Chuck vs The Game


Glasgow International Airport – Glasgow

After 10 hour exhausting flight the plane arrived at the airport. Everybody slowly exited the plane then gathered to get their luggage. After he got his luggage he began search for his transport then he saw the name JAMES IRVING. Chuck was still not used to this name so he felt awkward when he saw the name. He began to walk toward the man holding the sign.

"Mr. Irving?" He asked. "I am Mr. Scott call me George."

"Yes I am he. So George, are you related to the actor George C Scott?" Chuck responded.

"He was my Uncle, Sir. I am George D. Scott. Mr. Davis sent me to take you to your hotel to get settled. He will ring you later. Also I'm to be your chauffeur during your stay in the city." He said as he took the luggage to stored it in the boot.

"Okay thank you George, let's go." Chuck replied.

George took care of the luggage then opened the door for him and Chuck slid inside. The man got in the driver seat and they left the airport.

Chuck's Hotel Room

He took a shower and began to get dressed when his cell phone rang. He saw the number and knew that it was Mr. Davis.

"Hi Mr. Davis…" Chuck answered.

"Hello Mr. Irving, I hope you had a safe flight. I hope the hotel room is to your approval? Hope you find to your hotel comfortable enough. This hotel is one of the best in the city." Davis said.

"Yes thank you for room and the use of George while I am here. It is a very good room. I don't know this city so George will be very helpful." Chuck said.

"I am really happy that you like my arrangements. I want to meet you tomorrow to discuss business. Would 1 pm at your hotel be alright?" Davis asked.

"That would be fine Mr. Davis. If there is nothing else to discuss I will see you tomorrow." Chuck said in a tired voice.

"Yes of course it can wait until tomorrow. Goodnight Mr. Irving." Davis said.

Next Day Hotel Dining Room at 1 p.m.

Chuck was sitting at one of the table when a man in a black suit approached. He guessed it was Mr. Davis. He stood up to greet the man.

"Mr. Davis? I presume?" Chuck asked politely.

"Yes are you Mr. Irving?" He asked.

"Guilty as charged… Pleased to met you. Mr. Davis." Chuck said as the two men shook hands then sat down.

"Mr. Irving, I am Neil Davis. I am the lawyer of Irving Group. I hope you like your stay here so far?" He asked.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Davis. Yes, I like it very much. Thank you for your help." Chuck said.

"My pleasure Mr. Irving, Mr. Johnson called me then explained your situation. Your secret is safe with me so you needn't have to worry. We all knew that there were other shareholders in this holding group. I have always had at the ready papers for this type of situation. I've brought these papers with me so all you need is to sign these." Davis said.

"Mr. Davis, I appreciate your hard work and please don't take this wrong. I don't trust you. I've arranged to have my own lawyer to join us. He is to look over the papers I am going to sign. He should arrive in about five minutes. Do you want to drink something while we wait?" Chuck said.

"No thank you, I do understand your concern Mr. Irving and respect it." Davis replied.

In Chuck's last meeting with Director he had explained to him to what would happen after he had fake his death. He knew that Director had talked to this man. Chuck knew that Mr. Davis was informed the reason he had changed his name. It was for security purposes. His family had been targeted by some nefarious people but now that threat was destroyed. He could resume using his real name from now forward. Also the Director informed Mr. Davis that Mr. Irving wouldn't trust anyone. Mr. Davis knew this lawyer would also be one of his Agents.

His Father trusted Director Johnson so Chuck would also trust him too. After a little while another man in a black suit approached.

"Mr. Irving?" he asked as Chuck rose and firmly shook his hand then they both were seated on the same side of the table facing Mr. Davis.

However before sitting down this new man extended his hand to Mr. Davis who also shook it strongly.

"Mr. Davis, I am Nathan Taylor and I am Mr. Irving's personal attorney." He said as they shook hands.

"Now that Mr. Taylor here shall we begin?" Chuck asked the seated gentlemen.

"Of course Mr. Irving" Davis said getting out the papers and placing them on the table.

"I will look these over Mr. Irving" Taylor said taking the papers to read as Chuck nodded.

He looked at the papers seeing that it was very complicated he needed time to study them closely.

"I need time to discuss this with Mr. Irving. We should meet again tomorrow at 1 pm." Taylor said.

"Of course Mr. Taylor, I'll see you both tomorrow. Mr. Irving, have a nice day. Davis said rising.

"Mr. Davis, thank you for coming. We will see you tomorrow and have a nice day too." Chuck said as he rose and shook his hand.

After Davis left Taylor turned to Chuck.

"Mr. Irving, I will look all of this and give you my opinion but I need a few hours to study these in detail" Mr. Taylor said as he also rose after placing the papers in his briefcase.

"Of course take your time Mr. Taylor. Thank you for your help while you are working I will take a look around." Chuck said rising then shaking his hand.

''I will see you later Mr. Irving. This is my number I will call you then we can meet later." Taylor said.

"Okay thank you Mr. Taylor, I'll see you later." Chuck said as both men departed.

A Few Hours Later At Chuck's Hotel

After Chuck left he went to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Then he saw the Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre followed by a walk in Pollok Country Park. They were all really beautiful. He really enjoyed it. Chuck realized that he really needed this holiday break. Once he had finished his work here he would really enjoy his vacation. While he was walking his phone rang. It was Mr. Taylor.

"Mr. Irving? Mr. Taylor here, I am ready where do you wish to meet?" He asked.

"Mr. Taylor can you meet me at my hotel in about 15 mins? I am away but I should be to arrive in a fairly quick time." Chuck said.

"That would be fine I am already here in the lobby." Mr. Taylor said.

"That is great I will meet you there in 15mins." Chuck said hanging up the phone then walked to the car.

He gave George directions to return to the hotel. Mr. Taylor saw Chuck's car arrive then Chuck exited. Mr. Taylor was sitting one of the arm chairs in the lounge. Chuck approached him.

"Hi Mr. Taylor, is everything ready? Please follow me to my hotel room." Chuck said keeping security in mind.

Chuck's stint as a spy well acquainted him of the dangers lurking in hotel lobbies. The two men rose then entered the elevators depositing Chuck at his hotel room. Chuck entered the room and swept for bugs as Mr. Taylor was impressed by Chuck's spy craft knowledge. Once the bugs were dealt the two men sat down at the work table next to the sofa. They both sat down as Mr. Taylor got out the papers and spread them in front of Chuck. Chuck looked at the papers as Mr. Taylor spoke.

"Mr. Irving I looked at the papers. They are really good and to your benefit mostly. There however are a few changes I think we should discuss then we would have no problems. After two hours of discussions everything was hashed out and was ready. They had looked at all the papers and discussed them.

Chuck found that Taylor's suggestions were very much to his benefit so he agreed with him. Tomorrow they are going to discuss these changes with Mr. Davis. They thought he would agree to these changes. Chuck had one question.

"Mr. Taylor I want to bring my team in the holding. It is possible right?" Chuck asked.

"Yes Mr. Irving after tomorrow you will own 60 % of the company. Your Father and Sister has given all their share to you. You can distribute your shares in whatever manner you choose. I suggest you also meet with the other shareholder your Father's brother. He has right to know of these changes. I suggest after tomorrow you visit the company and meet with him. I would be happy to accompany you if you wish my advice. I heard that they are really good in business." Mr. Taylor offered then continued as if it was a briefing.

"They are very nice people both he and his wife. Kenneth and Janet Irving they have two children. 1 boy and girl, the girl's name is Gwen Irving. She has a design company and very successful. Her brother is Peyton Irving. He has business degree and currently works with his Father." Taylor added.

"Thank you for all this information I will definitely visit them." Chuck said.

"Is there anything else do you want to ask to me?" Mr. Taylor asked.

"No, I believe we cover everything thank you for your offer to accompany me. Right now I do not think that is necessary. However, if this visit goes badly I might need your advice so please stay close to your phone." Chuck said as he rose to shake the man's hand.

Mr. Taylor stuffed the papers back into his briefcase.

"Then our business is concluded. I will see you tomorrow Mr. Irving" Taylor said as they shook hands and Chuck led him out of the hotel room.

"Thank you Mr. Taylor I'll see you tomorrow."

Next Day

They met with Mr. Davis again. He agreed our changes. Later that day Chuck saw the new papers and with Mr. Taylor's approval he signed the new papers.

"Mr. Irving I wish to congratulate you in joining the Irving Group." Mr. Davis said. "If you need anything at all I am a phone reach away."

Mr. Taylor and Mr. Davis left the meeting leaving Chuck.

"I am officially the one of owner of the company. Wow what a day I never thought one day I will be the owner of the engineering company after Stanford and now I own one of the best. This is really dream come true. I am going meet my real family tomorrow and this is so exciting I hope they like me and finally I can taste what is real family. Ellie is my family but we never knew that we had relatives and this is huge for us. We are always alone but now maybe we don't have to alone anymore." Chuck thought as he sat there looking at his copy of the papers he just had signed.


The building was really huge and has a great design. The walls were white and grey. There was a nice painting of the city. The lounge is also really well designed and huge. He slowly walked over to the desk in the middle of the lounge. There is woman with brown hair sitting in the chair. Getting her attention he introduced himself.

"Hello I am James Irving. I have a meeting with Kenneth Irving." Chuck said very slowly like trying the savor the name on his lips.

"Welcome to Irving Group Mr. Irving. Mr. Kenneth right now in the meeting but it will be finish about five minutes after that I will alert you." The woman said with smile.

"Thank you I will be waiting and your name is? Chuck asked.

"Oh I am so sorry Mr. Irving. I am Ms. Kim Fischer." She said apologizing.

"Oh that is all right Ms. Fischer I will wait for your alert." Chuck said smiling.

After five minutes he heard

"Mr. Irving, Mr. Kenneth is waiting for you on 25th Floor" She said.

"Thank you Ms. Fischer." Chuck said as he rose to take the elevator to the 25th Floor.


When he left the elevator he saw the desk in the middle of the floor. He slowly walked to the desk.

"Hi I am Mr. James Irving here to see Mr. Kenneth Irving" Chuck said.

"Mr. James Irving? Go right in he is expecting you." The secretary said. "He is in the room on the left."

"Thank you Ms…." Chuck said.

"Oh it is Bullgard. Ms. Emily Bullgard." She said.

"Oh Thank You Ms. Bullgard." Chuck said smiling.

Chuck charmed both secretaries who had to call each other after Chuck left.

Chuck was excited to meet his uncle. He took a deep breath then knocked.

"Come in." a voice rang out.

Chuck slowly opened the door. He saw a large room with wooden desk in the middle. There was wet bar on the left wall. The man seated in the middle was in his fifties, blue eyes, brown hair and really tall.

"Mr. Kenneth Irving?" he asked slowly.

"Yes and you must be James. You are the son of my Brother. When I saw you last time you were so little. Please come and sit down." Kenneth said.

"Thank you, Sir…" Chuck replied as he complied with the request then sat in one of the offered chairs.

"So you are my Nephew how are you Son? How are your Sister and Father too? Please tell me it has been so long since anyone knew about you." Kenneth asked.

"We all good Sir Thank you for asking. My Sister is now doctor. She is one of the best in her field. She also married really great man who is also doctor. I have a degree in electrical and computer engineering. My Father is busy inventing all sorts of new things." Chuck replied.

''First please stop calling me Sir. Though, it shows good manners we are family. Please call me Kenneth. We are now partners James. Mr. Davis informed me about your story. I am so sorry over your travails. I wish my Brother had talked to me. I am not surprised he didn't though. He had always had that independent streak." Kenneth said.

"Yes he still has it. The problem that kept me away has now been solved. I am here to work with you. I hope I will manage to be successful." Chuck said.

"You look much like your father. He also was shy about his skills. Your Mother managed to bring out the best in him. I am sorry for your Mother, James." He said with a bit of sadness.

"Thank you Kenneth. I will do my best to be successful and not disappoint you. This company is really the best in business so I will try to my best." Chuck replied.

"I believe you James. I'm looking forward to work with you. You should come meet the rest of the family. We would want to meet your Sister and her Husband too as soon as it is convenient." Kenneth said.

"I would like to meet them too. Once I heard about them I have been looking forward to seeing them." He stood up then shook hands.

"Thank you for your time. This is my phone number. I will see you later. Call me when it is appropriate to visit, Kenneth. I will only be in town for a very short time." Chuck said.

"I will call you shortly with the arrangements. It is my pleasure welcome to the family James." Kenneth said warmly hugging his Nephew.

Chuck had a very good feeling about His Father's Brother.

Glasgow Scotland

Mr. Irving called Mr. Taylor.

"Hi Mr. Taylor, You said I should Call if I needed something?" Chuck asked.

"Of course Mr. Irving I am at your disposal. What can I do for you?" Mr. Taylor asked.

"I want you to go to London and offer Brent Parker a job with the Irving Group. I went to college at Stanford with him. Brent was exchange student for a year in US. We stayed in the same fraternity. We were very close and we were both very good with computers. After a while we began to work closely together. We were called back then the 'Einstein's of Hack.' I will send you a pic of Brent Parker to recognize him. He has brown hair and green eyes. He really is very handsome also he has a British accent. I want you to meet him at popular place called London Eye." Chuck said.

"Very Good Mr. Irving I will head to London immediately." Mr. Taylor said.

"Thank you for your help. I will need you to call me when that is done. I might have another person you need to meet." Chuck said as he hung up the phone.

Mr. Taylor was on the first flight to London.


Mr. Taylor approached the man whose pic he had.

"Mr. Parker, I am Nathan Taylor. I work for Mr. Irving. We talked yesterday about job offer?" Mr. Taylor said holding out his hand.

Brent Parker grabbed his hand then they sat down.

"Yes I remember your call. Mr. Taylor so how can I help you?" Brent asked intrigued by the man with the Australian accent.

"Mr. Parker, Mr. Irving was impressed with your work. He wants to you to work for Irving Group. I believe you have heard of Irving Group is that correct?" Mr. Taylor asked.

"Yes I have heard of the Irving Group. It is one of the best in the engineering business but I don't understand why all of a sudden this interest me to work for you?" Brent asked.

"First I should say I am really sorry for your loss. He was really great man." Mr. Taylor commented.

"Who are you talking about Mr. Taylor?" Brent asked.

''Charles Bartowski died last week. I know that you were in the same fraternity with him. Before he died Mr. Irving had a job offer for him and he accepted. He was asked if he knew anyone who would work with Irving Group. He recommended you. I am here to offer you job in behalf Irving Group." Mr. Taylor informed.

"Chuck Bartowski is dead. How did it happen?" Brent asked alarmed.

"I heard that he was in car accident. So what do you think about our offer? Mr. Bartowski was very confident about your skills." Mr. Taylor said.

"Yes I will accept your offer. I will do it for Chuck. He was one of my best mates." Brent said sadly.

"After you sign these papers you will officially be an employee of the Irving Group." Mr. Taylor said as he handed over the papers to be signed.

"Wait a minute does this mean I need to go to Scotland?" Brent asked.

"Not right away. Your location at London can be just fine since we have a satellite office here. Mr. Irving would not want to disrupt your living arrangements. Besides most of your work will be done by computer so that can happen virtually anywhere." Mr. Taylor reassured.

Brent chuckled as he signed the papers and handed them back.

"Thank you for your acceptance Mr. Parker. Mr. Irving is setting up a new team. He wants to know if you have anyone you knew who would like to work with us?" Mr. Taylor inquired.

Brent thought for a moment.

"I have a friend. His name is Ian Sawyer. He has a degree in mechanical engineering from Cambridge University. He is really good at what he does. Maybe he might be a person you should talk to about working for you." Brent said.

"Mr. Parker, would you trust him to do his job because if something happen you will be also responsible? He would be under your team leadership." Mr. Taylor advised.

"I certainly understand your position Mr. Taylor. I do trust him." Brent said.

"That is fine Mr. Parker. Please make arrangement with him to meet with us in two hours." Mr. Taylor informed.

Brent immediately called his friend.

Two hours later

A man came toward the two of them who was tall. Just like Mr. Parker he had brown hair but his eyes were blue.

"Hi Parker, what is going on mate? You said it was urgent so I came as fast as I could." Ian asked.

"Hi Ian, please sit down. This is Mr. Taylor. He and I have a job offer for you. I want you to listen to him." Parker said.

"Hello Mr. Sawyer, I am Nathan Taylor and I work for Irving Group. We are setting up a new team. We want you to work with us." Mr. Taylor said as he then explained the details.

"Wow I don't know what to say." Ian said being flabbergasted by such a lucrative offer.

"Mr. Sawyer I suggest you say yes. This offer is fairly limited." Mr. Taylor said.

"Of course Mr. Taylor, I certainly want to work with you. The Irving Group is best in the business. Thank you for the opportunity Mr. Taylor." Ian said as he found the same set of papers to be signed.

He signed the papers then gave them back.

"So when should we go to Glasgow?" Ian asked.

"You are not required to move just yet. You will be informed when you need to move. Right now you can both work out of our London satellite office. However, you are both going to be telecommuting employees. Your HR will be handled here in London for the time being. If a need arises you will be informed when to be relocating. Again I wish to welcome both of you to the London Office of the Irving Group. You will be contacted shortly by Mr. Irving via email explaining your job requirement." Mr. Taylor said as he rose then exited.

Before he exited he turned to face Mr. Parker.

"Again I am really sorry for your loss Mr. Parker." Nathan said as he exited.

"Thank you, Mr. Taylor." They both said as they turned to go celebrate.

Once Mr. Taylor finished he called Mr. Irving.

"Hello Nathan?" Chuck asked.

"Mr. Irving you have two new employees." Mr. Taylor said.

"Two New…? So Brent brought someone else? Who was it?" Chuck asked.

"Mr. Parker advised me to hire a Ian Sawyer. He told me he is a Mechanical Engineer and the best at what he does. Did I do something wrong?" Mr. Taylor asked.

Chuck looked him up on the databases from the wrist computer. Chuck smiled as he sent the messages containing the encryption code.

"No Nathan You did well…Very well indeed. Keep me informed. I now have another place for you to go." Chuck said as he gave him the details.

Nathan closed the phone sighed then headed back to the airport to catch his flight to Paris. Mr. Taylor was now going to Paris for Hannah Palely.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Mr. Irving had explained to his relationship with Hannah Palely. She was his ex. They were together for three months but then parted ways friendly. She graduated from Paris Tech with degree of computer engineering. Paris Tech is one of the best in country so she is intelligent. Chuck did same as he did with Brent and sent him a pic. Hannah Palely had brown hair and green eyes. She really was beautiful. He was to meet her at Café de Paris.

Café de Paris

When Nathan saw her he knew Chuck was not kidding. She was a stunner. He slowly walked toward her. She was sitting to corner of the café.

"Ms. Palely, I am Nathan Taylor. I am work for Mr. Irving. We talked yesterday about job offer." Nathan said as he sat down.

"Yes I remember you Mr. Taylor so how can I help you?" She asked.

"Ms. Palely, Mr. Irving wants you to work for Irving Group. I think you heard of the Irving Group. Am I correct?" Nathan asked.

"Yes Mr. Taylor I've heard Irving Group. It is one of the best in the engineering business but I don't understand how did you hear of me?" She asked being flattered first then perplexed.

"First I should say I am really sorry for your loss. He really was really great man. As how we got your name was from the late Charles Bartowski. He recommended you." Nathan said.

"What are you talking about Mr. Taylor? What do you mean late Charles Bartowski?" Hannah asked a bit alarmed.

"Oh forgive me…I thought you knew. Charles Bartowski died last week in a car accident. I know that you were close to him and he was your friend. Before he died Mr. Irving had a job offer for him. He accepted to create a new team. I am here to offer you job in the Irving Group."

"Chuck Bartowski is dead?" Hannah's eyes began to moisten.

"I am afraid that is true. So what do you think about our offer? Mr. Bartowski was very confident in your skills. He also said he trusted you." Mr. Taylor said as he explained the details of the position.

I don't know what to say. Chuck was really great man and true friend. Even after he died he is still helping me. This is really sad to hear this news. I will accept your offer for Chuck. He was the best but now he is gone." Hannah said sadly as she slowly started to shed her tears.

"Ms. Palely I know this is hard for you. Mr. Irving has set up this new team and he asked me to inquire if you knew anyone who would be willing to work for us. It needs to be someone you trust to never let us down. This has to be arranged before I return. Do you have anyone in mind?" Mr. Taylor asked.

"Yes I know a few people who I trust. We all met at Paris Tech. I have to say they are really good what they do and I trust them. Allyson Bellamy was my roommate. She studied computer engineering. She is currently works for AI Tech in Paris. Austin David he is another good friend. He also studied electrical engineering. He is working for BRS Group. Lance Grant another friend. He studied mechanical engineering and work for Tech Group. Felicia Macy, she also one of my best friends studied electrical engineering. She is working for Lille Group in Lille." Hannah said.

"I should say this they seem to be good but if something happens you will also be responsible for them. So would you really trust them for this position?" Mr. Taylor asked.

"Thank you for the warning Mr. Taylor but I trust them with my life." Hannah solemnly said.

"That is fine Ms. Palely. Would you please call them to arrange a meeting with us tomorrow here at 1 pm?" Mr. Taylor asked.

"Okay I can do that. Thank you for this Mr. Taylor." Hannah said as she rose then shook his hand.

"You should be thanking the late Mr. Bartowski Ms. Palely. Again I am sorry for you loss. I will see you tomorrow." Nathan said

"I will see you tomorrow Mr. Taylor." Hannah said.

Mr. Taylor exited then called Chuck who was anxiously awaiting his call.

"Hello Nathan what do you have to report?" Chuck asked with some trepidation.

"Mr. Irving I am happy to report that Ms. Palely will be joining us in the Irving Group. She had also listed some other we should consider." Nathan said.

Chuck jumped in the air.

"Yes…!" Chuck declared as he pulled his fist inward.

Nathan informed him of Ms. Palely's choices which Chuck vetted and gave the OK. After the conversation he hung up and his plans were coming together nicely.

1 pm Café de Paris

Mr. Taylor and Hannah were sitting in the corner of the café waiting for Hannah's friends to arrive. They were drinking their coffee.

After awhile two women entered then began to look for someone then they spotted Hannah. They both approached as Mr. Taylor rose to greet them.

"Allyson, Felicia, hi…How are you? I am so glad you came. This is Mr. Taylor the person I told you about." Hannah stated.

"I am doing good Hannah. I am pleased to meet you Mr. Taylor." Allyson said while smiling at him.

"I am great Hannah. I flew in last night. You said it was an emergency. So what is going on?" Felicia asked. "Is this about Chuck again? Oh I am pleased to meet you Mr. Taylor but this one was short on details? So you represent the Irving Group?"

Both women shook his hand and sat down to order a coffee.

"Yes I do represent the Irving Group but I believe we should wait for the others before giving anymore details." Mr. Taylor replied.

After he said that Hannah saw the other men arrive. So she called them over.

''Austin, Lance we are over here." Hannah said as the men smiled then moved to sit with them.

Mr. Taylor again rose to greet the newcomers.

"Hi guys how are you?" Hannah asked. "This is Mr. Taylor he is the reason I called you."

"Good Hannah how are you doing?" Lance asked. "I am pleased to meet you Mr. Taylor."

Both Austin and Lance shook Nathan's hand then sat down as Hannah answered.

"I am not so good I just heard some disturbing news but that can wait Lance. I think I will be happier after this meeting. How are you doing Austin?" Hannah replied.

"I'm doing great. I've hadn't heard from you in what two weeks? I miss you girl." Austin said.

"I am a bit sad again that can wait. I have been too busy Austin with the job and everything." Hannah said.

"Say no more. So what are we all doing here? You said on the phone you have offer for a job so talk lady? Austin asked.

Nathan cleared his throat so all looked at him.

''I am Nathan Taylor I work for Irving Group. I want to extend an offer to each of you to come work for the Irving Group. Hannah has recommended that I speak to you." Nathan said.

All four of them were shocked. Irving Group is big deal and this will be huge for their careers. Allyson recovered first.

"Wow Hannah thank you…How can I help you Mr. Taylor?" Allyson asked.

''I want to thank everyone for coming. I know that this is a little sudden but I need to get together a team fast for Mr. Irving. Ms. Palely suggest you so I decided see myself if we can work together." Mr. Taylor said as he explained them his plans for company and their role in company.

After the presentation all four looked at each other. They all knew that their answers would be affirmative.

"Thank you for your offer Mr. Taylor. Your company is really successful. I speak for all of us. We will be happy to be on your team. So you can count us in." Allyson replied as everyone else nodded.

"Thank you Allyson and all of you this is good news I have to report back to Mr. Irving. I also have two men who will be your colleagues. I know that this will not be problem. They also are best at what they do. Now if you will sign these necessary papers then we can conclude our business." Nathan said getting out a sheaf of papers for each of them to sign.

They all signed to papers and gave them back.

"Thank you for coming this meeting everyone. Welcome to the Irving Group, Hannah is going to your leader. If you need anything you first come to her then if necessary she will let me know. I hope you don't disappoint me, Mr. Irving and Hannah. You will all get emails from Mr. Irving detailing the particulars. At this time we know you have other jobs which you need to give notice and you can all stay in France for the moment. Other arrangement will be forwarded to you as needed." Nathan said as he rose then exited.

The rest of the group celebrated except for Hannah. She was depressed on knowing the nicest man she ever knew was dead.

Nathan called Chuck after the meeting.

"Hello Nathan how did it go?" Chuck asked.

"You have your new team. I signed all 5 of them." Nathan said.

"That is great news I will send them all the information now. Please return on the next flight." Chuck said as he hung up.

As they all continued to party one by one their cell phone rang with a text. It was an encryption code.

"Wow these guys were not kidding! Look at this!" Allyson said showing the group that she received the message.

"How did they learn our numbers so fast?" Lance asked.

"They are just that good" Hannah replied. "Guys we are swimming with the big dogs now."

Everyone agreed then continued their partying.

Chuck watching from his iPad smiled then closed the window. He commandeered a few other satellites to look into Echo Park. His heart jumped into his chest to see Sarah so miserable. He gazed at her then closed that window too. He was now only James Irving Charles Bartowski was officially dead. Chuck pondered that as he fell asleep dreaming of Sarah.

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