Dragon Ball Z in Middle School: 8th Grade


Watch as Vegeta, Bulma, Goku, Chi-Chi and more characters struggle with their last year of middle school with their final battle with their mortal enemy since kindergarten, Mr. Blutzinger!

Romance / Humor
Age Rating:

Old and New Faces

Chapter 1: Old and New Faces

It was the first day of school. Where every kid meets up with old friends and possibly make new ones...

Goku flew on his prized Nimbus to his school, West City Middle School, home of the Shenlongs!

It was his last year before he went to high school, and he couldn't wait.

He finally arrived at school, and after saying goodbye to Nimbus, walked to where all the 8th graders were at outside, waiting to go inside when the bell rings.

Goku spotted his friends (Piccolo and Krillin) and walked up to them.

"Hey guys!" Goku greeted.

"Hey Goku!" Krillin greeted happily.

Piccolo smirked and nodded at Goku, on his new phone.

"Woah! Piccolo! You've grown so tall!" Goku exclaimed.

It was true, Piccolo grew to be 6 feet now.

Piccolo smirked and put up his phone, "I'm probably gonna grow a foot an a half more to reach my adult size..."

Goku eyes widened further, "Wow Piccolo! You could be a basketball player!"

Piccolo snorted, "Basketball's not my thing..."

"Speaking of tallness, where's Vegeta?" Goku asked.

Piccolo nodded his head towards the shade, where Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz hung out.

Goku waved to Vegeta, who just hmphed and turned his head to the side.

"What's up with him?" Goku asked.

"He's practicing to get ready for the throne I heard. Raditz and Nappa are his personal bodyguard buddies," Piccolo said.

Goku chuckled, "Vegeta's still our friend though!"

Goku looked around some more.

"Hey! What happened to Cooler?!" Goku exclaimed.

Instead of a 20 year old man, Cooler took the appearance of a 14 year old boy. He was now talking to Frieza and his group (Brolly and Bojack).

"I heard Bulma accidentally turned him into our age almost the same way she did to Raditz and Nappa..." Piccolo said.


Bulma smiled at her latest invention, "This drink will be the most delicious flavor to every tongue! The problem is that the effects are completely random,"

They were all at the beach in the summer, where they had a little reunion.

"So...the effects can cause death?" Piccolo asked.

"Yup!" Bulma said.

"It can cause the world to explode?" Chi-Chi asked.

"Yup!" Bulma said.

"Even immortality?' Vegeta asked.

"Yup!" Bulma said.

Meanwhile, 20 year old Cooler and his gang was listening in.

"Did you hear that?" Cooler asked "Immortality will finally be ours!"

"That sounds awesome!" Salza said.

While the teens were playing in the water, Cooler and his gang shared the drink and waited for the effects.


"I don't feel any different," Cooler stated.

Just then he noticed Neiz was smaller.

"Why are you so short?!" Cooler demanded.

All his squad could do was gasp.

"Why is my voice higher...why am I shorter...and why am I a teenager?!" Cooler screamed.

"We've turned into Chibis!" Dore yelled.


End Flashback-

"Jeez...Hey...how can you hear everything?!" Krillin exclaimed.

"Simple...I have Namekian ears.." Piccolo said.

Meanwhile, Vegeta was talking about some wimp with Raditz and Nappa, until he noticed something shocking.

"KAKAROT?! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR GODD*** TAIL?!" Vegeta yelled while stomping up to him.

"KAKARROT!" Brolly screamed from afar.

Raditz and Nappa was also shocked.

"Kakarot! Do you have Saiyan pride at all?!" Raditz scolded.

"KAKARROOOT!" Brolly screamed as he started pounding the ground.

Krillin said, "I just noticed your tail missing!"

Goku chuckled nervously as he said, "It was kinda of a nuisance, being a weakness...so...I asked Piccolo and Mr. Popo to...permanently remove it..."

"PERMANENT?!" Vegeta yelled, "Now you look like a foolish human, Kakarot!"

"KAKARROOOT!" screamed Brolly as he blasted a 6th grade teacher.

Goku chuckled, "Well...at least Chi-Chi likes it..."

Vegeta growled in frustration and walked away.

Raditz and Nappa quickly followed Vegeta, trying to calm him down.

There was a silence before Goku exclaimed, "Hey, I see Arale!"

There she was, talking to Obotchaman.

"She moved to this school not too long ago...she still lives in Penguin Village though.." Krillin said.

"I also see Beerus and Whis," Goku muttered.

They were chatting happily while eating pudding.

"Note to self: Never mess with them," Krillin muttered.

Goku also noticed Tien and Launch holding hands with Chiaotzu.

"Ah.. About time I see those three," Goku said.

He also saw Celeria and Turles together.

'Looks like they got back together again..' Goku thought.

He saw the Ginyu Force posing, Hercule and Buu being the main attraction to single girls, and...a sad Tarble walking up to them.

"Hey..what's wrong Tarble?" Krillin asked.

"My *crack* voice...it's cracking...just *crack* like Vegeta," Tarble mumbled.

They all busted out laughing.


"Sorry Tarble, but this reminds me of last year!" Goku giggled.

Tarble nodded with his head down.

He then saw Gure smiling at him, "I like your voice!"

"Really *crack*?!" Tarble exclaimed.

Gure nodded and Tarble felt a million times better as he left with Gure.

"What a cute couple..." Bulma muttered.

"Bulma!" Goku exclaimed happily.

They gave a each other a huge hug and started talking.

Bulma exclaimed, "Piccolo! You've grown-"

"-Tall? Yup. 6 feet," Piccolo said.

Chi-Chi arrived and hugged Goku while giving him a small peck on the cheek, "Hey guys,"

18 arrived too, with 17, "What's going on?"

"Nothing much," Krillin said.

Maron walked up to 17, and he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Speaking of puberty...why haven't you gone through it yet?!" Bulma asked.

Goku said, "Oh, I never go through puberty! My original Japanese voice actor never changed when I grew up, so..."

"...That's weird..." Krillin muttered.

Tights arrived with Zarbon, Cui and Dodoria arrived, Cell arrived with 13 and 14 too, Zangya, Oolong, and even Master Roshi arrived.

"Well, I guess everyone is here!" Goku exclaimed happily.

"Except me!" Yamcha yelled while catching up to them with Puar.

Everyone was dead silent when he arrived.


"Umm...so...how's the weather going?" Yamcha asked.


Yamcha backed away slowly, and went to the other entrance, along with Puar.

Everyone went back to talking.

"Goku! Your tail!" Bulma yelled.

"I cut it off," Goku explained

"Oh wow..." Bulma said.

Just then, Master Roshi appeared right before her.

"Hey Bulma...heard you've grown a...nice rack...Can I see?...hee hee!" Master Roshi perved as his hand got closer.

Just then, Vegeta appeared out of nowhere, grabbed his hands, and slightly squeezed it.

Everyone heard that huge crack that came from his feeble fingers.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Master Roshi screamed as he ran away, clutching his hand.

"Ooh..." Everyone hissed.

Oolong quickly reeled his hand back from Bulma's underwear as he saw Vegeta glare at him.

Everyone tried to ignore Master Roshi, as they got back to talking.

Bulma wrapped her arms around Vegeta's neck, "About time you join the party," she teased.

"This isn't a party...it's school," Vegeta said, wrapping his tail around her waist.

"Eh, same thing," Bulma muttered while sharing a quick kiss with Vegeta.

"I can't wait to see my new locker!" Tights exclaimed.

Chi-Chi nodded, "I hope it's not small,"

"Me too..I have a bunch of stuff to put it in!" Bulma exclaimed.

"Did you see what class you had, Vegeta?" Nappa asked.

Raditz huffed, whenever he asks questions Vegeta just snaps on him.

Nappa and Vegeta's relationship mellowed out to where Raditz is the third wheel.

Vegeta nodded, "My homeroom teacher is my dad- what a surprise...- and I'm in..Class A,"

"Me too!" Nappa said.

"I'm in Class B, with...Mrs. York" Goku said.

"Me too!" Chi-Chi said, happy to be in the same class as Goku.

"Ha! Clearly I'm too smart to be in your class!" Vegeta bragged.

While everyone talked about their classes, Cell cleared his throat.

"AHEM!" Cell yelled.


"It seems like I'm in Class C, the gifted class with Bardock...it isn't a surprise...I AM perfect," Cell bragged.

"I'm in Class C too," Bulma said, glaring at Cell.

Cell eyes widened, "Impossible! You're not perfect!"

Bulma glared at him, "Aren't you supposed to absorb 17 and 18 to be perfect?"

Cell glared at her, "I used to! Before Dr. Gero redesigned me to be utterly perfect!" Cell said. (In other words, he's been in his Perfect Form since Kindergarten)

Bulma nodded, "Seems like we're the only ones in Class C, except for a few stupid kids..."

Cell and Bulma shuddered at the mere thought of being around dumb people.

Everyone was just staring at Cell and Bulma.

"What are they saying?" Goku asked.

"It's just smart-talk sweetie, ignore it..." Chi-Chi whispered.

Just then the bell rung, and everyone ran in the school, ready for the year.

They each separated into their groups and went to class.

Class A:

King Vegeta was snoring while everyone walked in.

"Is all he do is sleep?!" Cooler growled.

"Eh, it's a *crack* running gag," Tarble answered.

People snickered at his cracking voice.

"Father! Wake up!" Vegeta yelled as he shook his father up.

"Huh?" King Vegeta muttered as he noticed his class.

"*yawn* Today...we're gonna learn...Zzzzz..." King Vegeta snored.

"Well, seems like he have free time.." Tien muttered.

Everyone just talked to each other.

18 and 17 were just leaning on the wall, talking to each other.

Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz was talking about...stuff.

"I really need a girlfriend...not Celeria, I'm over her. Someone more..feminine," Raditz said.

"Are you calling my sister a man?" Vegeta hissed.

"N-No!" Raditz stuttered.

"Good! And I'm glad you got over MY sister! I don't want Kakarot being related to me," Vegeta gritted out.

Raditz gulped and Nappa laughed at him.

"Oh yea, how is your dad the vice principal and a teacher?" Nappa asked.

Vegeta shrugged, "How am I supposed to know? Ask the author!"

(Me: O_O..Uh...no comment)

Hercule looked around with Buu, he wanted some attention around here!

He then spotted a pretty weak kid.

"Hey you!" Hercule called.

Oolong quickly reeled his hand back from Princess Snake's underwear and turned to Hercule.

"Yes?" Oolong asked.

"I bet I'm so tough, my pupil can beat you up!" Hercule challenged while pointing to Majin Buu.

"Listen, I'm not a fighter," Oolong reasoned.

"You aren't?" Hercule asked.

"Nope, but if you wanna fight someone, then fight...them," Oolong said as he pointed to Android 18 and 17.

Hercule gasped.

"Him," Oolong said as he pointed to Cooler.

Hercule almost fainted.

"Or him," Oolong said as he pointed to Vegeta.

Vegeta sensed someone pointing at them, so he looked in that direction.

Hercule jumped as Vegeta was staring at them.

Vegeta slowly raised his hand...and pulled the middle finger on him.

Raditz and Nappa chuckled.

Hercule choked as he gasped, "Oh look! I gotta stomach ache! I gotta go!"

Hercule ran away with Buu and Oolong just stared at them, confused.


Salza, Dore, and Neiz was practicing their poses.

"Cooler's Armored Squad!" They all yelled as they did their poses.

"What are you idiots doing?!" Cooler yelled.

"Practicing our introduction, sir," Salza said.

"Hmm...even though I think that is completely unnecessary, go ahead," Cooler permitted.

Class B:

"I sense something wrong, Kitten!" Jeice exclaimed.

"I know...somebody's copying us!" Ginyu exclaimed.

"It's probably that stupid Cooler's Armored Squad!" Burter said.

"Recoome hates them!" Recoome yelled.

"Me too!" Guldo agreed.

"SHUT UP GULDO!" Everyone yelled.

"They think they're soo cool with their dumb poses!" Jeice mocked.

"Ours is waay better!" Burter said.

"Let's beat em up one day!" Ginyu said.

"YEA!" They all agreed.

Mrs. York gathered everyone's attention as she said, "I'm so glad to have everyone here today-"

"I'M NOT!" Frieza yelled.

A few people snickered.

"I will not tolerate any yelling, fighting, or bullying," Mrs. York said.

Meanwhile, Android 13 and 14 was ganging up on Yamcha.

"Ow! Ouch! My spleen!" Yamcha cried as Android 13 and 14 tortured him.

"Especially bullying," Mrs. York finished.

Piccolo laughed, "Haha...Irony,"

Mrs. York said, "Today we're just going to get to know each other-"

People immediately started talking to each other.

"Hee hee!" Master Roshi snickered as he hid in some fake plants to stare at girls.

"Ugh..this isn't as much fun as without Bulma and 18.." Chi-Chi whined.

Celeria nodded, "There's girls, but not that much.."

Chi-Chi's eyes turned into hearts as she saw Goku, "At least I have classes with my Goku..."

Celeria rolled her eyes.

Meanwhile, Frieza, Brolly, and Bojack met face to face with Mrs. York.

"Listen up, Yolk, I run this classroom in here! You will follow my rules or else..!" Frieza threatened.

"KAKARROOT!" Brolly screamed.

"YAAARRG! I'M BOJACK THE PIRATE!" Bojack screamed.

Mrs. York asked, "Do they always say-"

"Yes, yes they do! Now give us the classroom!" Frieza yelled.

"I can't do that.." Mrs. York said.

"Why?!" Frieza yelled.

"Cause you three have detention," Mrs. York said.

Frieza growled, "Mark my words, Yolk! I will get revenge!" he yelled as he disappeared with Brolly and Bojack

"..." Mrs. York blinked.

"We totally lucked out and got into the same class!" Krillin exclaimed.

"You really think so?" Piccolo asked.

"Yea! Of course we don't got Vegeta, Bulma, and 18, but still...the arrangement is pretty good," Krillin said.

"I wonder what Cell and Bulma and doing..." Goku wondered.

Class C:

"Welcome to Bardock's class of science and technology! Where we will be doing various experiments, visit collages, and be much better than your peers!" Bardock said.

Bulma and Cell looked excited, but the other 5 looked bored.

"Today we're just gonna take it easy, and do some questions for 11th graders," Bardock said as he handed everyone a piece of paper,"

Bulma and Cell glared competitively at each other and started working as fast as they could.

Around 2 minutes later, Bulma and Cell dropped the papers and yelled, "FINISHED!"

Bardock came to check their papers, and there were no mistakes.

"Good job! You got it all right!" Bardock congratulated.

"Who won?!" Bulma and Cell asked.

"It was an exact tie...I can't tell!" Bardock said.

Cell and Bulma glared at each other and growled.

Before they were about to have a nerd fight, the bell rang, meaning school was over due to early dismissal.

After School-

Bulma, Vegeta, Goku, Chi-Chi, Krillin, 18, and Piccolo was walking home together.

"How was school for you guys?" Krillin asked.

"Me and Cell had a tie..." Bulma muttered.

"I got to be in the same class as Goku!" Chi-Chi said.

"Uhh...we already know that," 18 said.

"I just hung out, and video taped Yamcha getting beat up," Piccolo said.

"I wanna see that later, Namek," Vegeta said.

"I got to eat in class!" Goku said.

"I just watched Hercule act like a fool," 18 said.

"That little b**** was pointing at me! I showed him!" Vegeta growled.

"You didn't kill him, did you?!" Bulma yelled.

"No Bulma, I threw the middle finger at him," Vegeta said.

"Well...that's slightly better.." Bulma said.

"Well, tomorrow we have a full day of school, so I guess we can expect better," Piccolo said.

"I hope," Krillin said.

So the 7 walked home together, getting ready for their first full day of school.

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