Chuck vs The Game


Encino, Chuck's childhood home ; the basement

Chuck really didn't know what to say. He just learned that his mother was murdered, she was an ASIS agent. He had also learnt that his and Ellie's names were not their real ones.

"Dad, why don't Ellie or I remember our real names? When was the last time we used them?"

Stephen sighed and said, "Charles, I want to answer your question, but if I don't explain everything from the beginning of the story, you can't possibly understand the situation we're in."

"My own name is Thomas Jackson Irving and your mother was originally Faye Isabelle Wilson. I met your mother as part of Project Intersect. This was originally a worldwide project, led by and based in the States. You could say she was my handler. We worked closely together throughout the project. And we fell in love with each other. Eventually she was going to be recalled to her own country. I proposed to her and she accepted it."

However there was a problem. I was CIA and there was no way I could marry a foreign intelligence agent. I did some research to find a way around the problem and I learned that the Intersect Project was secretly led by a group called the Worldwide Intelligence Service."

"Who are they Dad? They're not in the Intersect."

"Charles, the Worldwide Intelligence Service is top secret and only known by their agents and leaders of the countries who are members. In this group, you are already an agent for your country but you are also an agent for WIS. But you have to be best of the best if you want to be a WIS agent. Their training is far in advance of any national intelligence service. Their purpose is to serve the world, not just one country. They also had no rules against agents and handlers fraternising."

"This is serious Charles. No one else knows of their existence. That's why they're not in the Intersect. Do you understand me? '' Stephen said sternly.

"Yes of course Dad, I won't tell anyone. You can count on me," Chuck said defensively.

"I know Charles. When your mother and I were still trying to figure out what we learnt and how we could use the Intersect, we decided we should download it into a volunteer. This was agreed at a very high level. Our British colleague, Hartley Winterbottom volunteered. We downloaded the Intersect into him with a temporary removable personality that we called Alexei Volkoff. Everything went to hell after that. Hartley became convinced he was Alexi Volkoff for real."

At the mention of the name Alexi Volkoff, Chuck flashed.

Volkoff Industries was the public international arms dealing and business front owned by Alexei Volkoff. Volkoff Industries had maintained a headquarters in Maroubra. The organization had used a number of other companies as public fronts for their arms shipments. But Volkoff's real base of operations was in Sydney.

"Dad, you created a monster! How could you live with that? Why didn't you do something to stop him?!"

"My wife and your mother sacrificed her life to try and stop him. She was murdered because of him, so don't you dare say I didn't try and stop him," snapped Stephen.

Suddenly Chuck felt he couldn't breathe. "What?" he whispered.

Stephen continued slowly ''Charles, I will came to that later. The president was made aware of the situation. Your mother and I had agreed that if we could be accepted by the WIS, that we would get married. I told the president want we wanted."

"He agreed to everything on one condition. Your mother was to go undercover in Volkoff's organisation to stop him. We accepted that condition. I was nervous at first of the idea, but I knew your mother was the best agent out there."

After we were officially accepted as WIS agents, we moved to Australia. I worked at home and she went undercover to work for Volkoff's company in Australia. She quickly made a name for herself at Volkoff's. But she always came home at the end of the day and every day she came home safe, I breathed a sigh of relief. I knew it couldn't last forever, especially after Ellie and you were born. But we were pulling it off and both of us were so happy."

"We learnt that Volkoff was involved with the organisation known to you as The Ring. At the top of the Ring hierarchy, there are five elders. One of them was Volkoff. So your mother began to learn about them piece by piece. One day we realised that the Ring learned about the Intersect and began to search for the work on the project. So Faye was slowly destroying their companies and killing their agents. We were scared what would happen to you kids if Volkoff found out about us. We had an emergency plan to disappear if it came to that."

"But one day, your mother didn't came home. I began to get nervous. I tried to contact her, but she didn't answer. I called her back up team, but they were looking for her too. After two more days, we learned she was captured. Her team found her eventually with my help and we saved her. But her cover was blown. She was pretty beat up about that. Your mother said that they interrogated her about the Intersect; how they could build one and who had the expertise to. She didn't tell them anything. I was anxious to get out of the country after that but we didn't. Your mother said that Volkoff had to be eliminated because if the Ring learned about how he had an Intersect, things would get complicated."

"After a lot of argument, your mother and I agreed that this would be her last mission. Two days later, she succeeded in getting close to Volkoff and killed him. She contacted me straight away and we arranged to meet at the designated rendezvous point. But the Ring knew she was responsible for Volkoff's death and put a tail on her."

Stephen sighed and his eyes began to moisten. "They followed her and killed her at our agreed meeting point. We were there to see it. I ran to her but she was already dead. I did what I had to do for you and Ellie and got us out of the country and back to the States. So I began a new live here with the two of you. You kids were having a really hard time to adjust to the loss of you mother and the circumstances behind it. So I created a similar program to the one I created originally for Hartley, but not as powerful. This was just to suppress your memories about your mother's death and your childhood in Australia. I downloaded it into both of you."

Chuck could feel a headache coming on. This was a lot of information to process.

"Dad, I really don't know what to say. Except that Ellie has a right to know this as well. But why you are telling me this now after all those years later? It still doesn't explain why you left us."

"I had to leave you at some point because the Ring knew that your mother and I had children. They weren't going to stop until they found all three of us. I had to leave you both for your own protection. I didn't know what else to do."

"Charles, I am telling you this because now ASIS have become aware that you were the Intersect and want you to work for them. I don't want you to lead the life your mother and I had. So I took the opportunity to remove the Intersect from you at Barstow before the cover I built for you and Ellie was blown. When I learnt that you downloaded the Intersect 2.0, I decided that you should know about your past."

"So you now have two options. You can keep working for the CIA or you can work for ASIS. Either will probably lead to you working for WIS because of your intelligence and talent. But if you are going work for ASIS or WIS they don't want you to have an Intersect because of what it did to Volkoff."

"Charles I am telling you this because now you need this knowledge to know whether you even want to continue to be a spy, not just for whom. They choice is yours and I won't intrude in your life again if you don't want me to. I know that you could be the best agent in any agency. You're intelligent and you can think quickly on your feet. Your mother saw that in you from a young age. And I tell you this because the Ring is planning something big and someone should stop them. I know that you stopped Fulcrum without any training; with the right training, you could be unstoppable.

"If you choose to work for the CIA they're going to want more from you. They spent a lot of money on the Intersect and they want more agents with it. They will always see you an asset and weapon to be burned when they decide to."

So Charles, you have a choice to make. Will it be ASIS or the CIA?

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