Chuck vs The Game


Chuck knocked on his Uncle's door after stopping by both secretaries. Chuck brought them both flowers. They both told him good morning as they were delighted to know Chuck had brought their favorite flowers.

"Come in" said a Voice which was not his Uncle's

Chuck surprised by the voice he complied and opened the door to spy his Cousin Peyton.

"Hey you are not Kenneth what are you doing here?" Chuck asked.

"Oh Dad is running a bit late. I just wanted to pop in and say hello. You sure have the secretaries in a titter!" Peyton said. "That was really smooth you getting them their favorite flowers. Now they will expect me to step up my game. Thanks Cousin."

At this moment Kenneth appeared.

"Oh Good I am not that late. Peyton, James and I have private business to discuss. Be a good lad and shut the door on your way out." Kenneth said.

Peyton followed his Father's direction and left. Kenneth and Chuck watched him leave.

"He really is a good Lad. So James, I am at your disposal what would you like to discuss? I hope it is about this special project you are creating?" Kenneth asked.

"Yes it is Kenneth. How are you today?" Chuck inquired.

"I am doing well and I want to thank you for coming last evening James. The family adores you. So what is this project?" Kenneth asked.

"Kenneth, I want the Irving Group to branch out into software work. I know that we are really good with electronics. That is the hardware side. I am a software designer and the software world is an untapped market for us. I think there is plenty of potential for growth and our reputation in the competing fields would allow us to launch with a built in base. I've already set up a team who will work for us. They are the top designers in their fields. These are their files." Chuck said as he gave him to team members' dossiers.

Kenneth was impressed the way James had done all the market research and had put the team together in only a few days. He was impressed with the files James had brought him.

"Wow James, these people are really top notch talent. How did you find them?" he asked curiously being also intrigued with Chuck's plan.

Chuck chuckled and then spoke.

"Creating a software company was always been my dream. Now I have an opportunity. I thought why not allow the Irving Group be the vehicle to bring that dream into reality? How I found them? Well I've been networking for awhile so I knew people who would help me. So what do you say?" Chuck said while smiling. "I know I do not need your permission since I am the majority holder in the company. I do want you to be onboard with this. I am not intending to do any major overhaul in the way you do business. Your reputation and position in the fields shows me there is nothing wrong with your business management or business plan. I just want to expand the business in a new direction."

"James I am glad to hear as the majority stockholder you do not want to make any major changes. That will be good news to the rest of the board. They were a bit worried that you were an unknown quantity. You have your Father's intellect I can certainly see it." Kenneth said.

"I am glad I will put their minds at ease Kenneth." Chuck said.

"James, I am totally with you on this direction you want to go. I was debating a few months ago in starting in this direction. Engineering big project is a limited area. The room for growth is very limited. However, as you pointed out the potential in Software is almost unlimited. Okay James I see you have everything ready. I take it you will be sort of a hand on administrator?" Kenneth asked.

"Well yes and no. I will be involved but the day to day operation of this group will be under Hannah Palely and Brent Parker. As you see both will be excellent as Managers. Also as you see the need for them to be in one place is lessened. Perhaps in the future we might bring them together at the London Satellite office. Right now their HR will be handled there." Chuck said.

"Yes that certainly lessens the cost of start up completely. I see you have requisitioned very high end equipment. It is very doable." Kenneth said looking over James' breakdown in costs.

"Well I am glad I did not have to over ride you on this. I am glad we will be partners in this enterprise." Chuck said. "Well, I have a plane to catch. I will keep you informed on everything via Email. Thanks Uncle for everything."

"James, thank you for your insight we will be doing great things together. Have a good time away. Remember we are here for you." Kenneth said rising then hugging the younger man.

Chuck smiled as he exited the building. George was waiting for him to take him to the airport.

Oahu Hawaii

He finally arrived in Honolulu. As he was going through customs he thought to himself.

"Now it is time for the Charles Carmichael suave, charming and ladies man to appear."

He left his things in his hotel room then went to beach. Thanking he had the foresight to get in shape. His runs with Devon after he came from Prague also greatly helped tone his slim structure. Chuck swam much and talked to some girls. The first a few choose the ignore him. Chuck began to find his rhythm. Talking to other girls at the beach allowed him to exchange numbers. He played beach volleyball. His team gradually won every time and soon had a large group following his activities. He silently thanked Ellie for him being so good at this sport. It was because any free time they had would always be spent at the beach. Once there volleyball was Ellie's favorite activity.


He was dressed in white t-shirt and some jeans which really fit him. This look was very sexy. His hair was cut short which gave him a cool look. His tall body also gave him an advantage. He looked really good. He slowly walked to bar then sat down. He ordered a tequila shot. He talked mostly to the barmen. The barman was really good person who helped him pass the time. The barman had a hidden talent.

He knew how to charm the ladies. Chuck thought maybe he would help him to find some girls. He tried with a few times that night but they shut him down flat. This much rejection began to hurt. Chuck studied his technique. Okay he was not classically handsome like Awesome. He did have much to offer anyone who would look though. Then he realized that he still behaved like Chuck. Inside he felt like he was cheating on Sarah.

"Oh not this again he despaired"

He pushed this thought into the back of his head. He changed his attitude to Carmichael. Some brunette girl was sitting at the other side of the bar. He decided he is going to get with her tonight no matter what. He slowly approached her. He looked at her. He saw her green eyes and she really looked good. He stood next to her so she could get a whiff of him.

"Hi beautiful, is this seat taken?" Chuck asked.

She looked at him totally disinterested.

"Not interested take a hike." She said being tired of being hitted on in this bar.

Chuck was not going to tolerate another rejection so he redoubled his effort.

"Oh come on I don't bite if you do then we can talk about it." Chuck said.

"How can you talk about me like this I said I'm not interested." She stated as she rose then Chuck gently but firmly grasped her arm.

"Leave me alone" She whispered.

"No look I am sorry please sit down." Chuck said with a puppy eyes.

She had not really looked at him until that moment. She melted a little. He really looked cute she thought

"Okay, I will stay." She said sitting back down as Chuck guided her.

"I am Ryan" he said as he extended his hand.

"I am Jane" she said as she shook his hand.

Chuck smiled at her reveling in his so far success. So he implemented phase two small talk.

"So Jane what do you do for living?" Chuck said looking directly at her eyes.

Jane was flustered. Most creeps she had met spoke never to her eyes but further down on her body. It was refreshing to have a man as good looking as he look her in the eye. She was reevaluating Ryan as he called himself.

"I am a magazine editor. So Ryan, what do you do other than try to pick up women?" Jane laughed.

Chuck's confidence increased.

"Oh I am freelance Web designer. So why are you here Jane?" he asked smiling.

"I am here for a vacation. So you Ryan, why are you here?" she said also smiling.

"Me too…I decided I need a vacation so here I am." he said still looking at her eyes but dipping slowly to look at the rest of her then returned to her eyes.

Jane licked her lips then Ryan asked another question.

"So Jane would you like to dance?" He asked.

Jane was hooked he wanted to dance? She had to say yes. So far this vacation was all right but now it was looking up way up.

"Yes Ryan I would love to dance." She said as they rose to enter the dance floor.

Chuck took the cool approach and did not show off his skill on the dance floor but showed he was competent. Jane appreciated that Ryan was a good dancer. It was hard to find a good dance partner. Ryan intuitively knew what steps to take. She was really enjoying herself. They talked all night and dance a little more then talked again when they got a bit tired from the dancing.

"So Jane, do you have a boyfriend" Chuck asked.

"No, I don't, not any more. How about you Ryan? Is there a girlfriend at home waiting for you?" Jane asked being more bold.

"No Girlfriend at home or anywhere Jane, I am open to new experiences. I've close of that chapter of my life. I am a new man now. So why don't we take this conversation up to my hotel room? It will be much better than this crowded bar." he said with his charming smile.

He could see the lust her eyes but also some uncertainty too.

"I don't know Ryan…I don't think we should." she said

Chuck could see she was wavering.

"Oh come on Jane now I am not going to kill you I promise but maybe you can die from pleasure." he said while leaning over to whisper in her ear in his slow but sexy voice.

He saw her reaction to his voice. She was shivering. When he looked in her eyes he knew that he got her to agree.

"Okay Ryan." she said slowly.

Chuck could clearly see she was captivated by him. They rose together and Chuck escorted her out of the bar to his hotel room. There they clashed lips as soon as the door closed. It was a very pleasurable experience for the both of them. Chuck was very polite and insisted he needed to use protection. They fell into bed together and after much lovemaking they passed out exhausted.


Next morning both of them knew that what they did was meaningless. They had just got caught up in the excitement of the moment. Neither one regretted what they did together. Both of them were currently not looking for a relationship. So they just decided to live in the moment and have fun.

"Good morning. Someone is still alive I see." Chuck humorously said while looking for his shirt.

"Ha ha very funny Ryan…Good morning to you too…What time is it?'' Jane asked still in the bed.

"It is after 9" Chuck said getting dressed.

"Okay and I want to thank you Ryan. It was really great last night" Jane said.

"It is all my pleasure. So you wish to have a breakfast?" he asked while laughing.

"That would be great after last night I am really hungry" Jane said with a smile.

"I would be surprised if you weren't." he said as he gave her a charming smile.

"First, I want to shower and clean up then change clothes. It will not do for me to show up doing the walk of shame" Jane said laughing.

"Yes you should do that. I have already showered and I will wait for you at the restaurant." Chuck said.

"Okay Ryan I won't take too long. I will see you at the restaurant." Jane said as they kissed again.

"If you continue with this I will not allow you to move from that bed." Chuck teased with his eyes bright.

Jane got up and dressed then exited the room to go back to her hotel room which was three floors up. She quickly got herself together and met Ryan in the restaurant.


Chuck was really having great time in Oahu. He was here for a month. He swam and played beach volley much along with a few one night stands. He went out every night to different club and he used a different name. He and Jane became great friends after that one night together. He also became a friend with the barmen. He and Jane went out together clubs a few nights. They sometimes played games. They would each choose someone to seduce and first one who was successful got 5 dollars. Chuck began to feel like out of his skin. This was not him but he chose to try ignoring this growing feeling.

Chuck just like every night for one month went out to night club. He was drinking his drink and lost his thought about his behavior. He saw someone really upset about something. He couldn't stop himself so he went near to him.

"Are you okay Man?" Chuck asked very concerned.

The man looked very sad as if he was really going to cry.

"No can't say I am." He sadly replied.

"If you want to talk I can listen." Chuck softly responded.

"Thanks, the reason I am sad is a really long story." He replied.

"I like long stories I have time. You look like you need to tell it." Chuck said.

The man sighed then began to talk slowly

"Friend are you sure you are wanting to hear this?" He asked giving Chuck an out.

Chuck nodded for the man to get it off his chest.

"Ok the reason I am so sad this was the day the love of my life died. We had always wanted to travel to Hawaii. It was our dream. She is just not here to see it" He sadly said.

"I can see this pains you deeply. Why don't you start at when you met this woman of your dreams?" Chuck said.

"Ok well we met four years ago in café while waiting our coffee. She was really beautiful. I was immediately attracted to her. After a little talk we really like each other. We had much in common but there were also differences. Her name was Kate. We date for about two and half years on and off. We both loved each other in the end. I am the head of some company and she was a dancer. I learned quickly that she didn't really like to talk about her past. I never pressure her about it but I always hope she was one day tell me about it. I never knew what happened to her Mother. Her Father was head of some company and he wanted her to work for him. She refused then they fought over it and never talked each other after that fight. She also never said any of this to me I learnt much of this after her death." He said with conviction.

Chuck motioned him to continue.

"My dad died while we were still dating. When he was alive I worked for him but I never worked too hard. After he was gone I poured myself into my work to the exclusion of everything else. I never realize this. One day I was gone for work in another city and had come early to surprise her. I entered our apartment I saw her with my worst enemy. They didn't realize I was there at first and continued to talk. She was talking about to her past with this guy. They looked really comfortable with each other. I was so hurt I couldn't breathe. I immediately broke up with her then left the city. I never gave her to chance to explain what happened that day she opened up to him to not to me. Five months later while I was away for some business when her best friend called me to give me the news. She had died in car accident." He said.

Chuck was recognizing a pattern which was very close to home. He too did not let Sarah explain. He nodded to have him continue.

"I was broken up immediately then went back to city for the funeral. I realize my mistake but it was too late. I am a successful business man. I would give everything I had for just one more moment with her. After her death I still blame myself. I wished I had given her that chance to explain what happened. Why she talked with him? I knew that she loved me because I could see her eyes. After that event my brain refused to believe it. Anyway when I was at her funeral her best friend came to me and said she wanted to talk to me. I accepted and we talked. She told about me Kate's Mother. Her Mother was died while she gave to birth to Kate. Her Father never blamed her until she refused his offer to work with him. Her Father was really funny guy until he became really successful in the business. After that he always worked and never really cared what happened to Kate. So her best friend said Kate begin to think of me like her Father. I was beginning to do nothing but work. She felt like I also slipping through her fingers. She didn't know what to do. So she talked about this with him because he also had been in some type of this situation before. Anyway when I heard this news my world shattered. How could I have been this stupid? I don't know. So here I am still mourning for her. She will always be my only love. I have a one advice for you. If you meet your one love don't ever let that one ever slip your fingers like me. Everybody can make mistakes. We all are humans don't you ever forget it. Just give her a chance to explain herself, if you don't you will always regret it like I do every day." The man concluded then paid for his drink and left.

That night Chuck's hotel room

While Chuck was sleeping he was still thinking about what the man said to him. It affected his dream.

He saw Sarah lying on the floor with her gun beside her. Her blouse was soaked in blood. He could see a bullet wound to her chest. She looked at him one last time with tears in her eyes then spoke.

"Why did you not give me chance to explain?"

He tried to answer that but he couldn't explain himself. She opened her eyes one last time

"I wish it was different. I wish you had given me a chance to explain myself. I love you Chuck."

With that she closed her eyes. He tried to wake her but she wouldn't wake up.

Chuck awoke screaming her name. He was in so much pain right now. What would he do if Sarah died before he said to her he loved her or never gave her chance to explain herself? No, he would not live like this anymore. This life style was not for him. He tried to live it for a month and began to feel like not himself anymore. This was not him. He was not Bryce or Charles Carmichael even. He is Chuck, her Chuck and only hers. No, he won't live like that man filled with regret. He really missed Sarah. Now he knew she missed him too. He chose to ignore it for too long of time. He still isn't sure how he will fix this or how she will feel after she learns he is still alive. He vowed that he will fix this. He will explain everything to Sarah.

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