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Chapter 2


After the basketball game, di forces me to take a photo with Sheetal and Aarav which I happily take. Anything for my di.

Di (smiling) - You guys look so cute...

I feel uneasy with that comment but I don’t make any comments, my eyes are searching for someone... someone who should have come and hugged me seeing me win. I leave Sheetal and Aarav and I go to Payal to ask her about Khushi but she denies knowing where she is. Even NK isn’t here... wonder where both are. Maybe at home. We quickly get into our cars to go to RM.

Di (smiling) - I will go with mamiji and Nani... Sheetalji you can go with choote...

Me (worried) - Di... Khushi...

Di (annoyed) - She must have gone home, choote... After all these days she has become really careless.

Di heads with Mamiji towards RM, while Sheetal and Aarav come in my car. Sheetal is about to sit on the front seat but I stop her.

Me (annoyed) - Only, my wife can sit here... Sheetal...

Sheetal - But ASR, she isn’t here...

Me (annoyed) - I said... only my WIFE...

Sheetal looks at me shocked but then goes to sit at the back.


No one’s POV

Anjali heads into the Raizada Mansion with Manorma and Nani behind her.

Anjali - Khushiji...

Hp comes running towards Anjali

Hp - Anjaliji, Khushiji hasn’t come home yet...

Anjali nods and heads towards her bedroom while Manorma goes to patch up her makeup and Nani goes towards her bedroom. Soon, Arnav comes into the mansion with Sheetal and Aarav behind him.

Aarav (smiling) - That was an awesome game, ASR, can you please help me with my homework?

Arnav (smiling) - Of course...

Arnav heads with Aarav in his bedroom to help him with his homework while Sheetal smirks.

Sheetal’s POV

My plan is working... I am so glad. Finally, that Khushi has left RM and now the position to be ASR’s wife is now open. I will marry ASR with the help of Anjali and then I will take over Khushi’s position.

Sheetal’s POV ends, ASR’s POV

It’s already night time and Khushi is still not here. This girl is so careless. I leave after wishing goodnight to Aarav and I call Khushi up to find her details but her phone is switched off. What the... Why is she so careless? This Khushi... maybe she went to visit her parents. I dial her parents’ number and after a few rings someone picks up the call.


Person - Hello, haire Nandkishore...

Me (worried) - Buaji... this is Arnav...

Buaji - Arnav bitwa... why are you calling at this time?

Me (worried) - Is Khushi there?

Buaji - No, she called us around two hours ago and told me that she is leaving this city forever... we tried to question her why and stuff but she didn’t answer... in the background, I heard NK telling Khushi that he needs help with the packing...I am sorry Arnav bitwa that’s all I know.

I throw my phone in anger and dial Nk’s number but it’s switched off. What the... How is it possible? Did she leave me for Nk? No! My Khushi would never do that.

Sheetal (crying) - ASR...

Sheetal comes crying towards me and starts clinging to me. I try to make her let go but she keeps on holding on to me and to make matters worse di comes into the room and sees us in a position that makes us look like we are hugging.

Where are Khushi & Nk?

Precap - Khushi’s POV

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