Chuck vs The Game


27 APRIL Briefing in Castle after Chuck had downloaded Intersect 2.0
Chuck, Sarah and Casey were exhausted after the events of the previous night. But they still had to brief General Beckman.

"So you're telling me that Mr Bartowski has downloaded the new Intersect?" sighed Beckman.

"Yes General" they responded.

"Mr Bartowski, this version of the Intersect was made specifically for a spy, so a spy you'll have to be. Your training begins 3 weeks from today so be prepared.

Agents Walker and Casey, you will report to me in DC after Chuck flies to Prague for training. Dismissed."At that, the screen went black.

For different reasons, all three were shocked by what they heard. The two agents were still coming to terms with the fact that Chuck had the Intersect again and now he was going for spy training. Chuck was first to break the silence. "So, Guys what do you think about what Beckman said?"

Sarah was angry with Chuck. Why did he have to complicate things and be a hero again? At the same time she was proud of the sacrifice he had made to save their lives. But now she didn't know what to say or do. Before they had been interrupted by Chuck's father at the wedding, she was going to tell him all she wanted was to be with him. She was angry as well at herself for not telling him even a few seconds earlier. Maybe they wouldn't be in this mess now. This was not how she had hoped the night would end. Sarah didn't want Chuck to sacrifice himself anymore, after the service he had given his country. But now it was too late. She couldn't see how they could be together now when Beckman wanted Chuck to be a spy. She knew what spy training involved and what the final test was to become one. Sarah was afraid he would lose everything that made him the man he was. Despite her recent history with Bryce, his death hit her hard as well. She wasn't going to lose Chuck too. Sarah realised that she needed a plan and fast. But right now, she was too exhausted to think. The events of the last few hours with the wedding, dealing Roark and his minions, the second wedding, the mission to try and save Bryce and its aftermath had taken their toll on all of them.

"I think we should go home and talk about this tomorrow when we've recovered somewhat," replied Sarah, not looking at Chuck. "I'll lock up Castle Casey if you take Chuck home."

"Roger that," grunted Casey. "Come on Bartowski."

Chuck nodded; "Yeah, we've all had a hard few hours. We can discuss it tomorrow," he replied, trying and failing to catch Sarah's eye. When he began to climb the stairs, he slowly turned to Sarah. "Good night Sarah,'' called Chuck, as he left Castle without waiting for a reply.

"Good night Chuck," whispered Sarah.

Casa Bartowski: Chuck's room after the briefing in Castle

Chuck lay on his bed. He was exhausted and last night's events were still fresh in his mind. Bryce was dead. He was the Intersect again. He briefly wished he hadn't downloaded it again, but he knew he couldn't have lived with himself if he had chosen that path. Not when he could help people and save their lives; how could he turn his back on that opportunity? He knew however that this wasn't the only reason he had downloaded it. He did it because he thought if he had the Intersect again, Sarah wouldn't go back to Washington. They would still be together without a real relationship. That particular limbo was preferable however to her leaving him. He had lived with it for two years, he could leave with it a little longer. However, he hadn't anticipated the complications that his actions caused. After the briefing he had thought that maybe they would talk, but Sarah hadn't even acknowledged his existence in Castle. Why she did that, he didn't know. Maybe Bryce's death had upset her more than he thought. Bryce who had been his best friend once, then his worst enemy. But he was one of the good guys, even after everything he did to Chuck. But his ego got the better of him when it came to women. Chuck was also upset that maybe if Bryce was alive now, they could have gone a lot further in the tentative repair of their friendship. He sighed. After everything that had happened, he still couldn't find it in his heart to forgive him completely. He was so lost in thought that He didn't see the message on his computer monitor. After half an hour, he finally got up to take a shower. When he sat up, he saw his computer screen.

Go to the bathroom and await my call

Two minutes later in the bathroom, the call came.


"Hi Charles."


"Yes Charles, it's me."

Chuck was frantic at this stage. "Where are you? Why did you leave again?"

"I had to go Charles. Why did you download the Intersect again after all the trouble the original caused you?"

"Dad I had to. How could I turn my back on people when I can help them with it? If I hadn't downloaded it again, the Ring would have got their hands on it."

"You don't have to be a hero all the time Chuck. But still, I am proud of you Son. ''

"Thank you Dad."

"Look Charles, I have an idea. Meet me in three day's time at the family home. Don't tell anyone else."

"Okay Dad, but what is this about?"

"You'll see Charles. We'll talk more in three days time."

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