Chuck vs The Game


When Chuck woke up he found Sarah nestled next to him. Her head was on his chest and their legs were entwined. She firmly grasps his left hand in hers. He looked at the angel sleeping soundly. He couldn't believe his luck. Finally, he and Sarah were together for real. They still have very long way but he knew they would make it. Their love is strong. He thanks God for the man at the bar. If he hadn't listened to that guy he would have been still be in Hawaii trying to forget Sarah.

Yes, he loved his time there and it was fun but nothing like waking up next to the love of his live Sarah. Having this in the morning was like heaven. He loves her so much. He couldn't believe how much of an idiot he was last month. He thought that Sarah really didn't love him and had played him. Now knowing the truth he can't believe how he let Sarah to suffer that kind of pain. If he was Sarah Chuck thought

"I probably had gone insane."

While looking at her he slowly traced his fingers through her soft golden hair. Then he remember Sarah's plea

"Please, don't leave me Chuck" She said in her sleep.

He awoke her to stop her repeating and crying. It was breaking his heart how he had treated this poor lost woman. Once that was settled and she had stopped crying. They settled down then fell asleep again. It was because of him she was having these nightmares. He would never do something to hurt his angel again.

While Chuck was lost in thought Sarah slowly began to awake. When he looked at her he saw those beautiful blue eyes he so want to lost inside. She was awake and looking at him.

"Good morning angel" he said slowly while continue to trace his finger through her hair.

"Good morning" Sarah said sleepily but happily too.

"How long have you been awake?" Chuck asked.

"Awhile…I saw you were deep in thought. So Chuck what were you thinking?" Sarah asked curiously.

"I was thinking. How lucky I am to have you in my life. I vowed to never hurt you again." He said seriously.

Sarah looked at his demeanor. It made her heart soar.

"Chuck, I am lucky too. You better vow mister because if you do something like this again. I will kill you myself you got it?" Sarah said with much emphasis.

"Yes ma'am." Chuck said smiling.

"Now, that we agree on that. Where is my morning kiss?" Sarah asked innocently.

"Your wish is my command my Queen" he quipped as he kissed her just like there was no tomorrow.

"Wow, this is what I want every morning. So Chuck what are your plans for today?" she asked after awhile.

Chuck thought about the activities he had to do for this day. He would rather stay in bed with his angel and worship her. However, there were things to do.

"You know that I am still dead. So I can't stay too long in US. I can not stay here as much as I want. I have to go somewhere else. I still have three weeks before I go to spy training. So do you think we can go somewhere together and enjoy each other company?" He asked while performing the Bartowski eyebrow dance.

Sarah suddenly got very serious.

"You are right you shouldn't be here at all. I still have two weeks but I can do one week then go back into field. I am happy go anywhere you want to go because I just want to be with you Chuck. The place is not important." She said as she kissed him.

They stayed in bed and enjoy each other much before rising to prepare for the day. Sarah sat in her kitchen while Chuck made his pancakes. He plated them while Sarah enjoyed watching his antics. Her stomach was empty and she quickly devoured everything he lovingly prepared for their breakfast. After the breakfast they began to plan for their vacation.

"Chuck, where do you think we should go" Sarah asked as the last delicious bite of food disappeared.

"I don't know. How about Barbados? There is the Sun, Ocean, Caribbean lifestyle …We could dance in the moonlight" Chuck suggested.

"Chuck, that sounds heavenly. I could really use some sun and fun." She replied.

"Ok it is settled then Barbados it is." He said rising then hugging her from behind and kissed her cheek.

"I love you Sarah" he said.

"I love you too Chuck" she said as she turned around in the chair and kiss him on the lips.

She packed her luggage then left the house. Going to the rental Chuck automatically sat in the passenger seat and smiled. Sarah smiled back grabbing the keys to the rental and followed the GPS back to Chuck's hotel room. Sarah and Chuck entered.

"I'll just be a moment. I need to just grab my gear and go" Chuck said.

Sarah was not that impressed of the accommodations. Chuck was definitely slumming it. Of course he is not supposed to be flaunting his massive wealth.

Chuck quickly packed and they were off to the airport to return the rental.

Washington Dulles International Airport

They got their tickets then sat one of the bars waiting to their flight. Chuck wore his favorite ball cap over his face. He didn't want to let the cameras catch his face. They never broke their hand hold. They were look like a couple so much in love with each other.

"After today everything going to be so much better I hope" Chuck said leaning over to whisper in her ear doing so to block anyone seeing his face.

"I hope so too Chuck. I never want to go through that amount of pain I did last month." Sarah whispered back.

"I promise you Sarah. I will never going to hurt you again like this or any form. I love you so much" He said nuzzling her face.

"I love you too" Sarah said turning her head so they would kiss still avoiding anyway of identifying her companion.

After a little while they heard their call and went to their plane. Both of them have to same thought this vacation would be awesome. This was because they finally had each other and would never let go.

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