Chuck vs The Game


After that nightmare he knew that he had to explain everything to Sarah but how? He didn't even know where she was right now so he called his Dad.

"Hi Dad, how are you?" Chuck asked.

"Hi Charles or I should call you James? This is a pleasant surprise. I am doing well. How are you? Did you call on my Brother? How was he doing?" Stephen asked excitedly.

"Dad meeting Kenneth and family was wonderful. I need to bring Ellie with me next time. He is well and he sends his regards. However, I did not call to talk about him or you." Chuck said. "Please Dad just call me Charles."

"Ok Charles, why did you call me?" Stephen asked confident in the reason.

"Dad, I am feeling very bad I need your help." Chuck said morosely.

"That is fine Charles. I am always glad to help. What do you need from me?" Stephen asked.

"Dad, I need to know what to do. I need to tell Sarah the truth." Chuck said with conviction.

"What? Charles you can't do this. You can't tell anyone you are still alive." Stephen replied forcefully.

"Dad, I understand I shouldn't but I have to tell her she deserves to know the truth." Chuck said pleading.

"How can you possibly going to trust her to not betray you? She did betray you didn't she?" Stephen asked.

"Dad, I know she did that okay. She never betrayed me to endanger my life. I still trust her with my life." Chuck said with much conviction.

"Charles, you are the one who told us not the trust her. Now why all of sudden did you change your mind?" Stephen asked.

"Dad I've been watching her since my funeral. Maybe I was wrong. Perhaps, she really did have real feelings for me. I saw her at Ellie's apartment. She looked miserable. I still love her Dad I can't continue like this. She really looks like she had suffered enough. I can't help myself I don't want her unhappy. Yes, she did hurt me. Perhaps, she had a reasonable excuse. I don't know because I was mad and I didn't even give her a chance to explain herself. This makes me furious with myself. How can I do that to her? This was just like Stanford instead now I am Jill. This needs to be put right. I am going to give her the truth." Chuck said.

'That means Eleanor was right. Her plan worked. I hope I am not going to regret this decision. I hope Sarah Walker has real feelings for my Son.'

Stephen thought as he took his time to reply.

"I understand your conviction Charles. I'm not going to stand in your way. So what do you need me to do? Do you even have a plan?" Stephen reluctantly asked.

"Dad I have to know where she is. I am going to her and talk. I have few ideas how I am going to explain her. I don't know which one I am going to choose we will see."

Stephen sighed and shook his head. He too had been tracking the Blonde avenger. He took a deep breath then gave him the coordinates to her location. He was not going to make it easy.

She is at

Latitude: 38.8951100Longitude: -77.0363700

Stephen said.

Chuck repeated the coordinates.

"Dad she is in Washington DC?" Chuck exclaimed.

"She is leaving a Townhouse in the Georgetown district. That is a trendy area." Stephen said looking at her through one of the hijacked satellites.

"Thanks Dad I got her now. I will see you soon!" Chuck said brightly as he watched Sarah enter her car.

"Well Charles I want you to be careful. I love you Son." Stephen said.

"Dad I will and thank you for your help." Chuck said wishing he could physically hug him.

"Charles, Aces you are aces" Stephen replied hanging up.

"Thanks Bye Dad" Chuck replied ending the call.

He spent the rest of the day watching Sarah on the various satellites which crossed over DC. He saw her buy groceries and noted the top of the bag was her favorite Rocky Road.


He had packed and caught a plane to Richmond Va. He rented a car then wore a hat and sunglasses while he drove. He did not want to be caught on any surveillance. He still had three weeks before his training. He decided to use that time with Sarah if she would still want him. He used his James Irving identity. He booked one of the hotels. Now he is looking at her townhouse. When he first saw she is living in townhouse. He was shocked. He never thought Sarah would live in that type of house. Her town home was really big and looked very modern too. The neighborhood looked nice.

He sat the other side of the street and watched the house. He was in such concentration that he did not notice on his tablet that Sarah had moved from her living room. He has to do something to impress her but he didn't know what would. He knew that Sarah would be very mad or make that really mad. He doesn't know how to calm her or convince her to listen to him. He also doesn't have the courage so he decided to go with simple.


She was in her living room in her townhome. She loved this home. This is her second precious thing, first of course was her Porsche. She wished she could have shown this house to Chuck. She knew he would have also loved it.

It had an open main level w/11" ceilings, LR, gourmet kitchen, DR & family room that opens to private patio. The Kitchen had all top-of-the-line appliances, finishes, quartz counter, custom cabinetry & massive island. All BR's en-suite had a shower and a spa baths. There was smart-home tech, roof deck & parking. House has 3 bedrooms 3 full, 1 partial Bathrooms.

She was sitting on to couch and drinking coffee in the living room. She was musing about her last talk with Ellie. Her surveillance caught a glimpse of a nondescript car sitting across the street. Sarah's spy sense started tingling.

Sarah had her knife ready as she slipped out the back and crept up to the unmarked car across the street. She wondered if it was one of her enemies come to wreak havoc in her already destroyed life? If so well she would go down fighting.

She got to the car door and yanked it open then surprised the Driver. She was about to place the driver on the street when a voice she thought she would never meet again yelled out.

"Sarah wait…! It is me Chuck!" Chuck said as Sarah had pulled him effortlessly from the car and slammed him with great efficiency to get a look at him.

Sarah's eyes widened then instead of placing the knife to his throat she dropped the knife. She kissed him hard on the lips then frog marched him up to her house.

Sarah could not believe it. Chuck was alive. Her spy senses were never wrong. Why did he have to wait so long? Was he on a mission? It did not matter. He is alive and her heart rejoiced. She would get her answers even if she had to torture it out of him she would. Why did he do this to her?

Chuck came to with Sarah standing over him.

"Er Surprise?" Chuck weakly said.

"Surprise…? Is that all you have to say after almost a month. I never believed you were dead! Chuck how could you put me through all this anguish?" Sarah screamed at him.

While she stood staring at him the door bell rang. Chuck knew what those were. They were supposed to arrive before his big entrance. But leave to him to underestimate Sarah's paranoia. Sarah glared at him

"Don't you dare disappear, I will be right back!" Sarah said.

Chuck meekly nodded.

Sarah left to answer the door after checking her surveillance she opened the door to a flower delivery man carrying a bouquet of gardenias.

"Yes how may I help you?" Sarah asked fingering her knife in case it was part of an elaborate ruse. One could not be too careful.

"Hi" the man said as he looked at his delivery slip on his tablet. "Are you Sarah Walker?"

"Who is asking? Oh nevermind I know who these are from..." She said glancing back at Chuck who cringed.

"These are for you ma 'am." He said as he handed her the vase containing her bouquets of Gardenias. "Please sign here for them."

Sarah signed for them on his tablet.

"Have Good evening Ma'am." He said.

Sarah closed the door and was touched by Chuck's thoughtfulness but that did not let him off the hook. She was still mad at him. Sarah carried her vase to the table. She glared again at Chuck who had managed to get himself upright.

She noticed her Computer on the floor. She must have dropped it when her surveillance first alerted her to Chuck's car being present.

"Damn it is ruined!" Sarah swore then glared at Chuck. "It is your fault you know!"

Chuck was a bit concerned but decided to look at it anyway.

"Sarah let me have it. I might be able to fix it." Chuck said.

Sarah reluctantly placed it on the table. It had all her secrets on it. She really did not want to go to Langley then explain to the nerds why it was damaged.

Chuck used his wrist computer. Sarah noticed. Soon he had her computer up and running better than before.

"Sarah it is rugged but next time place the computer down before moving?" Chuck quipped.

Sarah was torn she just wanted to lock lips again but still she was angry. She decided sitting down next to Chuck was preferable than standing. She was wondering why he did not flash. Something he should have done out at the car. Even though, she caught him by surprise.

"Chuck, why did you not flash? Is that the reason you faked your own death?" Sarah calmly said.

Chuck looked at her in the eye he was a terrible liar. So he went with the truth.

"It is one of the reasons. Orion removed the Intersect. I can no longer flash. I would be a sitting duck if I was still Charles Bartowski. Beckman would have had no use for me. I knew I could not ask you to put your job on hold. Besides we were on the outs. I felt it was the only way to protect everyone I love." Chuck said.

"Oh Chuck you stupid stupid man!" Sarah said reaching over and kissing him like there was no tomorrow.

Chuck just melted into her as they enjoyed the blessed relief. After the kiss ended Sarah was curious.

"Chuck so what have you been doing?" Sarah coyly asked.

Chuck decided it was too long of a story for just tonight.

"Sarah I will answer your question in the morning. It is late and I really need to sleep. After what I did to you, I have not gotten too much rest lately." Chuck said.

"Ok Chuck I will curb my curiosity only for this one night then you need to come clean with all of it!" Sarah said.

"Sarah I promise you I will. I need to return to my hotel." Chuck said rising.

"Oh No you are not going anywhere other to my bed!" Sarah said. "I don't want you trying to sneak off either. You might be great with electronics but this security I have is very hard to defeat. You might be up to the challenge but I would find you before you could defeat it."

"I would not dream of leaving your bed tonight." Chuck said with a grin.

"That is good because I intend to show you what you have been missing." Sarah said as she kissed him once again.

They climbed the stairs as Sarah led him into her bedroom. It was tastefully appointed.

"The shower and tub are through there" Sarah said pointing at the door. "I expect you to be clean first."

Chuck mutely nodded as he entered the well equipped En suite. Chuck marveled at the colors and textures as he stripped and got in the several headed showers. He was almost finished when the shower door opened and Sarah in all her glory stepped in. Chuck smiled as he wrapped his arms around her small waist and drew her to him. The next thirty minutes they enjoyed each other company. Chuck finally tired of the shower commented.

I would have thought the hot water would have run out by now. It is still steaming. Chuck said.

"Less talk more action" Sarah said. "Besides it is a tankless water heater. You never run out of hot water."

They got out of the shower then toweled themselves dry. Chuck noticed the towels were extra fluffy too.

Once dry they lip locked for round three this time it was in Sarah's bed. The passion they shared exhausted both of them after round five. Sarah now contented laid her head on Chuck's strong broad chest and promptly went to sleep. This was what she had been missing. Now it was returned. She would never let him go again.

Chuck stayed awake a bit longer staring at the blonde goddess in his arms. How could he have been so stupid? Ellie called it right. She was in love with him. He was so in love with her too.

"I love you Sarah Lisa Walker." Chuck said in a whisper.

Sarah just groaned then tightened her grip on his chest.


Chuck awoke to a pair of blue eyes staring at him.

"No that is not creepy at all" Chuck quipped.

Sarah slapped him for that comment.

"Look I thought you were dead and after everything last night I thought I could have dreamt it so excuse me for staring at a dead man." Sarah said. "So have you thought of breakfast?"

"Is there someplace you have to be?" Chuck asked looking at the clock.

"Yeah but it is not everyday your boyfriend comes back from the dead. It can wait." Sarah said getting up.

"Boyfriend is that what I am to you Sarah?" Chuck asked anxiously.

"Of course you are! Do you think I would put out for any one?" Sarah asked getting a bit upset.

"Oh No Sarah I loved it just that we never you know decided if we would do this for real. The fact is I want you for my girlfriend and beyond for the longest time. I thought it would never happen. I am so sorry I got mad at you over stupid Shaw. He does not matter only you Sarah only you." Chuck said gazing at Sarah with such earnest eyes which were filled with nothing but love.

Sarah broke down and melted in his sight. She could never be angry at him for long.

"Apology accepted so why don't you use the shower and get dressed while I get breakfast going. I do have clothes in your size here." Sarah said. "Yeah I know creepy of me. I was convinced we would be together so I planned ahead. Only your death derailed those plans. Now that you are alive they can be reinstated if you want to?"

"Yeah Sarah I want to very much. So show me where my clothes are?" Chuck asked.

"Second wardrobe contains everything you need." Sarah said as she bounded out of the room almost flying.

Chuck took another shower this time it was not as fun but it sure loosened up his muscles.

Sarah crept back up stairs after breakfast was made. She cracked opened the door to gaze at what a great physique he had. There was much muscle definition. Sarah was about to drool when Chuck noticed her.

"Oh Sarah is there something wrong?" Chuck asked getting out of the shower then toweling his hair.

"Oh nothing is wrong, Chuck. I just wanted to tell you breakfast is ready." She said almost panting.

Chuck grunted a Casey grunt then proceeded to brush his teeth. Sarah decided to join him at the double sinks. It was something so domestic but each took great pleasure upon glancing at each other. Once done they kissed good morning without morning breath. Sarah stripped to take another shower as Chuck exited to get dressed.

Chuck looked over the selection of clothing Sarah had chosen for him. He was surprised that there was a pair of a new Chuck in the corner. She really knew him like he knew her.

Chuck got dressed and was famished headed downstairs to see what Sarah had prepared. She followed him down just a little bit later. She approved of his choice of all the clothes. She used to imagine him wearing some of them. Now that was a reality.

Chuck was all business as he tore into the pancakes with eggs and bacon. It was the same breakfast she cooked him in the suburbs when they were fighting Fulcrum.

Sarah was pleased as she watched him devour the breakfast with such gusto. Once they were finished he accompanied her back to the living room.

"So if you are not Charles Bartowski anymore who are you?" Sarah asked.

Chuck took a deep breath and started to speak.

"I am known as James Irving. Charles Bartowski was only a cover name though I did not know it until recently." Chuck said.

"James Irving…Hmmm I kind of like it. I knew no one named their child Chuck anymore." Sarah said as she referenced their first meeting in the Buy More.

Chuck smiled.

"So Mr. James Irving what have you been doing in your life after death?" Sarah asked.

"Well after I learned I was actually James Irving my Father told me I was rich. I own 2/3rds of the stock in the Irving Group." Chuck said.

"The Irving Group…? I worked with them in Greece they were responsible for making a desalinization plant. I had a cover as Betty Hans chief engineer for the group." Sarah said. "Small world I got to meet the boss Kenneth Irving a real sweetheart."

"Yes he is" Chuck said. "He is my Uncle he owns the rest of the stock in the group. I was glad to finally meet some more of my Family."

"Well I guess something good came out of this I suppose. So Mr. Jetsetter what are your plans?" Sarah asked.

"Well Sarah I only have three weeks left to go on my vacation. Would you like to spend them with me?" Chuck asked.

"Only three weeks? What happens after three weeks?" Sarah asked with alarm. "I'm not going to lose you again will I?"

"No Sarah Never I will never leave you. However, working with you and Casey I learned I need to be a spy. You both do such good for the world. I could not live with myself if I could not contribute." Chuck said with such conviction.

"Chuck or James that is all well and good but you are dead. Dead people do not become spies. The CIA has enough of regular spies." Sarah said.

"Maybe the CIA does but not my home country of Australia. I chose to train for the ASIS like my Mother did." Chuck said.

"The ASIS…? Really Chuck, that is a first rate group. I have dealt with their agents in Singapore." Sarah said. "They will be blessed to have you. I think I need to hear all of this from the beginning."

"Ok Sarah everything began the day after I uploaded the Intersect 2.0. My Dad called me and said he wants to meet me. I met him our house in Encino. He said that he had a plan to remove the Intersect. If I ever want to remove the Intersect I can so we began to work on this."

"So that is why you said that Orion removed it." Sarah said.

"Yeah, he warned me that it would probably injure me. I know that Intersect was useful. I knew that the General and those above her would never let me go even if it killed me." Chuck sadly said.

Sarah was silent she knew exactly what Chuck meant. Without the intersect Chuck was useless. Chuck continued.

"While we worked together my Father began to talk about our past. He never talked about our past before. I was so interested. He told me he was a CIA agent and my Mother was ASIS agent. They both worked on Intersect project then fell in love. My Dad proposed her and she accepted it. They were aware that they can't be together because they both work for foreign agencies. So my Dad began to do his own search to solve the problem." Chuck said.

Sarah had heard of inter agency romances before. She was surprised that Chuck's parents were one such.

"Sarah you can't repeat any of this anyone okay you really can't because they are beyond top secret. Sarah I can trust you with this right?" Chuck earnestly asked staring into both of her eyes.

"Of course you can trust me Chuck I am not going to betray you." She said being a bit sad that he had to ask.

She did give him something to make him worry. Being with Shaw was her biggest mistake and she thanks the heavens above she has another chance at happiness with Chuck.

"Okay that is good. To continue my story my Dad learned that the Intersect Project was secretly led by a group called the Worldwide Intelligence Service. When my Dad said to me I didn't flash on the name. It was because those files were never included in the finished Intersect. No one knows of their existence." Chuck said.

Sarah was intrigued. She heard rumors of such an organization but this was the first concrete evidence that they existed. Chuck continued.

"The Worldwide Intelligence Service is top secret and only known by their agents and leaders of the countries who are members. In this group, you are already an agent for your country but you are also an agent for WIS. But you have to be best of the best if you want to be a WIS agent. Their training is far in advance of any national intelligence service. Their purpose is to serve the world, not just one country. They also had no rules against agents and handlers fraternizing." Chuck said.

"Oh so that was the loophole Orion exploited to get married?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah it was Sarah, so both of them were made agents of the WIS. Now the history of the Intersect becomes a bit sordid. One of their colleagues a Hartley Winterbottom volunteered to be downloaded with a personality changer. They downloaded the Intersect into him with a temporary removable personality that they called Alexei Volkoff. Everything went to hell after that. Hartley became convinced he was Alexi Volkoff for real." Chuck said.

Sarah heard of Alexi Volkoff when she was training . He was a small time arms dealer with a ruthless streak. He was someone Graham kept an eye on. Chuck continued his narrative.

"At the mention of the name Alexi Volkoff, I flashed. Volkoff Industries was the public international arms dealing and business front owned by Alexei Volkoff. Volkoff Industries had maintained a headquarters in Maroubra. The organization had used a number of other companies as public fronts for their arms shipments. Volkoff's real base of operations was in Sydney." Chuck said.

Sarah had been to Sydney many times in behalf of Graham. Chuck continued.

"The President was made aware of the situation. My Mother and he had agreed that if they could be accepted by the WIS, then they would get married. My Dad told the President that was what they wanted." Chuck said.

Sarah was enthralled in this story as much as Chuck was when he first heard it from his Dad. He continued.

"He agreed to everything on one condition. My Mother was to go undercover in Volkoff's organization to stop Volkoff. They accepted that condition. My Dad was nervous at first of the idea. He knew my mother was the best agent out there. After they were officially accepted as WIS agents, they moved to Australia. My dad worked at home and my Mother went undercover to work for Volkoff's company in Australia. She quickly made a name for herself at Volkoff's. After a while Ellie and I were born." Chuck said.

So that is what Chuck meant as he was Australian, Sarah thought.

"They learnt that Volkoff was involved with the organization known to us as The Ring. At the top of the Ring hierarchy, there are five elders. One of them was Volkoff. So my Mother began to learn about them piece by piece. One day they realized that the Ring knew about the Intersect and began to search for work on such a project. So my Mother was slowly destroying their companies and killing their agents. They were scared what would happen to me and Ellie if Volkoff found out about them. They had an emergency plan to disappear if it came to that." Chuck said.

"I guess it came to that?" Sarah asked.

"Yes it did. So Sarah do you want to hear the rest of the story now or do you want to take a break?" Chuck asked.

"Let's take a break. It is almost lunch time. There is a Subway around the corner." Sarah said.

They took off in Sarah's Porsche. It looked vaguely familiar.

"Sarah really a Buy More?" Chuck said.

"Yeah but that is where the subway is. Come I'll show you." Sarah said as she took his hand and Chuck managed to keep his head down and away from the cameras.

They got their sandwiches then sat in the outdoor seating area. Once they finished they returned to Sarah's townhome and Chuck continued the story.

"Where was I? Ok, I've got it. So one day, my Mother didn't come home. My Dad began to get very nervous. He tried to contact her. She didn't answer. He called her back up team. They too were looking for her. After two more days, they learned she was captured. Her team found her eventually with my Dad's help and they saved her. Her cover was blown. She was pretty beat up. My Mother said that they interrogated her about the Intersect. How they could build one and who had the expertise to do it. She didn't tell them anything. My Dad was anxious to get out of the country after that but they didn't. My Mother said that Volkoff had to be eliminated because if the Ring learned about how he had an Intersect, things would get complicated." Chuck said.

Sarah agreed in principle with his Mother. The bad guy was too much a threat.

"My Mother and he agreed that this would be her last mission. Two days later, she succeeded in getting close to Volkoff and killed him. She contacted my Dad straight away to meet at their arranged designated rendezvous point. The Ring knew she was responsible for Volkoff's death. They tailed her to their agreed meeting point. It was where she was shot dead. We were there to see it. My Dad ran to her but she was already dead." Chuck said remembering that event in his young life.

He heard Sarah gasp at that last sentence as his eyes began to moisten.

"He did what he had to do for me and Ellie. He got us out of the country and back to the States. So we began our new lives here. Ellie and I were having a really hard time adjusting to the loss of our Mother and the circumstances behind it. So my Dad created a similar program to the one he created originally for Hartley but not as powerful. This was just to suppress our memories about my mother's death and my childhood in Australia. He downloaded it into both of us." Chuck said.

Sarah figured something like that might have occurred since the Intersect seemed to work only for him.

"My Dad said he had to leave us at some point because the Ring knew about Ellie and me. They weren't going to stop until they found all three of us. He had to leave us for your own protection. My dad said that he is telling me this because now ASIS have become aware that I was the Intersect and want me to work for them. He didn't want me to lead the life my Mother and he had. So he took the opportunity to remove the Intersect from me at Barstow before the cover he built for me and Ellie was blown. When he learnt that I downloaded the Intersect 2.0, he decided that I should know about my past."

"So he gave two options. I can keep working for the CIA or I can work for ASIS he said. Either would probably lead to me working for WIS because of my intelligence and talent. If I am going work for ASIS or WIS they don't want me to have an Intersect because of what it did to Volkoff." Chuck explained.

"So that is why Orion removed the Intersect so you could get to the WIS?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah, Orion said that if I chose to work for the CIA they would to want more from me. They spent a lot of money on the Intersect. They want more agents with it. They will always see me an asset and weapon to be burned when they decide to do it. So he asked me, which group would work best for me? I thought about that question a lot. In the end I decided to work for ASIS. My Dad set up a meeting for me with them before I went Prague. We talked and before I agree to work for them I said I had conditions." Chuck said.

Sarah admired how Chuck was dealing with such a bad situation. It was a good thing he was dead. The CIA would have never let him go.

"My first condition was for Ellie. I don't want her to stay here while I was gone. Because of she is my Sister she can be in great danger. So I arranged for both of them to be out of US and work for some European hospital. Also told them Ellie would be told everything. Second I want 2 months for vacation because I really need it after what happened. And my third condition is for us. I said that and I quote '' Right now I am in love with my current handler Sarah Walker. I also think she has feelings for me." Chuck said.

Sarah just melted to learn Chuck was adding her to his conditions.

"I know that there is a rule somewhere that foreign agent can't date but I talked about this with my Dad. He stated that there is a solution. It would be to begin with working at WIS. I know that I am new in the game. You might think that I am currently rookie. You are right. I am going to work so hard and be one of the best agents. When the time comes I want you to support me to become a WIS agent. My last condition is I don't want to part of any sort of experiment and I don't want to be Intersect again." Chuck said.

"I am surprised they agreed to this. So once you agreed is that when your death was planned?" Sarah asked being amazingly perceptive.

"Yeah so was I but they agreed. We began to prepare to plan how I would end up working for them without anyone getting suspicious present company excluded. I had to go to Prague for training. They told me I should play my part and failed my training. When I failed my training both CIA and NSA would believe I couldn't be spy. They would return me to Burbank. They wouldn't give up on me very easily. They had spent much money to their precious Intersect. When I came home I knew that you guys would be still be in the city. Most likely you would be on a mission. If my dad could finished the removal process I would needed to go on that mission with you but he didn't. So I have to gain time for my dad to finish that part of the plan. I also grateful he didn't because I was not there. You could have been shot. I couldn't live with that." Chuck said talking about the recent events to where he faked his death.

Sarah was concerned about her behavior back then. It was not very loving or even slightly likable.

"You were still angry to me for Prague. You never gave me a chance to explain. All of that is part of the plan. Anyway when my Dad finished he asked me when we should do this. I said we wait a little so maybe we can talk and straighten out. Sarah I wanted to tell you everything and all plan but you didn't listen me. Hannah was mistake and we broke up friendly. I thought we once again begin to talk then Shaw happened. When I heard you guys talked in his room. My world shattered Sarah. I felt so betrayed. Also when my Dad removed to Intersect he decided to tell me everything." Chuck said.

"So this is when he told you about your real family heritage and your inheritance?" Sarah asked.

Yeah, my real name is James Bryan Irving. Ellie's real name is Faye Elizabeth Irving. My parents were Thomas Jackson Irving and Faye Isabelle Wilson. My dad came from Scotland and my mother from Australia. My Dad's parents were owners the Irving Group and my Mother's Father was the owner the Wilson Coal. Both left inheritances to Ellie and I. My Dad also had shares in Irving Group but he gave them to me. Ellie gave me her shares too. I am the biggest shareholder of Irving Group in Scotland." Chuck said finished with telling her everything.

"So now you are what a Billionaire?" Sarah inquired.

"Well the companies do that sort of business but in my inheritance in my bank accounts are just under 5 billion Australian for the Coal side. The Irving group is in Pounds and it is nearly 759 million. So maybe I am a billionaire of a sort." Chuck said.

"I see" Sarah said.

"Sarah I want something from you too. It bothered me and is still doing so." Chuck said

Ok Chuck what is it?" Sarah asked hoping it was not about Shaw.

"Why Sarah did you say your real name to Shaw? Was I not good enough to know? I need to hear your reason Sarah. Please tell me why?" Chuck pleaded.

Sarah's eyes ones again begin to moisten. She took a deep breath and slowly began to speak.

''Chuck .. I never meant to hurt you. That never was my intention. I was afraid, Chuck on seeing you begin to change. That was horrible. I felt I was responsible. I never wanted you to change. You are sweet, nice, charming, and a genuine honest guy. You in my view began to change into the perfect spy. First Prague then after we saved Casey's daughter you nearly came close to killing that guy. I felt like I was losing the real you. I have strong feelings for you and seeing you change it was so hard for me. I didn't know what to do. Then you dated Hannah and I felt so alone. Why I said my name to him I really don't know. The moment I said it I felt really stupid. How could I be that stupid?" Sarah said with her eyes tearing up.

Chuck felt really bad in asking such an embarrassing question. She was not done.

"I said that to him mostly because he was there and part of me wants to see if he and I would have to same type of connection I have with you. There was no spark Chuck. There was nothing. It felt empty and I said that for nothing. I felt like biggest fool in the world. I know that if I said that to you it would be precious moment between us. You would probably cherish that information so much. I spent it on someone not worthy. It probably gave him advantage too. All information is important for spy especially if it is this personal. I gave it to him just so easily too. I feel really stupid and I regret it so much. It hurt me when I learned you knew I said that to him. I felt like I didn't deserve you anymore because I spent our moments for nothing. I'm never going to forgive myself hurting you. Sarah said getting a grip on herself then continued.

"You are the only one who deserves to know more about my past then anyone. It was especially true after all you did for me. I stupidly broke that trust. After that I came to see you to talk to you. You were not there. I found our photo on the floor and I kept it. Then went to beach and saw Morgan he said me to go to my hotel room. When I went there I thought maybe you would give me chance to explain myself. Hopefully you would forgive me. When I got there I found my room empty I felt so disappointed. I saw your letter that hurt so much Chuck. After that I went back to Ellie's and heard to worst new I ever heard." Sarah sadly said.

Chuck inwardly cringed on knowing what that news was.

"I was in the kitchen and police officers came to talk with Ellie when I heard to news that you had died I fainted. It was so hard for me before to say to you how I felt before asking your forgiveness. Now you were dead. I would never be able to ask and receive your forgiveness. I cried all night. Ellie invited me to stay with her. I stayed in your room. I never left there if not necessary for several days. I cried so much for you Chuck. I missed you like crazy. I missed your smile, your scent and your Chuckness. It was really so hard for me. Then your lawyer came and gave us your will. God it was so hard to watch see you like that on that video." She said as she began to cry.

Chuck immediately went to her and hugged her.

"Oh Sarah come here" Chuck said opening his arms then enveloping both of them in a warm cocoon of love and acceptance.

Sarah accepted the hug as they both cried together over all the hurt and miscommunications. Sarah pulled away and looked deep into his eyes.

"Please Chuck tell me you forgive me please I need to hear it." She whimpered.

He gazed into her eyes.

"Oh Sarah I forgive you and I love you so much." Chuck said. "You need to forgive me and yourself too"

"I certainly forgive you Chuck . I love you " Sarah said.

"What about yourself?" Chuck asked.

"Yes I forgive myself too." Sarah said.

Good we are a mess we both need another shower. Is that agreed? Chuck asked.

"Ok then…" Chuck said rising from the couch.

Sarah jumped into Chuck's arms and he carried them both to the shower and there they made love again because they both knew they were forgiven.

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