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i am peter parker


this is about a kid who was hydra project for 5 years and then left to die and then returned to his family in this writing some thing i picked up from others if you came across some Certain part which you think i copied or some one else please mention in comments i will gladly like to give credits to that person And i like ending chapter with "I am peter parker" Till i cannot some tags are attached some will be attached with progression

Scifi / Adventure
Vaibhav Kumar
Age Rating:

the first meating

Someones P.O.V.

“hey wake up, time to train” said a voice

I don’t remember what time it is or what date it is or how long I’ve been here but It was a very long time I was kidnapped when I was 5-year-old .

They tried several things in this time period they wiped my memory, they trained me in everything from hacking to hand to hand combat, they experimented on me I was basically a lab rat to them to experiment on they tried several serum from blue to purple due to sever training my emotional state was gone, the range at which I can use my mind was normal after last serum they tried it expanded my mind and because of that the memories which were suppressed by them emerged and I remembered everything before I was kidnapped who I was and who was my family.

During that whole time I was living in a rotten place, they train me, they make me kill peoples from a 5 year old girl to a very old helpless man and I was aware of my powers but I hid it form them because of it I was beaten to core left to strive in a rotten cell.

Today was same as always

“we tried the radioactive spider experiment failed” a voice said

“then dispose him no need to carry baggage with us we are shifting” a heavy voice said

Heavy steps moving away from the cell

“what to do with this useless kid” a voice asked

“leave him on his on to starve to death, avengers found out about our base so we are moving every thing to another place” another voice said

Sound of two people moving away from cell

Then nothing no voice no sound and I can’t sense any presence nearby and then there was a blast and people came rushing in

“javis search for heat signatures” a robotic voice said

“there is a heat signature on 5th door on your left” I hear a voice replied

“it looks like a kid” same voice replied

The metal door was melted from hinges and fall inside at this time I was barely conscious and losing it faster I saw robotic fig before I became unconscious due to malnourishment

Place “Stark tower”

Time “3 days after THE raid”

Tony P.O.V.

I found a kid about 10-year-old in one of the cells when we raided the hydra base (infiltrated no, infiltrated when attacked on an active base this one was emptied already so “THE” raid)

We found nothing but a kid abandoned in one of the cells starved to death he is still in critical situation as soon as he gets in better condition, he will be put up for adoption

I was still thinking about the kid

“some one is thinking deep” Natasha said form behind


“still thinking about the kid” Natasha said

“how can I not, no one knows how long was he in their and how much of a torcher this kid has to go through and for how long, I am still surprised he is still alive” I said

“I still got nightmares from my time in hydra as their project and I shiver about the things that happen to this kid” Bucky said

“but from now own this kid is going to live a normal life” Steve said

Third person P.O.V.

“hey kid what’s your name “the lady form child protection services asked

“my name is peter Parker” said the kid innocently sitting on the med bay

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