Chuck vs The Game



After two weeks with Ellie, Sarah decided to go back to DC. When she left from Burbank she felt empty. In her heart one part of her still didn't believe that Chuck was dead. Something had been bugging her. Call this her spy senses or because she loved him so much. They had a connection between them. Part of her still feels like he is alive somewhere. She always goes with her instincts. There is no difference in this case.

She will pay heed to her instincts even in face of facts. These instincts had saved her life so many times. Now perhaps they could give her Chuck back. If he is alive she is going to find him no matter what. They don't call her 'The Enforcer' for nothing. She can do anything especially for her love. So after she came to DC, she decided to take a month vacation. She knew that if she can't solve this it will continue to bug her and distracted her. This was a major danger. She mustn't lose her concentration in missions. It could wind up with her being killed. She certainly didn't want that results at all.

So she took her vacation time then began her plan. Right now she was sitting her townhouse in DC thinking. She had been on vacation for three weeks now. She still talked with Ellie from time to time. The aftereffect of their talks was that she always ended up crying. She misses Chuck so much and Ellie reminds her of Chuck. She would not abandon Ellie. She is her Sister and Sarah would do anything for her. There was something about Ellie that also bugged her. She got the feeling she had lied. Ellie had never lied to her before. So Sarah didn't know what to think. Her spy senses said that Ellie has kept something from her.

If she kept something Sarah was going to find out what it is. Sarah didn't mention her plans to Ellie. She didn't want to remind her about Chuck all the time. He was Ellie's only family for a long time. Now Sarah doesn't know if she can shake that feeling. Now she began to look for clues. First she thought when she still stayed in Chuck's bedroom she looked his British flag T-shirt. She couldn't find it so she thought Ellie washed it. Now as she looked back she realized that Ellie's behavior was different too. She thought Ellie would be much more devastated but she didn't get that particular reaction from her. Sure she did cry and wring her hands plus she did hug each other but something still niggled at her behavior.

Sarah didn't realize it while she was there. She was so focused on immediacy of Chuck's death. She didn't think anything or anyone else. The more she has been removed from the event. The more she gets a feeling that something was kept from her. She also looked his death certificated it looked very real. if it is fake someone done really good job. She looked police reports and everything looks real. She couldn't shake this feeling. Lastly the lawyer and his safe bother her too. Then Sarah thought about the safe in his room. When did he get the time to go to lawyer? Then have a safe installed in his room? So she called Ellie then got the information.



It has been three weeks since Sarah left Burbank to return to DC. Ellie could see in her eyes that she was in a lot of pain and felt empty inside. She doesn't know how much she can hold together. She really loved Sarah like Sister. Seeing her in this much pain hurt her too. She always thought her Brother and Sarah were meant to be together. They were so great for each other. She still thought that. Her idiot of a Brother still didn't realize it. Ellie thought he will realize it soon. No, after all those weeks he still continued to be an idiot. She won't keep going like this. She will not lie to Sarah anymore. Every time they talked she always cried and it hurt her deeply. Sarah really loved Chuck. She will not allow her Brother's lie to continue.

Also she realize that Sarah begin to be suspicious. Yesterday, she called and said that she is looking in to Chuck's death. She couldn't shake feeling that he is still alive somewhere. She said that was what her spy senses were telling her. There was something is going on. She would find out what the hell it is. Her instincts had always saved her. She always had trusted them. She will continue her search until she finds the truth. Ellie tried to talk her out of it. Sarah gets none of it. She said she is going to find it no matter what. She also asked Chuck's lawyer name, his address and telephone number.

At first Ellie didn't want to give it then she caved in and gave it to her. She said if she found something she would give her a call then they said their goodbyes. Ellie knew that Sarah will uncover the truth in the end. She knew of Sarah's reputation in CIA. Once Sarah starts looking this case will not be too difficult for her to break she realized. She needs to be ahead of this. Sarah will go nuclear when she learns of Chuck's deception. Ellie thought if she finds him herself this will get worse. If Chuck explained it to her maybe it will be better for both of them. So she set up a plan and called her Dad. Ellie started with the small talk first before asking him the more important issues.

"Hi Dad, how are you?" Ellie asked while setting up the groundwork.

"Hi Eleanor, I am doing fine how are you? Is there something wrong?" He asked suspecting something is very wrong from the tone of her voice.

It was a tone he had not heard in a long time. Ellie was always the brave one. He had asked much from her.

"Dad, I am not feeling that great." Ellie said.

"Why is that Eleanor?" Stephen asked.

"It is Sarah she is beginning to suspect. Dad, it is wrong for me to lie and hurt her. I will not continue this lie. Chuck is wrong and we need to do something about it soon!" Ellie complained.

"Tell me what does she suspect?" Stephen asked.

"Dad yesterday Sarah called me and said that she is searching Chuck's death. She thinks there is something going on. She is going to find what is going on no matter what. Dad, she is trained to discover this easily and what happens when she does?" Ellie asked.

"This is really bad. We should have known that we couldn't fool her for long. She is the best spy in the world God's sake how we not think this?" Stephen asked.

"Dad, we did it because we trusted in Chuck's judgment. He said she has no feelings for him. She wouldn't feel anything when he died either. He thought she played him. He was very wrong! He sold this to us very good. I think he could be a great lawyer. We didn't do anything about her. But I knew it, Dad! I knew she loved him from the beginning. My idiot of a Brother couldn't see it." Ellie said getting a little bit angry.

"Yes Eleanor I agree that he really did believe she didn't love him. Is there anything else Eleanor?" Stephen worriedly asked.

"Yes she asked me the lawyer's name, address and phone number. I gave to her what was on the card." Eleanor said.

"Oh this is really bad. That card was a fake and she is going to find it. Maybe, I might intervene in her computer search. It could stall her only a short time though. Eventually, she will find it. I will look to see what can I do? I don't think we can keep the truth her anymore than two or three weeks if she is really determined even less. Sarah is dangerous opponent. Her reputation precedes her. She really can do anything. What do you think we should do? We can't say anything to her. This is a really important. We can't trust her with this." Stephen said.

"Dad you are wrong. She can be trusted. Chuck and Sarah love each other very much and do anything for each other. Sarah loved Chuck so much to hurt because of him. I trust her. She is a spy so she can keep secrets so I don't see any problem why we shouldn't let her in." Ellie said with much conviction.

"Ellie you said yourself she is a spy. Spies have their own agenda we can't trust her with this." Stephen said thinking Sarah was a typical spy.

"Dad I know Sarah is a spy but she is also a woman in love. I don't know anything about being spy or spy life. I do know something about being a woman in love. I know that she will die before betraying Chuck. I spent with her for two weeks after Chuck's funeral. She didn't do anything other than cry. She said every chance to me she loved Chuck. She was devastated Dad. Do spies cry for two weeks Dad? Can that be faked that long? After that funeral if she was such a spy as you say she could be why did she declined the offer to return to DC immediately? She could have left and returned to her glamorous life. Instead she stayed here to comfort me! Did you know she cried her sleep Dad? What sort of spy can do that? Do you think she can fake it while she was sleeping? Also the fact she is now looking for Chuck, if she didn't care she wouldn't be looking. She would not be searching for Chuck. The reason she is searching Chuck's death is because she loves him and doesn't want to believe in the fact he really is dead. So what are you going say about this Dad? So is she really faking and have no feeling or have a personal agenda about Chuck?" Ellie said forcefully. "Dad if you do not act I will give Uncle Kenneth's name to her."

Stephen didn't know what to say. Ellie really has a way with words. Now when he reviewed her facts he could see Ellie's point about Agent Walker. She could have really gone back to DC and never looked back. That is proper procedure you should do after a mission is finished. No, she stayed here with Ellie then helped Ellie with her own way. He also saw her in the funeral she looked devastated like she really lost some very important to her. Maybe there was a chance she really loved Charles? Her behavior so far points to that conclusion. She really loved him. After a little thought he decided he is going to give agent Walker a chance. If she screwed this up she will be his number 1 enemy. No one will ever get to hurt his family again.

"Dad are you still there?" Ellie asked a bit worried.

"Yes I am here I lost a little in my thoughts, Eleanor." Stephen said.

"So what is your opinion about Sarah? Do you still think she is faking it?" Ellie asked exasperated at her Father's reluctance to see the facts as clearly as she did.

'It must be something about Bartowski men to not recognize what is in front of them. Chuck does it and now it seems her Dad is guilty too.'

Ellie thought while waiting for her Father's response. Finally he responded quite slowly.

"I don't know Eleanor. I really don't trust her. Though even with these misgivings I will give her a chance. So you seemed to have a plan let's hear it." Stephen said.

"Dad, I think if she heard the truth from Chuck this will be better." Ellie said.

"So yes Eleanor I think that too is the best in this situation." Stephen said listening to his Daughter.

"Dad unfortunately, it has not happened yet. I thought my Brother would have contacted her before now then told her the truth. He continued to be an idiot. So I think we should play with his feeling and wait how to see what he does after that." Ellie said with conviction.

"What are you saying? How will we play with his feelings?" Stephen asked.

"First, you have to find where he is. I know you can do that in your sleep, Dad" Ellie said talking about the first part of the plan.

"I got him he is staying at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Oahu." Stephen said.

"Good now for the second part of this plan. We need to find actor to play with him. He is going to feed him with a story so similar to his. The finale is going to be oh so tragic. This will get Chuck very anxious. I know that if something happened to Sarah my Brother will be devastated. Right now he is so angry toward her to see that. After the story we will see how this will work but I think this will get him to tell her his secret." Ellie said.

"Okay I hope this will work Eleanor" Stephen said.

"Dad, Trust me I know my Brother. He could not have changed in only 3 weeks! I am going to look for actor in Hawaii." Ellie said.

"Okay Eleanor talk to you later." Stephen said hanging up.

'' Bye dad .'' Ellie said

She then immediately started looked at casting agencies in LA for actors in Hawaii. She was confident she would get something. There are a lot of agents in this city. She was sure she could find what she needed. She is really getting angry with him while Sarah here is hurting. He looked like he was enjoying his vacation. That added fuel to her fire. She felt he really would deserve this. She knew what he went through especially what happened between him and Sarah. Yes, he was right to be angry with her. Though, he didn't even give her a chance to explain. Everyone can make mistakes. Sarah was no different.

Yes, it hurts but at least you can listen to her reasons. Ellie knew that Sarah really did love her Brother and would do anything for him. She also knew that she would never betray him again. She saw how she regretted saying her real name to someone other than Chuck. How she felt she didn't deserve Chuck either. Sarah really has suffered enough. It is time for her to learn to truth. Yes, she is going blow up but Chuck should expect that. Maybe she would never forgive us completely after this but she has to know. So this plan has to work.

After three days she found someone. His name is Mike Thomson. He is 13 years older than Chuck and about as tall as him. He has green eyes and black hair with a touch of grey. He is not classical handsome but he has his charm. Ellie knew that this guy could do it. They talked over the phone. Ellie gave him a script to what he is going to do and what he is going to tell Chuck. Ellie knew that after Chuck heard the story she tailored especially for him. He would most definitely tell Sarah the truth. At least she hoped he would.


He had been out of work for two days when his agent called him. He said he had a job. He is going to play for someone. She would call him. The agent said her name is Ellie Woodcomb

"Hello is this Mr. Thomson?" Ellie asked.

"Hello I am Mike Thomson. Are you Ellie Woodcomb the person with the job? The agency called me here in Hawaii. What sort of job is this?" He asked eager for the 10,000 dollars promised by his agent.

"Yes I am. I am not going to take much of your time." Ellie said.

"That is not problem Ms. Woodcomb. So what I am going to do for you? If this is illegal I do not want any part of this." Mike said.

Ellie chuckled. She definitely found a good one here.

''Mr. Thomson No, it is nothing illegal. I just want you to tell a story to my Brother. I will send you his picture and the script. I want you to go to the Royal Hawaii Hotel and sit at the bar. I need you to look devastated and very sad. This will reel him in. Once you have him tell him the script as written. That is all you have to do.''

"So that is the job to tell your brother a sob story? And for this I get 10,000 dollars?" Mr. Thomason asked.

"Yes, that is what I arranged with your agent. Are you the person I need?" Ellie asked.

"Okay I can do that." Mr. Thomson said.

"Good your agent gave me your account the script is listed there plus the picture of my Brother. Make it very convincing Mr. Thomson." Ellie said.

Mike looked in his private account with the agency and found the script and picture as promised.

''Yes it is here." He said as he began to read it.

"Good if you have any questions contact your agent. He will contact me to contact you." Ellie said.

"Please Mrs. Woodcomb I am interested in this story. Do you mind I do a read through with you?"

"Certainly, Mr. Thomson I have the time. You are certainly a fast reader." Ellie said.

"It comes with the business. Learning to read and memorize lines is all about what an actor is Mrs. Woodcomb." Mike said "So let me see. I have a company heritage from my Dad. I met her in café. We fell in love. She was a dancer and also didn't talk much about her Dad. She refused to work for him and do what he wanted. She didn't like to talk much about her past. After my Dad died from Cancer I begin to focus on my job a lot just like her Father did. While I was in another city I come back early and saw her with my enemy. She was talking to him about her past. I broke up with her and used the excuse of work get away from the city. After 5 months I learned that she died in car accident while I was another city." He said then continued.

"I went to her funeral I saw her best friend and she explain everything to me. She was felt like she is losing me because I began to spend so much time to work. So she talked my enemy because he also had some kind of problem like that in the past. After I heard all this I regretted I didn't give her a chance to explain what happened. Once I meet your brother I am going to say today is the day of the first anniversary of her death. Then I say everyone can make mistakes and if you found true love don't ever let it go. I leave it there. Am I correct?" Mike said doing a flawless read through.

"Yes also you should play to the brokenness really well. I believe you can do this right?" She asked.

"Of course Ms. Woodcomb it is my job you can count on me." Mike said.

'Okay thank you Mr. Thomson. I want this done as soon as possible so you should do this tonight." Ellie said.

''Thank you Mrs. Woodcomb ''

"When you are done please call your agent to report." Ellie said.

"Of course Ms. Woodcomb . Good day." Mike said hanging up his phone.


I've been in the bar a couple of night. He has not shown. Then I noticed him come in. It is perfect opportunity. I sat at the end of the bar and waited for him. Her sister said that he has good heart so that is why he probably asked why I'm upset. She was right he is genuinely good guy so I played my part perfectly. He looked very disturbed. The poor sap.


"This is Ellie Woodcomb" Ellie said being awoken out of her sleep.

Devon ignored the phone and rolled over.

"Ms. Woodcomb I am Mike Thomson's agent. Mike has completed his job."

"Oh that is good news. I will call Mr. Thomson directly Thank you for this information." Ellie said hanging up.

Ellie called Mike.

"Hello this is Mike Thomson." He said as he answered the phone.

"Hello Mike I got a call from your Agent so it is completed? What did he do?" Ellie asked.

"Yes Ms. Woodcomb, the job is done and I believe he is really buying it." Mike said.

His performance left him a little emotional too.

"That is good Mr. Thomson thank you. You have a good night too."

"You too Mrs. Woodcomb it was pleasure to work for you." Mike said as he hung up.


"So now we all have to do is to wait." She said to Devon who was asleep next to her.

With that done she rolled over then went to back to sleep.

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