Chuck vs The Game


Well this is going to be fun, Chuck thought. He opened his mouth to speak but before he could say anything, Castle's door opened and Orion came down the stairs into the main room. He was carrying what everyone recognised as an Intersect Cube.

"You heard correctly General. Charles is no longer the human Intersect. I have placed it in here," he stated, pointing at the cube in his hand.

Everyone in Castle were shocked at what they heard. It was unbelievable. Sarah looked at Chuck, then turned to Orion.

"How the hell is this possible?" she demanded.

"I'm glad you asked Agent Walker," smiled Orion. He turned to General Beckman and began to explain." When I heard Chuck had uploaded the Intersect again, I was really angry. I called him immediately and I asked him why he did that after I worked so hard to remove it from him in the first place? My son told me that he thought it was right thing to do."

Orion sighed and turned to Chuck. "You can continue Charles."

"Two days after, my dad called me again and said he wanted to meet me. This was just strictly between us. We arranged a place and time. When I met him, he told he had an idea. Whenever I want, I can be free of the Intersect. But this time the Intersect wasn't just going to be removed. We were going to place it somewhere else. And where's a better place than an Intersect cube? He told me he needed to some time to prepare the cube and that it would be ready whenever I needed it."

Everyone was still in shock at what they heard. But nobody interrupted Chuck as he continued to speak.

"Two months later, the cube itself was ready. Then we began the encoding process for the removal of the Intersect files. The encoding process took a long time as because there were millions of coded images to go through. We were working in secret and Dad didn't have the facilities of Ted Roark at his disposal this time."

"It took us a long time to create the correct encoding process and allocate it to each picture. We finally finished last weekend. My dad then needed extra time to check that everything was done correctly and that there would be no side effects once it was removed. That took three days to finish."

"Finally it was ready. I was happy that I could remove it whenever I wanted to. I just never thought it would be this soon," sighed Chuck.

"Anyway," continued Chuck, "after the last mission, I realised that I didn't want to be a spy or an asset anymore. So I called my dad and he sent the pictures to me last night that removed the Intersect from my head."

"So as of last night everyone, I am free of the Intersect. This means that I am no longer an asset of the American government."

Chuck finished his speech with a huge smile appearing on his face.

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