Chuck vs The Game


10 AM
Sarah watches James while he is talking with Crystal. His dad reminds him to sign everyone here to NDA's. So they can't say anyone about them being here together. Sarah recalls that they were so caught up into each other while they were coming here that they didn't care about the airport cameras.

Thomas however did remember them. He took care of erasing their images. He thinks that they can't be this careless. James while he was still thinking did take care of the cameras in the airport at Washington. Still one slip up could spell doom. They should have to be more careful. No one should suspect that Chuck ...James is still alive. So after the phone is put away they talk.

"So Dad is on the case. He will scrub our images to and from our destination." James says.

"I see so being in love with me has dulled your spy senses?" Sarah retorts.

"Well I do not think that way at all…If anything they have sharpened them." James says ending with a kiss.

"Ok James, stop that…So are we following proper protocol now?" Sarah asks.

James frowns recalling proper protocol.

"You should remember this one James we leave separately…" Sarah teases.

"Yes and take separate flights to Mexico City then to Tijuana. We cross separately through the foot traffic into the US." James extols.

Since she is leaving first they spend a bit more time in each other's arms. James kisses her goodbye as she leaves the hotel. James will not see her again until she is at her Mother's door step. The hotel vehicle arrives then takes her to the Airport. James has to wait 6 hours before his flight. During that time he checks in with Thomas.

"So Dad you read me?" James asks.

"James I do…Sarah has boarded the plane so you will need to wait another 3 hours before I will have an update." Thomas says.

"Right well, Thanks Dad!" James says cutting off communication.

On the plane Sarah looks back on her whirlwind of a life. She doesn't believe they are leaving already. The week did pass really fast after the phone call from Thomas. She still remembers the next day what James said to her.


James talks to Ryan (their butler), while Sarah is peacefully sleeping.

"Ryan, I need these activities privately booked." James says.

"Yes James I will make the necessary arrangements." He says.

"Good and Thank you" James says as he leaves to enter the kitchen.

"Hello James, are you ready for something to eat?" the chef asks.

"Hi Giselle…Not yet I need you to prepare our meal in about 30 mins?" James inquires.

"30 mins not a problem…" She says with a smile.

"That is good I'm going upstairs." James says leaving the kitchen.

Climbing the stairs he thinks on how he wants Sarah to relax for the next week. The things he has planned the rest of the week should allow them to have so much fun, hopefully. After 15 mins later Crystal calls

"Hello Crystal I see Ryan has relayed my request. I assume this is the confirmation call?" James asks.

"Hi James you are so perceptive…Yes this is your confirmation call. Everything has been arranged. So remember I am here to keep you pleased. So if you have any problems please contact me, ok?" Crystal states.

"Thanks Crystal you are a miracle worker." James says then hangs up to enter the bedroom. Here he is waking Sarah up in the nicest way possible.

He wakes her by kissing her lightly. When she turns her face to him he kisses her passionately then stops.

''Good morning beautiful, we have a busy day so it is time to get up.'' He teases.

''Hmmm James what…? What do you mean we have a busy day? Are we not on vacation? Why are you up? Wait, what time is it?'' Sarah questions.

''Yes, we are still on vacation. However, I have booked us some activities. It is 9 am. I promised Giselle we will eat in 30 mins. It gives you just enough time to shower then get dressed.'' James says.

''That sounds good or we can stay in bed don't you think? '' she says slowly kissing his neck.

''Oh Sarah if you do that Poor Giselle's food will get cold. You would not want to disappoint that poor woman would you?'' James teases.

"James, No I don't…You do not play fair…I'm getting up." Sarah mockly grumbles as her stomach does the real thing.

"See even your stomach agrees with me. So scoot." James teases as Sarah gets up then heads toward the showers.

''You know you James could join me?" Sarah says giving him a sultry look.

"Begone temptress:" James teases with smile then reaches his hand out to tickle her as she continues to the shower.

She dances out of reach then turn to stick her tongue out at him.

James laughs then exits the room. Sarah joins him at the patio looking very refreshed as Giselle plates breakfast then departs.


''Okay you planned everything didn't you?'' Sarah says smiling

''Of course I did.'' He replies smiling.

''Okay'' Sarah says sitting down to satisfy one hunger while the other is peaking.

''Do you remember the first time we went out with Morgan'' James asks.

''Why yes James, I believe 'an evening with Morgan' is quite unforgettable. Stuffing ourselves with sizzling shrimp, surely comes to mind. So why do you ask?'' Sarah asks.

''You have a fantastic memory Sarah. Yes that's right anyway when he said ' We're going to pack our bellies so full of shrimp you're going to make a seal jealous ' he also did touch your belly. I observed that you got a little jumpy so that was how I learnt that you are ticklish." James sweetly says.

''Wow, that is so sweet that you realize this small thing about me being ticklish. So why did you turn that knowledge against me?'' Sarah teases then leans over for a kiss.

Sarah notices the plane is descending into Mexico City. She has two hours to get on the next plane.

Sarah has no trouble at customs then boards the next plane. Once seated, she begins to remember all the activities they have participated during the week. A few which brought out her competitive streak too. James did surprise her on how athletic he is.

Later that day they go to the Jacuzzi and spa. It was so relaxing. Then next day they played golf. She was so surprised when she saw that James plays like pro.

"So James that is some swing there…Is it residual memory?" Sarah asks.

"Well I hope so I was the Stanford's champion 4 years in a row. How I got so good was working at not only at the Buy More but the Stanford golf course during the summer…Well year round mostly on the weekends." James says.

Sarah is very impressed that he beat her badly by 12 strokes.

"Ok Mr. Smarty pants you won this one. How will you fare on the tennis court?" Sarah challenges.

James smirks.

"I think I will do quite well. Though, I'm tired we have the court set for tomorrow. Let's go for a swim then use the Jacuzzi to loosen these tired muscles?" James says as she agrees.

The next day, she learns just how good a Tennis player he really is.

"So that is 6-4 love I win again." James says jumping over the net to sweep her into a whirlwind kiss.

So breaking the kiss she starts to talk.

"So don't tell me you played competitive tennis at Stanford?" Sarah asks.

"Actually though I did have an athletic scholarship." James says as Sarah brightens knowingly.

He dashes her smile as he continues.

"Though, I learnt to play from my Sister. She is much better than me. Every weekend we would end up on UCLA's campus to watch Devon with his frat boys play football or basketball. Eventually we would end up on the tennis courts. I never got to win she is just that good." James says as they towel off.

The rest of that week they spend time doing many water sports like windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving... One time they go swimming with turtles. It was amazing they had so much fun. Sarah didn't believe that James is so good with all of those water sports too.

"So is there any water sport you are unable to do well?" Sarah asks.

"Not that I can recall. Remember Sarah I am a pure So Cal boy. I lived on the beach growing up. Sometimes that is all my sister and I could afford to do. I also play a mean game of beach volleyball. Though, my sister puts me to shame every time." James says.

Sarah recalls one night he rents a boat. They have their dinner there. It was so romantic. They also go most nights to St Lawrence Gap and it was so much fun too. There were many live bands and musicians plus restaurants, bars and nightclubs. One night they go to karaoke bar.

'We Found Love ' from Rihanna he sang to her. She was so shocked how great his voice is. The last day they go to Barbados to visit the Garrison Historical Consortium. It has a significant place in human history.

Back in present time

James bids farewell to the staff then starts his journey as Sarah is landing in Tijuana.

Sarah is updated by Thomas telling her James is on his way. She crosses the Border with gets nary a look at her by customs. She gets the rental at the border then drives to the harbor hotel the main suite is booked. She sits then turns on the TV for some company. Sarah feels strange not having James next to her in the bed. She rolls over then falls asleep.

Meanwhile James decides a sea voyage to the harbor marina in San Diego is in order. So at 10 PM he goes aboard the fishing vessel Santa Ana to meet with his Yacht the Empress in international waters. He transfers then bids the fishing crew good fishing. By 2AM the yacht is parked just below the Hotel. Sarah is awoken by the phone call by Thomas. She quickly takes her belongings but does not check out. She goes by the back way into the marina then is skiffed to the yacht. There James is standing on the rail smiling. She falls into his arms then they would leave the exploration of Irving Group's flagship till the morning. Now, they just want to explore each other very thoroughly.

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