A Return to Faith. A Return to Avalon.

Chapter 3

Thursday March 17th, 2006
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Home of the ‘6 Musketeers’
12:52 p.m.

“This is how we’re going to get there,” Billy smiled before opening the garage door and flipping the light on so they could see inside.

“Oh my freakin’ mother of God!” Rebecca shrieked. “It’s the ‘Stang!”

“Holy crap, Billy,” Jasmine glanced at him before walking around the first car she’d ever had, completely restored to the condition it was in twenty years before. “Oh my God, you even have the bumper sticker still! You guys have to see this!”

The other ladies, save Elaine, quickly rushed to her side. “Oh man, it does,” Rebecca laughed, as they looked at the bumper sticker they had made eighteen years earlier… ‘Calgary!!! 1988 – be there or be square!!’

Thursday February 13th, 1988
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
MacMahon Stadium

“Oh my God, I can not believe we are really here…at the Olympics!”

“I can’t believe we drove from Boston to Calgary,” Juli countered Rebecca.

“I can’t believe you two are talking,” Elizabeth rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, hush,” added Sara with a smirk before turning her attention back to the Opening Ceremonies going on before them.

It had been an interesting year and a half since the six had first met. They had become completely inseparable, and putting their minds together had done quite a few things. Starting with the decision to invest the money they had all saved working their butts off through high school in order to go to college, only to not need it when they got scholarships, to good work in the stock market. They had sat and debated for weeks about which companies would be the best investments. Their summer together had first established the bond, and they made their Stock Market plans just as the fall session was starting. Which their first choice had been to buy into Mircrosoft. After that they had purchased stock in Sony and then Disney, Chevron and Mattel finished up their stock decisions over the last year and a half.

Needless to say the six found themselves very well off, mostly thanks to Microsoft. They in turn, turned around and took all of their profit from the market and put it in a high return account at the bank and turned their attention to a few things. Finding a place off campus for the lot of them first and foremost, and they had found the house in Cambridge, completely perfect for them. Their own home...after that they had continued with life, took their classes. They had spent Christmas of ’87 in NYC, Rebecca showing them around her hometown and surrounding area. Then, with the support of the others, Jasmine had finally gone and reported her father for the years of abuse he had put her through. He was the last one to have survived not being prosecuted or punished for the abuse inflicted upon one of them.

She had been allowed to remain at school while the trial was in preparation, but had been notified just before the end of Fall Session that they would need her back in D.C. the beginning of March. From there they had all decided to go, she wasn’t doing this alone. But they needed something fun to do before and someone had mentioned the idea of attending the Winter Games…a once in a lifetime experience. And so they had all taken off for the Spring Session, it wasn’t like they didn’t make up for it with having spent the last two Summer Sessions in school while others went home. And they all piled into Jasmine’s ’62 Mustang, red of course though her’s was more a burgundy; and Billy’s Toyota Truck and headed towards all points West and Canadian. Complete with their unique way of staying in touch between the two vehicles, a system they created after the trip to NYC. They went out and bought two sets of Walkie Talkies, then took one from each set and taped it so that they would always be on and the person would be talking into it. Then they each had one of those, and the opposite set’s receiver and they could sit in both cars and talk and be heard in the other car at all times. Unless of course one of them turned the power off and decided to NOT be in contact at all times, usually when Rebecca was at the point of driving Sara and Billy nuts who were in his truck.

“Oooh how neat, she’s only twelve years old and she’s going to have this memory for the rest of her life,” Juli sighed when they saw Robyn Perry take the Olympic flame and run up to light the Torch.

“Jealous?” Rebecca teased.

“Hell yeah,” Juli grinned. “They should have the Games in Houston someday, be fantastic.”

“Perhaps they will,” Elizabeth agreed with a smile before glancing over at Sara and Billy – for the most part the two had been silent the entire time, Sara with her head on Billy’s shoulder. If it weren’t for the fact Sara was in training to be a Priestess, they all swore the two of them would have been dating the last year…as it was…well, they didn’t exactly get to pick their first relationship.

“Why are you looking at us instead of down there?” Sara teased, pulling Elizabeth from her thoughts.

“You’re more interesting,” she shrugged.

“Then the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics? Dang we must be doing something really interesting,” Sara chuckled. “Quit staring and watch the Ceremony girl, we’re never going to get a chance like this again.”

“What she said,” Jasmine agreed and Elizabeth rolled her eyes before turning her attention back to the events below them.

Friday February 28th, 1988
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
MacMahon Stadium

Sixteen days later found the group once more in MacMahon Stadium to watch the closing ceremonies. They had seen everything from the Bobsled finals, to every aspect of the Figure Skating, creating a bit of a monster in Elizabeth, Sara, and Jasmine who by the end were completely in love with the sport. They saw the Russians nearly monopolize the Ice Dancing, but cheered when Canada went away with Bronze. They saw the US get Bronze in Pairs, but fell in love with Gordeeva and Grinkov from Russia who won Gold. They saw the battle of the Brians, and cheered when Boitano won, but loved that Orser got Silver. And the girls had completely fallen in love with the man who got eighth, Kurt Browning. As Rebecca put her finger on why, he had the most perfectly shaped butt in the universe.

They had also seen Witt and Thomas go up against each other, feeling it was rather…unfair that both women had the same music and it became a judge of who did better with the song really, at least in Sara’s opinion. They had all cried when Debi stepped out of her landing, knowing that was it. But they had cheered like mad when she got her Bronze at the medal ceremony, and cheered for Canada’s Elizabeth Manley as she got her Silver. Sara had even accompanied Billy to a Hockey match, though she had to admit she still didn’t see the point, even if he did play for Harvard.

And so they all sat in the stadium once more today, backpacks covered with a pin representing each sport, all six of them having their own set, they had the official program for each of them to take home, and the girls all had a Hidy bear, while Billy had, thanks to the girls, a Howdy bear to take home.

“I can’t believe it’s over…” Juli sighed, watching as the athletes came into the stadium once more.

“I can’t believe we were actually here,” Jasmine agreed with a chuckle.

“I think our bank accounts would love to disagree with you,” Billy teased.

“And we have that new love of skating to prove that we were here,” Sara added.

“Hey, I only have a new love of Kurt Browning’s butt… youze keep your love of skating,” Rebecca countered.

“You’re scaring the other guests,” Elizabeth teased as the people seated around them laughed, having heard Rebecca’s comment.

“Do I look like I care? It’s a fact, his butt is perfect,” Rebecca shrugged.

“Sadly, I think I’m the only one that would disagree with you,” Billy chuckled.

“Damn straight,” Rebecca nodded. “Oooo I think I see him…”

“I’m not even going to ask how she can spot him from up here,” Sara giggled.

“Because I recognize his butt.”

“Okay, that’s it. New conversation topic ladies, I can only handle so much listening to women talk about another man’s butt…” Billy declared.

“Let’s give our poor male member of the family a break,” Elizabeth chuckled.

“Thank you,” Billy spoke, looking up at heaven.

“Weird man,” Rebecca rolled her eyes before they turned their attention back to the Closing Ceremony.

Thursday March 17th, 2006
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Home of the ‘6 Musketeers’
12:54 p.m.

“That was the best trip,” Rebecca chuckled. “I still can’t believe he retired…”

“Girl, the man has a family, let him enjoy his time with them,” Jasmine rolled her eyes. “Besides you have every taped appearance he ever made…like you need to see anything new.”

“But it’s Kurt,” she whined.

“We created a monster that day in Calgary,” Sara chuckled.

“I know, Dr. Frankenstein had it easy,” Elizabeth whispered conspiratorially, causing Sara to lose it.

“What’s so funny?” Rebecca demanded.

“Nothing,” Elizabeth answered, managing to stop giggling for a moment.

“I don’t believe you,” she grumbled.

“Oh relax,” Billy ordered lightly while Jasmine and Juli moved around the car to look at other things. They both spotted the bumper sticker they had made after the trip to D.C., immediately after Calgary. They had ended up staying in the area until just before it was time for Summer Session, so they visited everything under the sun from museums and national monuments, to historical sites, to theme parks. And rode every ride at each and everyone one. In the end, Jasmine’s father had been convicted, thankfully, and they finally got to come home.

“I can’t believe you did all this,” Jasmine glanced up at him from the driver’s side door.

“Needed something to do,” he shrugged.

“Oh my God!” Juli shrieked lightly from the front passenger seat.

“What?” Sara asked, she too had moved around the car and was in front of the open door, leaning over it she raised an eyebrow at Juli who was sitting on the seat, her legs still out of the car.

“Look.” Glancing over at Billy, she leaned further over the door to look inside. Spotting what Juli was looking at, she lost it.

“What is so funny?” Rebecca demanded once more, stomping over to their side. “Youze has to be kidding me, youze completely restored Red to mint condition, inside and out, but youze left dat!”

“Had to,” he grinned. “There are so many memories associated with that scratch.”

“My poor car,” Jasmine agreed with a smile. “That was the best trip though…”

Saturday June 8th, 1989
45 miles outside of Orlando, Florida
I-4 West
Billy’s Toyota
11:47 a.m.

“Orlando here we come!” Rebecca cried.

“Girl, we have fifty miles to go give or take, take a deep breath and calm down,” Elizabeth teased.

“I think she’s excited or something,” Sara chuckled, sharing a glance with Billy as he drove.

“Pretty excited for a New Yorker who doesn’t care about seeing Disney World, even if she does have stock in the company,” he agreed.

“Hey! Youz guys stop being putzes.”

“We’re allowed to pick on you, if we didn’t, who would?”

Chuckling Sara leaned back against the door for a moment. “Go on, stretch out,” Billy smiled. Shaking her head Sara moved from the Indian Style she was sitting in, her back facing the door as she sat sideways on the seat; to stretch her legs out across the seat, letting her feet rest on his lap, leaning back against the door completely.

“We hear movement, you two aren’t doing something, are you?” Juli teased.

“No,” Sara countered, rolling her eyes.

“Well, why the hell not?” Jasmine demanded with a laugh.

“I’ll turn you guys off,” Sara shot back. The others loved to tease them about their relationship that wasn’t. If it weren’t for the fact that he was in training as a Druid, and she and Elizabeth were in training as Priestess, they might actually have a real relationship. But until after she was the Virgin Huntress…well she wasn’t getting into a relationship, even with one of her best friends.

“Youze wouldn’t!”

“Watch me,” Sara smirked, reaching over to tap the side of the walkie- talkie.




“Cassie!” Elizabeth finished for the group in the mustang who were yelling at her.

“You’re evil,” Billy chuckled low in his throat as she sat back. Over the walkie talkie they could hear the others as they grumbled over her bluff.

“You haven’t figured that out yet?” she smirked, shifting her bare foot so she could pinch the inside of his thigh.

“Damn flexible toes, I still don’t know how you manage to pick stuff up with them,” he grumbled, having caught her foot with one hand.

“After four years living together you still don’t know these things about me?”

“He’s a slow learner!” Juli called through the walkie talkie.

“Stuff it, cowgirl!” he called back

“Surfer! Hey! Quit picking on my girl!”

“Make me Queenie!”

“Oh great, you had to bring Queens into this,” Jasmine groaned.

Rolling her eyes Sara turned her attention from the argument between everyone except her and Elizabeth. This year’s trip was to Elizabeth’s hometown, well one of them since she considered London her hometown as well. They had gone to Jasmine’s and Rebecca’s before, and Orlando was the next closest one. So they decided to head down during the break between Spring and Summer Sessions for a week and see Disney World since none of them had ever been, and they told Rebecca she was going whether she liked it or not when she first objected to it. So they made plans to spend a week in Orlando, staying at the Fort Wilderness Cabins, one cabin for all of them. And they were all set to go to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and the brand new Disney-MGM Studios, opened just the month before.

The next thing Sara knew, she heard screaming coming through the walkie talkie and looked up in time to see the mustang swerving as Billy hit the breaks to avoid hitting them. Thankfully there weren’t many people on the road behind them. He pulled over behind Jasmine when she had managed to get the car on the side of the road and they both hopped out, running to find out what happened. When they reached the front of the car they could hear Jasmine yelling at Rebecca through the closed windows. Glancing at each other over the hood they both reached and grabbed the handle of their respective doors.

“What the hell happened?” Billy demanded when both doors were opened.

“Rebecca tried to kill my car!” Jasmine yelled.

“What did you do?” Sara asked before looking towards the dashboard. “Is that a cut in the dashboard?

“Yes,” Rebecca ducked her head. “I was cutting an apple…”

“We thought she had cut herself!” Elizabeth groaned.

“Why the lot of us were screaming…all we saw was something red fall towards the floor and her knife was imbedded in the dashboard. And she was going ‘Oh Shit’. Thought the red thing was a piece of her finger or something…” Juli added.

“Oh brother,” Sara chuckled; relieved it wasn’t something major. “Girl, no more trying to cut an apple in the car…Jasmine might kill you and I know I will if you scare the crap out of me again.”

“Sorry,” Rebecca groaned.

“Nut case,” Billy chuckled lightly. “We okay to get back on the road or need a few to calm down?”

“Sooner we get there and I can get out of this car and be able to smack her without fear of causing an accident, the better,” Jasmine countered.


“Okay,” Billy agreed with a smile before shutting the door, as Sara did the same. “Have fun…” he continued before heading towards the back of the car and meeting Sara there. “The woman is insane.”

“No kidding,” Sara shook her head. “I thought a tire had blown or something…”

“I thought they hit something,” he agreed before parting ways at the front of the truck.

“Well, there’s one thing…” Sara mused once they were back in the cab.

“Hmm…” he prompted as he started the truck and pulled onto the highway behind Jasmine.

“Life is never boring…”

“You said it, sister,” Jasmine agreed before Sara glanced at Billy and they both laughed.

Thursday March 17th, 2006
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Home of the ‘6 Musketeers’
12:56 p.m.

“Wasn’t it?” Sara agreed… “Well, other than nearly getting in an accident on I-4…” she teased.

“Oh for the love of God, let that go,” Rebecca rolled her eyes before moving and walking past Billy’s truck. “Oh my God! You even restored Bob!” Rebecca shrieked as she hurried over to the VW Bug. “How did you manage to keep the handprints?” she asked looking towards him. Her Bug, a.k.a. Bob, had been bought during the Summer of 1990, when Sara and Elizabeth were off in Avalon for their final training and test of the Lady as they put it. She had it painted white and the six of them had sat and covered it in their handprints in various colors, uniquely her’s. They had taken Bob with Red to go to New York Christmas of ’91 while Billy was in Avalon for his final training and test. They had gone to see Aspects of Love at the Broadhurst Theater, each of the girls falling in love with Michael Ball who was playing the lead character Alex Dillingham.

Sara smiled, as she joined Rebecca, laying her hand on one of the prints she knew was her’s. That car, along with Red and Blue as they called the truck, short for Billy Boy Blue, a play on the old nursery rhyme; Little Boy Blue; saw them through numerous trips. “How did you do this?” she asked softly.

“I hand painted them then hand did the white around them. Like I said, I needed something to do…”

“You’re crazy,” Sara chuckled before going over to stand by him, and he wrapped an arm around her waist. “So, which cars are we taking?”

“Bob!” Rebecca yelled.

“Well, she can drive Bob, I’m going in Red,” Jasmine countered with a smile.

“I’m with you.”

“Me too,”

“I think I’ll join ye,” Elaine smiled.

“What is wrong with youze all? I’m a good driver!” Rebecca frowned. “Sara?”

“Sorry girl, I’m going with Billy,” Sara shrugged.

“Putzes,” Rebecca rolled her eyes before grinning. “Well hey, more room for me and Bob to bond…”

“She’s bonding with her car…anyone scared?” Juli whispered to Jasmine, Elizabeth and Elaine.

“I passed the point of being scared a long time ago,” Jasmine chuckled.

“About the day she nicknamed us Jazzy and Betsy,” Elizabeth agreed with a smile.

“Those are decent nicknames people!” Rebecca yelled.

“She’s got the hearing of a bat…”

“Let’s not go there,” Elizabeth whispered back to Juli.

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