will not participate in any other science test or experiment. I don't want to deal with these types of things ever again. These are my requests Director. I hope we can come to some sort of agreement because I really want to be agent. I want to save the world, help the others and also work for ASIS in my Mother's memory. Also I know that CIA will not take me seriously. I will always be to them some kind of experiment. I certainly do not want that" said Chuck with serious tone.

"These are acceptable conditions Chuck and you have nothing to be sorry for thinking your family. I care about my family and friends too. We can arrange something for them. I kept track them too while I was looking for you. I know that they are really great doctors. You can go on holiday before training. You definitely will need it after 2 years working hard. After training you will work hard too. I also promise you are not going to become someone's pet experiment. We know what it does to people. We saw what the Intersect can do. So you have nothing to worry about that too. Without your permission we can't force you into anything. These are very reasonable conditions. This one condition is going to really hard. Do you really think she is worth it? You will have to work hard because you have to accept very tough assignments to become WIS agent. Of course in the beginning we are not going to force you to accept these type of eventually , your assignments will get much tougher . So are you ready to do that for her?" asked the Director.

"She is worth all of this and more Will I will do anything for her. I also do this for myself too. I waste my five years for nothing. I think it is time for me to do something more" said Chuck seriously.

"Then we have an agreement Chuck. Before you came I said that we talked to your Dad about the plan for you to become an ASIS agent without arousing too much suspicion. Your CIA and NSA friends can't know about this for yours and our agency's sake." said Director.

"I understand Director what is your plan?" Chuck asked.

Chuck knew from the beginning he couldn't say to anyone about this meeting. So this secrecy requirement was not too much surprising.

"It is quite simple actually. Charles Irving Bartowski has to die" said Director casually.

"WHAT…?!" Chuck exclaimed as he was shocked. "What is the Director talking about Dad? Charles Irving Bartowski is going to die? They are going to have to kill me? Will, I don't think I heard you correctly. Did you just say Charles Irving Bartowski is going to die?" Chuck asked as he spiraled.

The Director just chuckled at how high strung Stephen's Son was.

"Calm down Chuck, there is no mistake in your hearing. You heard me correctly. Charles Irving Bartowski is indeed going to die. We are going to fake your death. We don't want anyone know you when you work for us. You know how important secrecy is in our business. After that you are going to use different identity." Director explained.

"Oh, that makes sense. What method are you going to do this?" Chuck asked.

"When the time comes you are going to say that you need a vacation. This is an acceptable request because after two years of working so hard no one is going to question that request. You are going to rent a car. We are going to give them an acceptable explanation to what happened to your car. It was going to look like your car caught fire by accident . So everybody will thinks that you were unlucky because you didn't notice the problem soon enough. The car and the body are going to be burnt so no one recognize you. We are going to use someone else's body with your measurements then sprinkle the corpse with your DNA. You will choose a road with no cameras then make the exchange. After the exchange you are going to use a disguise to go to the airport. Then our team will report the accident to the local police. Police will be also going to one of us. They are going to talk Ellie while you are on the plane to wherever you want to go. We are going to need some help from Ellie because we are going to need DNA samples and proof the body is your. Your agent friend will be suspicious. One can never be too careful around her. We are going to take all the precautious so they can't find us. That is it Chuck." Director explained.

"So it is going to seem like as technical problem so no one is going to think that someone would have sabotaged my car. It is okay I think. I am really happy because I don't have to lie to Ellie about my death because this will kill her. It is really good plan Director. I appreciated your effort." Chuck said sincerely.

"It is nothing Chuck. You have a lot potential and we want to use it" said Director.

"This plan is really good Will but there is a little problem." Chuck said.

"What is it Chuck?" Will asked curiously.

"They are going take me to spy camp about two weeks. I have to go if we are going to this secretly. What do you want me do?" Chuck stated.

The Director pondered for a moment then spoke.

"You need to fail your training Chuck so they will think you can't be spy." Director said with little smile.

"How…?" Chuck asked.

"You are going to convince them that you can't flash because you are isolated from your family. It is reasonable because you always say your family comes first. They also know that too so they will believe it. After you fail they are going to send you back Burbank. When you come home you will behave like after Stanford. They probably will recall your team back to DC because they think you will succeed in your training. Now, back to team but after the failure they will want to their agents back to the field. But they are also not going to give up on you easily because they spend a lot of money on their precious Intersect. And they know that Intersect doesn't work without your family. So they can't send you to bunker. So they will try everything when you come home. You will see that your team still there and probably working on a mission. They know that you are ambitious and probably you want to prove yourself. So you are going to give them what they want. You are going to learn the mission and complete it. Now we come to the important matter if you and your Father can finish a way to remove the Intersect from your head we don't need this scenario. We have already recruited you. However, if you can't remove the Intersect you have to prove that you can still be spy. So you must intervene in their mission and bring it to a successful completion. When they see you can still be successful they will not want to break up the team. Since, you are still useful. Then you are going to continue working for them until you finished the removal process of Intersect and get it removed your head." The Director explained.

"This is really good plan Will and cover all of the questions they will have." Chuck said thoughtfully.

''Now all you have to do is to convince them that the Intersect does not work. I think you can do that without any problem. After a little while you will play with them. They will believe you when you say the Intersect doesn't work because of your emotions." Director said.

"I believe I can do this Will. Thank you for all of this I really appreciate it. I'm thankful for this chance to be an ASIS agent. I will not disappoint you Director." Chuck said sincerely.

"I know that Chuck we all know that why do you think we want to recruit you. We really believe that you have a lot of potential." Director said seriously.

"Thank you for that Director. So know I have to get back to Burbank. My handlers will get suspicious if I'm gone too long." Chuck said while stand up.

"I am looking forward work with you Chuck. Be safe." He said as they shook hands.

"I am too Director. Once again thank you." He said as he turned his Dad. "See you later Dad." He replied while they walked to the door.

"You did the right thing to choose ASIS and I'm proud of you. Talk you later Charles and don't forget you are Aces Charles, Aces." Stephen said beaming as Chuck gave his Father a smile and exited.

Outside Of Casa Bartowski 10 a.m. Present Time

The Police officers entered their car and one of officers took out a phone then made a call.

"Agent Harris and Ryan secure. The mission is complete, Sir." the Agent replied.

"How was your talk with the family?" The voice asked.

"We talked to the family. His sister is really good actress, Sir. The subject bought it. It was the acting of the Sister which made it seem real. Are you sure we are not recruiting the wrong Bartowski?" The Agent asked.

"Report on the other operation." The voice stated.

"Director the other part of the op was completed before we came here. I talked with Agent Kelly. He assured me that everything went to the according to plan." The senior Agent reported.

"What about the package was there any problems?" The voice asked.

"No Sir, The package went directly to the airport yesterday. It should probably arrive at the destination soon, Sir." The Agent added.

"Okay agent I want all of you to come back to base, Johnson out." He said as the conversation ended.

The airport- the previous day

Chuck took his bag and boarded the plane. He turned off his phone after sending a message

"Can you meet me at the airport?"

He took one last time look around while he also smiled.

"This is Goodbye Burbank we have too many memories. But now I am going to begin my new life. Thank you for hospitability. I'll see you later." He thought then promise himself if he ever returned he would be new and better man.

He thought the last time he was on a flight he met Hannah. Hannah was really good girl. His thoughts now began to wonder what he would to do on his vacation. He really need it this after all missions and heartbreak. He thought of Sarah and what she did to him. He does really love her. This time she really broke his heart badly. So for once he is going to something for himself and something really extreme for him he is going to be a bad boy for 2 months. Because he really wants to learn what is with bad boys and what is attractive about that. He is a good guy and he always loses his girl some kind of bad boy type. Let's see what is going to happen when he decided to try to be bad boy? Maybe he'll like what he become in the end? While he still thought about his plans as the plane took off.

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