Chuck vs The Game


When James goes to beach he sees Sarah. She is sitting on the sand crying. He encircles her in his arms as he sits down besides her. She continues to cry now on his chest. It is the second time he has seen her cry. Other than the time when she thought he has died. He hates it when she cries.

If Graham wasn't already dead he would have killed him just because he makes his beloved cry. He didn't know what to do other than hold her then wait for her to calm down. He would be here for her no matter what. So he continues to hug her.

"Sarah, I love you so much…It pains me to see you this sad." James whispers to her as he continues to hold on to her.

Sarah cries a bit harder after he whispers his love to her. Eventually she cries herself out then begins to calm down. He still sees the pain her eyes. He hates that she is in so much pain. He holds her tightly. She begins to talk so quietly if he didn't hold her this close he is sure he would not hear what she says.

''James, Graham was the one who recruited me to agency.'' She says in barely above a whisper.

''Sarah, you don't have to tell me anything now if you are not ready.'' He replies in the same tone.

Sarah looks into his eyes.

''You are the only one I trust with everything I have with my heart and soul. I want you to know me. There are still things that I can't tell you. It is not that I don't want to tell you either. It is just too hard for me to talk about my past. So please would you be patient with me? I will eventually tell you everything. I love you so much.'' She says in a bit stronger voice as she hugs him tightly.

Then she once again begins to talk.

"Graham is the one who recruited me. My father and I were in San Diego at the time. He had come to arrest my father for his various crimes. I had just left my school and to see then arresting my father. So I ran to our garden to uncover a box buried beneath the tree growing there. In that box was money for emergencies like this. My father knew that one day he was going to face situation like this so he has prepared me. While I was looking for the box Graham came behind me. I threw my knife at the tree behind him. I can still remember our first conversation word by word."

She takes a shaky a breath then continues.

"He said nice toss. I asked him, who are you? Then he replies I am the man who is putting your father in prison. The question is who are you? In San Diego you go by Jenny Burton. In Wisconsin, it's Katie O'Connell. In Cleveland, it's Rebecca Franko. Funny thing is when I looked at your birth certificate…" Sarah relates.

James looks at her intensely as she continues.

"I saw that he has learned who I was so I said I get your point. What do you want? He laughs a little then continued. Your father scammed some pretty dangerous people. I saved his life by putting him in jail. I said, well, don't expect a thank-you note. He replies, I can save your life, too. I believed at the time he was going to take me in as an accomplice to my father's crimes. So I extended my hands in front of me to so he can arrest me too. He laughed again then shook his head. Not that way, your dad has trained you pretty well. I believe The CIA can do even better. You like names so much, hmm? What do you think about Sarah Walker? The rest is history." Sarah says pausing for a moment.

James look concerned . He nods to have her to continue.

"I had to continue with my senior year at high school. It was a horrible time for me. Everyone knew that my dad had been arrested. So they called me terrible names and picked on me at every turn. You remember how I looked that time? I was so unhappy. So when I graduated I was so happy. I was finally free from that horrid place. That summer I was supposed to go to CIA farm straight from High School. There was a small problem because of my father's cons we never had stayed one place for long. So I was behind some of my class so that summer I was tutored by one of the best teachers in the state. At the same time I learned how to fight and shoot weapons. When I was deemed ready, he pulled some strings to get me enrolled at Harvard. I thought it was nice that someone cares about me. That he would get me best teachers. Now, I can see that all was part of his scheme to get what he wants. He used my naivety to get what he had wanted which was a protégé and he did get it. I did everything he said because of my respect toward him. I admired him because I thought he saved me but actually he used me. I can see that now.'' She says as she once again began to cry.

James didn't know what to say. He can't believe how Graham used Sarah like this. He hugs her tightly and kisses her forehead. After a little while he can feel as she calms down. When he finally looks at her he sees that she has fallen asleep. He understands that she is emotionally exhausted. He carries her inside then slowly lays her on the bed. Then he slowly removes her clothes then dresses her in more comfortable clothes. He chooses his Stanford t-shirt and one of his boxer's short. He knows that she sleeps more comfortable in his clothes. Then he removes his clothes too. He takes the covers and put her in slowly as he gets in too. He covers them both with it. He pulls her to himself. She lays her head on his chest he hugs her slowly. Then they fall asleep in each other arms after the exhausting day.


1:30 PM

James slowly begins to wake up when he feels someone caressing his face. He turns to look to Sarah. She is already awake and smiling at him. She leans over to kisses him. He feels the love in the kiss then they part. They gaze into each other's eyes which say, 'I love you.' They hug tightly. James slowly traces his fingers on her arm then kisses her forehead.

''Sarah, Are you feeling okay?'' he huskily asks.

''James, I believe so thanks to you. Thank you for being here and listening to me. I love you. '' Sarah earnestly says.

''Sarah, I will always be there for you no matter what. I love you too.'' He replies

''So James, what do you want to do now?'' she asks.

''I am hungry maybe we should eat first before we decided what to do for the rest of the day?'' he suggests.

''That's a great idea. Let's eat on the patio.'' She brightly suggests.

'' Ok, that sounds wonderful. However, first we should wear something more appropriate to outside?'' he advises.

''Yes James, we should.'' She agrees then exits the bed to take another shower to feel clean.

All this crying has left her a bit crusty. James joins her as they both get clean. Getting out after a few rounds of lovemaking they quickly get dressed. They both wear some jeans and T- shirts. After getting properly dressed they go to kitchen hand in hand.

''Good afternoon Giselle, would you please prepare something for us to eat?'' James requests.

''Good afternoon James and Sarah, of course, do you want anything special?'' she replies.

James looked Sarah as she shakes her head no. He turns back to Giselle.

"I think a pizza with the works would be nice but please don't use mushrooms or olives on it." James says.

"So do you want any special meats?" Giselle asks expectantly.

James looks at Sarah who again shakes her head. No.

"That is not necessary Giselle when it is ready we will be out at the patio." James instructs.

"Of course James, Sarah it should be ready in about 15 mins while you are waiting I could toss a salad as an appetizer? Giselle asks.

At that moment Sarah's stomach rumbled. James looks quickly at his girlfriend

''Yes, I think a salad is an excellent idea.'' James agrees.

'' Patio it is…I will be just out with the salad. When the pizza is done I will bring it out to you too.'' Giselle says getting the ingredients out for a dinner salad.

''That would be great Giselle we will be out by the pool.'' James says leading Sarah out that direction.


Soon the salad appears at the table as they both dig into it. Sarah and James munch quietly together as the sun peeks through the foliage. James pours a wine as they lazily gaze over the surrounding. They toast eat other as Giselle brings out the pizza. They hungrily devour that too very quickly. Once the meal is digesting they stretch out on the sun bed.

James traces his fingers through her long golden hair as Sarah is lying down

''Sarah, after you went to beach my father said our discussion is unfinished if you are okay we could continue the talk.'' James coaxes.

''What there is more?'' Sarah exclaims.

''Apparently so…do you want to hear the rest now?'' James anxiously asks.

''Yes I want to continue. There is a feeling in me that whatever is to be discussed is bad…really bad though.'' Sarah replies.

''I hope not Sarah. I will be there for you no matter what don't you ever forget I love you. I will protect you even from my father if needs be.'' James says with a very determined face.

''Thank you, James, I appreciate the support. I love you too.'' Sarah says leaning over to kiss him on the lips.

James breaks the embrace then calls his father. They decide to schedule the video conference for 3 pm.


They are sitting on the couch silently and hugging each other tightly when Thomas appears on the screen.

''Hi dad, please continue whatever you were going to say this the morning.'' James states.

"Hi Sarah, James, what I am going to say to you is very private. I believe I should ask Sarah for her agreement in my sharing these facts before we begin." His dad says.

"So Sarah, do you want me to leave? I totally respect your private communication with my dad." James asks.

Sarah closes her eyes then opens them.

"No, James, whatever it is. We will face it together." She says squeezing their interlocked fingers.

"Ok dad, did you hear her decision?" James asks.

Thomas looks at the two then nods his head.

''If you are both sure, then that's not problem for me. I will assure you Sarah that I support you too. I will be always here for you. You may trust me with your secrets. Before I begin I should warn you that what you will hear is not pretty at all. I am so sorry but I can't keep this secret from you Sarah. Here we go please don't interrupt me because it is also hard for me too because I love Sarah like daughter.'' Thomas says.

James kisses her hand softly then smiles when he sees how nervous she is.

''Sarah…You have been lied to your entire life. I hate to give you this news. Graham kept a secret background file on you. You come from a rich Polish family. Your birth father owned a major Polish oil refiner and petrol retailer company called LDW Group. You are the daughter of Ania and Iwan Lewandowski. While you were just a baby your birth father and mother are killed by some big named criminals in association with a few Bulgarian mafia members." Thomas says.

Remembering her promise Sarah listens intensely. However, she is getting flashbacks on something that happened to her in her own CIA career. Sarah squeezes their hands a bit tighter.

"They didn't kill you because they didn't know about you. There was a courageous nanny who whisked you away from that. The CIA retaliated on the criminals. Your nanny was that CIA agent. She had a handler at the time. He was corrupt and knew about you. He wanted you because of your money. You were the only child so all companies' worth was now yours. He wanted to take advantage of that. He was going to take your money then kill you after the transfer is complete. I am sorry this handler was Graham's big brother Scott Graham who was soon killed in another mission. The CIA agent realizes that her handler was corrupt and only after your money. So she did the only reasonable thing. She took you then hid you away." Thomas says.

"Wait…Emma my…I guess foster mother was with the CIA?" Sarah exclaims.

Thomas looks at her with deep sympathetic eyes.

"Yes, she was or still is according to my records." Thomas says.

"I see please continue." Sarah says with her face hardening.

"She supposedly died of the car accident. She had opened a bank account which is under her name. There she has everything about the real you. Jack and she never married but he decided to look after you. He also didn't know your story because Emma never said anything to anyone. Graham suspected who you really were when he recruited you. Though, he did not get confirmation until your foster mother resurfaced. So he after training you decides to send you on every very dangerous mission hoping you will die in the process. He would fulfill his dead brother's scheme.'' Thomas says.

Sarah bows her head then looks directly at Thomas.

"So the news of your foster mother being alive did not phase you at all. So I must conclude that you knew that fact. Am I right Sarah?" Thomas asks.

Sarah looks at James then Thomas.

"I knew my now foster mother was alive. I found her quite by accident while I was in San Diego. I never knew she was with the company though." Sarah says.

"You did? Why didn't you tell me?" James asks.

"It was because of Molly." Sarah says. "Emma pleaded with me that I keep her secret to myself which I did."

"Molly? Who is Molly Sarah?" James asks.

"James, I never want to hurt you I had to keep her secret…Molly is my adopted sister. She is only 5 years old when I last saw her." Sarah relates.

"Sarah, somehow you are not telling me the whole story. Who exactly is Molly?" James asks again.

"James, the story of my real life seems have recycled…I mean the past is imitating the present in concerning Molly. In Thomas' story the nanny CIA agent who saved me…Well that role was mine for Molly. Only I did not adopt her. Instead I gave her to my…er foster mother. This was way before I ever met you as Chuck. She made me promise to not reveal her location. I am so sorry I did not trust you with this knowledge will you ever forgive me?" Sarah says breaking down to cry once again.

James was at once flabbergasted over this reveal.

"Dad I think we need a bit of time to digest these new revelations. I will speak with you soon." James says holding on to his crying girlfriend .

"Yes James, I think that would be for the best." Thomas says as he cuts the connection.

"So Sarah, it looks like our vacation is going to have a detour…Via San Diego…I want to meet the woman who saved you." James says.

With that said Sarah feels much relieved and hopeful.

"Yes, James I would like that very much." Sarah says then seals it with another kiss.

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