Chuck vs The Game


After 11 hours the plane arrives at the airport. Chuck and Sarah go to get their luggage as they wait they always hold hands. On their faces there is a smile that said that they are very happy. Others can see that this couple is very much in love. When they retrieve their bags Chuck begins to look toward the door like he was expecting someone.

"Chuck, what or who are you looking to come through those doors?" Sarah asks.

His smile began to get bigger. There is a hint of guilt too

"Sarah, when you were preparing your suitcase. I gave a call to hotel to request access to all of their extras plus activities. Also I told them that I am the CEO of Irving Group. So they should prepare everything before we arrive. They said there will be someone from the hotel waiting for us when we arrive. I am looking for that guy." Chuck explains as he continues to scan the area.

Sarah was surprised from his confession. She really didn't expect him to spend this much money. She didn't want him to spend money on her. She knows better than to believe he will not. He would spend every penny he has for her.

"Why did you do this Chuck? You don't have to spend this money.'' she said calmly while gazing at him.

"Sarah I'm a multibillionaire CEO I know I don't need to do this. I want to spend it. There is no one more deserving than you. It will be our first vacation together. I want it to be special for us. I like spending money on you so don't think you can stop to me. You are so very precious to me. I just want to give you the world so please just enjoy it my love." Chuck said with a big smile on his face.

Sarah didn't know what to say to this man. He is really special and she loves him so much. So instead of words she just kisses him like there is no tomorrow. After a little while they break apart. She brought his head to hers.

"I love you Chuck, you are precious to me too" She says as she hugs him.

"I love you too, Sarah" he says.

During their embrace Chuck saw a guy in a suit holding a card.

'James Irving'

He breaks the hug then takes Sarah's hand and begins to walk to the guy.

"Hi I am James Irving and this is Sarah Walker" he said with a smile.

"Hello Mr. Irving and Ms. Walker, welcome to Barbados. It is a pleasure to serve you. I am Ben Taylor. I am your chauffeur during your stay in the Sand Lane. Please follow me." He says as he takes their luggage.

They follow him toward the car then he stops to open their door. Chuck and Sarah do a double take. Chuck knows that he requested from them all of the luxury they can afford. However, he didn't want this. In front of them there is Black Rolls Royce Phantom Extended waiting. Ben takes care of their luggage as Sarah slides inside first then Chuck. He closes the door then the man got in the driver seat. They left the airport in style. While Chuck and Sarah sitting the back they never break their hand hold. They watch the scenery as it passes by the blacked out windows. It looks so calming and amazing. Chuck took Sarah's hand then kisses each finger. Sarah smiles at him.

As they drive Sarah sees a sign.

'Sandy Lane'

It was the name of their hotel. Next she sees the hotel entrance. They didn't enter at the front of hotel. She looks surprised and puzzled as she glances at Chuck.

"Chuck, where are we going…Is that not the front entrance to the hotel?" Sarah asks.

Chuck just smiles then kisses her hand.

"My dear, we are going to the private entrance." Chuck says.

The vehicle turns into a hidden driveway away from the regular entrance. It glides up to a shady area where it stops. It was not in front of the hotel but something even more exciting. They were in front of a very luxury villa.

Ben opens the door for them. As they exit there is a man waiting for them. This man takes their luggage. Another man gives them two glasses champagne. There is a brunette woman there waiting in the foyer of the villa.

"I wish to welcome you to the Sandy Lane Barbados. I am Crystal Evanson. This is your private villa for your stay. Here are the keys. I am the concierge to assist you with everything. If you need anything please don't hesitate to ask. Now if you wish I can show you the area." She says as she gives them the keys.

"Thank you Crystal, I am James Irving and this lovely lady is Sarah Walker, my precious girlfriend. I called ahead I hope everything is ready for us. Also we would love for you to show us the area." Chuck says.

He looks into Sarah's eyes for confirmation. She nods to him.

"Yes, everything is ready for your stay exactly as you request Mr. Irving. I hope you will like it. Please follow me." Crystal reports as Chuck smiles.

They walk hand in hand as Crystal conducted the tour over this stately Palladian building. It is set in beautifully manicured tropical gardens and concealed by mahogany trees. Cool coral stone walls that characterize Sandy Lane with quirky architectural details such as stone-carved pineapples and pillars decorate the property.

Sarah being in shock is understatement to what she was feeling. The place is really beautiful and it looks like heaven. The villa also has a pool and oversized Jacuzzi.

"We have golf course, tennis court and water sports. Also you can use the Fitness Center at the spa.'' Crystal said as she conducts the tour. "You have a personal staff of a butler, housekeeper and chef. I will summon them now to meet with you if you wish."

Chuck shook his head no as they continue into house. The house is really big and very luxurious. It is looks very comfortable. Sarah looks around amazed. Chuck now signals.

"We would like to meet the staff now Crystal." Chuck says.

"Very Good Mr. Irving…" She says as she whispers into her comm unit.

As they stood waiting they saw a man and two women approach. Man is in his late twenties and a brunette. The two women were also that age. One is brunette and the other blonde.

"This man is your butler. His name is Ryan Sawyer. This is Ashley Barlow she is your housekeeper and this is Giselle Harris she is your chef." she introduces the staff. "These fine people are Mr. James Irving and Ms. Sarah Walker. They are the guests staying here."

"Welcome to the Sandy Lane, Mr. Irving and Ms Walker. We hope your stay will be a pleasant one." The staff says in unison.

Sarah and Chuck looks at each other then to them.

"Nice to meet you all and please it is just James and Sarah" Chuck announces.

'' Do you want me to show you around the villa?'' Crystal asks.

''Yes we would like that very much please.'' says Chuck as he holds Sarah's hand.

''Ok, this way please.'' Crystal replies.

Chuck is impressed with the villa. It is absolutely huge and also very luxurious with a very comfortable atmosphere. Sarah is living in a dream right now. She doesn't believe her eyes. Yes, she has stayed in some luxurious hotels while on assignment. Plus she has been a plaything of a very wealthy bad guy who she killed too. This however, is totally different from anything she ever has experienced before meeting Chuck. Nothing is able to describe the feeling she has right now.

She is so happy. She feels like she would burst from this much happiness. She is unable to compare the desolation she just has experienced and after that horrible few months she can't believe it. She is here with Chuck. They're going to spend their vacation this amazing place. Also the place not as important to her as long as she is with Chuck then nothing else matters. She is finally at peace and finally able to relax. She trusts Chuck completely. She doesn't need anymore her armor when she is with him.

Chuck is also the same. He is so happy that he is finally with Sarah. Yes that few months are very bad. He now understands that it is also so awful for her too. He will spend as much as time with her while that he has left. They both know that real life once again will intrude this bubble. This time they will be prepared for it. He will not leave Sarah ever as long as she will have him. He has made that mistake once. He has no intention to do that ever again. He loves her so much he doesn't know if he would ever live without her. Yes he will do his hardest to be worthy. However, he will never give up.

Crystal finishes showing them the rooms.

''If you need anything please don't hesitate to ask…Have a wonderful stay '' She says as she leaved them.

Chuck look at Sarah

''So my love what do you want to do?'' Chuck asks now that they are alone.

"Well I think I know this is deserved." Sarah saucily says when she kisses then hugs him.

They break the embrace then smile at each other.

"I like your thinking, Sarah. However, there is so much to do here too." Chuck says.

"I don't know Chuck I kind of want to explore that big bed first." Sarah says.

Chuck nods then follows her to that bed. After sating Sarah's and Chuck's sexual energies they lie exhausted but happy together.

"Well that is a Wow…" Chuck says.

"Yeah Chuck it is Wow the Wow, wow." Sarah says turning over to face him.

At this point the couple's stomachs start grumbling.

Sarah giggles as she points to his stomach. Chuck feigns offense then bursts into laughter.

"I think we should get dressed and find out what delectable dishes that the Chef has prepared." Chuck suggests.

"Ok Chuck let's get clean…Let's share the shower." Sarah says with much love in her eyes.

After another round of making love they finally get dressed. They amble together holding hands to find the chef in the kitchen baking a pie.

"Hello" Chuck says. "I was wondering. What is that delicious smell emanating from this area?"

"Oh hello…I'm taking out a shepherd's pie. It is almost done. You could share it if you wish." The chef replies.

"Shepherd's pie is fine. Yes we would like that." Chuck says.

"Very good where would you like to dine? There is a table prepared overlooking the pool and the beach behind. There is a cool breeze today too." The chef explains.

Chuck looks at Sarah whose smile was very radiant.

"So my love would you like our meal there?" Chuck asks sweetly.

"Yes Chuck that would be fine." Sarah replies.

"Ok it is settled the place by the pool is acceptable." Chuck says.

"Very good if you would like to follow me please I will show you to it." The chef says as she plates the meals on the cart.

The chef pushes the cart as Sarah and Chuck follow. The view is fantastic. Chuck helps seat Sarah then seats himself. The Chef delivers the food with a flourish then exits.

Sarah takes one bite and the flavors explode in her mouth. She can not help to let a very sexy moan escape her lips.

"Oh Chuck this is so marvelous." You need to taste this as she holds out a forkful of food to him.

Chuck takes a bite then the same sound explodes out of him too.

"Oh Sarah that is so good." He moans as he gives her a forkful too.

They spend the next few hours feeding each other.

Once they are finished the chef returns to remove the remnants also to show them a dessert.

"Oh my, is that …" Sarah asks seeing her most favorite dessert.

"Strawberry shortcake…? Why yes it is plus homemade Vanilla Ice cream or Real whipped cream topping which would you prefer?" the chef asks with a smile.

''I don't know whether I want…" Sarah says.

"Sarah, go ahead and splurge and get both I'm going to do it." Chuck coaxes.

"Alright Chuck you have talked me into it. However, we must work hard to take off these extra calories" Sarah wickedly says.

"Oh Boy…!" Chuck enthusiastically says.

They polish off the dessert then admire the view.

"So Sarah what now do you want to do?" Chuck asks as they finish digesting their meal.

"Maybe we can go to the beach and relax.'' Sarah suggests.

''Sounds wonderful I happened to place my board shorts on just for this occasion.'' Chuck says.

"Well I came prepared with my suit too…Funny we think so alike." Sarah laughs.

They head hand in hand to the beach where Chuck unfurls a beach towel and places a sun umbrella up.

Sarah wears a blue bikini top and blue very low cut beach skirt with a matching bikini bottom underneath. When Chuck first sees her he wouldn't take his eyes off her for about 2 minutes. She is looking so beautiful. For Sarah it is not any different. Chuck wore a white shirt and dark blue board shorts. He is looking good too very fit.

''Do you mind'' She asks as she gives him the sun screen lotion.

Chuck slowly began to meticulously apply the lotion. After he finishes he kiss her neck then hugs her from behind.

''You are so beautiful. Now you are mine I can said it as much as I want I love you, Sarah Walker.'' Chuck says smiling.

"Possessive much…?"Sarah asks as she slowly turns toward him grinning.

''I'm very…Possessive'' He says as he begins to kiss her slowly licking along her lips.

He plunging his tongue into her mouth as she granted his access happily. She began to moan slowly. She begins to make a move then he breaks the kiss, stand up and runs to ocean.

''You can't catch me'' he laughs while moving quickly away.

She is shocked then begins to run after him and jumped on his back to lean into his ear.

''If you kiss me like this then don't finish it then leave me like that again. I will show you what I can do with my knives. You got it Chuck?'' she says said with calm but powerful whisper.

'' Yes Sarah, I get it.'' Chuck said as he rears and dumps her in the ocean.

She comes up sputtering.

"Chuck what the…" Sarah says wildly as he scoops her up then places another searing kiss on her lips.

"I don't take threats easily Sarah… Even from you…However, I will over look this one. I love you Sarah and I do not ever share." Chuck says placing another kiss on Sarah's surprised expression.

''Good and you should know that you are mine too. I do not ever share either. I love you too.'' She says as she now is on her best behavior.

They both dive in the ocean. They swim, talk, then laugh even more and make sand castles together. For the first time in their life both of them feel so free and incredibly happy. They both are sure that it is the company that makes it so. They don't care about anything other than each other.

They stay at the beach until it is late. They walk back to the villa where Sawyer meets them at the front door.

"Your dinner is ready whenever you want it." Sawyer says.

"Great, we will have it in the dining area in about a half hour." Chuck says him then eyes Sarah. "Make that an hour please."

"Very well Sir" Sawyer says as he goes toward the kitchen.

Sarah leads Chuck up the stairs to their bedroom. She expects the bed to still be unmade. No it is perfectly made. Pouting she enters the shower first to wash off the sand which tends to get into very uncomfortable places.

Chuck soon follows as they make love once again in the shower. Getting out they both are ravenous and quick dress for the dinner.

Sawyer sees them descending the stairs as they reaches the bottom he addresses them.

"Please follow me to the Dining area'' He says.

They follow him to the patio. They see the most romantic sight. There are roses everywhere on the floor and candles. The table also looks awesome. Chuck pulls out Sarah's seat then waits for her to sit. When she sit he kiss her cheek then goes to his seat.

Sawyer takes the Cabernet Sauvignon wine then fills their glasses.

"Please enjoy if you need anything I will be just inside." He says as he exits to go inside.

Sarah couldn't believe her eyes. There in front of her one of favorite menus with her favorite wine.

It is Coconut Shrimp, Beef Tenderloin Medallions, Potato "Risotto" along with Caramelized Cumin-Roasted Carrots and Steamed Green Beans with Lemon.

She looks at Chuck with amazement.

''Chuck'' she says with a slow voice.

Chuck takes her hands then kisses them.

''I hope you like it, Sarah. All I want is for you to be happy.'' Chuck says gazing into her eyes.

Sarah looks at Chuck eyes.

''I love it Chuck, thank you everything. It is just so romantic and far from what I imagine. It is really special so thank you.'' She says.

''Only the best for my angelic kick ass ninja girl…I love you Sarah Walker.'' Chuck says.

''I love you too. Mr. Irving'' Sarah responds as they both lean in to kiss.

They happily eat their meal. The conversation flows from one topic to another and neither care. Even that they talk is meaningless. They are both quite happy and feel amazing.

While there are eating Sarah asks, ''So how they know about my favorite meal.''

''I may have call them while you packing'' he says feeling a little guilty.

''That's incredibly sweet Chuck thank you.'' She says smiling.

''Sweet…? Golly gee we are again back to sweet? I feel like eight again.'' Chuck teases.

''Oh stop that Chuck…I know you are not eight…You always do prove that to me. On that you will never hear any objection. I will be quite happy to see that proven again.'' She saucily says with a wink.

He blushes when she says that.

"He looks so cute when he embarrassed a little." Sarah thinks.

After the meal they went back to their room when she opened to door she see that their room also has roses everywhere.

"So Sarah do you want me to prove you that I am indeed not eight years old again?" Chuck asks with a cheeky grin.

''Absolutely'' She says as she jumps on him then kisses him passionately.

He slowly lays her on the bed then unclothes her slowly as she does the same to him.

They proceed to make love once again. They are totally spent as they lie naked under the sheets. Sarah has her head on Chuck's neck. She is hugging him and Chuck has his arm around her. They both turn to each other and with love shining it each eyes too.

"I love you" They say to each other with perfect unity then fell fast asleep.

Their last thoughts are:

"What a perfect way to finish the most perfect day with the most perfect company."

Both feel incredibly lucky to have the other.

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