Chuck vs The Game


Chuck was sitting his hotel room and trying to read one of his graphic novels. Though, his mind somewhere else entirely Echo Park. Last night when he saw Sarah like that his heart begin to hurt. Of course it hurt because he still is madly in love with her. He was also so very mad at her too. He didn't know if he could still trust her with his feelings. While he thought about her he realize that Sarah still has a huge effect on him. He made up his mind not to return to that road again. Not this time, he has plan. He will stay true to this plan.

After Jill he lost 5 years for what? For nothing that was what it was. Though, Jill laughed at him when she broke up. Sarah was not laughing at all. No, it is the exact opposite she was mourning him. Seeing El wrap her arms around her made him wish it was all different. He argued with himself. He could not afford to be weak. He has to concentrate on the plan. He knows the plan is the key to all their salvation. While he was lost in thought the phone rang.

"Hello James, how are you today?" Kenneth Irving his Uncle asked.

"Hi Kenneth, I am doing great how are you?" Chuck replied trying to fake a cheerful attitude.

"I am doing well thank you. I'm calling to offer an invitation to my dinner table let's say tonight at 7? I hope you have no other plans. My wife and children would like to meet you." Kenneth asked hopefully.

"I would love that Kenneth. I am also looking forward to meet them too." Chuck replied with a bit more enthusiasm.

"Then I will tell them to expect you at 7. I will text you the address" Kenneth said.

"Thank you Kenneth I will see you tonight at 7" Chuck said.

"See you later James." Kenneth said hanging up.

Chuck made plans to prepare to meet his Family.

7 pm Kenneth's House

Chuck was deep in thought.

I needn't have given the address to George. He already knew the way.

They took off from the hotel at exactly 6:30 PM and arrived just before 7. Chuck noticed from the car ride that the house was outside the city. There were some houses here. They were spaced pretty very far apart. The car pulled up at a fairly modern structure. Before getting out he pulled up a satellite shot. It was a five bed bungalow with a garden in the front and swimming pool on the other side. Chuck slipped the device back up his sleeve as George opened the door. Then he gave him a smile which Chuck naturally returned.

"I am a little nervous. I am going to meet my real family. Wow this is awkward but also so great. I hope they like me at least my Uncle indicated they would." He thought as George rang the bell.

George again tipped his hat and returned to the car. Chuck stood there waiting until a petite brunette opened the door.

"Hello, how may I help you Sir?" She asked in a sweet way.

The person greeting him made his nervousness disappear as he responded with typical Bartowski charm.

"Hi I am James Irving. Mr. Kenneth invited me to dinner tonight." Chuck replied with his charming smile.

"Oh Welcome Mr. Irving, Please enter. The Family is waiting for you in the living room. Please follow me." She said.

He followed her then glanced around the inside of the house. The walls were white. There were many paintings hanging on them as if some one was an aficionado of fine art. When they arrived at living room he gasped. The room's look was awesome. The house was very well designed. There was a glass door which opened to garden. There was an elegant fireplace and huge TV console. There were more paintings also in here. The young family members were sitting on crème L shape couch while Kenneth and his wife were sitting on a grey couch. Kenneth noticed his arrival then stood up to greet him.

"Welcome James I hope you found this place easily?" Kenneth asked.

"I can honestly say I had no trouble in arriving here. Since George my company chauffeur did all the driving. I just sat back and watched the scenery pass my window. Now here I am" Chuck said in a funny way which caused Kenneth to laugh.

"Excuse me for laughing Nephew but the way you described your journey was quite humorous." James explained.

Chuck was beginning to trust his instincts and like the fellow who was his Uncle. He could not help but compare him to his own Father. They both had similar senses of humor.

After they laughed Kenneth introduced the rest of the Family.

"James who is my Brother Stephen's Son I want you to meet the other family members." he stated. "This is my wife Janet. She is in the design business just like my Daughter."

Chuck gazed at the woman. She had blonde hair and green eyes. His wife looked a little younger than his Uncle. They look good together. They looked like still they were madly in love with each other. Chuck wished he and Sarah had made it. That would have been the look he would have wanted if the situation was different.

"She looks quite lovely just like the other members of family." Chuck commented as Kenneth beamed.

She slowly walked over then hugged Chuck.

"Welcome James we are so happy to finally get to meet you. Please sit." She said while smiling.

Chuck broke the hug then seated himself in one of the armchairs.

"Thank you Ms. Irving I am happy to meet you too." He said.

"Oh dear it is Janet. Mrs. Irving makes me sound way too old. Do you James want something to drink or anything else?" she inquired while chuckling.

"No thank you Janet, I wish to thank all of you for inviting me tonight. I am very glad" he said smiling.

"It is all our pleasure James after your meeting with Kenneth. It is all he has been talking about was his fantastic Nephew." Janet exclaimed with a smile.

"I do not know if I am all that fantastic but I try my best." Chuck replied.

"You are right Kenneth and he is humble too. Your parents must have taught you well." Janet commented first to Kenneth then to Chuck.

"Actually the credit goes to my Sister. She was the one who raised me." Chuck replied.

"Yes Of course Stephen never remarried so it was left to her to train you. Well she did an excellent job." Janet said.

Chuck looked a bit sad in not knowing his Mother. Kenneth seized the opportunity to continue the introductions.

"James, I want to introduce you to our Daughter, Gwen. She fills our house with good cheer." Kenneth said as he looked like a proud Papa.

Chuck looked at Gwen. She looked like she was little younger than him. She was really beautiful. Just like her father she had brown hair but her eyes are blue like ice. She spoke very softly but you could hear her voice. Chuck agreed she was very cheerful.

"Hi James welcome to our house. It is great to meet you." She said smiling at him.

"It is all my pleasure Ms. Irving." Chuck said.

"Please we are cousins you can call me Gwen." She said smiling.

"Okay Gwen it is." Chuck said giving her his charming smile.

"James, finally this is our son Peyton. He has business degree so he is working with us." Kenneth said as he clasped his hand on his Son's shoulder.

Chuck gazed at him. Peyton was about my age. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He really was handsome. He was also tall like his Father.

"Hi James I'm please to meet you." Peyton said.

"Hi Mr. Irving it is great to meet you too." Chuck replied.

"Just like my Sister said we are Cousins. Please call me Peyton, James. Relax we are family now. Peyton said.

"Okay Peyton." he said while smiling.

They look like they like him. Chuck also like them much too. They are a lovely family and very kind people.

"So what will you doing James?" Janet asked.

"I got my computer and electrical engineering degree from Stanford. Then I had some unfortunate situations. That is in the past. Now, I am here to create a new team within the Irving Group." he said smiling.

"I hope you are okay after these ordeals with these unfortunate situations. We have not heard about them. What happened?" Janet asked.

"Yes I am great actually. There were some very bad men after my family. They killed my Mother. So to protect to us my Father had us to move to US and change our names. We survived these trials. The bad men are no longer a problem. So now I learned of my Family heritage. I have come now explore the family long denied to me." Chuck said. Now, that I have met all of you. This is really a joyous occasion."

"Being raised by your Sister must have been hard for both of you. How is your Sister? The last we saw you. You guys were so little." Janet asked.

"She is doing great. Even with all this adversity she became a doctor. She also is married to another doctor. They are getting along great." Chuck replied.

"I am happy for the both of you James. I wish we were able to there for you when you need your family. This must had been very hard for you and your Sister." Janet exclaimed.

"Yes Janet, it was hard. We are passed that time. Though, having it made that we have very good relationship. I think it was precisely we had no one else that is why we love each other very much." Chuck stated.

Then the petite brunette interrupted the conversation.

"Dinner is ready Ms. Irving. Where should we set the table?" Jessica asked.

"Please set the table in the garden Jessica" Janet answered.

"Very well, It will be done Ms. Irving.'' She said as she turned to return to the kitchen.

"Thank you Jessica." Janet said" So we should all adjourn to the indoor Garden area."

"Oh it is indoors? I thought when you said garden it would be outdoors." Chuck said thinking as if he was still in So Cal.

"Oh No outdoors in Autumn? That certainly will not do. It is way too cold." Gwen explained.

"Oh I see." Chuck said as he followed everyone to the indoor garden area where it was nice and warm.

The garden area was divided. There was an indoor part then a set of doors which led to the outdoor part which included a pool. It was a very nice design. There was a huge white wooden table set for dinner. Chuck noticed that on the outside part the swimming pool looked great with a fire pit next to it. The fire pit had a very nice rock design which flowed well with the edge of the pool. Scattered around were some lounge chairs. Chuck wished it was not too cold. That pool looked so inviting.

As Chuck sat and ate with his family he wished that Ellie was here to enjoy it with him. The conversation centered around the family's life and of course the Irving Group. Chuck enjoyed himself with this simple gathering.

"That was really lovely and I wish my Sister was here to enjoy your hospitality too. She would have loved it. When I have time I will bring her." Chuck said after the meal was over.

"So James what is your plan after today?" Kenneth asked.

"Well as you all know I will be busy setting up my new team at the Irving Group. After they are up and running I will spend a bit more time on my vacation." Chuck replied.

"I see so you are leaving us so soon you barely got here." Janet said.

"Unfortunately so, I am leaving tomorrow afternoon. It was very nice to meet all of you. I will be back soon." Chuck promised.

"Oh take your time James. When you are ready we are here for you. James you are family don't you ever forget it." Kenneth said.

"I won't Kenneth" Chuck replied.

"I agree with Kenneth, James. If you or your Sister needs anything we are here for you." Janet added.

"Thank you Janet this means a lot coming from you. I hate to say this but I have to go." He said as he slowly arose. "Thank you for everything Kenneth and Janet. I am really happy to meet you both. Also Gwen and Peyton I always wanted a cousin now I have two cousins. This is really happy day for me." Chuck said being overcome with emotion.

They all walk to door while they walking Chuck leaned over to Kenneth.

"I have something I want to discuss with you tomorrow before I go." Chuck said.

"Of course James say my office on the 25th floor at 9 am?" Kenneth asked.

"Yes Kenneth that time will be fine." Chuck replied.

"Good it is set then. Goodbye until then Nephew." Kenneth said hugging him one last time.

Chuck loved the hug of his Uncle. They broke off to allow each family member the opportunity to say their goodbyes. Finishing Chuck entered the car via the open door provided by George. He waved as the car slowly departed the estate.

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