The City Girl

The Bad Boy

Lucas's POV

Detention was over, although I could tell Maya had a plan in her head to get us punished again. She likes trouble and doesn't mind serving the consequences; getting caught is practically a routine. I don't mind being in detention all the time, as long as it keeps me from coming home. The phrase "home is where the heart is" doesn't apply to me and my family. If anything, my dad doesn't have a heart.

"Do you want your French fries?" Maya asks. I was about to answer when she swipes them away and stuffs her face with the salty cafeteria fries.

"What's the point of asking for stuff when you're just gonna take it?" I ask.

"Because I always make sure I use manners," she retorts. "Now pass me the salt."

The Meadowbrook High cafeteria, like all high school cafeterias, has an unspoken seating chart. It's not like we can't help but organize into cliques, we just do. No matter what, your friends in high school are just clones of you. When socializing, you make a beeline for the people who have the same personality and interests as you. You surround yourself with people who like the same sports as you, are in the same club as you, and even dress like you. It's like all the cliques have some sort of standard in their members, whether it's your IQ or your athletic prowess. Of course, I'm a part of the "rebel" clique with my friends Maya, Zay, and Brandon.

Zay was looking across the lunchroom, towards the "nerd" table. "Is it just me, or is that new girl checking me out?"

Riley Matthews: the new girl. Pretty, but according to Missy Bradford's standard of beauty, not pretty enough. Gets straight A's in every class and kisses up to teachers. Moved here from Greenwich Village, NYC and she lives in a classy house with her parents and little brother. Her friends: just one kid, Farkle Minkus.

"It's just you," Brandon teases and Zay punches him in the shoulder.

"Why would you be into her?" Maya asks. "She's just a prissy city girl."

"Maya, be nice," I warn. She glares at me but simply shrugs and continues eating.

I'm the only one the group who can tame Maya. Believe me, she isn't in love with me (contrary to the rumors buzzing around school), it's because we have been friends the longest. We met in first grade, back when she was like every other girl in school: pretty, gentle, and kind. We played in the sandbox as kids and our friendship simply grew from there. She let me stay at her house when my dad had one of his mood swings. I let her play with my action figures like they were dolls. Then in fifth grade, we started to grow apart since Maya became a part of Missy's clique. That was when I met Zay and Brandon during basketball tryouts (we didn't make the team and we bonded over being sports rejects). We became complete strangers by middle school. But one day in seventh grade, she came back into my life, totally different. She and Missy got into a fight and they stopped talking. Then Maya replaced her floral dresses and skinny jeans for leather jackets and ripped leggings. She became my best friend again and with Brandon and Zay, we created our team. Maya changed forever, but in a good way.

"Are you just being rude to her because she reminds you of the She-Beast?" Brandon asks.

She-Beast was our code word for Missy Bradford. We have code words for everything and Missy definitely deserved hers. Not only she destroyed Maya's pretty-girl image, she also broke my heart. In ninth grade, I asked her to the fall formal and she said yes. We had a great time, despite Maya's disapproving glares, and we began dating. I thought it would be like one of those cheesy movies, where I find my soul mate in high school and we live happily ever after. But the relationship only lasted two months, since she cheated on me with Billy Ross. That's when we spray-painted her locker as revenge. That's our thing, whoever wrongs us gets pranked. Maya always concocts the plan and us boys always follow through. Who says revenge always ruins things? Revenge is what brings us together.

"Well, kinda," Maya says. "Riley just has this corrupted vision of high school. In detention, she just blabs about cheerleading and clothes and it just irritates me, you know?"

"She's still nice, don't you think?" I say.

"Maybe," Maya mutters and she goes back to stabbing her baked potato like a maniac.

"I think City Girl has a thing for you," Brandon says to me.

"I think you should shut your mouth," I reply.

"It's obvious, Lucas," he continues. "She gets all smiley when you look at her and if this were a cartoon, she would have those hearts floating around her head."

"Whatever," I say.

I couldn't help but look back at the nerd table. Riley looks so out of place there, with her shampoo-commercial hair and faux-leather purse. She was only talking to Farkle, whose code name was Doctor Who, since he reminds us of the character from the sci-fi show.

"Doctor Who is staring," I tease.

Maya blushes, she has been getting dreamy-eyed stares from Doctor Who ever since sixth grade.

"Farkle and Maya, sitting in a tree . . ." Zay started singing.

"B-A-R-F-I-N-G," Maya finishes with a look in her eye that shouted HAH!

Maya and Zay started arguing about Farkle while Brandon tunes them out with his ear buds. I glance back at the nerd table, where Riley is sitting. I catch her eye for just a moment and for one nanosecond, she smiles at me.

Thank you, LucasRiley12 for your idea about doing a Lucas POV. Yes, I have changed Lucas's life just a bit. Hopefully you haven't already figured out the twist I have in store and I can relax and keep the story. And yes, Maya and Missy used to be friends in this alternate universe. Here's a question to answer in the reviews: Lucaya or Rucas? See you next time!

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