The City Girl

The Outcast

Riley's POV

Finally finishing your detention sentence is incredible, like you're actually being released from prison (being stuck at school after three o' clock with Darwin is a cruel punishment). And it's been two weeks since my cafeteria incident occurred, so it's almost been forgotten. But that doesn't my luck finally changed. Classes are a nightmare and I only have one friend at school. Farkle is a darling but it's hard to explain my problems to a guy who believes he can rule the world (no kidding, he might be a megalomaniac). I'm hoping everything will change at cheerleading tryouts, where I can finally show the Meadowbrook squad I have skills. Yes, Missy Bradford is the cheer captain but even I can impress her.

Once again, I was alone on a Saturday night, just doing my homework while simultaneously watching Netflix. Back in New York, I spent my weekends shopping with Isadora or practicing cheer routines. But I was alone tonight because I am an outcast. I could invite Farkle over (he lives a block away) but my dad had a strict no-boys-over rule. I could hang out with Auggie but he was at Ava's. I could hang out with Maya but we barely knew each other and she doesn't know where I live and vice-versa. Besides, I'm kinda afraid of her. But I'm definitely not afraid of Lucas Friar. He's dreamy and probably the friendliest out of the group but he rarely talks to me and I only see him in detention (which is now over for good). But for some reason, I can't get him out of my head. I dated a couple of guys back home but I never stayed up all night thinking about them. It's only a matter of time before I start making a fool out of myself over him so I better get over Lucas now. Besides, he's a bad boy and I'm a good girl. That only means trouble.

After a few mind-numbing minutes of geometry, I got a video-chat request on my laptop. It's Isadora. Of course, I accepted.

"Hey, how's Austin? I bet you met a couple of dreamy cowboys," Isadora says as once I saw her face on my screen.

"I hate it here and I miss you. You won't believe how bad my life has gotten," I respond. I started rambling on about my terrible cafeteria incident, Missy Bradford, detention with Darwin, meeting Maya and her crew, and even Lucas Friar's dreaminess.

"Whoa, slow down, Riley," Isadora interrupts. "Why would Darwin give you detention just for spilling milk at her?"

"I know, right? It's like moving to Texas has flipped my world upside-down! Teachers used to love me and now I'm a delinquent!" I exclaim.

"That being said, does Lucas ever talk to you outside of detention?" Isadora asks.

"No," I answer. "In fact, none of them ever talk to outside of detention. I see Maya and her crew in class sometimes, in the cafeteria, and Zay even has his locker next to mine, but they only acknowledge me in detention."

"Too bad, he sounds really cute. Like beyond cute," Isadora says. "Are there any other cute boys?"

"Well, I wouldn't consider Farkle cute," I say. "He's the nerdy type of boy who takes AP classes and is on the debate team."

"He sounds like my type," Isadora says.

Of course Isadora would like Farkle. She's the smart-but-cool type of girl who runs for student government and participates in college fairs. She's like Spencer Hastings from PLL.

"What does he look like?" Isadora asks.

"Light brown hair, bowl cut and blue eyes," I answer. "He likes wearing turtleneck sweater and isn't very muscular or tan."

"Who cares? He's on the debate team! You have to introduce me to him sometimes," Isadora says.

"Okay sure," I say.

"I have to finish my homework and practice my cheer routine so I have to go. You understand, right?" Isadora says.

"Um, yeah sure," I reply. I want to keep talking because I have never felt so lonely in my life. Isadora is my only girlfriend right now.

"Okay, I'll text you tomorrow," Isadora promises and she signs out. And I'm forced to finish my history homework alone. I wish Dad was here but he's picking groceries even though it's like nine o' clock at night.

After thirty minutes, Mom comes in. My eyes light up for a moment because I wanted to talk to her. But she crushes my hopes by asking me to pick up Auggie from his play date with Ava. And she still calls it a "play date" even though Auggie is eight. She says she can't do it because she's busy with work but I know it's because she can't stand the Morgenstern family. I just sigh yes and grab my jacket.

Mrs. Morgenstern is the one to open the door when I rang the doorbell.

"Why hello, Rowan," Judy greets, still faking the accent.

"Um, my name is Riley," I correct.

"Is Riley short for something?" she asks.

"No," I answer.

"Well, I guess your parents couldn't think of a better name at the time," she says haughtily and Auggie suddenly appears behind her.

"I'm just here to pick up my brother," I snap and I yank Auggie out the house and we start walking home.

"I can't stand our new neighbors," I declare as once we were alone.

"Ava is my girlfriend," Auggie blurts out.

"WHAT," I screech. He's not supposed to have a girlfriend, he's EIGHT!

"She says because I'm a boy and she's a girl and we're friends so we have to start dating," Auggie explains.

"That's not how dating works," I say. "You're in elementary school."

"Please let me be happy, Riley," Auggie pleads. "Ava and I are happy together."

"Mom and Dad will talk to you about this," I say. "You don't know about love. Plus, I don't want my brother to start dating before me."

"They fell in love when they were kids," Auggie replies.

"But Ava is rude and mean and selfish," I retort.

"She's my first girlfriend," Auggie says.

I groan. There's no changing his mind.

Auggie begins talking about his new friends, Dewey (with a silent W) and Emma and wouldn't shut up, even when we arrived home. And I made a very sad conclusion when we went inside: Auggie is having a better social life than me.

I changed the rating on the story because I wanted to add more serious plotlines later in the story. I'm making more changes to the show, mostly to Lucas's and Maya's home life. Remember to follow and favorite and check out my other stories!

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