Chuck vs The Game


James awakes to see Sarah who is also awake. She is looking at him with her ocean blue eyes. He leans then kisses her. He caresses her face slowly.

"Good morning beautiful, how are you feeling today?" James inquires.

"Good morning handsome, I am feeling very good because you are here with me." She says smiling.

"Sarah, I will always be here for you. I love you." James replies.

"I know James. I will be here for you. I love you so much." Sarah says.

They kiss slowly after they make love then they adjourn to bathroom. Soon they make love in there too. They don't realize that how much time has passed while they are indisposed. When they get out it is almost 10 am. Both hear each other's stomach grumble then they burst into laughter. They both realize that they are really hungry. So they leave the cabin to enter the sea deck. They climb the stairs to where a man that is in his twenties stands. The man has brown hair and green eyes. Once he spots the couple he comes to James.

"Good morning, Sir, Madam…How are you today? I hope you had a pleasant evening?" he asks.

"Good morning Matthew and please it is James. Yes we had a very wonderful evening indeed. May I introduce my Fiancée, Sarah, this is Matthew Taylor. He is head of the crew. We wish to have breakfast outside." James requests.

"Of course James and it is nice to meet you, Sarah. I hope you are enjoying your stay." He states.

''Yes Matthew I'm enjoying it immensely, Thank you" Sarah says being guided by James to the outside table which affords a spectacular view of the harbor.

After seating both of them Matthew leans over to James.

"James, I need to go now. If you excuse me, I'm making sure that your breakfast will be ready as soon as possible" he says as he leaves.

Sarah is just all smiles as James holds her hand and gaze lovingly into her eyes.

"Sarah, before I forget would you like to meet our captain?" James asks.

"That is a wonderful idea James. I'm sure by the time we return our breakfast will have appeared." Sarah says.

So James rises then scoots out Sarah's chair then take her hand. Together they leave the deck to proceed to the Captain's Quarters just off the massive bridge.

"Good Morning Captain Andrews" James greets the captain who is exiting his quarters.

"Good morning Mr. Irving…How are you today? Who is this enchantingly beautiful lady with you?" The captain asks.

"I am good thank you Captain. This beautiful lady is my fiancée, Sarah Walker." James says.

"It my great pleasure upon meeting you Ms. Walker. So how do you like her so far?" Captain Andrews beams.

"Thank you, Captain. I am enjoying myself much on this journey." She compliments.

"Captain Andrews thank you for everything. We will be in San Diego for awhile. We will disembark after our breakfast. I will alert you with any changes." James says.

"It is my pleasure Mr. Irving upon serving a member of the Irving family." The Captain says while shaking James' hand.

After that they both go to outside and breakfast is ready. They both eat and discuss their plans. Sarah is to return to her hotel. Take the rental car then go to her foster mother's house. After a little while James will meet her there. They have planned it so that no one is the wiser. Sarah kisses James then disembarks. James watches her leave.


Sarah is the first one to arrive as planned. She waits in the car a little far from her foster mother's home. After a little while she sees James parking his car. She gets out of the car to greet him with an embrace. James is able to tell Sarah is nervous. She hasn't seen her mother over four years since everything that has happened.

"Everything is going to be okay Sarah. I love you. I am sure I will love your foster mother too." James reassures while they are walking toward to house hand in hand.

Sarah kissed him then squeezes his hand.

"I love you too Mr. Irving." Sarah whispers as they stop in front of a house with white door.

They knock then the door opens. There stands a woman in her late forties or early fifties with matching blonde with blue eyes as Sarah. It must be Sarah's mother.

James is immediately struck as how similar they both are. His Dad must have gotten the wrong info. This must be Sarah's real mother. There is no doubt in his mind. Chuck's musings are broken by Sarah's cracking voice.

"Hello mom" Sarah says then reaches out to hug her.

"Oh Sarah…" she replies then she completes the hug with Sarah.

Both women burst into tears. James stands behind Sarah smiling at the very happy reunion. He is so happy he gets to witness this joyous reunion of Mother with Daughter. Finally, the tears stop and Sarah's mother notices James standing there smiling.

"Sarah, you always have good taste in men. So who is this handsome guy?" she asks.

James edges closer to Sarah. Sarah holds his hand then kisses it.

"He is my fiancée, James Irving from the Irving group. James, this is my mom, Emma Hamilton." Sarah says still having some teary eyes.

"Hello ma'am. It is really nice to meet you Ms. Hamilton." James greets.

Emma looks at James carefully. She swears to herself that she has seen him before. She just doesn't remember it.

"James begins to get nervous when she doesn't answer to him quickly. Sarah notices the delay so she prompts her.

"Mom…?" Sarah asks with concern in her voice.

"Oh sorry James…I guess I am having a senior moment. It is so nice to meet you too. Please come inside…Sarah, how are you? I miss you so much." Emma says as she ushers them both inside.

"I am fine mom. I'm really good James takes very good care of me. Though Mom, I am here for a reason." Sarah says changing her tone slightly.

"I surmise you are from the last time you were here. So please make it clear for the reason of your visit?" Emma asks as they all sit down.

"Mom, I've learnt something about my family's past." Sarah says.

Emma pales after she hears this. James watches her reactions carefully.

"What Sarah are you talking about?" She asks carefully.

"I know all mom and I learned this very reliable source that you are not my real mother. My real parents are Polish. I was just a mission to you. There are people who still think I don't know. I need to know my enemies." Sarah says.

"Ok Sarah, please tell me what you think you know. I will fill in the rest." Emma matter factly says.

''Ok I know that I come from a very rich Polish family. My parents are Ania and Iwan Lewandowski. My father had a major Polish oil refiner and petrol retailer company. It is called LDW Group. My father and mother are killed by some big criminals. There are also a few Bulgarian mafia members in them. I was just a few months old baby. They didn't kill me because they didn't think me as a threat at the time. CIA was also after these criminals and me. So they sent you and your handler at the time in there to get me to CIA. They killed the others. Your handler is corrupt and knew about me. He wanted me because of the inheritance money. I'm the only child so all companies' worth would now mine. He wanted to take advantage of that. He was going to take my money then kill me after the transfer is complete. This handler is also Graham's big brother Scott Graham. He is soon killed in another mission. Then you realized that your handler was corrupt and only after my money. You took me then hid me away. You faked your death. Also have a bank account number that you kept everything real about me. Also I know about Jack too."

"Well you do not know everything. Yes, you are partly Polish. Yes I was sent as a mission to your Father. He was killed. You are my daughter. He was killed not by the bad guys though there were enough of them. Your father was a bad man and his wife was barren. He took advantage and you were born in secret. His wife went mad and tried to kill you after she killed her husband. I thwarted her advances then she killed herself. The agency made the cover up of the Uncle sending his goons. I knew if we were to survive we needed to disappear. I'm so sorry I left you with Jack. It was unavoidable." Emma says looking filled with regret.

"Wait you are my real mother?" Sarah exclaims.

James feels vindicated. He just knew that Emma only acted as a Foster Mother. The idea of Emma giving herself to her father feels all too real to him. He wonders if his own mother was placed in such compromising conditions too.

"Yes Sarah you are…After leaving Eastern Europe we traveled to Australia I was one of the best at the time so I had a lot of aliases and friends that help me so it wasn't that hard to disappear. I used to name Emma Hamilton. Also I had aliases for you too. I gave you the name Samantha Lisa Hamilton. I really love you, my daughter. I stayed there until you were five. I taught you Polish as a cover. Then I decided to come back to US here I met with Jack. He looks like one of my ex- lovers. One day I learn about Graham's plans and decide to disappear once again. I couldn't take you because didn't want to Graham to find you. So I faked my death and disappear once again. You know about the account in the bank. I have everything about you. Jack and I never have married but he loves you like his own and decided to look after you. He also doesn't know your story because I never said anything to anyone." Emma confesses.

Sarah didn't know what to say. The truth is far more than she could ever imagine.

Emma still looks at James then suddenly it occurs to her.

"I remembered now where I know you!" Emma blurts out.

"What…what do you mean, Ms. Hamilton?" James stutters.

"Your last name is Irving isn't it?" She asks.

"Mom… are you having another senior moment? I already told you his last name is Irving." Sarah says.

"No Sarah, I'm not making myself clear…please wait a minute" she says as she disappears to a back room.

James looks at Sarah waiting for this mystery to be cleared up. Sarah only could shrug her shoulders it has been 4 years since she last saw her mother. Sometimes people change hopefully not to the worst. These memory lapses are beginning to worry Sarah. She squeezes James' hand tightly.

After a few moments a sound of Emma returning is heard. She reappears holding onto some old photos. She looks at them then hands it to the couple.

"This first photo is taken while we still in Australia. The spy community is rather small back then. We had a neighbor family with a daughter and son. Their daughter was older than Sarah by about 2 or 3 years. The son is only a year older than Sarah. Sarah is 3 or 4 I think at the time. One day I decide to take Sarah to park apparently their mother has the same idea. She took only her son. We have never talked before other then giving each other greetings. One of big kids at the park begins to hit the little boy. The boy cries after that. I try to find Sarah but couldn't see her. Then I look at the boy again. I see that Sarah is there hugging the boy. The other bigger boy was running away. I took that photo right then. The boy stops crying after that. After that day they were inseparable. Almost everywhere they went together. Then one day the boy has to leave the country and Sarah is so upset. This is another photo of them on the beach taken a few days before the boy leaves." Emma says.

James and Sarah can't believe what they see. It is their younger selves. The 4 years old blonde Sarah and curly haired James hugging each other first in the park then second one while sitting on the beach with big smiles on their faces. Sarah moves the picture closer to inspect it. She turns over to the back to read the inscription.

"Sarah Lisa Hamilton and James Irving forever" it reads in their own handwriting. There is also heart at the end.

James looks at Sarah and they began to laugh together.

"Wow, I can't believe that we met before…this is unbelievable." James says as he takes Sarah's hand then kisses it.

"James, I can't believe it either." Sarah exclaims.

"You were so cute at the time and it is so great to see that you found each other again." Emma says.

"So why did no one from Sarah's Father's family ever tried to look after her?" James asks.

"Well after the wall fell the family was filled with bad guys and most were killed in an attempt to wrestle control over the company. It was a bloodbath. I chose to keep Sarah away from them." Emma says. "As far as they know Sarah disappeared the same night of the CIA attack. I guess Sarah could contact who is left."

"So who is the new owner of the company?" James asks as he snaps pics of the two photos front and back to send to his father.

"It doesn't have owner now. It is considered an absentee owner. Sarah's real cousins are the head of the company. They know that there is someone who is the real owner of the company so they never could get the ownership of the company." Emma says.

"Mom what was my real birth name?" Sarah asks.

Sarah…Your real name is Celestyn Lewandowski. I know your real name because when I had you. Your real father placed a bracelet with your written name on it in Polish of course. It is in that safety deposit box waiting for you. We can get to it anytime you want Sarah." Emma says.

Sarah looks at James. James shakes his head in agreement.

"Mom, it would be great to have it as soon as possible." Sarah requests.

"Well Sarah we have a road trip to plan it is back in South Dakota. We will have to wait for Molly to come home from kindergarten." Emma says.

James is busy arranging his private plane. It would be at El Cajon airport in about 4 hours.

Sarah squeezes his hand as he gets off the phone.

"Sarah our transportation should arrive in about 4 hours. Why don't we look around?" James asks.

While they were waiting James looks at the photo again.

"Sarah, it looks like you were always protective over me. I am so glad that I was able to find you again." He says as he stands up to kiss her.

"James, I am so glad that I found you again too" Sarah says then hugs him.

James phone pings it is a text from his Father. It has a different photo. It is a group photo showing Emma, Sarah with her arms around James, His Sister, Mother and Father. It is about the same place and time.

"Those pics jogged my memory love Dad."

"Sarah, look at this pic my father sent." James says.

"Oh wow so it is true…I seem to remember something of that time." Sarah says.

After three hours Emma returns with Molly.

Molly is so excited to see her big Sister and her Fiancée.

"Hi Sarah…Who are you? Are you the prince to sweep my sister off her feet?" Molly earnestly asks.

James laughs "…No little one it is more like your Sister swept me off my feet. Though, she is my fiancée."

"If so where is Sarah's ring? I do not see one on her finger." Molly says wondering if she could trust James or not.

"Yeah James, where is my ring?" Sarah teases.

"Sarah, you very well that my grandmother's ring is being sized for you. You will get it soon enough." James says with a twinkle in his eyes.

"So why not just get a holder one. I know a great ring for her. Let me get it." Molly says as she runs off.

Both Sarah and James look a bit sheepish as Molly returns with a beautiful emerald ring.

"Sarah, try it on." Molly coaxes.

Sarah looks embarrassed then allows her sister to place it on her finger. It fits perfectly.

Molly beams with joy.

"Now give it back to me." Molly instructs as Sarah removes the ring.

Emma steps in to witness something she did not think she would ever see.

Molly now gives the ring to James then whispers in his ear. James nods then bends on one knee.

Sarah Lisa Walker It seems I have loved you forever. Would you do me the pleasure to consent to be my wife?" He earnestly asks.

"James Irving I do consent to become your wife." Sarah says as James slides the ring on her finger.

"Now Sarah, you have a proper ring…James you did good!" Molly says as Emma comes over to see the ring on Sarah's finger.

"That is your grandmother's wedding ring. Where did you get it?" Emma says.

"Molly gave it to James…He just gave it to me. It is so beautiful. Molly, I will hold on to this until James gets me that other ring." Sarah says.

"Ok I have others…Jack gives them to me." Molly says.

"Jack gives you rings? Molly are you holding out on your mother?" Emma asks.

Sarah looks at her pint size sister.

"I can not tell…Jack told me it is our secret…" Molly says then refuses to discuss it.

"Well I hate to break up this family gathering but we do have a plane to catch. Molly, are you ready to travel?" James asks.

"Yay…!" Molly says as she rushes out the door leaving the adults behind.

James picks up the suitcases then places them in the limo. Sarah's and his cases are also in the trunk. The limo ride is quick and soon they are boarding the private jet bound for South Dakota. The flight is about 4 hours long. The bank is well closed as the limo drops them off at the dude ranch. Molly is excited at seeing the horses. Soon the living arrangements are sorted and everyone is in their beds. Sarah comes over to him.

"James Irving you are so much a man of surprises. Thank you for loving me." Sarah says as they kiss then make love.


The next morning Emma has to show Molly the horses before they could go to breakfast.

Molly is talking nonstop on how she rode a horse. Both Sarah and James smile. Finally the bank opens.

Emma comes with them to the bank to get the case. Emma goes inside as the limo drops them off to retrieve the case. Sarah looks around this old town. This is where her grandmother lived when she was little.

"James lets walk. I want to show you something." Sarah says.

"Wait for me I want to go too!" Molly says.

"You need to wait for Mom she will be right back. I promise Molly, I will take you later." Sarah says.

"You promise?" Molly asks with unshed tears in her eyes.

"Yes I pinky swear it." Sarah swears.

"Oh ok." Molly says as James instructs the driver to activate the children restraints.

The Driver nods as Sarah leaves the car.

They walk around the town and Sarah shares everything. Finally they go down a dusty road to a small yellow house.

"James, this is the house I grew up with my Mother and Grandmother before Jack took me on the grand adventure." Sarah says.

"Sarah, I am so glad to see these places dear to your heart. Thank you for agreeing to be my wife. I love you so much." James says as they kiss.

They walk back to the limo as Emma is exiting the bank with a case.

"So is that it?" Sarah asks.

"Yeah, Sarah while we are here I think we should pay respect to all our old relatives buried here." Emma says.

"Emma that is a great idea…It is good for Molly too to know your background." James says as they enter the limo and drive over to the florist. James buys almost out the store.

A parade of florists follows the limo down a dusty trail to the end. There is the town cemetery. It was kept quite clean. James directs the florists to place at least 3 flowers on every grave.

Emma and Sarah walk off to stand in front of the headstone. James grasps Sarah hand then squeezes it. Sarah almost burst into tears. They stand there as James takes a bouquet of flowers then tastefully place them on the grave. He whispers something then withdraws

They return to the Limo then take the flight back to San Diego. The Limo drops them all off in front of Emma's house.

"This is all I have about you. I hope I will see you soon Sarah of course you too James. Thank you for everything. I need to get Molly to bed." Emma says hugging her daughter.

"I will try mom." Sarah says as James just nods.

They hugged each other again. It has been a cathartic journey for everyone. Sarah gives their tearful goodbyes then exit leaving in separate rentals. They meet up at the Yacht.

James and Sarah are in the yacht bedroom. She sits on bed then opens the case. She immediately sees the bracelet and some information about her Father's family. She is looking the papers as she feels tears on her face. James sees that then hugs her behind.

"Hey there is no need for tears. It is great news Sarah if you want to meet your Father's family. We can go Poland after that we can go Scotland and you will meet my family too." James says kissing her neck.

Sarah turns then kisses him on the lips.

"That would be great, James. Thank you for everything, I love you" Sarah says kissing him again.

Sarah moves the case and turns down the lights as they start making very sensual love.

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