Chuck vs The Game




Sarah is slowly starting to wake up in her favorite place to be with her head on Chuck's chest. Their limbs are tangled together.

''Morning my love '' Sarah says with her eyes still closed as she snuggles against Chuck a little more.

There is no response from Chuck.

"Where is he?" thinks Sarah.

She slowly opens her eyes to find Chuck is not there. She is actually snuggling into mixture of pillows and a duvet.

''Chuck?'' she calls while looking around the room for her lover.

She glances to clock. She gets up to check their bathroom suite.

"He probably is taking a shower" Sarah thinks.

She once again calls for him. Still there is no response. Now she was getting nervous. She dons a robe then goes downstairs calling for Chuck. Getting downstairs she didn't find him in the villa at all.

So in defeat she notices she is hungry. She goes to kitchen where Giselle sees her.

''Good morning Ms. Walker, is there anything I may help you?'' She asks.

Sarah looks at the chef as her stomach rumbles.

"Oh Ms. Walker, say no more. I will have your breakfast up soon. Right now there is a selection of fresh fruit waiting on the table overlooking the beach. Mr. Irving left instructions to have them ready for you. I did not speak to him exactly though he left these instructions." She says bringing out her phone to show Sarah the text.

Sarah smiles thinking how much Chuck pampers her.

"Ok I think I will have a Spanish omelet. Make sure there is extra salsa." Sarah instructs.

Sarah walks to the table then chooses a number of different fruits. By the time she has finished her fruit the omelet arrives.

''Thank you, Giselle.'' said Sarah.

"You are most welcomed Ms. Walker." The chef replies.

"Giselle please call me Sarah ok?" Sarah says looking directly at the chef with a smile.

"Very well Ms… er Sarah, Would you like anything else?" The chef inquires.

"Yes Giselle if you have any contact with James tell him I am looking for him." Sarah says.

"Yes Sarah if I'm contacted I will give him your message. Have a very pleasant breakfast." The chef says retreating back to the kitchen.

Sarah enjoys her breakfast. She hopes Chuck would have reappeared so they would eat together. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Sarah decides to take a swim. The pool looks very inviting.

Sarah heads up to their room. She takes a quick shower then dresses in her striped suit the one that knocks Chuck's eyes out. On her way back to the pool she passes Ryan the gardener.

"Good Morning Ryan, Have you seen James?" Sarah inquires.

"I saw the Mister by the pool Ms. Walker." Ryan reports.

"Oh good I am going there now. Thank you Ryan" Sarah says as she pads up to the pool area. Chuck is on the phone with his back turned toward her. She creeps up then places her hands over his eyes.

"Guess who?" Sarah says giggling.

Chuck immediately ends the call then spins around to capture Sarah's lips with his. Sarah immediately melts into his strong arms. They break the kiss.

"I did not see you when I awoke. Is there anything wrong?" Sarah asks as she kisses him again.

"No there is nothing wrong. I'm just getting used to directing a global empire. There is always something I need to pay attention even on my vacation. I did not want to wake you this morning so left you sleeping. I should have left you a message in writing. I guess you never looked at your phone huh?" Chuck says.

Sarah looks a little sheepish. She did not even glance at it. She just decided to search for him.

"So I see you did have breakfast without me. I am so sorry I missed eating with you." Chuck apologizes.

"No need to apologize Chuck. You are here now that is all I need." Sarah says.

"Ok no apology you sure look great. Why don't I go upstairs and change too. I did eat breakfast much earlier than you." Chuck says.

"Ok you do that I will wait for you in the pool." Sarah says contentedly as they kissed.

Sarah watches Chuck disappear into the Villa. She disrobes then jumps into the pool. The water was soothing. Soon Chuck reappears then does a cannonball jump into the pool displacing much water and creating a huge wave.

Sarah swam under the water to capture his lips again as they both surface.

They continue the embrace in the shallower part of the pool.

Previously in the Bedroom– 7:55AM

Chuck wakes up to his ringing phone. He sees that his dad is calling him. He decides to take to call. He looks at Sarah. She is sleeping like an angel in his arms so he didn't want to disturb her by taking the call. He slowly gets up and put some pillows near her which he grabs instinctively then sighs. Chuck smiles then takes a pic of his beautiful angel. He gets dressed in something then goes walking outside.

''Morning dad'' Chuck said sleepily.

'' Morning James, how are you? Did I wake you?'' The senior asks.

''Yes you did wake me, Dad. Luckily, you did not wake Sarah. So I am good. What about you?" Chuck inquires.

''I am fine son. So you did find Sarah, huh. That is very good. Your sister will be pleased to know her plan to get you two together worked.'' The elder says teasingly.

''Yes dad I did find her. Thank you for yours and my meddling sister's help. We are together here on vacation now.'' Chuck happily says.

''I see. So you guys are dating I suppose?'' he says with a slight tinge of suspicion being heard in his voice.

'' Yes we are. Dad why the suspicion? You didn't have problem with her before did you?'' Chuck asks.

"No son. It is not I that has a problem with her. I want to know what changed your mind. You are the one who convince us that she shouldn't be trusted." Stephen points out.

''Ok Dad you have a point. I know I told you. Yes, she did betray my trust once but I couldn't help okay. I love her so much. I did mistakes too dad. Maybe it was for good but it hurt her too you know? And didn't we talk all of this while I was Hawaii?'' says Chuck with conviction.

''So what she is the one for you? Your soul mate?'' Stephen teases.

''Yes dad, she is the only one I will love and trust. I will not lose her once again over my insecurities okay. Will you just be happy for me? '' Chuck said with a lot of conviction.

Stephen hears exhaustion in his son's voice from this conversation.

''Then James, I am happy for you son. I'm just trying to protect you from heart break and be there for you.'' Stephen replies.

''Dad I understand that you just trying to protect me but I am big enough to make my own decisions. I am a part owner in a Multi Billion dollar business. So please dad leave it.'' Chuck implores.

''Okay son if you trust her I will trust her too.'' Stephen replies.

''Thank you dad…Is there anything else?'' Chuck asks.

''Yes James, I found some information that you both would want to hear.'' Stephen says cryptically.

''What did you find? What sort of information is it?'' Chuck eagerly asks.

''All in due time James…I think we should talk about this together. You should create a video conference. Contact me at the regular number when you have done it. I love you son. Bye for now.''

Poolside – 9:30 AM.

"Sarah, I have news we need to get out of the pool. You know I was on the phone. Right?" Chuck says.

"Yes, so the call was not about your global empire?" Sarah asks suspiciously.

"No and yet Yes it does pertain to it and everything I have and we will build together." Chuck says.

"Chuck you are scaring me. What are you trying to say?" Sarah asks fearing the worst.

"There is nothing to be frightened about my love. The call was from my dad. He has some sort of information for the both of us. I booked the conference center in the hotel for our meeting at 10AM. We need to get out of the pool and get dressed now to be on time." Chuck says as he kisses away all her fears.

"Ok I trust you so let's get going." Sarah brightly says.

The two leaves the pool then rushes to take showers then dress. It is just in time as the big screen in the villa opens to show Stephen Bartowski smiling at them.

Bedroom - 10 AM

''Hello James and Sarah great to see you how are you?'' Stephen asks politely.

''Hi dad…So what is it you want to discuss?'' Chuck asks.

''Hello Stephen or should I say Mr. Irving…? I am great now that I know that Chuck is alive. Thank you for what you did to bring him back to me.'' Sarah says as she squeezes Chuck's hand.

''It is nothing Sarah. He is my son. I will do anything for my family and I see that James has shared our secrets with you. That means he trusts you too. I must say I was skeptical at first that he should trust you after all this time. After much searching I've learned so much about you too. So I will trust and respect you too. Also I see the love in your eyes for my son. You are family now. So if you feel comfortable you can call me dad too. I see you as my daughter too.'' he says.

Sarah couldn't help but feel a bit overwhelmed.

''Thank you dad'' Sarah softly says as Chuck hugs her a little tightly and kisses her forehead.

"So dad what is this information?'' Chuck asks a bit impatiently.

''After you told me that you are going to meet Sarah like I said I wasn't sure it was the right decision. I decided to do a little search about our famous CIA's best Sarah Walker. If things go down hill I thought I will have something on her at least if she decided to break your heart once again or betray you. So I did my search and found some things really upset me but at the same time found some things I feel proud about too. And that's when I finally begin to see real Sarah Walker. As I read what she did, she slowly worms her way in my heart. I am proud to say I see her as my daughter now. James, I am not going to share these things with you because they are Sarah's to say and not I. I promise you Sarah these things are being cleared from every database electronic or otherwise. Yes, I know of Graham's file. You need not worry about that anymore either. No one except you and I will ever have access to those things.'' he said with conviction.

Sarah once again didn't know what to say.

''Thank you dad…You should know this I will never ever going to hurt or betray James no matter what. He is my every thing and I am nothing without him. I love him so much. I don't think I can take losing him ever again. So you have nothing to worry about from me because he is my everything.'' she says with conviction as she kiss Chuck in front of his father.

''I know that now Sarah. You have nothing to worry about from me either. You both now have clean slates.'' he says softly.

The couple looks at each other then hug each other tightly with smile on their faces.

''Dad, Thank you for this most unexpected present…So what is going on dad?'' Chuck asks

'' Like I said while search I came to this information and I think even Sarah don't know about this.'' Stephen says smiling.

The couple begins to lose their patient.

'' Which is?'' asks Sarah curiously.

''I found that WIS wanted to recruit Sarah but our good ol' Director Graham prevented it.'' Stephen says.

''What? I never knew that the WIS wanted to recruit me. Why did Graham stop this?'' asks Sarah with shock on her face.

''Yes Sarah, unfortunately it is true. I found the documents while I was searching. I know that you feel a bit betrayed right now. As for Graham why he did this? I guess he didn't want to lose one of his protégé. You were his wild card enforcer so you did everything for him. He didn't want to lose his number 1 to WIS so he never said this to you. He probably thinks that you couldn't be loyal to the CIA and most importantly to him if you work for WIS. So he never said anything to you. I am sorry Sarah but I thought you should know this'' Stephen says.

''Wow…I…I …I don't know what to say. All this time I thought he was thinking my best interests but all he thinking was his own interests not mine. God how I was so stupid? Excuse me'' she says as she begins to cry then runs toward the outside .

Chuck calls after her. He gets no answer. He didn't know what to do so he turns to his father.

"Dad all of this is right?" Chuck asks.

"Yes James I inspected all the files. It is true." The elder says.

"God stupid Graham I knew that from the beginning something's was off with him. If he wasn't dead I would kill him for what he did to Sarah! I hope he will burn in hell." Chuck exclaims angrily.

'' I know son. I am sorry too. You should go to Sarah and be there for her. She is really special. She is like you son don't you forget it. We will continue this when she feel better. Goodbye son.'' Stephen says.

"Wait Dad is there even more?" Chuck asks.

"Yes James but now is not the time. Contact me the usual way. You are truly Aces Son." Stephen says.

''Thank you dad for all your help…I already know that she is really special. She is my every thing too. I will be there for her no matter.'' Chuck replies as the connection ends.

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