Chuck vs The Game



Everybody was still trying to come to terms with what they heard. When Chuck finished his speech, Sarah was lost in thought. Chucks tone was so cold when he was talking. She had never heard Chuck speak that way before. Nor had anyone else for that matter. And what did Chuck mean when he said he didn't want to be a spy anymore because of the last mission?

What happened to him on that last mission? He sacrificed everything (including her) to be a spy. Yet now he didn't want to be a spy anymore. What was going on?

She had to talk to Chuck, but not here in front of everyone. She had to get him on his own. Suddenly it hit her. She told Shaw her real name. A stupid mistake and in retrospect she didn't even know why she told him. There was only one person she ever planned to share that part of her with and it certainly wasn't Shaw. And then she realised something else.

What if Chuck had heard her tell Shaw? She really hoped that Chuck didn't hear her, because she knew that would break his heart. After everything they've been through, she didn't want that. She really needed to talk to Chuck and learn what he knew.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice Chuck was standing in front of her now

When she lifted her head, they held each other's gaze.

Chuck then held out his hand to her and they shook hands.

"Thank you for all you have done for me. I don't know how many times you saved me from a bunker or just saved my life. Enjoy the rest of your life Agent Walker."

At the words 'Agent Walker' she froze. What the hell, thought Sarah. When she looked

into his eyes she saw that he knew and that he was hurt. Words failed her. As if from a distance, she heard herself say, "Don't mention it. I did what I thought was right."

Even then they held each other's gaze. Until they were disturbed by a grunt from Casey.

Chuck walked towards Casey and held out his hand to him. However instead of shaking his hand, Casey pulled Chuck into a hug. Which shocked everyone (including Casey himself). Nobody had ever seen him show such emotion. But right then he felt he had to do it for Chuck. After all this years, he realised Chuck was a great friend.

After they broke their hold, Chuck looked at Casey.

"Thanks for everything Casey. I really appreciated your dedication to protecting me. After all the trouble I caused you, you never gave up on me. So thank you. I would be honoured to call you a friend."

"Enough with the lady feelings Bartowski. I going to tell you this once and once only, so listen up. After what you did for this country, you deserve the best life has to offer. You didn't want this life at first and I respect that because the spy life was forced on you. But after all those years, you recognised that you could be a spy. Although you weren't technically an agent, you are one of the best I have worked with. All those times I saved your life were because you are a good man who didn't deserve to die in the middle of a mission. And I would be honoured to call you a friend too."

Although Chuck was as stunned as everyone else by Casey's speech, he still managed to say, "Thank you Casey."

Casey merely nodded.

After that Chuck shook hands with Shaw. "Good luck with stopping the Ring Agent Shaw" he said coldly.

"Have a great life Bartowski," Shaw replied in the same tone.

Chuck then turned to General Beckman who was watching the scene unfold in front of her. She had been too stunned to respond to everything that had happened.

"General I know we didn't meet under ideal circumstances. I'm sorry I couldn't become your ideal agent who could use the Intersect like a real spy would. But it was a pleasure to meet and work with you. And thank you for all you did for me."

Before she could reply, Chuck turned and left Castle.

Outside of Castle

Chuck looked one last time at the entrance to Castle and sighed. He had good and bad memories of it. But now that he had left it, Chuck Bartowski will no longer exist.

He had not told them everything. As far he was concerned, they had no need to know. He had worked with spies for two and a half years and had learned a few things from them. He never thought he would have to use this plan. But then he never thought that Sarah would do what she did to his heart. But now, he had to execute every part of his plan perfectly.

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