A Return to Faith. A Return to Avalon.

Chapter 4

Saturday March 19th, 2006
Orlando, Florida
Walt Disney World Resort
Magic Kingdom Park
Crystal Palace Restaurant
8:29 a.m.

They left the house maybe fifteen minutes after one Thursday morning, and started the drive that would have them in Atlanta by eleven-thirty that night. Before the sun came up, Sara and Billy were in the lead of their caravan, the long familiar walkie talkies now set up between the three cars – they had figured out a way to make it work between three cars after Bob joined the family. Behind them had been Jasmine with Rebecca in the rear until the sun came up. Then they switched around, Rebecca in the lead and Sara and Billy last. It was easier driving with headlights to have the vehicles with higher lights in front so they didn’t blind the others.

While she drove until breakfast, Billy was busy with something on his laptop, occasionally asking questions about an idea for the wedding. For the time being they had the walkie talkies turned off unless necessary to get in touch, so anyone not driving could sleep if they wished. By the time they had stopped for breakfast, finding a Starbucks thankfully, he had been busy at work and they had decided on the dresses, and theme. She couldn’t resist the smile that lit up his face when he was hunting around and saw the Lord of the Rings replica clothing. She just told him he had to tell Rebecca they were putting her in an Elven inspired dress.

They had stopped for lunch on the road, by then Billy was driving, Elizabeth having taken over for Jasmine and Juli had joined Rebecca after breakfast to give her a break. By then they had the walkie-talkies on and were having their usual fun, singing back and forth to radios, joking and laughing. Sara took the time to check her e-mail and noticed the messages from everyone in Vegas, but chose to send a message saying she was all right and well and that she would write later, she wasn’t ready to deal with everything there right now.

After lunch Sara took over once more and Billy was loose on the computer. They switched again after dinner before finally arriving at Jasmine and Juli’s condo in Atlanta. The next morning they were up before dawn, and driving down to Orlando, arriving in time to check in and head straight for breakfast at the Crystal Palace and their first day at the Magic Kingdom.

"So we need to find Prince Charming for me," Rebecca announced after Tigger had finally managed to escape their table…and more importantly Rebecca who adored him.

"Then you're going to have to ditch us tonight at dinner and go to the Grand Floridian," Billy smirked.

"Shut up," Rebecca shot back rolling her eyes. "Besides, I've already tried that. Cindy wouldn't share him..."

"Tell me she didn't..." Sara groaned.

"She also hunted down Aladdin, Phillip, the Beast, and even Goofy..." Jasmine rolled her eyes.

"She even went up to Snow White and demanded to see her Prince," Juli giggled.

"Hey! Yooze two got big mouths!" Rebecca huffed.

"You tried to get Goofy to marry you?" Billy snickered. "Give up on the human race?"

"What? He danced with me!"

“Ye alright, Elizabeth,” Elaine asked quietly so as not to draw attention to the other woman, having noticed how quiet she had been when the talk had turned to princes. “He’s out thar somewhere for ye.”

“I know,” replied Elizabeth sadly with a small smile.

"Okay, enough picking on Rebecca, I want to finish eating and go raid the park! There are characters to be seen and shopping to be done and rides to be ridden," Jasmine declared.

"Isn't Sara the Disney fanatic?" Juli teased before taking a sip of her coffee.

“It’s not our fault they named a character after Jasmine,” countered Elizabeth.

"Okay, if that explains why Jazzy is all Disney crazy...when did they name a character after Sara?" Rebecca smirked.

"Oh bite me," Sara rolled her eyes.

"There is one named Sora..." Jasmine pointed out before Billy reached over to smack her arm lightly. "Yeah…yeah..." she replied, shaking her head. "Bad pun I know."

“Can we just hurry up and get out of here please?” asked Elizabeth suddenly, her tone a little harsh as she stood up and walked out of the restaurant.

Sara sighed before glancing at Billy then rising to follow after her closest friend in the group, leaving the others to finish their breakfast and pack up. "Bets?" she asked softly, walking up to lean on the railing beside Elizabeth, looking towards the Castle instead of at her to give her some space in that sense.

“I’m sorry,” Elizabeth said, never looking at Sara, not wanting her to see the pain in her eyes.

"For what?" she countered gently. "Girl, we've been driving for twenty hours with only a few hours of sleep. We just found out one of our family is dying, and Rebecca is on her need to find 'The One' kick...you just barely beat me out here."

“Is there really such a thing?” wondered Elizabeth quietly, her voice barely above a whisper, standing upright as she heard the others making their way out of the restaurant. “Where to first?”

"Fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad?" Sara suggested.

Elizabeth nodded before starting off in the direction of Liberty Square; that being the fastest route to Frontierland.

"She okay?" Billy asked softly as he slipped his hand in Sara's, the others already following after her.

"I don't know," she answered softly. "Come on let's go drag her out of that funk and make her at least smile once or twice today...I say we all duck so Rebecca gets soaked on Splash Mountain."

Saturday March 19th, 2006
Orlando, Florida
Walt Disney World Resort
Fort Wilderness Cabins
8:29 p.m.

Twelve hours after they were having breakfast in the Crystal Palace, Sara and Elizabeth were the only two left in the cabin they were sharing. The girls had dragged Elaine off to do some more shopping at Downtown Disney; heaven only knew what they still had to buy. And Billy had disappeared for some reason…neither was really sure just what that reason was. After changing into a pair of jeans and a sweater, Sara made her way out to the living room where Elizabeth was curled up watching the Disney cartoons on TV.

"Hey," Sara began as she sat down. "What is Mickey up to?"

“He’s chasing Pluto who’s chasing Chip and Dale,” replied Elizabeth.

"Good one," Sara smiled. "Want to get out of here, raid Ghiridelli and get completely chocolate-fied?"

“I guess,” Elizabeth said with a slight shrug.

"Bets... what's wrong?" she asked softly.

“It’s nothing,” Elizabeth said as she stood up and grabbed her small backpack. “Are we going?”

"If you want to, let me grab my cell and bag," Sara shrugged. "Bets…you know you can talk to me about anything right?"

“I know that, Cassie, but this really isn’t important, not now anyway,” Elizabeth said.

"Girl, if it's bothering you, then it's always important," Sara countered gently.

“It’s not important, Cass, I get like this at times and there isn’t anything you can do because you can’t change life,” Elizabeth argued.

"You're unhappy Bets...there has to be something I can do?"

“Not unless you can clone Billy, Cass.”

"Oh Bets," Sara sighed. "Girl, he's out there..."

“Don’t you think I know that?” snapped Elizabeth.

Frowning for a moment, Sara remained quiet and simply watched Elizabeth.

“Don’t you think I know he’s out there? Don’t you think I haven’t seen him?” ranted Elizabeth. “But what makes you think any man in their right mind would want someone like me; someone who’s broken.”

"Because if he's the one meant for you, then he will not care about your past, and will love you all the more for it," Sara countered softly. "He'll see in you what all of us do, a woman who survived a childhood no one should have had, a woman all the stronger for it, with a beautiful soul, one any man would be a fool to walk away from."

“You don’t know that, Cass. You have no idea what I’ve been through; no one does unless you’ve lived it like I did. How can any man want a relationship with a woman who can barely stand being touched? Whose first instinct is to run and hide at even a simple touch of the hands? No man, no matter if he’s meant for me or not is going to put up with that…or me,” Elizabeth finished quietly as she tried to fight back the tears that were threatening to fall.

“Is everything all right?” Elaine asked as she and the girls walked back into the cabin, noticing that Elizabeth turned away from the others.

"Yeah," Sara answered softly, not wanting to further Elizabeth's pain by getting their other three 'sisters' involved.

Elaine looked between Sara and what she could see of Elizabeth and had a feeling there was more going on here than either of her ‘daughters’ was letting on. With a final look at Sara, she walked over to where Elizabeth was standing with her back to the group and put her arm around her shoulders, leading her from the main room into her bedroom.

While the two were gone, Sara listened as the three rambled on about what they had found in the parks, eventually being joined by Billy once more who had a bit of a wicked hint to his smile. The closer it got to the time that they planned to head back to the park, the more she focused on the closed door, until Elaine finally came through.

"Elizabeth is asleep," she announced softly. "I'll stay here ta keep her company, ya'll go and enjoy the time at the park tanight."

"You sure?" Sara asked with a frown. "We could all just stay..."

"Nay, go ahead. I'll probably join her in the realm o' dreams shortly."

Sara nodded slowly before rising and crossing the room to give Elaine a hug, before the group made their way from the Cabin, leaving Elaine to stare at Elizabeth's door for a few moments. "Mother, watch over her...she does na need this pain," she asked softly before heading to her own bed.

Saturday March 19th, 2006
Orlando, Florida
Walt Disney World Resort
Magic Kingdom Park – Fantasyland
Cinderella’s Golden Carousel
9:49 p.m.

“So how much you want to bet that those three have claimed a spot on the curb of Main Street and raided the Ice Cream Parlor?” Sara smirked as they boarded the Carousel.

“That’s a bet I know I would loose,” Billy countered with a laugh, before helping her up to sit sidesaddle on the horse she always rode, the one with a collar of bright yellow roses.

“True,” she smiled as he claimed the horse next to her and the ride began, Once Upon A Dream beginning to play.

“You’re really going to marry me?” he called halfway through.

“I said yes, didn’t I?’ Sara rolled her eyes.

“Good,” he grinned as the ride slowed to a stop. After dismounting he moved over to stand by her, keeping her in place on the horse for a moment.

“Waiting for official word that I can get down?” she teased.

“Nah, just to give you this,” he shrugged before taking her left hand and sliding something cold and circular on one finger.

Raising an eyebrow, Sara glanced down at her hand before gasping in shock. “Oh Billy…it’s beautiful,” she whispered. The ring was silver, perhaps sterling, platinum or white gold...she wasn't sure and didn't really care. Around the band were leaves, literally leaves overlapping each other. It wasn't simply engraved to look like leaves. And at the center was a round cut stone, her guess was a carat...she knew it wasn't a diamond but it had more fire than a cubic zirconia.

“Moissanite, a carat, and its white gold,” he explained without her even having to ask.

“Moissanite,” she smiled, she should have known…those who were fans of Lord Of The Rings thought it the closest thing that the Elves would have used…a stone born from a star. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Billy smiled before finally helping her down.

Stepping off the carousel they found a place to watch the fireworks just in time. After Wishes was over, they managed to find Jasmine, Juli and Rebecca, all three had gained the Golden Anniversary Mickey Mouse ears at some point, and promptly placed a pair on both her and Billy’s head before holding up the bags containing a set for Elizabeth and Elaine. While Rebecca held those, Jasmine produced a bag from the Main Street Bake Shop…inside she announced was some chocolate mousse cake for Betsy.

Shaking their heads, Billy and Sara just followed the three as they made their way towards the docks, then to the bus that would take them back to their cabin.

Wednesday March 29th, 2006
Orlando, Florida
Walt Disney World Resort
Fort Wilderness Cabins
7:37 a.m.

The next week was spent planning and enjoying really. Enjoying the parks, while Billy sat and planned the wedding, having figured the best place would be just where they were. Though none of them, save Elaine, really knew what was going on exactly. He had recruited Rebecca to head into town and find a five-disc CD player that ran on batteries, and gave her the job of creating the music for the reception…her consolation when she learned she was going to be a 5’1” pixie elf.

The day before, Billy had been left to his own devices, while the six women went and enjoyed a full day at the Grand Floridian Spa, complete with manicures and pedicures. And, much to Sara’s pretend annoyance…she found herself sporting a set of Bridal Minnie Ears during the day. Everyone had crashed early the night before though. When they woke up this morning, they found Billy waiting with a dress bag with each of their names; well everyone save Elizabeth saw them as she was still in her room. Along with the dress bags, that were not see through much to Rebecca’s annoyance, there was a wooden jewelry box delicately engraved with roses and their name on it as well.

Impatient to get on their way so they could make their eight a.m. appointment at the Dolphin Hotel’s spa, where the only salon they had managed to find, Rebecca left them in the front room and headed towards Elizabeth’s. Knocking once to give warning, as she had always done, she opened the door and slipped inside. “Good morning, Girlfriend, time to get on our merry little way so dose two can tie the knot. Especially with all the trouble they went through to get Elaine a certified officiant for the day.”

“I’m coming. Just give me a few okay?” Elizabeth said as she picked up a glass of water that was next to her bed.

"Headache?" Rebecca asked as she came around the bed before spotting the bottle of pills. "Betsy..." she frowned. "You're still on doze things?"

“Rebecca, don’t, okay,” pleaded Elizabeth quietly.

"Betsy... dis thing is half empty and you had it filled less than half a month ago..." she pushed lightly. "I'm worried about you..."

“It’s fine, Beccs, really…”

"Betsy...how is it fine...you could OD on dees things..."

“Thanks for the vote of confidence, Beccs,” Elizabeth snarled angrily. “I know what I’m doing all right? Is it all right with you if I at least try to be happy for my friends on their wedding day?”

"I'm not saying you don't know what you're doing," Rebecca sighed softly. "Girl, I'm just worried, you don't have to be the one responsible for an OD, they could have screwed up your prescrip at the pharmacy and have the same result...I just don't want to lose you. None of us do..."

“Look, things this week have just hit me a lot harder than I expected. When I flew home the only thing I had to worry about was Cass’ pregnancy, then I find out I’m losing one of my best friends and that self same best friend is marrying one of my other best friends on rather short notice. It’s a hell of a lot for me to deal with and seeing Cass and Billy so happy…I got hit with the rather painful realization that I’ll never be as lucky as the two of them, not given my past at any rate and if I need to increase the dosage of my meds to get through this week, which my doctor told me to do if needed and even approved of when I spoke to her last week, then I’m going to do just that. Trust me, none of you need me here being a downer on what’s supposed to be a happy occasion.”

"Baby girl," Rebecca sighed. "Okay cheeks, you win. For now. But you and me, when we fly back west, we're gonna stop and hit Starbucks and get un-depressed the natural way...chocolate and lots of it. Deal?"

“Deal,” agreed Elizabeth.

"Okay then, let's get this show on the road. We have hair and makeup to be done and from my understanding...enough pictures to kill a stoolpigeon...so keep chicky...I don't trust dat one," she winked as she headed back into the main room.

"What one?" Billy asked.

"You of course," she smirked. "So, we all ready to get going? If not, I think I might just ditch the lot of you and go heat instead..."

"Save us," Elaine teased before everyone gathered their dress bags and boxes, before heading to the three vehicles.

By eight they were at the salon, all settling down to get their hair done. Juli, Jasmine and Rebecca all had their hair done in curls, well the only one actually needing her hair curled was Juli. The three all had been presented with the first of their 'gifts' when they got their first look at their hair after the stylists finished. Each of their stylists had been in on the plotting, and had carefully fixed the silver elven-styled headdresses amidst their curls.

Elizabeth meanwhile found her hair a bit different when her stylist was done; the front side sections were pulled back and fastened at the top of her head, with the rest falling in loose curls down her back. Atop her head, much to her surprise was an exact replica of Susan's coronation crown from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Complete with little gold daffodils.

Elaine was the last one of the group who was allowed to see herself before being sent to a side room where they could dress while Sara and Billy finished getting ready. The photographer and videographer who had been waiting for them that morning, staying with the two.

Juli, Rebecca, and Jasmine found themselves dressed in dresses a bit similar to those of elven design in the Lord of the Rings movies. Sapphire blue velvet tunics with sheer silver lower sleeves, a silver silk belt and the matching silver silk edging on the sleeves bearing embroidered vines. To complete the outfits they had sapphire blue slippers, with hard soles.

Elizabeth however was continuing the theme of Susan from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, an exact replica of the dress Susan wore at the coronation, including the cape and brooch that held the cape about her neck. She too had slippers, pale blue and silver velvet - though her's also had the hard soles.

Then there was Elaine, who was dressed in a simple white dress that had a bit of an elven feel to it, yet also blended very well with the Narnia theme and was still a theme unto itself. Her hair was done in curls as well, with the front sections pulled back to keep the curls from falling into her eyes. And white slippers like the others.

Just when the four were about to sit on Rebecca to keep her from peeking at the jewelry box with her name, the door finally opened to reveal first the videographer who was just shaking his head...this was a very new one in his experience, then the photographer. Then Sara.

Sara was wearing Arwen's Coronation gown from the last movie, down to the exact beading on the sleeves. Her curls were allowed to fall loosely around her face, a headdress also exactly like the one Arwen wore at the coronation. And, on her feet were another set of slippers, these the same color as her dress.

"Youze know, if dat boy comes in here dressed as Aragorn...I think I'm going to be forced to hang myself..." Rebecca began shaking her head before she looked up at the sound of a throat being cleared. "Oh geez...youze people are nuts. I love you, but you're whacked."

"Well that's a nice thing to say about the groom," Sara chuckled. Billy had joined her, dressed exactly as Aragorn was at the coronation, even a scabbard on his side, crown upon his head.

"It now makes sense why you neglected to shave the last few days..." Jasmine mused.

"Tell me that isn't a real sword..." Juli continued with a frown.

"Jules...do I look like I want to be put in jail on my wedding day?" Billy smirked. "It's a fake replica...the real one's waiting at home," he added with a wink.

"I can't believe you two did this whole theme thing and three of four of us are now wearing....ears not our own!" Rebecca sighed, reaching up to run her fingers along the tips of the ears they had gained earlier. "Although... I do make them look cute."

"Hey, we're curious," the photographer spoke up. "How come you're in Narnian clothing instead of Elven?"

“Because I make a better Queen Susan than elf?” commented Elizabeth. “I fell in love with the character and this dress when I saw the movie.”

"And seeing as my dear fiancé loves both worlds...it works perfectly," Sara agreed with a smile. "But please start the camera Mr. Jackson...we need this on record," she continued glancing over at the videographer. "Okay ladies, you can at last open your boxes."

"Thank God!" Rebecca grinned before opening her box. Inside, like Juli and Jasmine, she found a necklace and matching earrings, a six-petal flower with opal inner petals and a moonstone center. The Elven Star they knew thanks to their obsessed friend.

"Girlie...they're gorgeous," Rebecca smiled slipping the necklace on.

“Oh my,” Elizabeth gasped when she opened the box and found a beautiful gold necklace with a five point flower in the middle, a blue stone in the middle of the flower and two blue stones further along the chain. There also was a pair of flower earrings to match. “You’re kidding me right?” she asked after reading the note that was enclosed with the jewelry.

"No," Sara answered simply.

"It's only fair," Billy agreed with a smirk. "I got Aragorn's sword, Sar got Arwen's sword and an Elven bow...of course we'd give you Susan's bow and Eowyn's sword. Two great fictional women...two women very much like you Betsy...though of the three you're the best of all."

“I still can’t believe you got me Susan’s bow…”

"You and me both," Sara giggled. "I don't even want to know how he managed it, seeing as they aren't officially making any as far as I know..."

"I have my sources..." Billy smiled. "You even have arrows and I can tell you who to contact for more arrows that are authentic..."

“I…” Elizabeth trailed off, not knowing what to say.

After the hug broke up, Elaine opened her box last, a bit surprised to find a simple brooch inside. "As you know, my mother's favorite character from the books was Galadriel, who she named me after," Sara began as she walked over to stand next to Elaine, carefully picking the brooch up. “This was the brooch Galadriel wore in the movies," she continued smiling up at Elaine who jumped slightly when she felt a light layer of fabric fall over her shoulders.

After Billy had settled the lace cape over Elaine's shoulders, Sara reached up and carefully attached the brooch. "Of all of us, you're the only one who wasn't exactly going with a character, but Galadriel in my mother's eyes always reminded her of the Mother...as long as Betsy and I have known you, you've been the mother that we both lost so many years ago."

“Thank ya little one,” Elaine smiled softly. “Ye and Elizabeth ‘ave always been the daughters the Goddess did not give me as well.”

"So did you get something too?" Juli asked with a smile after the moment had passed.

"All this isn't enough?" Sara shrugged.

"Not what we meant," Jasmine scolded lightly.

Before Sara got a chance to reply, she felt something cold settle against her breast, looking down she shook her head slightly, fighting the urge to giggle. Billy was in the process of fixing the clasp that held the Evenstar Pendant around her neck. "Of course she got something," he spoke up with a chuckle.

"We're probably starting to scare the natives," Sara pointed out with a smile.

"Oh don't worry, we're loving this," Miss Andrews smiled before taking another photo.

"Okay everyone, let's get this day started," Sara announced with a smile. "We have lots and lots of pictures to be taken, breakfast, lunch, and dinner to eat, then eventually an actual honest to the Goddess wedding to get to..."

"You heard the psycho bride, hop to it people," Rebecca agreed. "What?" she asked when everyone turned to look at her.

"She's the psycho bride?" Juli chuckled. "Isn't that the Pot calling every kettle in the neighborhood black?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah..." Rebecca rolled her eyes before making her way out of the room, the others following after her trying not to laugh outright.

Wednesday March 29th, 2006
Orlando, Florida
Walt Disney World Resort
Fort Wilderness Resort
A grove of trees
7:46 p.m.

Twelve hours later they had done everything under the sun almost. The day started with a photo session at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, the savannah in the background. From there they stopped at MGM to have a Black and White photo session in the Experience Narnia attraction – so it was as if they were all in the show for a short while. Then they had traveled to the Wilderness Lodge to have photos taken there, followed by the Polynesian.

A light lunch was spent at Cinderella’s Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom, the Princesses there for the character meal of course getting pictures taken with their group. Even a few kids asked if they could get pictures with the elves and Susan...though they were a bit confused about Susan being blonde. After lunch, they had a photo session there in the park, having pictures taken in front of Cinderella’s Castle and also on the Carousel where Billy first gave her the ring.

By three they were in Epcot, a photo session in France and the United Kingdom, before they made their way to Italy for dinner. After they finished, they made their way back to the front of the park, giggling a bit about the people stopping to look twice at them every now and again, most just smiling. At the front of the park they were greeted with two carriages – Cinderella’s Coach and a horse drawn Landau carriage. Billy and Sara were escorted into Cinderella’s Coach by the two footmen, while the other five women were helped into the Landau carriage by their driver. Once everyone was loaded, and waved off by those guests who had happened to be near the entrance at that time, they made their way towards Fort Wilderness

A grove of trees, a bit apart from anything else had been reserved for them, the trees themselves decorated with strings of lights so it almost looked like there were fairies in the trees. A sheer ivory chiffon canopy was off to one side, a small table inside. Two wreaths of carnations decorated each of the front posts, with ivory ribbon trailing to the ground. There was a table just big enough for the seven of them off to one side, a small cake sat on another table with Cinderella’s Castle as the topper, a sort of sheer chiffon tent was over it to keep the bugs away

When they had arrived, Juli, Jasmine, and Rebecca had been given identical bouquets of pale pink and white roses, while Elizabeth found herself with a bouquet of white roses mixed with a few interesting things such as sea shells and even a grapevine. Then there was Sara’s bouquet, white roses with white feather accents and Sworovski crystals swirled throughout the flowers…

Elaine as well gained a small item, a circlet of white daisies and blue morning glories that graced her hair as she took her place in front of the table. “Blessed be all who attend this glorious celebration, and blessed be those about ta be united in the bonds o' love,” Elaine began with a smile before turning her attention to Billy and Sara. “Ye stand before this company and before the Goddess, seeking ta become one with each other. Ya have entered inta this union with open eyes and full hearts. If either of ye, or anyone present here taday, know o' any reason why these vows should na be made, speak now.”

Everyone remained silent and Elaine nodded before looking at Billy. “What is ya name?”

“William Robert O'Brian”

“And what is it ya desire?”

“To join with she whom I love,” he answered strong and clear.

Elaine smiled before looking over at Sara, “What is ya name?”

“Cassara Galadriel Sidle of the O'Sianhan Clan,” Sara answered softly and Elaine smiled once more.

“And what is it ya desire?”

“To join with he whom I love,” Sara repeated.

Elaine smiled once more before turning and picking up six pieces of cord. “Know na before ya go further, tha since yer lives have crossed in this life ye have formed ties between each other. As ya seek ta enter this state o' matrimony ye should strive ta make real, the ideals which give meaning ta both this ceremony and the institution o' marriage,” she began as she turned back to them. “With full awareness, know tha within this circle ye are na only declaring yer intent ta be handfasted before yer friends and family, but ya speak tha intent also ta the Goddess. The promises made taday and the ties tha are bound here greatly strengthen yer union; they will cross the years and lives o' each soul's growth. Do ye still seek ta enter this ceremony?”

“Yes, We Seek to Enter,” Sara and Billy answered together.

Elaine nodded before continuing, “In times past it was believed tha the human soul shared characteristics with all things divine. It is this belief which assigned virtues ta the cardinal directions; East, South, West and North. It is in this tradition tha a blessing is offered in support o' this ceremony: Blessed be this union with the gifts o' the East. Communication o' the heart, mind, and body. Fresh beginnings with the rising o' each Sun. The knowledge o' the growth found in the sharing o' silences. Blessed be this union with the gifts o' the South. Warmth o' hearth and home. The heat o' the heart's passion. The light created by both, ta lighten the darkest o' times. Blessed be this union with the gifts o' the West. The deep commitments o' the lake. The swift excitement o' the river. The refreshing cleansing o' the rain. The all encompassing passion o' the sea. Blessed be this union with the gifts o' the North. Firm foundation on which ta build Fertility o' the fields ta enrich yer lives. A stable home ta which ya may always return. Each o' these blessings from the four cardinal directions emphasizes those things which will help ya build a happy and successful union. Yet they are only tools. Tools which ye must use tagether in order ta create what ya seek in this union. I bid you look into each others eyes...” she ordered lightly. “William, will ye cause her pain?” she asked after a moment.

“Yes,” he answered honestly.

“Is tha yer intent?”

“No,” he promised.

“Cassara, Will ye cause him pain?”

“I may,” Sara whispered, “I have...”

“Is tha yer intent?” Elaine countered softly.


Elaine nodded before looking at both of them, “Will ya share each other's pain and seek ta ease it?”

“Yes,” they answered softly.

“And so the binding is made. Join your hands,” Elaine instructed before draping the first cord across their hands, his left, her right... “Cassara, will ye share his laughter?”


“William, will ye share her laughter?”


Will both o' ye look for the brightness in life and the positive in each other?”

“Yes,” they answered before she nodded once more. “And so the binding is made,” Elaine spoke before draping the second cord over their hands. “Cassara, will ye burden him?”

“I will.”

“Is tha yer intent?”


“William, will ye burden her?”

“I know I shall,” he answered after a brief pause.

“Is tha yer intent?”


“Will ya share the burdens o' each so that yer spirits may grow in this union?” she asked them both. After their affirmation she continued as she draped the third cord over their hands. “And so the binding is made. Cassara, will ye share his dreams?”

“Every one.”

“William, will ye share her dreams?”

“As long as the Goddess lets me.”

“Will ya dream tagether ta create new realities and hopes?” she asked once more, the fourth cord joining the first three as the binding was made. “William, will ye cause her anger?”

“Very likely,” Billy answered with a smile.

“Is tha yer intent?” Elaine countered with the hint of a smile herself.

“Not once.”

“Cassara, will ye cause him anger?”

“I have, I probably will,” Sara smiled as she glanced up at him.

“Is tha yer intent?”


“Will ya take the heat o' anger and use it ta temper the strength o' this union?”

“We Will.”

“And so the binding is made,” Elaine draped the fifth cord over their hands. “Cassara, will ye honor him?”

“Every moment, every day.”

“William, will ye honor her?”

“Always and forever.”

“Will ya seek ta never give cause ta break tha honor?”

“We shall never do so,” Billy and Sara repeated.

“And so the binding is made,” Elaine agreed, draping the sixth and final cord across their hands. Taking the ends she began to tie them together as she spoke. “The knots o' this binding are na formed by these cords but instead by yer vows. Either o' ya may drop the chords, for as always, ya hold in yer own hands the making or breaking o' this union.”

After she had finished tying the cords, she glanced at Sara and nodded.

“I, Cassara, do take you, William, as my partner and mate. Never will I seek to do you harm; always will I strive for your happiness and welfare. My love will be your treasure in the times when other riches fail to serve. My love...” she trailed off a moment, “My love will be your medicine in sickness as my hand tends your needs. My love will be your mirth when your heart is touched by sadness. My love will be your shining star through the darkest of nights. My love will be your banquet when life’s table seems empty. All this do I promise you with all the love that is in my heart. So it shall be.”

Billy smiled, before reaching up to brush a single tear that had fallen down her cheek. “My love, now do I make my promises to you. I promise to share laughter in times of joy and wonder; to share tears when sorrow touches our lives; to share my dreams and hopes, that our love and minds may grow; to share compassion and understanding during times of frustration and anger; to share all that I have, and all that I am, for as long as love shall last. For as long as She gives us... So it shall be,” he finished softly.

“Ya are friends and family o' this couple, and thus ye are an important part o' their lives. Their interactions with ya are colored by yer actions and words. Ya have a responsibility ta one another and ta this couple ta be supportive, understanding, and honest, and on this day o' their marriage do I charge ye ta temper all o' yer dealings with love. So it shall be,” she waited for them to agree before nodding and turning to pick up the two rings that were resting on a small piece of cloth, beside a small silver dish filled with water, a simple stone, a candle already lit, vanilla, and a holder bearing Orange Blossom Incense had sat, lit before the 'service' as well. “May the element o' Air bless these rings,” she began as she slipped them on a single ribbon, “Air is at the beginning o': all things, the direction o' East, and the dawning o' a new day. May yer lives through the reminder o' this ring be blessed with continuing renewal o' love,” she spoke as she waved the two rings through the incense smoke.

“May the element o' Fire bless these rings. Fire is the passion within yer love, the spark o' love itself, the heat o' anger, and the warmth o' compassion. It is the direction o' South, the heat o' midday. May yer lives through the reminder o' this ring be blessed with continual warmth,” she continued; now letting the rings pass through the flame of the candle. “May the element o' Water bless these rings. Water nourishes and replenishes us, the waters o' emotion and harmony pour vitality inta our lives. It is the direction o' West, the afternoon and evening. May yer lives through the reminder o' this ring be blessed with fulfillment and contentment.”

After having submerged the rings in water, she moved on to the last part of the blessing, “May the element o’ Earth bless these rings. All life springs from the earth and returns ta the earth, the direction o’ North, the nighttime. May yer lives through the reminder o’ this ring be blessed with strength and solidity,” she finished as she touched them to the stone, representing the earth. Turning she carefully removed the circlet of cord and laid it back on the table before carefully removing the rings from the ribbon so she could place one in each of their hands.

“The Circle is a perfect figure, without beginning, without end, with na area o’ weakness. It is a symbol o’ the Cycle o’ Life, o’ birth, death, and rebirth. This shall serve as a physical reminder o’ yer vow, and tha all things begin and end and begin again, as the Goddess so decrees. These rings shall serve te remind ya tha life goes on, tha these moments pass. When ya are engulfed in anger or in sadness, look ta your hand, and remember tha the Wheel turns forever onward, and it is love tha turns the Wheel.”

Smiling, Sara picked up the ring Elaine had given her and carefully slid it on Billy’s ring finger. He in turn removed her engagement ring and replaced it with the wedding band, and placing her engagement ring on her right hand. Once they were done, Elaine stepped aside and took both Elizabeth and Sara’s bouquets as Elizabeth took her place, handing both Sara and Billy a single rose.

“The rose is a symbol of love and a single rose always meant only one thing, it meant the words ‘I love you’. So it is appropriate that for your first gift as husband and wife, that gift would be a single rose,” she began nodding towards the two. Billy held a champagne rose with peach tips, Sara a Sterling Silver one. “Please exchange your first gift as husband and wife,” Elizabeth continued before they did, “In some ways it seems like you have not done anything at all. Just a moment ago you were holding one small rose, and now you are holding one small rose. In some ways, a marriage ceremony is like this. In some ways, tomorrow is going to seem no different than yesterday. But in fact today, just now, you both have given and received one of the most valuable and precious gifts of life, one I hope you always remember, the gift of true and abiding love. Billy and Sara, I would ask that where ever you make your home in the future, whether it be a large and elegant home, or a small and graceful one, that you both pick one very special location for roses; so that on each anniversary of this truly wonderful occasion you both may take a rose to that spot both as a recommitment to your marriage, and a recommitment that this will be a marriage based upon love.”

“In every marriage there are times where it is difficult to find the right words. It is easiest to hurt who we most love. It is easiest to be most hurt by who we most love. It might be difficult some time to find words to say ‘I am sorry’ or ‘I forgive you’; ‘I need you’ or ‘I am hurting’. If this should happen, if you simply can not find these words, leave a rose at that spot which both of you have selected, for that rose than says what matters most of all and should overpower all other things and all other words. That rose says the words: ‘I still love you’. The other should accept this rose for the words, which cannot be, found, and remember the love and hope that you both share today. Billy and Sara, if there is anything you remember of this marriage ceremony, it is that it was love that brought you here today, it is only love which can make it a glorious union, and it is by love which your marriage shall endure,” Elizabeth finished with a smile before taking the bouquets back and letting Elaine step forward once more.

“Ya have made yer vows, one ta the other, before the Goddess and this company, and exchanged tokens o’ yer love. By the power o’ yer love, I do pronounce ye Husband and Wife.”

Smiling softly Sara flipped through the options on the CD player they had brought, Rebecca having sat and created five CDs that had a mix of music, traditional songs that Elizabeth and Elaine chose, and a mix of other music from all of their favorite types of music. Spotting one that she knew, and was perfect, she skipped to the third CD and turned off the lyrics. As the guitar began to play, she crossed the room to stand near Billy with a smile.

“What if I told you - It was all meant to be
Would you believe me - Would you agree
It’s almost that feelin - That we’ve met before
So tell me that you don’t think I’m crazy
When I tell you love has come here and now

A moment like this
Some people wait a lifetime - For a moment like this
Some people search forever - For that one special kiss
Oh, I can’t believe it’s happening to me
Some people wait a lifetime - For a moment like this”

Chuckling softly she reached out to brush her fingertips along his cheek as she continued to sing.

“Everything changes - But beauty remains
Something so tender - I can’t explain
Well I may be dreamin - But still lie awake
Can we make this dream last forever
And I’ll cherish all the love we share

A moment like this
Some people wait a lifetime - For a moment like this
Some people search forever - For that one special kiss
Oh, I can’t believe it’s happening to me
Some people wait a lifetime - For a moment like this”

“Ya know, the song is very true for them,” Elaine spoke softly, looking over at Elizabeth next to her.

“It is,” Elizabeth agreed. “Have they? Do you know?”

“Could this be the reign of love above
I wanna know that you will catch me when I fall
So let me tell you this - Some people wait a lifetime
For a moment like this”

“Spent two lives together like the song suggests?” Elaine asked after a moment. Glancing back at Elizabeth she nodded. “The Lady saw something, the majority o’ us were na told what exactly. But it was why Sara was chosen as his Virgin Huntress. This is na the first time they’ve met. But the same is true for Sara’s scientist. She has had many lives, just as ye have had little one. In one she knew Billy’s former self, in another she knew Dr. Grissom’s…”

“Some people spend two lifetimes - For a moment like this
Some people search forever - For that one special kiss
Oh I can’t believe it’s happening to me
Some people wait a lifetime - For a moment
Like this - Oh, like this
Some people search forever oh yeah
Some people wait a lifetime - For a moment
Like this.”

“She did?” Elizabeth asked surprised.

“Aye, she was right about Dr. Grissom…he was the greatest Merlin we’ve ever seen. But he has na memory o’ his past lives, and he will na, na in this life. Perhaps the next he will find his way back ta us, if he lives again.”

“Does she know?”

“Nay, the Lady has declared tha she will na be told, na until she is a Chief Priestess, perhaps na even then. Sara can na base her decisions on past lives she does na remember. Her soul recognized Dr. Grissom, just as much as it recognized Billy. But her mind only remembers Billy. There is a reason she does na remember Dr. Grissom, she might in time, but it is na our place ta tell her.”

“As She wills it,” Elizabeth agreed softly, knowing she could not go against the Goddess’ wishes. Even if she felt that Sara would want to know.

“Enough chit chat you two,” Rebecca announced as she joined them. “We have a plan and need you for it.”

“Should I be afraid?” Elizabeth teased before Rebecca pulled her towards where the other two were, Sara and Billy sitting side by side, lost in each other.

Rebecca sent a grin her way before the music began once more, another Kelly Clarkson song, taking the lead she stepped forward, Juli pulling Elizabeth up even with them so they were only a step behind Rebecca initially.

“Miss Independent - Miss Self-sufficent
Miss Keep your distance, no
Miss Unafraid - Miss out of my way
Miss Don't let a man interfere, no
Miss On her own - Miss Almost grown
Miss Never let a man help her off her throne
So, by keeping her heart protected - She'd never feel rejected
Little Miss Apprehensive - Said ohh, she fell in Love”

Sara glared at them initially before laughing as all four sang together for the chorus, then Juli took the lead.

“What is the feelin' takin' over? - Thinkin' no one could open the door
Surprise...It's time - To feel….what's Real
What happened to Miss Independent? - No more the need for me to miss him
Goodbye, oh you - Will love, will love this too

Misguided Heart - Miss Play-It-Smart
Miss If you wanna use that line you better not start, Noooo...
But she miscalculated - She didn't want to end up jaded
And this Miss decided not to miss out of true love
So, by changing a misconception - She went in a new direction
And found inside she felt a connection - She fell in Love”

“By the Goddess, they’ve lost their minds,” Billy chuckled while pulling Sara close.

“They’re evil,” she countered with a laugh as the chorus began once more, then Jasmine took over.

“What is the feelin' takin' over? - Thinkin' no one could open the door
Surprise...It's time - To feel….what's Real
What happened to Miss Independent? - No more the need for me to miss him
Goodbye, oh you - Will love, will love this too

Why Miss Independent walked away? - No talk for Love that came her way
She looked in the mirror, and thought today - what happened to Miss No longer afraid
What took some time for Love to see - how beautiful Love could truly be
No more talk of what can that “be” mean - I'm so glad I finally feel....

What is the feelin' takin' over? - Thinkin' no one could open the door
Surprise...It's time - To feel….what's Real
What happened to Miss Independent? - No more the need for me to miss him
Goodbye, oh you - Will love, will love this too”

“Miss Independent!” they finished before taking a slight bow while Sara, Billy and Elaine just laughed.

“That, was just... evil,” Sara announced shaking her head.

“But you love us anyway,” Rebecca countered with a grin.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she smiled before Billy pulled her to her feet and out towards the center of the glade as the music changed once more, this time to May It Be by Enya. “It’s scary a bit how you managed all of this in just over a week,” she teased as she looked up at him.

“I have my ways,” he shrugged before smiling. “So, any idea what the engravings on our rings say?”

Raising an eyebrow she brushed her right fingertips over the ring on his left hand as they danced, “Lover, I can speak and read English, French, Russian and Celtic fluently, and know enough Spanish to get by…I have no idea, so tell me please,” she smiled.

Billy chuckled before nodding, “I think it’s time I teach you Elvish then Melethril.”

“Now see, that I know,” Sara teased, “You taught me that a long time ago my melethron.”

“Of course, the only Elvish that you know is ‘lover’ when referring to a male lover…”

“Fitting since you have always called me melethril which means female lover,” Sara smirked. “What does it say?” she asked softly.

“It’s called the Elven Love Ring, a play on the One Ring…one ring to show our love, one ring to bind us. One ring to seal our love, and forever to entwine us.”

“You’re odd you know that William O’Brian?”

“Completely and utterly, Cassara O’Brian,” he countered with a smile before kissing her gently. “I do love you, Cassara Galadriel.”

“I know, I love you too, Billy.”

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