Chuck vs The Game


One Week Before Chuck Went To CIA Training

Chuck was sitting his bed and reading one of his comics when he got a message from his Dad.

"You and your sister meet with me at 1 o'clock tomorrow at our house."

Next Day

After he got the message he talked his Sister. They decided to go in her car. Today was Ellie's day off so no one thought it was suspicious. They parked her car a little far from house. They didn't want anyone to find their home. Both of them didn't know what to think about this meeting. They had no idea what their Dad would be going to say them. They walked silently when they came to the door. Chuck knocked then their Dad opened the door.

"Hi Dad" Chuck said.

"Hi Charles …" then he looked Ellie and said with a small smile "… Eleanor… Please come in."

"Dad what is going on? Why did you call us? Is something wrong?" Chuck asked nervously he hoped nothing is wrong their plan.

"Nothing is wrong Charles but I have something I need to talk you both. Do you want something?" Stephen asked as they declined the offer then sat on the sofa with their dad sitting on opposite armchair.

"So what do you need to tell us Dad?" Ellie asked.

Stephen took a deep breath then spoke.

"Charles, Eleanor I have to tell you something about our past" He nervously said.

"What about our past Dad? There is more? I thought you told us everything when you first talked to us" Ellie asked.

"Yes Eleanor when I talked with you. I didn't say all of the truth. I didn't think that was the right time to reveal that type of information. So when I talk please don't interrupted me then you can ask your questions at the end ok?" Stephen asked as he first looked at Ellie then Chuck and they both nodded their head.

"Have either of you ever heard the name of James Wilson?" He asked as Ellie and Chuck shook their head.

"He was one of the richest persons in the Australia. He is also your Mother's Father and your Grandfather. He was the head of Wilson Coal. Your Mother and her Father didn't talk for years. His wife – Madeleine Isabel Evans Wilson - died when your mother was 10 years old. So he dedicated himself to his job and to be successful. Your Mother was all alone. She missed her father so she worked hard in her class then went to University of Melbourne. There she studied business and economics. After university she began to work with him. She wanted to have a relationship some sort with him. Her father always only talked business with her and nothing else. So your Mother began to get bored." He said then swallowed a bit of water and continued.

Chuck and Ellie were both intrigued by these new revelations.

"Originally, she wanted to work for government. It was her dream. She went to business school just for her Dad but it never enough. So she applied to the ASIS and got accepted. When she talked about this with her Father he really got very angry and they fought. After that fight her father cut all the ties with her. Though, after you two were born. He began to soften but not too much. You could see that he really did love his Daughter even after all of this time. After she died he got really upset then fell ill. He died three years after your Mother. This heritage he has left to you. You couldn't claim it. We had already moved to the USA. Then we change our names so they didn't find you. Right now all the money is still in the bank and waiting. Since, you didn't claim the money. The money had been increasing for every second being left alone in the bank." Stephen finished.

Saying Ellie and Chuck were both shocked was an understatement of all times. Their mother was rich and so they were too and didn't know it. They had one question burning in their head.

Chuck took a breath and braved to ask.

"How much money do we have Dad" Chuck inquired as Ellie nodded.

"The last time I checked. The total was 10 billion dollars Australian." Stephen stated.

Ellie's and Chuck's jaws hit the floor. Chuck stammered

"…10 billion dollars!" Chuck stammered.

"Yes Charles that is in Australian currency too. It is no wimpy US Federal Reserve Notes either. Also he left to you both your Mother's and his share in company. This is 75% of all the stock. Whenever you want one of you can takeover the company. Right now your Cousin is head of the company along with the rest of the 25% shareholders.'' Stephen revealed.

Ellie and Chuck didn't know what to say about this situation. Both of them thought

"This has to be some kind of joke? They are rich! More importantly they have a family. All these years they never thought they had any relatives. Now they learned that they have a living Cousin. This was huge."

"So Dad what do you need from us?" Ellie asked after she calmed a little .

"Eleanor money is yours and I want you to have it. There is a little problem. The money registered to James and Faye Irving. I talked the situation with my friend in ASIS. We found a solution. Their company lawyer is going to talk with his lawyer on your behalf and take the money. We didn't want to attract attention. You have access to the money after Charles began to work for them." Stephen explained.

"To get access you both now have a bank account. No one knows that it is exist. They have deposited the money there. You'll need to be careful so you should begin to use the money slowly. Not too much at first then after a few years you can use as you want. These first two years means you have to be extremely careful." Stephen warned.

"So basically we behave like we don't know about the money. We continue to live how we have always lived for these past years. In 2 or 3 years we can use the money." Ellie stated.

"Yes that is correct Eleanor. Charles, do you have a question? Is this okay with you right?" Stephen asked as he glanced between the siblings.

"Yes dad, this is okay and more than okay. Why now are you saying this?" Chuck inquired.

Charles, Eleanor, I need to disappear once again. After all this the US government and other organizations are still going after me. This is because of my connections with Intersect. So I want you to know everything about your family and actually there is more." Stephen explained.

"What now you are going to say Dad? That your father was an astronaut?" Chuck joked.

"No Charles, he wasn't astronaut. Though, my side of your family is also rich too. My father and mother both died at car accident after we come to USA for holiday when I was little. My aunt looked after me when I was younger. When I was 25 I got my inheritance. I had already started working for the US government with Intersect project. They recruited me when I was going to the university. I got my degree and continue to work for them because Intersect was my baby and I couldn't leave it. During spy training I learnt something had happened and I had to disappear. So when I got the money I deposit the money in different countries under many different names. All these years I used that money to be on the run and I still have much left. After I die all of this inheritance will also be yours." Stephen said.

"So who were your parents? What did they do Dad?" Chuck asked.

Charles, Our family's origin is Scottish. We lived in Scotland. I didn't like Scotland that much so I stayed here with my Aunt. Anyway my family owned the Irving Group. It is engineering company in Scotland. It also has branches other countries. My Father was Hugh Brian Irving and my Mother was Linda Ann Ross Irving. They were the biggest shareholder in company. The other shareholder is his Brother. Since I disappeared my Uncle is the head of the company until I or one of you decided the head the company." Stephen said taking another swig of water then continued.

"Charles, I know that you want to be a spy but I want you to have the company before you go to training. You have degree and you can do this. All you have to do is contact one of the company lawyers after that I don't think there will be a problem. I want you to have a stable life. After all this it can be your escape. I don't want you to lose yourself in this job. When you go on your two months leave I want you to go to Scotland. Set your own team in the company. That is all I want after that you can do whatever you want. I will support you both everything in anything you decide." Stephen explained.

Ellie and Chuck were shocked. Their parents had been rich all this time and they never knew about it until now. This also explained how they could live without their parents. After their father left there was more than enough money for them to live.

"So after you left the money in the bank was your money?" Ellie asked.

"Yes Eleanor that was mine. Like I said, I have money a lot place and San Diego was one of them. I left all the money in the bank for you two. I hope that was enough. At the time I couldn't do something else about it because I was running from CIA. If I tried something they could be caught me. So I left what was in there before I escaped. I transferred the account into your name Eleanor. So you could get the money for you and Charles and not let the US government confiscate it." Stephen replied.

"All this time while you were escaping you were using those different accounts right Dad?" Chuck asked.

"That's right Charles. That is probably why they couldn't find me. They couldn't trace the accounts because they were under different names." Stephen said.

"Okay now that we learn that we are rich and have relatives. Was that the only reason you call us here Dad? Do you have more to say? I don't know how much more I can take after all you have said." Ellie said desperately.

"This is crazy really crazy. My parents are rich and we have living relatives."

"You are right Ellie there is more but nothing bad and it is not about our past just the opposite it is about our future particularly yours and Devon's. After Charles go to his training, you and Devon will get an invitation to work at some successful hospital in Britain. You guys need to accept it then move there." Stephen said.

"What…Dad… We have a life here. We can't just go to England on a whim." Ellie stated.

"Ellie it was my idea. I don't want you guys to stay in US after I leave because I know CIA and NSA. They will go after you because of you are my Sister. They will want you to work for them. They will not accept to simple 'no' for an answer. They will pressure you. I don't want anything happening to you guys. Please Ellie accept the offer and go be happy." Chuck interrupted before Stephen said something.

"They can't do anything to me or Devon .This is crazy we are citizens for God sake" Ellie shouted.

"Ellie believe me they can and will. That is not all who will be hunting you. There are other organizations who want the Intersect so they can hurt you. So please Ellie be reasonable and accept the offer." He pleaded.

Chuck tried desperately but also seriously to convince her of the danger he was leaving her to face. He didn't want anything happen his Sister. She also saw her Dad sadly nodding his head. Ellie didn't know what to say. This was huge and life changing. She had lived all her life in USA. She was not alone she has to think of Devon. What happened if he refused? Little did she know he always loved to try to do something new. He probably was going to love this. She couldn't answer this without talking to him. She would talk to him at her first opportunity. She could also see the seriousness of the situation. Maybe this will not so bad after all.

"I can't answer this right away I have to talk this to Devon. I am positive on this needing to happen but still need to talk this over with Devon" Ellie said.

"Of course Sis you should. But please tell him all I said and seriousness the situation. I know he will accept because he also doesn't want anything happen you." Chuck said.

He was relieved because he knew that Devon loved his Sister so much to not let anything bad happen to her.

"This is going to great Eleanor please believe me. I also have to say something to you two. I want to remove that program I upload your brains after your Mother's death. I don't want anything happen you guys. I don't want the program cause you any side effects because it stayed in your brains a little too long. After Chuck removes the Intersect I want to remove that too." Stephen said.

"Okay Dad" Ellie and Chuck replied simultaneously.

"One more thing in about 10 minutes an agent from ASIS will appear and record Charles' will. After we fake his death he is going to come to you" he looked at Ellie while he said this. "He will pretend to be Charles' lawyer. He will bring to you his will. This will look real and most important part is you have to be really convincing Ellie. You will pretend your Brother is really dead. You have to show you are devastated. We already have told you about the plan. How we are going to fake his death and police officers. So this in the last part, Ellie you will have to really sell it." Stephen stated.

Ellie just nodded. She already knew the plan. There was no need to repeat it.

"The last part doesn't look so bad either" she thought.

Ten minutes later the door knocked and Stephen answered the door .

"Red roses look really beautiful." Stephen said.

"But lilies always smell good." The Agent replied.

Stephen opened the door and let the agent enter. They went to where Ellie and Chuck were sitting.

"I am Stephen Bartowski this is my son Charles Bartowski and my daughter Eleanor Woodcomb." he introduced.

"I am agent David Richard. You probably know why I am here. So shall we begin?" the Agent replied then they begin to worked on the plan.

Present Time After Chuck's Will

After they watched Chuck on screen Sarah once again got emotional. She missed him so much. So she went to their bedroom and slowly cried on their bed. After awhile she glanced at the TRON poster he left to her. She didn't understand why he left it to her. She would be damned if something happened to the poster. She knew how he loved this poster. How valuable it was to him. She slowly walked over to the poster. She traced her fingers on the poster then she heard a click from somewhere. The poster slid to the left and there was safe that was hidden behind the poster. Sarah was shocked. When he did this? There was a screen on the front asking for the password. What could it possibly be? She first thought of his birth date. She soon cancelled that thought. It was too easy. Chuck was so smart so this couldn't be the password though she still tried it. After that she tried Ellie's birth date but that was also not right. Now writing appeared on the screen.

"The day my life change completely"

She began to think when his life change completely. Stanford? Jill? No these are depressing memories. So these can't be it then she remembered the day when they first met and he learned that he was the Intersect. She entered the date and the safe opened.

"Voila" she thought. "Leave it to Chuck to immortalize our first Date."

Inside she found his fake identities and passports. And other spy related things about their missions then she saw something she knew really well, his Spy will. She took it out with trembling hands then sat on the bed. She began to look for the thumbprint to gain assess to inside. She tried her print but it did not open. Frustrated she called Casey.

"Walker what do you want?" The Col sighed.

"Casey have you been drinking?" Sarah carefully asked.

"What if I have Walker it is no concern of yours!" Casey said in a melancholy voice. "He was a darn good partner, Damn that Moron on giving me his lady feelings!"

"Casey, you can wallow later. I need you to come over to Chuck's room I'll let you in through the Morgan Door and come alone. I hear Morgan with you." Sarah said.

"Fine I'll ditch Moron two besides he just passed out on my couch." Casey groused. "I'll be there in 5, Casey out."

Sarah sat with the Spy will container laughing at her. Soon she heard a noise and quietly brought Casey in then closed the door and shuttered the window. She got out her white noise generator which prevented anyone on surveilling them.

So Casey started to speak then observed the silvery container. He moved over to look at it closer.

"So you found his Spy will. So we made him into a real spy after all." Casey said.

"Yeah it is a type I have never seen before. There is no place for a fingerprint." Sarah said being frustrated.

Casey chuckled then spoke.

"Leave it to the Moron to modify even this basic part of a spy's life!" Casey said as he peered over it.

Sarah leaned over to see what Casey was doing. He was lifting it up and twirling it then finally he was frustrated.

"Damn if I know what the triggering mechanism is" Casey said as he blew out his breath and Sarah did the same in frustration.

The silver box spoke.

"Access permitted."

Then the box self opened and there was an envelope nestled inside. It was addressed to Casey and Sarah.

"Wait Casey…We can not do it here it is not secure enough." Sarah said closing the box. "We need to go to Castle."


They sat on opposite sides of the table. After repeating the procedure the box opened then Sarah reached in and opened the letter. She began to read out loud.

Dear Sarah and Casey

If you are reading this that means something happened to me. I want to thank you all you did for me .You both save my ass so many times from bad guys or I would have ended up somewhere in bunker. I am really grateful all you did. You never gave up on me. I know that you guys are super spies and I was some kind of loser who worked in Buy More. You signed up for this job to do something greater or in Casey's case shooting people. I am joking Casey ;)Casey grunted. "Anyway not for babysitting nerd like me but you never once left me to die or become collateral damage so I thank you both. I know that in the beginning I was pain in your ass but after some time we become really great team. I know that I am not super spy but we somehow manage to become one of the best spy team in the world. And I think it is because we care each other." Casey said to himself "lady feelings."

"Yes Casey, lady feelings .I know that you care." Casey once again grunted. "Why do you think I always left the car? It was that I cared about the both of you. I really saw you as my friend Casey. Sarah, I'll love you with all my heart.Sarah could feel her tears on her cheek. "So I left the car to save you guys. I'd always do that even if I am not here anymore. I have a plan. My dad and I set a system if you guys ever get in trouble he can help you guys without raise any suspicions after reading this letter please contact my Father. Orion will upload a program to your phones. It will help to you to contact him if you are in trouble. The program is untraceable and he will give you both a password so no one other than you can contact him. So you don't have to afraid on getting caught. Just do it please. I want both of you out of trouble and don't want to see you here anytime soon. And don't forget you both will always have a family."

"We Bartowskis never leave our family behind and you guys are my family. I also want you both to protect them too. There is no one better then you guys that I can trust. I trusted you with all of me. You guys live long and to be happy. You both deserve the best the world can offer. You both are incredible people. Please be happy and safe this is all I want from you.


Charles Irving Bartowski

Casey and Sarah were just speechless. Chuck had done his magic once again. Sarah was crying. She just missed him so much and it hurt her. Casey didn't know what to do or say. Chuck was really something. He agreed with Chuck maybe they didn't get along with each other in the beginning. After that they really became one of the best spy team in the world. He would have been really one of the best if he had lived. He really was intelligent and unique. He always found some unorthodox way to get the plan together and be successful. And he also saw him as a friend and family. He would really miss this kid.

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