Chuck vs The Game


Casa Bartowski
After police officers left Sarah and Ellie continue to cry while still hugging each other. This managed to calm them a little. They broke the hug looked at each other. Ellie could see that Sarah was truly upset. This was no fake tears no matter how good of an actress Chuck and the rest had warned her. Her blue eyes both looked so empty. Ellie now really understood Sarah really loved her Brother. He meant everything to her. Ellie felt really guilty for holding back from Sarah that his death was faked. Even though she felt so compromised she promised Chuck that no one would know that he was alive. She would endure this burden of his secret. She would keep that promise.

Ellie's conscience got to her after learning their love was real. She had to do something for Sarah to assuage that conscience. She knew that Sarah had lied to her for almost 3 years. She believed that Sarah did everything for her Brother to stay safe in the spy world. She really hated the lies. She slowly understood what is going on behind her back especially, once Chuck explained the reasons why they couldn't tell her anything. It was because of national security and more importantly her security. He said that Sarah also began to feel guilty after a while because she couldn't say anything to her either.

He said Sarah had really hard childhood. She didn't really trust anyone because of that. The CIA was just like her family. She was loyal to them because of that bond. She began to struggle between protocols and tell her the truth. Sarah began to really care and protect her too. So she didn't say anything. Ellie could also see that before Chuck said anything she knew that Sarah always avoid talk about her family. She said that it was complicated but never elaborated. Ellie never pushed her to divulge much more because she didn't want to make her uncomfortable.

Sarah was great for Chuck. He was different after Sarah came into their lives. Finally, he began to grow into his real potential like she always knew he had. He also began to do something about it. So she was really grateful to Sarah for that. She had really like Sarah from the beginning. Maybe neither sibling knew about her but both could see that Sarah was actually great person. She always saw her as her Sister as much as Chuck was her Brother. Apparently Sarah came to care about her too.

She also forgave Sarah all the lies after Chuck explained it to her. When he explained to her she got so angry. They had fooled everyone especially her. She had always thought their relationship was real. When they first talked about it he said that he came to believe that maybe Sarah also had feelings for him. She believed him because she could see the love in their eyes. After the ''Sam '' incident he came home and explained what happened to her and him. Ellie had never seen him that angry before. He was upset similar to Stanford but much worse she thought.

He wept while he talked. He thoroughly was heartbroken and probably still is. When she tried to said that she couldn't believe Sarah has no feelings for him. He snapped back that it was all is play acting. She was a spy and could play her role very well. Ellie couldn't believe what she heard because she knew that Chuck has strong feelings for Sarah. She also thought Sarah had them too. Chuck laid out his case very well. In the end he convinced her. Though, she held out a little bit hope he was wrong and she was right. Now she had been proven right. Sarah really did have real and very strong feelings for her Brother. It came too late for Chuck because she would not have any contacts for 2 months.

So she has been left to role play being the angry Sister because of all of the lies. She is going to improvise. She believed that Sarah deserved that much. She would help her through this process. She really loved Sarah and saw her like as a little Sister. There was no way she would abandon her Sister over this. She also knew Chuck would have to come to his senses and want to be with Sarah too. This was love and their love was really strong. It was so obvious. So she turned to Sarah then spoke.

"Sarah, I think you should stay here for the time being?" Ellie offered.

"I don't know Ellie. I don't want to be a burden to you. This place holds so many memories about Chuck. I can't stand the thought of being so close but unable to touch him. I think this is really bad idea. Thanks for everything, Ellie" Sarah said in a small voice as she attempted to rise Ellie took her arm.

"Listen up Sarah Walker you are not going anywhere except to bed. Maybe I am angry at you right now. I've always thought of you as a little Sister. Sisters can fight right? I am not going to abandon my Sister like that. We have to be together now more than ever. Chuck loved you and I also love you as my Sister. I know that you are having hard time right now because of all this emotions and feelings. I am too. So you are not leaving. Do you understand me?" Ellie forcefully stated with the stern voice usually reserved for Chuck when he did a boneheaded move.

"Yes Ellie I do" Sarah spoke childlike.

After a little while Sarah once again began to cry silently then turned to Ellie.

"Ellie, did you really mean that when you said you love me as a Sister?" Sarah continued in her childlike voice.

"Sarah of course I did. Look from the beginning I liked you. After you came into our lives Chuck started to behave. His real potential began to resurface this was all yours. I tried and failed to motivate him for 5 long wallowing depressing years. I am so grateful for you because of this. He stayed that way because he didn't want to be hurt again. Everybody could see that he really had a special potential in him except himself. After all of that happened he never really came to believe in himself again. He lost his self-confidence until you came. Whenever you were together I could see that old Chuck beginning to resurface. He began to enjoy his life once again. I could see the love in yours and his eyes. You two were totally in love with each other. Due to his issues Chuck never believed that he was worthy enough for you." She explained.

"On top of this he didn't believe that you had real feelings for him. I tried to talk him about this though he always said it was complicated. You are way out of his league. So you couldn't have feelings for him. I tried to convince him otherwise. It was like talking to the wall. He never really listened to me. I know now I was absolutely right about you. You really did love him. Yes, I am angry at you because of lies. I was hurt but this doesn't change what I feel about you and how I see you. I see you as a little Sister and I love you as such. I hope you feel that way too about me." Ellie concluded.

Sarah really had difficulties breathing. This had to be the infamous Bartowski charm. They really had worn her down. Her heart had no walls. She felt like she had finally found herself a home. This speech was so beautiful that Sarah couldn't help but hug Ellie.

"Thank you Ellie. Yes, I love you too and also see you as a big Sister too." Sarah replied.

"So Sarah you need to eat something. I certainly do not want you to faint again. So let's feed you." Ellie said.

Sarah began to speak up to decline. Ellie just gave her look.

"Listen Sarah, you have no choice in this" Ellie stated.

Sarah stopped her protesting and rose with Ellie to enter the kitchen. After Ellie prepared them a small meal they silently ate their meal. Sarah suddenly broke the silence

"Ellie…? Do you know what is so funny?" she sadly asked.

"What is that Sarah?" Ellie asked curiously.

"Chuck always joked about me being his kick ass ninja spy girl. If he saw me faint he never would have forgotten it. He would have reminded me too. If someone made fun of it I will probably hurt them. I so wish so much Chuck was here and was constantly making fun of me." She sadly said after a thwarted laugh which turned into tears once again. "I just want to see his smile, his laugh and his beautiful eyes. I just want him come back to me. I want to hug him and never let him go."

Saying such she cried even harder. Ellie didn't know what to say so she got up and hug her. They stay that way until Sarah felt a little better.

"I think Sarah you should rest. I am free today. So you can stay Chuck's room." Ellie said with concerned.

"I am fine Ellie. I should really go" said Sarah attempting once again to leave.

Ellie would not budge on this issue.

"You are far from fine, Sarah. Did you not hear what I said? You are going to stay here so get up and go to bed." Ellie ordered with her commanding voice.

Sarah wouldn't believe how Ellie could affect her this much. She realized that she really was totally drained and exhausted. Not wanting to battle with Ellie she acquiesced.

"Okay, Ellie you win I'm going." She said as she rose then went to Chuck's room.

Chuck's Bedroom

When Sarah closed the door then looked around the room she once again couldn't breathe. This room held too many memories of him and her. She saw the TRON poster on the wall. She slowly moved over to poster. She touched the poster just like it was her life line. She slowly began to cry. She turned around to poster and what she saw shocked her. Everything about his spy life was written on the back of this board. She thought of the search for his Father. He was always a genius. Everybody was trying to find Orion but she was the one found him from his instructions. He did all of this without the Intersect. She placed the poster back where it belonged. Then she saw his Buy More white shirt hanging on the closet door. She slowly took it then pressed it to her nose. She breathed in his scent. She missed him so much. Then she walked over to the bed. She slowly traced her fingers along the sheets. Every touch she felt a little more close to him. She walked his closet and changed her clothes. She wore his Stanford T- shirt and one of his boxers. She lay on his side of the bed and silently cried where she finally fell asleep.

2 days later – Chuck 's Funeral

The sun is shining bright on this beautiful morning. Sarah is wearing dark suit with jacket. She wore her hair in a simple bun. She also wore the charm bracelet. She is seating next to Ellie. Ellie is in tears as Devon holds and comforts her. She is also crying from the beginning. Her makeup was in ruins. Sarah could see Chuck's best friend Morgan plus all Buy More crew was here. She saw Lou and a few more. She notice Stephen seated in the back. Next to him was Casey. She swore she saw even a few tears shed from Casey. Sarah wondered who these people are and how Chuck knew them. Everyone was in mourning. Some of already were in tears.

"We are gathered here" the priest recites "to honor the fallen hero of Charles Irving Bartowski."

Ellie and Sarah really to lost it on hearing those words being spoken by the officiate. Ellie was wearing a dark blouse with black skirt. Her hair is also loose. Sarah and Ellie took each other's hand slowly tried to comfort the other.

"He was always a kind man" the priest continues "He was one of the most selfless people in this world. He cared about his family and friends so very much. He will forever stay in our minds but importantly he will always be in our hearts."

His casket is made of wooden and closed. Because of his body was burn and some of the pieces were lost. The giant casket was in the middle of the raised platform. It was long and built of dark wood. Flowers surrounded the casket and his photo was placed in front of the casket. He was looked so young and really happy. He was smiling. The picture captured one of those shining smiles he reserved for those he loved. His eyes also looked so beautiful. You could get lost in them if you look long enough. The tombstone was placed a little far from the casket. She read it.

Here lies one of the kindest persons in the world who lived.

He was a nerd with giant heart.

His family and friends were always priority for him.

He will always be remembered as the most caring loveable person you ever know.

He will always be in our hearts.

Charles Irving Bartowski

Amazing Son, Perfect Brother, Caring Friend, Unique Lover

September 18, 1981 - March 2, 2010

Sarah came near the casket trace her finger over his photo. She began to silently talk while she also cried.

"I am so sorry Chuck for all of this. I wish I did something different from the beginning. I wish I told you my feelings. I am sorry for saying my real name to Shaw. I don't know why I said that to him. I don't have feelings for him. It was so stupid. You deserved more than anything to know that and much more. I wish I let you know my past and more. I have so much to tell you. Now you are gone but I know that you can hear me. I hope you will forgive me Chuck. I am not going to forgive myself for hurting you this much. Know this Chuck I love you from the beginning I fell for you long time ago after you fixed my phone and before you started defusing bombs with computer viruses. I will always love you. You are my love of life but you also my best friend, my life line when you died I also died too. My heart is belong to you and always remain the same. Nothing will ever change that. Now without you I am nothing but a cold hearted spy. I miss you so much Chuck. I miss everything about you; your smile, your laugh, your eyes … everything. I love you so much Chuck and I always will." Sarah whispered to the casket then rose.

She slowly kissed his picture then ran from the funeral. She couldn't stay there any longer. She wasn't that strong. She ran to her Porsche and drove away still with tears streaming down her face. She had to get away from there.

The Beach

Sarah came here after she ran away the funeral. She still can't believe Chuck is gone. She sat and cried. She began to think when they first met. When she first saw him she thought "piece of cake." However her walk toward him showed he didn't at first see her.

"Vicky Vale, Vi- Vicky Vale, Vickity, Vickity, Vicky Vale, Vi- Vicky Va …" He chanted

She thought he was cute. Then they began to talk. He was so adorable when he was nervous and rambled. He was also very funny in how he explained Morgan and his name. Sarah slightly smiled at this memory. Then their talk was interrupted by a flustered Father who couldn't find his daughter's recital video in the camera. He was so nervous about it. Chuck quickly located the problem then explained there was no tape and it was necessary to make any recording. Upon hearing this, the little girl and her Father were devastated. Chuck being Chuck found a way to help her. If it was someone other than Chuck, he would have apologized then return to his previous discussion with her. He was not someone else. He was Chuck. She soon learned that difference. He was so selfless he said excuse me to her then left to help the little girl.

Never before had anyone left her like that. Sarah turned her attention to little girl and Chuck. The girl was upset about something. Chuck asked and girl replied. Then Chuck said something and girl once again smiled. Sarah was so overwhelmed. It was so beautiful she had never before saw something like that. She began to feel something toward him after what she saw. During their first date she was always had to remind herself that this was not a real date. It was her mission. But she couldn't help it. There was no way Chuck was a bad guy and she saw that. When she said that she like him she really meant it. Then she remembered all of their missions. He was always come and save them mostly without the help from Intersect. He was so brave. She was angry at him after missions because she didn't want to lose him. She was also grateful because someone cared about her to risk it.

She knew that he had feelings for her after a little while she couldn't do something about it. She couldn't compromise herself. Though, when he tried to let go she became so jealous. Most importantly he was there for her when she needed him. He was her best friend. He never pushed her too far in wanting her to say something about her past. Even when she gave him a chance to learn he refused. He didn't want it to be a prize. He just wanted to learn something real about her. He wanted to her feel safe enough to confide in him. No one ever cared enough to learn something about her. Chuck was different. He always knew what she wanted and needed. He cherished everything he learned about her. Never once did he use it to his advantage. Then she remembered Prague. She was so heartbroken after that. She just wanted to be with him. She risked her everything to be with him. He didn't come with her. She was so broken. She felt so alone and betrayed. Then she saw the record about him in vault. She began to forgive him.

She began to understand why he did that. She understood that she did critical error when she wanted to run with him. He can't run it is not his blood. He can't leave Ellie and his friends like that. He can't leave all of this behind when he can save lives. He was always so selfless. He never did something for himself he always thought of others first. Then she remembered the day before he died. She did one of her biggest mistake. She said her real name to someone not deserving to know. The worse happened too. The one deserving this also heard it too. He was hurt because of it since, his letter was proof of it. He was heartbroken, hurt and felt betrayed. He said that he couldn't forgive her after that.

Now he is gone. He died before he would forgive her. Then she remembered the PS. He wanted for her to give bracelet back to Ellie. She looked at the bracelet then remembered the day when he gave it to her. She was so happy. Never before had someone gave her something this beautiful and meaningful. Now she would return it to Ellie as it was his wish. This was not hers anymore. It is hurt but she would honor his last wish. She missed him so much. Never once did she say to him that she loved him. He never learnt how much he meant to her. They never chance to be together because of their stubbornness. She would give everything to be with him. Now it was too late. She sat a little longer then returned to Casa Bartowski.

On the drive back Sarah mused on many things. She was glad that Ellie began to forgive her. Sarah certainly didn't want to lose her too. When Ellie said that she see Sarah as Sister she was really happy because she saw Ellie as her Sister too. Sarah never had stable family life. Now she has a Sister who loves her without knowing anything about her. Sarah knows that with Bartowskis your past meant nothing. To them the most important thing was who you are now. She talked with Beckman and told her what happened. The General gave her time off and to contact her when she was ready. The General kind of doubted Sarah would return. After talking to the General, Sarah made a promise to her Sister to stay for at least two weeks. She was going to keep her promise. Sarah knew that Ellie would really need her as she needed her too.

Casa Bartowski

By the time she had arrived to home Ellie and Devon were sitting on the couch and hugging each other. She didn't want to interrupt. She knew this was hard on Ellie too. She had just lost her Brother. Their relationship was always so strong because they had no one when they grew up. They depended on each other for everything. Sarah was always envious over their relationship. So she just climbed through the Morgan door to enter. She did not want to disturb the grieving couple. Before coming here she had grabbed her clothes at her hotel room. She changed out of the funeral clothes but she didn't wear her clothes. Instead she chose to wear Chuck's T-shirt and boxer. She kept the bracelet on her wrist. This was her last chance to wear it. She wanted to wear it as long as she could. When she wore this bracelet she felt closer to Chuck. She was exhausted so she lied down then fell right asleep.

When she awoke she came out to the living room. Ellie was alone while drinking her wine and sitting on the couch. She was reading magazine. Sarah sat next to her.

"Hey Ellie" she said morosely.

Ellie stopped reading magazine and turned to look at her.

"Hi Sarah, When did you get in?" Ellie said. "I did not hear you come in."

"I saw you and Devon being busy I did not want to disturb you. So I came in through the Morgan Door." Sarah said with her head down.

Ellie reached over and hugged her Sister.

"Where did you go after the ceremony? I looked for you." Ellie asked while rubbing Sarah's head.

"Ellie I'm so sorry but I had to get away. It was too much. I went to Chuck's stretch of beach." Sarah said.

"You poor thing…Chuck always told me that was his thinking beach." Ellie said. "So have you slept? You look like it but I cannot be sure."

Sarah broke the hug and began toying with the bracelet on her wrist.

"Yeah Ellie I slept a little but not that great. Though, it was not too bad either." She said sincerely.

Ellie noticed that Sarah was fidgeting but held off commenting on it.

"Would you like something, perhaps Wine?" Ellie asked being a good hostess.

"Wine would be fine thanks" Sarah replied.

Ellie went to kitchen and come back with a glass of wine.

"Thanks" she said while she took drink a sip.

"No trouble" said Ellie sincerely.

Sarah took a deep breath and spoke causing Ellie to look at her.

"Ellie I have something of yours I need to give back." Sarah said fidgeting once again.

"What is it Sarah?" asked Ellie.

Ellie already knew what it was. She was trying to help Sarah by giving her a nudge.

She slowly took off the bracelet then tried to hand it to her. Ellie put her hand up and placed the bracelet back on her wrist. Sarah looked at her action quizzically.

"Sarah you will keep this. I know that Chuck gave that to you because you are the one for him always. So keep it. I don't need it back." said Ellie sincerely.

"Ellie I must not keep it. Ellie, it was his dying wish for me to return it to you. I want to honor his wish. I will not betray him once again." Sarah said bursting into tears.

"Okay Sarah you have returned it and I placed it on your wrist. You fulfilled your duty. You should know he still loves you so much." said Ellie.

"Ellie Thanks, Yes I know he did" Sarah said looking at the older woman.

She exited the room then went to their bedroom once again.

Sarah did not exit the room for a full four days only to go to the bathroom and eat something.

5 Days After Chuck's Funeral

Devon, Ellie and Sarah making breakfast heard the front door bell ring. Ellie opened the door. There is a young man with black suit and suitcase.

"Are you Eleanor Faye Bartowski" the man said seriously.

"Yes. Who are you?" asked Ellie.

"Please let me introduce myself. I am David Richard. I am your Brother's lawyer. We need to talk" the man said furtively.

"Please do come in. This is Devon my husband and my Sister Sarah." Ellie said as she introduced everyone. "Everyone this is Chuck's lawyer. So let's sit in the living room."

They sat down then Ellie again spoke.

"So what do you need Mr. Richards?" Ellie asked.

"I should leave you alone" Sarah stated beginning to rise.

"No, please Miss you also need to stay this concerns you too." said lawyer.

"Oh in that case I will stay" Sarah said as she sat down again.

"What is going on Mr. Richard?" Ellie asked.

"Before I began there are a few more people who need to attend." He cryptically said.

"Who are those we waiting to arrive?" Ellie inquired.

"We are waiting on Morgan Grimes and John Casey. I called Mr. Grimes and Mr. Casey earlier. They should be here a few minutes. Please bear the wait." He said.

A few minutes later Morgan and Casey also appeared. They all sat down on the couch.

"Good everyone is here. I can now begin. Mr. Bartowski a year ago hired me as his lawyer. He gave me his will if something happened to him. I also kept track on his bank accounts. Now I'm instructed to read you his will. He gave me this DVD that we should watch first" He instructed.

He placed DVD into player then Chuck's face appeared on the screen. He was appeared so young, happy and full of life. He was smiling. This video had to be before he went to the training Sarah thought.

"Hi everybody I am Chuck, obviously. If you guys seeing this then it means that something unfortunate has happened to me. I am no longer with you. I'm so sorry for the pain I caused you. I hope all of you will move on with your lives. Please enjoy your lives because you deserve it. So... this is my will." The person on the screen said.

Chuck took a deep breath then began.

"First of all Ellie I love you so much. Please, don't you ever forget it. When our parents left us you were all I had. You practically raised me. You always were there for me in good times, bad times, and every time. You always believed in me and I am thankful for that. Even when I was accused of the cheating at Stanford, you always believed me. You had no second thoughts when I appeared. You open your home to me. I stayed there all of these years. You never once said anything. You always accepted and welcomed me." Chuck said then continued.

"When I was really bad stage after Stanford you didn't abandon me. You always believed I could do so much in this life. I hope I did what I could to make you proud. Thank you for all of this Ellie. I hope you and Devon have great live and make many babies. I know they will be awesome just like their parents." Chuck laughed at that. "Please enjoy your lives so much. I will be watching you from here. Now let's get down to business. Ellie, I have some money in bank. I saved all of my money from Buy More in that account. There is 3 million dollars in the account. 2 million is yours to do whatever you want. You can pay Devon and yours students loan then buy that house you always wanted. My lawyer will take care of the bank account issues immediately. So you just relax and be happy. Ellie I love you. Please don't get hung up over me and move on with your life with Devon. Goodbye Sister don't forget I will be watching you" Chuck said with tears in his eyes as he recorded this.

Casey noted that he could see tears both Ellie and Chuck's eyes along with his partner Sarah. Both Sarah and Ellie could see Chuck and hear his voice. This recording affected them deeply. They weren't ready for any this. Then Chuck continued.

"Devon ... Awesome I want you continue to be AWESOME. When we first met I was still going high school and I was intimidated by you. You looked and still look really great. You look like one of those Abercrombie and Fitch models. Anyways after a little while I began to know you and learnt that you also have really great personality. So I was afraid that my Sister had abandoned me for you. I need not have worried. You were so great that you never came between us. You were like my big Brother. You were also one of my most ardent supporters. You always believed I could do great things. You were one of rare people who believed in me after Stanford. You just like Ellie never once said anything about me staying your place. So I am really happy that Ellie has someone like you. You really are Awesome, Thank you Devon." Chuck said then wiping a tear he continued.

"Really I am so thankful you for all of you did for me and Ellie when we were in a bad situation. I want you to be there for her when she needs it. I want you and Ellie have great lives and make awesome babies. Also I want you protect my sister Devon from everything. I know you can do this I believe you Devon. You are awesome. I love you like as big Brother. I will also watching your back." Chuck said.

"I know you will be Little Bro I love you too" Devon said trying hard to not shed any tears.

Chuck momentarily paused then continued.

"Morgan, I love you little buddy. You were like my Brother. We were friend like forever." Chuck laughed. "We were best friend, Forever little buddy. You were there for me whenever I had bad times. You always had my back…Thank you Morgan for being you…being my best friend. We played video games then watch movies all the time. I am really thankful that I had a friend just like you. Thank you Morgan for everything, so I leave to you: 1 million from my account. Also my lawyer take care of it don't worry. But Morgan I want you to do one thing I want you to leave to Buy More and improve yourself. I know that you can do far more then that place buddy. Promise me buddy you are going use that money for your education and improvement in your life. I want you to have a great life Morgan so promise me. I also give my all games, comics and graphic novels to you. You also get my game chair and game consoles. I love you little buddy. Please have a great life Morgan and don't forget to be happy. I will be watching you too Morgan."

"I promise you buddy" Morgan said with tears.

Chuck continued.

"Casey I have to thank you for all of you did for me .You always watched my back and protected me. I am really thankful for it. I know that when we first met I was pain in your ass and constantly caused trouble for both you and Sarah. You never gave up on me so I really am grateful to have you as a friend. So firstly, I am sorry for your car. I manage to get you another CROWN VICTORIA with many more options the last one. My lawyer will take care of everything. So you have nothing to worry. I know that we don't share the same interests. I also have for you something else. I bought you 2 box Costa Gravan cigars and 10 bottles of Johnny Walker Black. So I hope you like my gifts. I have one wish though, stay safe and protect my family. Thank you John for your protection it is now my turn. I will be watching your back now. You can count on me." Chuck said.

"Here are your keys for car Mr. Casey. I will also send you to manual for car and the other things tomorrow" said David as he set them down in front of him.

Casey looked at the keys then nodded.

There was only one name left, Sarah Walker. Sarah felt like she would once again faint. When Chuck began to speaking Sarah could feel like he was looking directly into her eyes.

"Sarah ... I love you Sarah with all my heart, soul and body. I know it is sound cheesy but it is true. I love you. I hope I would have told you this to your face. I had hoped we would have manage to get past it is complicated stage. It was just cover phase of our relationship. We could finally be together for real. But if we didn't I want you know that I love you Sarah no matter what. I also want to thank you for all you did for me. You and Casey always protected me from danger. I am so really thankful to the both of you. You constantly saved my life, Thank you. After 5 miserable years of darkness you came to me, Sarah. It was like sun and I was born once again. You were my light in this dark, miserable and pathetic life of mine." Chuck said with shining eyes then he continued.

"You are also one of the rare persons who also believe that I could do anything. You did so much for me physically and emotionally, Thank you Sarah. When you ask me to trust you I trust you unconditionally Sarah. I believe that you didn't betray me. I still believe that and trust you Sarah. I want you to do one thing. Please find someone and be happy. I always just want you to be happy. So move on and be happy. But always know that I loved you unconditionally and always will. You always have a family in here so don't forget us Sarah. I want to you to keep in touch with Ellie whenever you want. I know that Ellie see you as Sister. I hope you are comfortable enough to call her Sister too. Please be safe Sarah. Don't forget to be happy because you deserve it. I don't want to see you here anytime soon. I love you Sarah. I want you keep the charm bracelet. That means so much to me. You will always be that girl for me." Chuck said as he paused once more then continued.

"I give you my TRON poster. I know that this a little nerdy for you but this is also special for me. One last thing if I am not dead Ellie probably kill me I give you my baby my black Kawasaki ZX-10R motorcycle. Sorry Ellie but I couldn't give it up for you. Also she has a name. Her name is Stephanie ''Steph '' for short. You know this is from Batman." Chuck and Sarah laugh this then he once again he became serious. "I really didn't want sell her Ellie so I kept her. You know her and I have memories. It was my guilty pleasure so I kept her in Morgan's garage with all her glory. I checked up on her every once in a while. Sarah, I know how much you like speed. Please Sarah be careful." At this moment Chuck s voice always serious but now Chuck has tears with his voice caring and soft "I want you to promise me you are going to be careful with her. If I didn't trust you will take care of her and yourself I wouldn't give you this to you. I trust you. I know that you both will be safe. My girl will be safe in your experienced hands. Sarah I love you so much. Please be safe and happy. Have a great life. And don't forget whenever you need me I will be always watching you too. I love you" Chuck concluded.

Sarah was crying. He was so perfect. She missed him so much. He died before she said she love him. Even before he knew her feelings he did all of this for her.

"I promise Chuck and I will always love you." Sarah softly said through her tears.

"That is it guys. Don't forget I love you all and be there and watching you always. Please be safe and happy, goodbye guys.'' he said while softly crying as screen went blank.

"Mr. Bartowski also wrote it all down in this paper. I don't think I have to repeat it?" said David. "Okay, Miss Walker these are the keys. These are the papers you will need. Everything has been taken care. All you need to do is sign."

He gave Sarah the paper and she signed then looked at the keys.

"Mr. Casey also you have to sign this paper for Crown Victoria. As for cigars and bottles of whiskey they will arrive with a courier tomorrow" He stated as he gave Casey the paper which he signed and received the keys.

"Mr. Grimes and Mrs. Woodcomb for bank account I already have begun the procedure in a few days someone from the bank will come and get you the papers you will need. Once they arrive all you need to do is sign them. Mr. Bartowski said that others don't need my assistance. He said you can do that Mrs. Woodcomb." The lawyer stated.

"Yes that is fine, I will take care of it" Ellie stated.

"Okay for the last time I will repeat what Mr. Bartowski bequeathed to you." said David then he repeated and finished. "I will give you this Mrs. Woodcomb. I have a copy that. Mr. Casey and Miss Walker I will send you to necessary paper tomorrow, Thanks everyone. And I am really sorry for all your losses. Mr. Bartowski was a really nice man." He said as he rose then shook everyone's hands and departed.


"Agent Richard secure" He said into his comm unit.

"Agent I believe you gave them his will?" The voice asked.

"Yes Director we watched the DVD. That was really believable. I will be in country in a week Sir after all necessary papers are finished." He stated.

"Very Good Agent" The voice said then hung up.

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