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Sakura is thrown into a world of bright lights and unwanted attention by her father, add in her cold bodyguard Sasuke and things get harder. Will Sakura find comfort in Sasuke or will she break?

Romance / Action
Age Rating:

Deal With the Devil

"Police say the body count has mounted to now four women all in their early twenties with unique hair coloration. The attacks are becoming more frequent and authorities urge everyone to be home at decent hours. The attacks are believed to be well planned and...'

"Dr. Haruno to the OR there is a code seven. Dr. Haruno to the OR there is a code seven."

Said doctor turned away from the drowned out newscast and made her way quickly toward the OR nearly sprinting to the other end of the hospital.

Grey Nike sneakers ran across white tiled floors, green scrubs brushed past obstacles before stopping at their destination.

Panting lightly Dr. Haruno quickly tied her pink shoulder length hair up before opening the OR doors and crossing into chaos.

Nurses ran to and from prepping the patient all the while yelling information around the room.

Dr. Haruno took in the patient. A young female in her early twenties close to her own age lie on the gurney. Blood covered a large portion of her body, most of it coming from a wound located on the side of her throat. Other scratches and deep gashes added to the blood loss.

"She's losing too much blood. I want bags in here stat. Start working on cleaning wounds and prep stitches we need to close any deep bleeders." Sakura's loud demands roared above the others.

"Sakura the patient is going under. We need the larger incision closed."

Sighing, the only doctor trained to perform major surgery prepped for handling the task at hand. In Sakura's opinion the cut wasn't even a big deal compared to other wounds she had encountered in her medical career.

Being trained directly by Tsunade, the world’s most renowned doctor of the time, Sakura had earned a rare apprenticeship. Three years of grueling work and study let Sakura become known as the youngest lead doctor at Konoha Hospital working under Tsunade.

Snapping from her thoughts Sakura cleaned the wound best she could before stitching the area. The wound had missed her jugular by mere centimeters.

"The patient is stable Dr. Haruno."

Nodding, Sakura backed away admiring the work done by her team. Lifting emerald eyes Sakura looked directly at her long time friend and fellow doctor Ino Yamaka. Ino had ocean blue eyes and waist length blonde hair that rivaled Rapunzel’s. Sakura and Ino had been friends for a long time, their bond was almost sisterly.

Smiling at old memories Sakura spoke to her friend who stood monitoring their patient’s vitals.

"Ino I'll release the news and head home since my shift is over, can you handle this?"

"Shut up forehead and get out. You practically live here as it is.” Ino spoke from her spot from across the OR without removing her eyes from the pulse rate screen and waved her friend off.

Sakura glared at her best friend with fake menace while turning on her heel, "Okay but don't make a mess you pig."

Sakura’s word earned her a parting middle finger salute out the OR doors.

The two women had an old running joke from their elementary school days. Ino had a passion for being elbows deep in dirt planting flowers whenever she had time and Sakura loved to pick on her about making messes. Ino usually got at Sakura with a forehead comment saying it was massive, but it was really just Ino not having a better joke.

Amused with herself Sakura finally broke out down the hallway outside the OR before she turned down the corner to the waiting area. Inhaling deeply Sakura painted on her stoic doctor mask walking into the waiting room and speaking calmly.

"Since you boys seem to be the only ones here I suspect you're with the young lady?"

Two men stood before Sakura with clothes that were covered in a mix of dried blood and dirt, Sakura guessed the blood was from her patient. The man closest to her was about the same height with white hair that seemed tinted purple as he nodded vigorously. The second man was a good foot or two taller than Sakura leaning against the wall with vibrant orange hair and calm dark eyes.

"Good news is your friend is perfectly fine, however she will have to be admitted for a few days. We have to keep her at least twenty-four hours as is hospital protocol."

After Sakura released the news the two men visibly sagged with relief.

No words were said between the trio and Sakura took it as her cue to leave. Turing out of sight down the hall Sakura’s steps faltered when the two men spoke among themselves.

"We shouldn't have let her go in alone." A harsh slap against a wall followed those cold aggressive words.

A loud sigh came before, "She knows the dangers of working as a guard."

"I don't give a shit! Sasuke could have-"

"Suigetsu she’s fine. Besides, because of Karin we know why the attacks are all on women."

The men’s discussion halted when a nurse came to lead them to their friend. Pink brows knit together in thought before Sakura blew the odd words aside and continued on toward the locker room.

Stepping out of her scrubs Sakura stepped under the locker room shower. Hot water cascaded down her body, each drop of water loosening and easing her muscles. After a few minutes she finished up and stepped out.

Warm shower fog enveloped the room as Sakura changed before heading to her office. Chancing a look at the clock it was only 7:00 in the morning, sighing to herself Sakura decided she could sleep all day tomorrow on her day off.

Grabbing her backpack full of patient files off her office desk she stopped.

On the corner of her desk among the files and loose documents was a picture of a beautiful smiling women. Copper hair was pulled back, a few strands blew in the wind framing her face making light green eyes stand out against her tanned completion. The lean woman had her arms wrapped around a young child with pink long hair light crème skin and dark emerald eyes.

Sakura made a small smile at the photo, she remembered the day as if it had just happened.

It had been four years ago when she was just a naive little seventeen year old child. The picture was taken at a park in Suna on their vacation before they got the news. Her mother had been diagnosed with cancer and Sakura thought maybe he Prime Minster of a father would come back. He didn’t.

Sakura’s father had walked out when she was only ten years old and he never once looked back, not even when her mother lay dying and losing her hair.

Sakura smirked at that thought. Her mother had lost a lot of her hair during chemo so one day Sakura showed up with all of hers cut off, ever since that day Sakura had kept the short do. Sakura blamed her father for the loss of her mom, all those years of abuse.

Green eyes shut as Sakura inhaled heavily; so much had happened over a short time. At the prime age of twenty-one Sakura was a proud doctor and didn't need the reassurance of any man, not even her deserter of a father.

"Hey Sakura. Aren't you supposed to be out of here?"

Ino's voice snapped Sakura from her memories as the blonde peeked around the office door.

"Oh, uh, yea. Just making sure I have everything."

Ino giggled, "You need to get a life. I mean I could win money betting on you not leaving on time."

"Are you admitting to gambling? Shikamaru is rubbing off on you already."

"Don't make this about me forehead, you're the one who spends time willingly at a hospital. I mean it's sort of weird; who in their right mind enjoys being here?"

"You and I know the answer to that better than anyone. We are here because we like helping people-"

"And being able to do something. Blah blah blah."

Sakura glared while Ino laughed.

"Just go home okay before Tsunade finds out again." Ino said with a smile before turning to do her rounds.

Sighing heavily Sakura forced herself out of her office.

Walking out the sun started to warm the air around Sakura and all the other morning people.

Smiling to herself she started down the main avenue stopping once in a while to view a vendor or pick up something for home. Days like these made Sakura feel light and carefree, even after a week of working at the hospital.

Seeing the park up ahead she walked to the fountain, taking a seat near the cool water as it poured from a concrete fish's mouth. Children ran around her giggling as their parents chased after them with scowls.

Sakura walked here when she had time, whether it be on a lunch break or a day, off she enjoyed being there.

A balloon vendor hidden among the colorful balls walked up to her, "Balloon for the pretty lady."

"That's very kind, but no th-"

"Don't move or I’ll put a hole in your side."

The vendor's voice dropped from kind to cold in milliseconds causing the hair along Sakura’s arms to rise. Sakura's green eyes widened from feeling a hard object thrust into her lower ribs.

"You are to walk with me. Do not make this difficult or others will be involved, and as a doctor you wouldn't want to be the reason for someone's pain. Would you?"

Sakura swallowed hard as the man bit out his cold sarcastic words.

Any plan she could use to get away raced through her mind, but every one of them left the possibility of a citizen fatality.

"What do you want from me?" Sakura's voice was level and calm while her heart beat against her chest.

"Don't worry you pretty mind over that, here comes a brat give it a balloon and then start walking."

Sakura complied picking out a purple balloon for a little girl with black hair tied in a braid. Smiling Sakura quickly handed over the balloon and rushed her away.

"Walk." The man spoke through clenched teeth.

Taking a deep breath Sakura began walking back towards the park entrance, her mind racing.

'Not too many people are around this side of the park yet. If I can just disarm him I could buy enough time to run.'

Before Sakura and her escort stepped onto the street sidewalk she moved. Quickly elbowing the man in the throat Sakura’s attacker staggered back chocking for air as his hand let go of his cover of balloons.

Turning fast on her heel Sakura grabbed the man's wrist holding the gun and squeezed until the weapon clanked to the hard ground. Pulling her arm back Sakura aimed her finishing blow to the man's nose to effectively knock him out. Before she could even start moving her fist forward a hand fisted her hair and covered her mouth.

Quickly rethinking her strategy she now had to take in account the second man.


The hand in her hair quickly wrapped around her torso limiting her options of defense.

"I said don't make this difficult." Sakura’s first attacker spoke in a hoarse tone as he advanced toward her and his partner.

Sakura saw the opportunity to finally get away as the man got closer. Once man number one was close enough she placed her feet on his chest and pushed hard. The momentum from her actions caused all three of them to fall back. The man holding her hit the ground hard enough to let go.

Sitting up first Sakura managed to run a few feet before a loud bang filled the air; searing pain echoed from Sakura’s thigh causing her to collapse. Scrunching shut green eyes in pain Sakura fialed to notice hear her attackers until cool metal tapped her temple.

"For a doctor you sure ain't too smart." Both men laughed as Sakura clenched her teeth from both pain and anger.

"Morons shouldn't play with guns or reproduce but you do it anyways." A bored tone came from behind Sakura the same moment the gun moved away from her head.

Opening green eyes Sakura found both men backing away, raw fear in their wide eyes.

Looking around Sakura took note of three men in dark suits encircling her with their guns aimed at her attackers.

"Neji. Kiba. Check and tag them." The same voice from behind Sakura spoke this time with authority.

Two men to her right walked over to secure the attackers while holstering their weapons. One man had long black hair and piercing grey eyes while his companion had light brown shaggy hair and red tattoos marking his cheeks.

Sakura could do nothing but watch for several heartbeats as her two attackers fought uselessly before being restrained.

"Naruto." The voice from earlier spoke again with cold detachment.

"Yea, yea bastard. Wouldn't want you pretty new suit to get all wrinkled." Sarcasm from the man beside Sakura filled her ears but she continued to watch as her attackers eyed her with venom.

A snort came from behind Sakura this time followed with a low threat, "Keep it up, I'll beat your ass into next week."

"Okay I'll remember that next time we train Sasuke."

Sakura was so engrossed with watching her attackers she failed to notice she was being picked up.

"Try taking deep breaths and closing your eyes to calm down." A warm calm voice stirred the hairs near Sakura’s ear finally snapping her stupor.

Sakura's suddenly whipped her head so fast around her cheek collided with a chin bone.


"P-put me down!" Sakura’s voice was borderline between hysterical and ticked.

"Sorry no can do. You are going into shock you pretty lady.”

"I said out me down!"

Sakura all but yelled at the bright blue eyed blonde holding her before slamming her elbow into his shoulder. The sudden action caused the blonde, Naruto, to release his hold. Sakura hissed in pain when her weight lie on her injured leg. Pushing past the pain Sakura forced herself to move, but she didn’t make it very far.

A strong firm arm wrapped around her waist and took her feet off the ground, Sakura kicked and yelled at the person holding her against their strong chest.

"Kick and scream all you want, we need you to come with us." The cold familiar voice spoke, making Sakura still monetarily. She had yet to find out what Sasuke looked like, all she knew was he sounded like a complete ass.

Walking a short distance with Sakura firmly in his grasp Sasuke rolled his eyes when she yelled some more.

"Like hell I'm going with you! I just almost got kidnapped by Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb over there, and now just because you come helping me out I'm supposed to just follow your orders. Well guess what buddy I'm not going anywhere with you. I don't know you or-"

Sasuke had plopped Sakura down on the grass cutting her words short; he reveled in the silence.

"Well guess what buddy you don't have a choice."

"Like hell I don't!" Sakura staggered onto her feet and turned to face the jerk so she could tear him a new one, but stopped.

Not just stopped talking but stopped as in all control over herself slammed into a wall.

Leaning against the iron park fence was the most attractive man Sakura had ever seen.

Black hair so dark it seemed to be streaked with blue. Messily styled dark hair looked oddly formal while his bangs brushed across his forehead. Dark onyx eyes were shadowed momentarily as Sasuke bent his head down to remove his suit jacket and lit a cigarette. Rolling his dress shirt sleeves up to his forearms, Sakura noted his lightly tanned skin. Sasuke’s build was athletic, not overly muscled or too thin.

"Keep your mouth open long enough I think I hear a fly coming." Sasuke's curt words sounded slightly amused and snapped Sakura back to reality.

"You're an ass." Sakura bit back sharply with narrowed green eyes.

"So I've been told." Sasuke seemed bored with where the conversation was headed so he stood up away from the fence and continued to speak. "Think whatever your heart desires because honestly I don't care. It's not my job to make you like me, however it is my job to get you safely to your father-"

"Sorry to tell you this princess, but you’ve been misinformed. I don't have a father, at not least since he thought it was cute to leave me and my mother behind." Sakura cut Sasuke off, her eyes lit with anger.

Turning to leave she rammed into another firm chest. Staggering back Sakura glared up at Naruto as he spoke gently.

"I agree with you about Sasuke being an ass because he is, but we really need you to come with us. We’ll keep you safe from jerks like the two you had to deal with earlier."

Sakura stared into light happy blue eyes that pleaded for her cooperation.

Sakura shifted on her feet in thought only to have pain slither up her leg in protest. Snapping her harshly together Sakura hissed in pain as Naruto shot out his arm in aide.

"Whoa there."

Naruto spoke while helping Sakura to sit onto the grass.

"I'm fine let go." Sakura jerked her arm free of Naruto’s careful hold with more force than necessary.

Taking out a med kit from her backpack Sakura cleaned the wound only to find it being a light graze, not even deep enough for stitches only a band aid. As Sakura worked silence enveloped around the trio before she spoke up. "So where did the others go?"

"Neji and Kiba took the two hostiles to a holding cell at our base." Naruto spoke absentmindedly while his blue eyes scanned over the street, cars and people milled around.

"Holding cell? What do you guys even do?"

Naruto turned to open his mouth to speak but another voice sounded.

"We are an elite group of bodyguards that work for high ranking targets like your father."

Naruto glared in Sasuke's direction for taking away his thunder. Sakura eyed the two men oddly before turning her gaze out over the street that slowly filled with commuter traffic. Drawing her knees against her chest Sakura and the men remained silent, a cool fall breeze dancing among them.

"He's not my father as far as I'm concerned. In fact he's not even a man." Sakura's words were low but the two men standing near her heard them perfectly.

"Ms. Haruno-"

"Just Sakura."

Naruto hesitated, "Okay, um, Sakura. Sasuke and I are two of the best guards around, we will protect you at all costs but you have to at least come to this one meeting. You’re...um...the Minister seems to only want one verification of your safety. Then you can go back to your normal life."

Sakura bit her lip absorbing the information; she had no desire to ever see the man who created her again.

Minutes ticked by while Sasuke and Naruto stood in front of her waiting for either a complying answer or one that would involve aggressive action. Of course they wouldn't hurt her they would just have to get her in the car with effort.


Sakura’s sighed reply had Naruto visibly relaxing and Sasuke snorting before heading toward a BMW. Naruto helped Sakura stand before opening the back passenger car door and climbing in himself.

The ride to Upper East Side was the longest thirty minutes of Sakura's life. It had been quiet except for Naruto's occasional stomach growl and complain about wanting ramen. Sasuke pulled the BMW up alongside a tall white building with tinted windows. Sakura could only guess it was one of the many office buildings Prime Minister's used for work.

Huffing a sigh Sakura stepped out of the car, taking note of Naruto standing straight and blank faced much like Sasuke.

Sakura shivered involuntarily, 'They're like robots.' Once the thought crossed her mind she frowned. She sort of wanted the smiling Naruto back, even Sasuke seemed even more unemotional than before.

The two men flanked Sakura as they stepped inside the large building.

The floors were white marble with red veins that glittered when light touched. Black leather couches scattered around the lobby, each paired with a glass end table. Sakura also noticed how a man in a black suit paired with dark sunglasses stood near every corner of the lobby. 'There inside wearing sunglasses? Very Men in Black.' Sakura's thoughts were quickly halted as they approached gold elevator doors.

Sasuke pushed the elevator call button and Sakura’s heart started to race, she was getting anxious for a very bad reason.

Naruto noticed Sakura tension and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder, turning slightly Sakura caught a brief smile from the blonde. If Sakura thought it had been awkwardly quiet before, the elevator it was worse. No lame elevator music, no whispers, nothing except the trio breathing.

'I could never work here, who in their right mind enjoys total silence.' Sakura's brow creased at the thought. ‘Oh yeah.’

The elevator came to a resting stop on the top fourth floor of the building. Sakura clenched her shaking hands while trying to calm her crazed nerves. Exiting the elevator the trio walked across the hall as Naruto and Sasuke opened two large cherry wood doors. The office inside was just as cold and detached as the man sitting in it. Straight ahead of Sakura a large wooden desk lay before windows as natural light poured into the room.

"Come stand before my desk child."

A deep throaty voice that Sakura could never forget about beckoned her inside. Forcing her legs to work Sakura managed to get half way in the room and stopped.

Naruto and Sasuke stood back next to the doors with no intentions of leaving, especially as Sakura's entire form slightly shook without her notice. Both men agreed without words that they were staying with her until she left the office.

"You've grown up quite nicely, gifted with those green eyes." Sakura's father spoke unemotionally while making his way in front of his desk, lazily leaning his hip against it.

Sakura’s father was a short man with broad shoulders, over the years his drinking habits had finally caught up leaving him pudgier. Dark beady eyes contrasted with light purple colored hair that was slicked back taming the unruly mane.

"You haven't changed a day except for the additional weight. Tell me, how is your liver doing?" Sakura's remark was dripping with sarcasm and hate that didn’t go unnoticed. Her father tensed at the snide comment and Sakura gripped onto the small victory. Straightening to her full height which was the same as her father, Sakura looked evenly into cold eyes. She no longer would be intimidated.

"I'm not here to play games with you. In fact you owe me a favor." Mr. Haruno's words came out dull and bored sounding.

"I'm not doing anything for you. You're nothing but-"

"You're a doctor because of me. You're still alive because of me." Mr. Haruno's cold authoritative tone cut off Sakura's words. "Now that you have gotten quiet here is my proposition. I'm in the running for another year of being Prime Minster, and I need good press to help boost my polls. From this moment on you are to attend every public event by my side and smile for cameras, once I have achieved my spot I will let crawl back to your pitiful life. For all I have done for you I accept this as my repayment."

Sakura was stuck silent for a few heartbeats before shock turned to hate.

"Go screw yourself.” Sakura spoke with narrowed eyes, “You haven't done a damn thing for me or my mother my entire life, yet you have the audacity to stand there demanding things. The only thing you ever gave us were drunk hits and words. All those years of taking each blow both mentally and physically… the day you left was a godsend. My mother is dead because of all stress and damage you did to her” Sakura advanced at her father with purposeful strides.

I was the one who buried her. Not you. I am a doctor because of my work. Not yours. I cannot stand you and I sure as hell will never forgive you. I was seventeen years old taking care of my mother who had no chance of surviving, but did you come? No, instead you played a God up here in your ivory tower. I owe you nothing!" Sakura's words were seething, green eyes burning with hate. By the time she was finished she was a foot from her father who was back against a glass window.

Silence was deafening for a while before a loud crack of skin against skin echoed in the room. Sakura’s eyes watered against the sting of being slapped as her chest heaved with barely controlled rage. Naruto blindly started to move to Sakura’s side only to have Sasuke stop him with a sharp warning look.

"Wrong. You have all those things because I have connections in high places. The only reason you're not buried in old medical bills is because I had most of them taken care of. Your ability to be one of the very few young doctors in Konoha to hold a high position is because I talked to the board."

Sakura slowly refaced her father in slight disbelief before he spoke again, "You act just like that unworthy woman you called a mother. She was-"

Before Mr. Haruno spoke another syllable Sakura whipped around and gripped his throat, pushing him against the glass. All shock evaporated from Sakura’s form replaced by loathing before anyone blinked.

"You listen here you swine. I will do your favor only because I want you out of my life entirely. You will not breathe another word about my mother, you do and I swear to any higher power listening I will be the death of you." Each word Sakura spoke was low and cold as she pressed her father against the window.

Webbing had formed on the glass behind her father from shear force.

After a moment of silence Sakura released her hold and headed out of the office, sick laughter followed her out.

"Don't forget your new guards. Sasuke has been permanently assigned to you, Naruto will be available when needed.”

Sakura was breathing heavily through her nose to reign in her emotions as she punched the elevator call button.

"Sakura wait up!" Naruto was jogging down the hallway with Sasuke following behind.

Once the elevator doors opened Sakura sagged against the back wall with her eyes closed.

"You okay?"

"Does she look okay you idiot?"

"Don't start Sasuke I'll drop you."

"Come at-"

"Enough!" Sakura’s loud demand silenced the metal box full of people. "Listen I'm going home and don't take this the wrong way but I don't want you guys around. I just want one day to be normal before I'm dropped into Hell." Sakura spoke lowly this time, words filled with defeat and exhaustion.

"We'll take ya Sakura." Naruto plastered on a big smile while helping her out to the car.

The ride was quiet again until Sasuke spoke.

"As guards we can't completely leave your side. I'll be stationed outside your apartment, Naruto has a previous engagement."

Sakura was done fighting for the day so she only sighed in reply.

Once Sakura climbed out of the car she didn't look back.

Naruto climbed out and back into another vehicle leaving Sasuke to lean back in the leather driver seat.


The sun had set a few hours ago and Sasuke still sat back again his seat. His suit jacket had been removed long ago, dress shirt sleeves rolled up to his forearms. Smoke blew from his nose out the open window, it was his last cigarette and he was taking time to fully enjoy the nicotine.

One last pull from the cigarette and Sasuke flicked it away, sighing he decided now would be a good time to go check on his charge.

Stepping out of the car he stretched tight sore muscles before walking around the BMW and heading up the stairs to Sakura's small place.

Knocking twice Sasuke rolled back on his heels waiting for entrance and when it didn't come he knocked again. Sasuke’s patience started running thin so he tried the knob.

As if he had a magic touch to door swing open.

'Not even a full day and I'm already annoyed with this chick. Looks like I'll be teaching her basic door locking.'

Sasuke grappled his gun from its holster and walked over the threshold. All the lights in the house seemed to be on.

The main entrance was a small hallway that opened up into a small living room, furnished with a couch and coffee table in front of a television.

To the side of the living room Sasuke noted the small kitchen. Walking past the joined kitchen and TV room Sasuke climbed a lone set of stairs, turning to the left he found the bathroom open. The end of the walkway opened to what Sasuke assumed to be Sakura’s room.

The house was relatively bare except for basic furnishings, hinting towards Sakura working more than staying home.

Sasuke was about the head into the bedroom when a rustle from the bathroom caught his attention.

Poking his head into the open room there on the floor was his charge.

Pink hair fanned over the white tile floor while both her hands clutched desperately onto either a wine bottle or the toilet.

Sasuke studied Sakura's face that was pink from both crying and having drank three bottles of wine alone. Tears leaked from closed eyes, concealing their rich green color. Sakura’s breathing was slow and even telling Sasuke she had long since passed out.

Holstering his gun Sasuke sighed; he was an elite guard being reduced to a babysitter. Perfect.

Kneeling down he cradled the pink haired woman to his chest before walking out to her room.

The bed was a pale pink color highlighted with white pillows, placing her down softly Sasuke managed to get her under the covers.

"Thank you." Sakura mumbled against her pillow before falling back asleep.

Sasuke smirked while walking out of her room and back down stairs.

Glancing a look at the clock it read 2:30 in the morning, Sasuke rubbed exhaustion from his eyes. He needed sleep. Going to the door he locked it and did one sweep of the house before settling on the couch.

An alarm clock sounded off in the distance making Sasuke peel his eyes open. A grumble was shortly followed by a smashing sound effectively making silence settle back into the apartment.

Loud footsteps made their way down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Sakura's hair was a mess her clothes wrinkled and a major headache to boot.

Clutching her temple she opened a kitchen cabinet that was more or less used to hold medication.

"Tylenol stored beside plates very unique storage." Sasuke's deep morning voice startled Sakura to the point she screamed loudly.

Sasuke's eyes squinted from the piercing sound, Sakura groaned, her head did not appreciate the loud sound.

"Don't creep up on me like that. I mean where did you even come from?" Sakura whispered her question before downing water and a pill.

"I came in last night to check on you-"

"You broke into my house?"

"No. Your carelessness left the door proactively wide open." Sasuke was scowling at Sakura for accusing him of breaking in.

"Okay okay I'm not capable of dealing with you right now. Wait did you sleep on my couch?"

"Yes, Seeing as you were passed out I couldn't leave." Sasuke sat at the small kitchen table while Sakura leaned against the counter.

"Since I don't know how long this unflavored situation is to last, please tell me what is going to change." Sakura's voice was still filled with sleep.

"You’re very accepting of this." Sasuke sounded rather amused.

"I'm more easy going in the morning, add in a hangover and I'm very influential."

Sasuke smirked before closing his eyes and speaking. "As you know Naruto and I are your main two man team, it won't be often the idiot and I guard you. To put it simply you have to deal with me being around all the time, because I was appointed as your main guard."

Sakura tried her best to follow Sasuke's words through her clouded hung over mind.

"So what exactly does that mean?"

"For your safety and protection I will continually be by your side. I am one of the best at what I do."

"I can't believe I agreed to this. Out of everyone I get the self-absorbed model who looks like a sex god." Sakura was speaking without care but slowly her brain caught up to her words.

Snapping her mouth shut Sakura was slightly mortified, being hungover shut off her filter and she just admitted her bodyguard was hot.

"Well now that I know your opinion of me do try and keep your hands off of me." Sasuke smirked fully enjoying Sakura's early morning malfunctions.

Sakura growled a 'shut up' before walking toward her shower.

A few moments passed before Sakura walked back down stairs feeling more sober and awake. She found Sasuke sitting where she’d left him earlier. "Shower is open if you want it."

"I figured we would stop by my place instead. I have a few things to pick up, seeing how I'll be staying here with you I need some clothes."

"Whoa wait. You're not seriously moving in, are you?"

Sasuke nodded his head before heading to the door.

"Ms. Haruno the day is young. Shall we get going?"

"You’re infuriating. Stop being such a smug jerk."

"Then stop being so annoying and get your ass in the car. How's that for you?" Sasuke spoke over his shoulder fully feel Sakura glaring into his back.

AN: My pen name is Ms. Future both on here and Fanfiction.net. I hope that any older readers as well as new ones are enjoying my work and appreciate you taking time to check me out!

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LaQuiche: Amazing for this slow build up to be so satisfying! Definitely a guilty pleasure!

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