Chuck vs The Game


The weekend before the mission and subsequent meeting in Castle
While Chuck was sitting at the Nerd Herd desk, his phone ring. The one he used only for contacting his father. He left the desk and went downstairs to the cage where the computer repairs were carried out.

"Ace secure."

"Orion secure. Ace, I finally finished our little project.'

"What, really? That's great!" replied Chuck excitedly, yet also a little bit surprised. He didn't expect this so soon.

"What is it now Charles?" His father knew him so well.

"We don't need do anything right now. I need a little time," replied Chuck cautiously. He had a lot to think about now.

"Do you think she will come with you?" Orion asked.

"I really don't know at the moment. Things are not same between us since the last time you were here," Chuck sighed deeply. "I really messed it up."

"What about that new girl you met? Are you serious about her?"

"Who, Hannah?"

"Yes," sighed Orion impatiently.

"I've realised that I can't be serious about her. I like her and care about her, but I am not in love with her."

"So what are you going to do about it?"

"I don't know, but I think I should talk to her, before things get complicated and ugly. Hopefully she won't take it too badly."

"You can't beat yourself up about that Charles. I know you will figure out something before you speak to her. You're doing the right thing and if she's as smart as you say she is, she'll realise that. Maybe not immediately, but she'll figure it out."

"I know," sighed Chuck. "I'll call you when I'm ready. You remember the code?"

"Yes Charles."

"Okay, talk to you again Dad."

"One last thing".

"Yes Dad? "

"You're aces Charles. Don't forget that," he said as he hung up.

Chuck with a smile, walked back to the Nerd Herd desk. His plan was beginning to come together, but there were still obstacles. A big one was his current relationship with Sarah. After Prague, they were still talking but not in the free and easy way they used to in their first two years. Now they were more like work colleagues than anything else. They were at a stalemate. And now with Shaw as part of Team Intersect, the distance was growing between them.

While he continued walking, he wondered whether to share his plan with Sarah. But first he had to come clean with Hannah. She was already at the Nerd Herd desk.

"Hey Hannah can we talk?" asked Chuck a little bit nervously.

"Sure Chuck," replied Hannah casually.

"Maybe somewhere a little more private," pleaded Chuck.

"Okay, we can go to the home theater room," she smiled.

Movie Theater Room

When they sat down on the couch, Hannah noticed the tense set of Chuck's shoulders. She asked worriedly, "What's wrong Chuck?"

Chuck said with a sigh, "I really needed to talk to you."

"About what Chuck?" Hannah was nervous now.

Chuck sighed again and said quietly, "It's about Sarah." He hesitated to say anything else. He expected her to pull back and to yell at him again for bringing up what she assumed was his ex. He was surprised when she nodded for him to continue.

"Hannah I am sorry but I can't do this."

"You can't do what Chuck?"

"You are incredible and beautiful. We have so much in common and I have had a lot of fun with you since the time we met." Chuck paused for a moment, trying to gather the courage to continue.

"I'm not being fair to you Hannah. I care about you, but I am still in love with Sarah. I know it's over and I know she doesn't love me. But that doesn't mean my feelings for her are gone. I can't be with anyone until I get over Sarah. I can't do that to you. You deserve so much more than that. You deserve to have a guy who can give everything of himself to you. But I am not that guy for you. I don't want to use you like that. I am so sorry Hannah."

He looked down unable to keep watching the pain that was beginning to show on her face. A few moments passed when he looked up and saw her smiling sadly at him.

"Chuck, you don't have to be sorry. I know you weren't playing with my emotions. I know you didn't mean to do this. So thank you for being so caring and honourable. Most guys would just use me and move on. But you didn't. You're better than that, so thank you for being honest."

She hugged him and said, "But I want you to promise me something. That you will find someone to be happy with, whether it be Sarah or anyone else. You deserve to be happy too. And I really would like to be a friend with you at least."

Chuck was feeling overwhelmed; he didn't except that sort of re-action from Hannah at all. Even to say he was shocked, underestimated what he felt. For the first time since he began this conversation with Hannah, he began to smile.

"You are amazing, you know that?" Chuck said as he drew her into a hug.

Getting serious again, he continued, "I promise you Hannah, I am going to be happy. But you have to promise me that you will be happy too because you deserve it. And I would really like to be your friend as well."

"I'd like that Chuck. And I promise to be happy too," replied Hannah, beginning to smile too.

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