The City Girl

It's A Date

Maya's POV

Here's what I know about Riley Matthews. She's from the city—New York City, to be exact, and my friends and I have started calling her City Girl—not very creative, but describes her perfectly. She dresses like a model, is unfamiliar with Texas lifestyle, and is totally boy-crazy. She stares at Lucas, Zay, and Brandon all the time; they don't mind but I do. I don't hate her; she's a perfectly nice girl, but there's one thing I can't stand about her; she's a Missy Bradford wannabe.

Missy Bradford: AKA She-Beast, AKA manipulative queen bee, AKA the bane of my existence. Pretends she knows and controls everything. Pretends she is the axis Meadowbrook High spins around. Pretends she has everyone under her thumb. She's captain of the cheer squad, a straight-A student, and has the ability to charm anyone, from boys to adults. She used to be my BFF. We stopped talking in seventh grade for reasons I don't want to think about. Worst, every boy in school is in love with her (or used to be in love with her). Even Lucas, Zay, and Brandon have been guilty of staring at her. But there's one guy who isn't in love with her: Farkle Minkus, AKA Doctor Who. But unfortunately, it's because he's in love with me.

Monday morning, my eyes were still heavy from sleepiness. Seriously, I think I have Monday Morning Syndrome. But then again, who doesn't?

"Hey there, Maya," Lucas greets.

"Hey Lucas," I say.

We always talk at our lockers, it's our thing. A lot of people think that we're secretly dating, but the truth is, we're not. We're like brother and sister, with a few differences here and there. Lucas is a lot more quiet and reserved than me. He's got a lot of secrets that I don't want to know about. I swear, I don't like him like that.

"Do you hate Riley?" he asks.

"NO!" I answer. "Why would you think that?"

"You don't try to be friendly with her," he counters.

"That's because I'm never friendly," I retort. "Why do you care so much about her?"

"I'm starting to like her," he says.

"Do you like her?" I ask, suddenly interested. Lucas could use a girlfriend; he never did get over that Missy disaster.

"No, at least I don't think," he says. "I barely know her."

"Okay," I say sarcastically. I know Lucas, and I know he likes City Girl. Problem is, he's too shy to admit it.

"Gotta go," he says and he rushes off in the other direction. I roll my eyes. Boys will only talk about girls with other boys.

"Maya," a voice chirps behind me. I know who it is before I turn around: Doctor Who himself. Farkle is nice, a little cute maybe, but he is seriously annoying.

"What is it now?" I say. It's always the same thing: he tries to say something flirty or poetic and I shut him down before he finishes. But he tries; he tries so hard, never giving up for a moment. It's almost cute when he's persistent.

"Have you ever noticed that your eyes shine like the moon when you're happy?" he asks, raising his eyebrows.

"I will never go out with you," I say before he gets any cheesier.

"Never?" he says, shocked as if I have never rejected him before. But I have.

"Never," I say.

"What if it was a double date?" he blurts out.

"What? How is that gonna convince me?" I ask.

"You can pair with me, and your friend Lucas could pair with my friend Riley," he says. "It'll be like a hang. Besides, Riley really likes Lucas."

The thought of going out with Farkle makes me gag, but if Lucas does like Riley; I'd be helping him out. And if he doesn't; it'll still be fun to watch.

"Sure," I say.

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