The Vicious Gods Wrath

By ekrolo2

Action / Scifi

Desperate Measures

Freeza Planet 484, Age 776

"Artillery guns! FIRE!" Proclaims a yellow skinned, fish-headed commander to the firing squadrons behind him as he observes their target via a pair of binoculars. The command center for the Planet Trade Organization forces, a dome-like structure adorned with the colors of Freeza with several sets of trenches dug out all around it filled with defenders ready to die in its defense. Dozens of them inhabit these trenches, all wearing the companies trademark armor and scouters with some even having mechanical arm cannons on their arms.

On the opposite end are the Bassians, the inhabitants of this world, once called Bassia before catching the eye of the now deceased Lord Freeza and subsequently falling to his rule. But that was a long time ago, and with their horrid overlord being gone for well over a decade by this point, the Bassians have rebelled to retake their homeworld. For without Freeza, his equally maligned Ginyu Force, and the Abo & Kado brothers, they and many most other races across the cosmos know full well of the Organizations current state. They do not intend to let it go to waste.

Doing as commanded, the artillery crews manning the massive guns aimed at the trenches open fire on the PTOs soldiers holding the trenches, bombarding them with gargantuan, red colored balls of energy. Explosion after explosion goes off on the field, engulfing much of it in smoke though the screams of their falling enemies are unmistakable, even through the loud cannon fire. Continuing their bombardment from the ground, dozens of Bassian ships accompanied by flying Bassian's fly overhead towards the dome, attacking enemy artillery and vehicles supporting the foot troops.

Resistance is soon met, however, as the TPO respond with their own flying men and ships, engaging the Bassian forces high above the battlefield. Chaos reigns in the sky, with hundreds of combatants fighting one another, firing blasts, rockets and all sorts of weapons in every direction. Despite this, the advantage remains with the Bassian's as now much of the enemies air support is pre-occupied to aid with other potential matters.

Taking advantage of this, Bassia's brave soldiers take to the field, charging towards the bombarded trenches with a massive roar, sending chills down the TPOs backs. They fire at the natives as quickly as they can, but for every single TPO, there are a hundred Bassians. With the distance between them and their adversaries closing fast, many of the Organizations men turn tail and run the opposite direction. With their hearts racing, they climb out of the front trenches as fast as can, their attackers artillery and personal gun fire slaying many of them with little difficulty.

"The cowards are fleeing men! Keep driving them back! Don't stop until their wretched hides are off our world!" Announces the commander over the radio, transmitting the message to his fellow soldiers as they get ever closer to the dome and their worlds liberation.

Edge of the Northern Quadrant

"And you're sure there's no way for us to regain control of the planet?" Inquires Sorbet whilst sitting in the captain's seat of his ship's command deck, his head rests on his arm while his free hand holds a cup of red wine. His face caught in a permanent scowl as a holo-monitor hovering in front of him displays the wounded and beaten commander of Planet 484s garrison.

"None my Lord," Replies the Commander with a polite, yet somewhat frightened tone. "The Bassian forces have us cornered inside our base, we've only two days to leave the planet or else they'll annihilate us all."

Sorbet lets out an annoyed sigh, closing his eyes to try to quell the anger building up inside at this news, ready to lash out at anyone unfortunate enough to be near him. He takes a sip of wine and looks back to the commander. "Pull your men back... no point in losing any more of you than we already have I suppose."

The commander of the garrisons eyes light up like a child receiving his most wanted gift and smiles at Sorbet before bowing to him. "Thank you, my lord! We'll return to headquarters as soon as we're able-" With the press of a button located on a small console built into the throne, Sorbet ends communication with him, in no mood to listen to another giddy coward receiving word to run from his post. With another sigh, the short blue-skinned alien finishes what's left of the wine inside the glass before tossing it against a nearby wall.

"That's the third planet we've lost this month..." Sorbet mutters to himself with his heart racing from the anxiety of their degenerating situation. "At this rate the organization won't last to see the next decade... With Freeza dead and those two idiots leaving us to terrorize some worthless planet... If we cannot secure another strong fighter at least somewhat of their caliber, our property will continue to rebel against us."

A beeping noise coming from the entrance gets his attention. "Who is it?"

"It's me, sir, I've some promising news from one of our spy bots that I think you should hear."

Returning to his throne, Sorbet presses down onto the console, allowing his soldier to enter. He is a tall, slim and grey-skinned man wearing a dual scouter visored and one of the organization's few remaining elite soldiers known as Tagoma. The soldier kneels before his master, bowing his head to him. "My lord," He tells the smaller alien before him in a polite tone.

"Skip the formalities Tagoma, I'm in no mood for it," Scoffs Sorbet with his head resting on his hand. "Whats this good news you bring me?"

The elite raises his head to look his leader in the eye and gives him a rare smile. "We've found it my lord, a planet with Dragon Balls."

Nearly falling out of his seat from shock, Sorbet's jaw hangs open upon hearing this in shock. "You mean... our spy bots have finally found Namek?!" He inquires with a rush of excitement creeping throughout his entire body.

Tagoma shakes his head. "Not Namek, unfortunately," He notices Sorbet's enthusiasm slip quickly. "But another world called Earth, a small planet in the North quadrant of the galaxy, in fact, their scouters managed to find a group already gathering them as we speak. If we act quickly, we should be able to take them away as soon as this group collects them all for us."

Sorbet cackles at this news with renewed hope for the Organizations survival. "And once we've acquired the Dragon Balls, assuming their powers isn't overstated, we can wish back Lord Freeza!"

Now it is Tagoma who feels his enthusiasm fade though he tries not to let it show. "There is one problem, however, our spy bots picked up several fairly high power levels on the planet's surface... many of which surpass Lord Freeza's recorded readings..."

"WHAT?!" Exclaims Sorbet flabbergasted by this news. "How can this?! What beings could possess such power... " Immediately, rumors behind Freeza's demise flood his mind, yet one rules above all others. "Can it be... Is there really such a thing... as a Super Saiyan?"

"Several of the power levels do in fact belong to Saiyan's my lord," States Tagoma matter of factly. "One of whom is Prince Vegeta himself, the others we've no records of but we've also determined the presence of several strong natives along with a Namekian comparable in strength to the Saiyans."

"So, that's where Vegeta scurried off to is it," Ponders Sorbet out loud. "Still, if their powers are greater than Lord Freeza's then I suppose there's nothing we can do about that traitor now. Our first priority will be securing those Dragon Balls and returning our master back to life."

"If at all possible my lord, I think we should refrain from going there ourselves."

Sorbet raises an eyebrow at this. "For what purpose?"

"It seems the inhabitants of this planet are capable of sensing each other's power, our spy bots caught several conversations where they explicitly mentioned this fact. As we cannot hide our powers, sending machines in our stead could eliminate the possibility of us being discovered and killed before our objective can be completed."

"If such a risk exists, then that would be for the best," Says Sorbet as he sits back down. "How long will it take them to arrive there?"

Tagoma smirks. "I took the liberty of sending them out a while ago my lord, they should be arriving down onto the planet within the next 3 hours."

Sorbet chuckles upon hearing this. "See, this is why you're my favorite soldier Tagoma, you're the only one here I can count on."

"Thank you sir," He states politely with a bow before exiting the room, the instant the door closes behind him, Tagoma takes out a small communication device out of his pocket and dials his contact. His eyes dart around all over to make sure there isn't anyone listening in on him as his phone continues beeping. "Please pick up..." Tagoma mutters desperately hoping the call will reach him in time.

"Fear not good people of Xandar! For I, the peacekeeper of the galaxy, the chosen super elite Galactic Patrolman am here in your time of need!" Proclaims Jaco while striking a pose from atop a ruined vehicle, hundreds of Xandarian's simply ignore him and continue running away in panic from the 20 feet tall lizard monster wreaking havoc throughout their capital. Jaco himself remains in this pose regardless until he notices the creature toss the entire top floor of a building directly at him.

"I should deal with that," He states nonchalantly before leaping towards the giant building chunk descending on him, and with a single punch shatters it to pieces, flipping in the air and landing back at the vehicle. He jumps into the air once more, landing on the side of a building which he immediately starts running up at blinding speed for any average being. The lizard creature takes notice off him, and with a mighty roar swings it's stumpy, clawed hand at the building he's on.

Knowing that its collapse would be beyond even his ability to stop, Jaco opts to stop the attack before it can topple it onto the fleeing civilians below. He jumps towards the hand and with a single punch knocks it away. "Now to end this."

He activates the jet propulsion on the bottom of his boots and flies towards the beasts head, uppercutting it on the way up before tossing a small capsule device down its gaping mouth. Landing atop a nearby building, Jaco puts both his hands on his hips and observes the roaring lizard writhe in pain as it falls to its knees and falls over completely, breathing a few last breaths before finally dying.

"Excellent!" Exclaims Jaco with an earnest smile on his face. "The new Extinction Bombs work gloriously! Command will be thrilled to hear this news!"

He places both his hands on his hips and continues observing the dead creature until he notices his phone vibrating on his belt. "Hm, I wonder who that could be." Taking his phone out, he answers the call and notices his inside man on the PTO on the other end. "Secret agent Tagoma! How wonderful to see you-"

"Quiet!" Whispers Tagoma, annoyed by Jaco's yelling. "Someone could hear you! Do you want my cover to be blown?!"

"My apologies old friend," Replies Jaco with a softer, quieter tone this time around. "What news from the Trade Organization?"

"I don't have long so I'll get to the point, our spy bots recently uncovered a planet with Dragon Balls on it, mythical devices capable of granting any user any wish they desire."

"Any wishes they desire..." Reiterates Jaco as he ponders the implications of this when it hits him. "Wait... they aren't going to-"

"Bring back Freeza? Yes, I'm afraid that's exactly what they're planning."

Shivers run down Jaco's spine as he knows what the tyrants revival would cause for the galaxy at large. "You did well calling me, quickly, tell me where this planet is and how much time I have to get there."

"For appearances sake I was forced to send the spy bots before telling you this news," States Tagoma with a hint of regret in his voice. "But if you're fast enough, you should be able to reach Earth before they can use the Dragon Balls."

"What?! D-did you just say Earth?!" Inquires Jaco out loud, earning a scowl from Tagoma.

"Quiet! And yes, the planet these orbs are on is called Earth, why? Is that a problem-" Before the double agent can continue, Jaco ends communication with him and immediately summons his ship to his position. The small blue planet holds a special place in his heart, and he will not allow the likes of Freeza or anyone from the Trade Organization to threaten its safety for their own selfish purposes.

"Do not worry people of Earth! The super elite Galactic Patrolman Jaco will soon arrive to save you all!" Exclaims the small alien before leaping into his ship and flying towards his destination as fast as his vessel will allow him.

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