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What if Khushi goes missing during the basketball match What if Arnav gets forced by Anjali to marry Sheetal? What will happen to Arshi after Arnav marries Sheetal? - Another Story based on the Sheetal track.

Drama / Romance
Dhruma Shah
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Chapter 1

Khushi’s POV

I stare at Arnavji feeling hurt as he is making fun of me in front of Sheetalji. Yes, I made a mistake to do a DNA test between him and Aarav but I don’t deserve such a punishment. I go outside the court and sit next to Jiji.

Jiji (smiling) - Hey Khushi, look at how good they are playing the basketball game... they look like a perfect family...

I fake smile at jiji’s comment but inside I feel the pain of losing the person I love. How is it that my own sister isn’t able to see my pain? Why is it that the guy I fell for isn’t able to see the pain that I am going through? I am able to see the pain that Jiji and Arnavji go through and I try my best to solve their... but why can’t they see my pain? I leave the basketball match quietly, seeing everyone so glued to watching the game. I am walking on the road feeling lost and lonely.

Khushi’s conversation in her head

Brain - You don’t deserve this treatment

Heart - yes, I do... I betrayed Arnavji...

Brain - No, you never betrayed him...

Heart - Yes, I showed mistrust on him

Brain - How many times has he shown mistrust on you? And yet, you forgave him...

Khushi’s Conversation ends

No one’s POV

Khushi’s thoughts stop when she sees a car heading towards her, instead of moving Khushi stays on the road waiting for the car to hit her but someone pulls her out of the way. Khushi stares at the person and immediately starts to break down. The passengers in her car who saw her like this stops and gets out.

Khushi’s POV

I stare at my life saviour and I immediately start to cry while they try hard to stop me. Suddenly, I feel a strong hand trying to get me up.

Person - Are you ok?

Instead of replying I continue to cry until Nanheji speaks up for me.

Nanheji (upset) - She is fine...

The person looks at Nanheji with disbelief and then looks at his wife with a worried look.

Lady (smiling) - Look, both of you don’t seem fine to me... is there anything we can do to help?

Me (upset) - N..No... it’s fine...

The lady frowns hearing my response but then smiles.

Lady (smiling) - Would you guys like to come to our house? Please don’t deny... we want to make it up to you as we nearly hit you with our car... our house is just around the corner...

Guy (smiling) - Yes, please do come to our house...

I look at Nanheji for help but he shrugs, not knowing what to do. I nod at them and they take me towards their house. Why am I going to a stranger’s house? I barely know them... but they seem like nice people... what if they are kidnappers? I don’t value my life anymore, anyway.

At the house

Lady (smiling) - My name is Akshara... and this is my husband Naitik...

The house is nothing compared to Raizada mansion as it’s small not as small as my house but smaller than the Raizada Mansion. There are pictures of the couples all around the house, and there is even a family photo of them and an elderly couple. Maybe someone’s parents.

Nanheji (smiling) - Hello, so my name is Nk or Nand Kishore...and this is Khushiji, my best friend

Naitikji (smiling) - That’s lovely... firstly, I am really sorry that we nearly hit you Khushi...

Me (upset) - It’s fine... it’s not your fault... I was on the road and I saw the car coming... but I didn’t move...

Aksharaji (worried) - Why don’t you take a sit? I will get the tea...

Me (upset) - No, no... we are fine... I also have to go home... my family must be waiting for me...

I check my phone to see if anyone has realised my disappearance but I see no one’s calls except Nanheji’s.

Precap - ASR’S POV

What do you guys think of the story so far?

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