Chuck vs The Game


Casa Bartowski - Chuck's Bedroom 10:15 a.m.
Chuck began to collect his belongings; his clothes, his shoes, his passport and his cover identities. He placed all of them in his suitcase. He sat on his bed and took up the photograph that was on the bedside locker. The photo of Sarah and him.

In the photo, they looked incredibly happy. He could feel his eyes getting moist while he was looking at it. He had always believed that one day they could be together. But after the last mission, he realised the hurtful truth that he was just a mission all along as well for Sarah. He began to get angry thinking how he was played by her for so long.

He took the photo frame and with all his strength, threw it at the wall. The photo frame broke apart in pieces. Chuck took one last look at his room as he left before he closed the door.

When he was outside, he saw the fountain. This brought up more memories of Sarah and his time there; their talks after a successful mission or sometimes, just talking. He looked back at the apartment he shared with Ellie and Devon. He felt himself begin to weaken and practically ran to the car before he changed his mind. He started the engine and drove out of the complex.

Castle 10:00 a.m.

Beckman finally found her voice again after Chuck's bombshell.

''Mr Bartowski, is everything that your son has told us me true?''

''Yes General. Everything Charles said is true. And I myself wish to add something."

''What is it Mr Bartowski?'' asked the general.

''Don't ever come near any of my family again. You have caused us enough trouble and heartache. Because if you do, I will not be responsible for my actions. I hope we understand each other?'' he replied sternly.

Without waiting for an answer, he turned and left Castle.

General Beckman sighed and said, ''Agent Shaw I'm giving you responsibility for the save delivery of the Intersect cube. Colonel Casey and Agent Walker, apparently your job here is done. I expect all of you Washington in a week at this time. At that, the screen went black.

Shaw turned to Sarah and said with a smirk in his face said, "So 'Sam', do you want to come back to my hotel?''

"I don't think so Agent Shaw," replied Sarah coldly. With that, she left the conference room.

Sarah's Porsche, on the way to Chuck's apartment

Sarah went over Chuck's speech again and again. She could not believe how much Chuck had changed practically overnight. He acted and spoke like an agent; he even stood like an agent at the debriefing. This was not her Chuck. She suddenly realised no matter how she was hurt by what happened in Prague, she realized that she still loved him and she wanted to be with him. She knew it was probably too early for that now because of how hurt Chuck must be. She needed to talk with him about that and why she said told Shaw her real first name.

After that, she hoped they could begin to heal their relationship. It would be a slow process, but at least they would be together. She knew in her heart that they would get through it together. She realised now that she couldn't lose him; Chuck was fighting for a real relationship from the beginning even when it seemed hopeless. Now it was her turn to fight for them.

Casa Bartowski 10:30 a.m.

Sarah hesitated for a moment at the door, but stiffened her resolve and rang the bell. There was no answer, so she walked around to the Morgan door and entered that way.

When she first entered the room, she saw their photo on the floor; the photo frame itself was in pieces. Her heart sank within her when she saw that and she could feel her eyes begin to tear up. She picked up the photo, sat on Chuck's bed and looked at their faces in the photo. They looked perfect together. So in love, so happy. She caressed his face fondly and smiled to herself.

She stood up and exited the same way she entered, with the photo in her hand. She took another look back. This room was so much like Chuck, so warm and inviting. As she walked back to her car, she began to dread that she had lost her chance with Chuck, but she dismissed that thought. She was not going to going to let their relationship down without a fight. Sarah Walker had never failed a mission.

With that thought foremost in her mind, she drove out of the apartment complex.

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