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In a dark room there was a man on his twenties, he had blood red hair and golden slitted eyes with a body that would make any woman droll, wearing a black kimono with red trimmings and simple black pants and shoes. He could get any woman he wanted with his good looks, but he only desired one, Hinata. Right now he was lost in thoughts.

For years he had gone without knowing what was love. The only emotion he ever brought up in another being was terror, as he was the Kyuubi, a demon that every sentient creature shunned. How would that tender soul feel when she heard about his feelings? Whenever he thought she would feel disgust, he'd grit his teeth almost to the breaking point and ram the stubborn bars that held him.

He hated humans, they could live undeterred while he and his brethren were forced to stay under shackles. How could he not in these conditions? But for some reason, he couldn't bring himself to hate Hinata, no matter how much he tried, so he just accepted his feelings. Every time his host came in contact with the Hyuuga, he'd pay close attention to her, holding every memory of her close to his heart. Wishing sometimes that the brat had been put in the same team as hers.

He almost tried to break his cage when the idiot almost got himself killed, not wanting to spend centuries searching for his soulmate again after dissipating. He knew that such encounters were absurdly rare and wasn't up to the challenge of tempting his luck. But he didn't, knowing that if his host died, the one he loved would be devastated, so he gave his best to keep the idiot alive.

It had been a torture to watch the girl fawn over the boy, but he put up with it, taking joy with merely seeing her. There was one moment that he considered special to himself, the night he saw her dance under the moonlight. Her figure was unmistakable and had bewitched him then. His relief was tremendous when he noticed that his host hadn't figured her identity.

His heart had almost shattered when he thought that she had died, and he didn't even stop to think then, only focused in making the man pay for what he did. He only regretted that he didn't make the last push needed for his freedom.

He was about to sleep again when he heard something that made him burn with unbridled rage and tackle the seal once again, ignoring the searing pain caused by the stunt, taking it to the end.

When everybody were arguing over the fact that Hinata was exiled, no one noticed the Hyuuga head entering the room, but they did hear his words.

"Hokage-sama, I will be sending hunter-nin after that worthless failure to get rid of her." After these words, Naruto fell to his knees as an overwhelming pain flooded his body, making him let out a bloodcurdling scream as the others saw his jacket and shirt being ripped on the front part, showing a clawed hand protruding from where his seal was located. They noticed fast that it was the Kyuubi trying to get out, succeeding in doing so. He looked like a condensed cluster of chakra, the only discernible part being the fiery red hair. After he was fully freed he attacked the older Hyuuga, growling and letting out a burst of chakra that traveled for miles before dying down. "What did you do to her, you bastard?"

A few miles away from Konoha, Hinata was resting under the shade of a tree when she felt a wave of chakra that made her feel safe and relaxed. When it faded away, she simply sighed, impressed. 'What was that?' "I am pretty sure that it was from the one supposed to be your mate. By the way, how did you feel?" The girl blushed slightly when she thought about it. 'It made me feel so good, I just wanted to fall in that person's arms and forget the world. What should I do now?' "Focus your chakra as much as you can and release all at once." Hinata did what she was told, hoping that it would work.

The Kyuubi was beating the high and mighty clan head into a bloody pulp when he felt a gentle chakra that he recognized as being from his love, so he let go the human to savor it, but it was a mistake, because as soon he did it, he was knocked out.

When he woke up, he saw himself bound by chains and seals and the blond Hoķage was in front of him. 'So they used my distraction to subdue me, not bad.' "Hey demon, how did you get out of your seal?" He spat at her face. "So you're going to treat me like a dog?" He was slapped for it, but didn't flinch. "Oh? So even the Hokage can lose her cool. Pathetic." She grabbed the collar of his shirt. "You're going to tell me the truth, unless you want me to break your bones one by one." He gave out a low chuckle. "The truth or what you want to hear? Because the truth is going to make you regret your acts." Tsunade sneered at him. "A murderer doesn't have the right to talk back." He raised his head to look at the woman's eyes. "Do you know the truth, what really happened that night? My real intention when I came to this village? When you figure that I will answer you, it's a pity that the Yondaime died along his wife." The busty woman scoffed and got outside. She called one of the ANBU. "Go and bring Inoichi, I have a request to him."

The Yamanaka arrived fast, not even two full minutes had passed. "Did you call me Tsunade-sama?" She pointed at the metal door. "Yes, scan the mind of the prisoner, anything is fine." The Yamanaka paled a little at the prospect of meeting the infamous demon, but relented. "Understood Tsunade-sama."

The man entered the room, a bit afraid. The demon was heavily restrained, keeping a serene face as if he were sleeping. Inoichi did the necessary seals for his family technique, entering in the mind of the demon.

He expected to see scenes of a carnage or gruesome tortures, not a giant fox sleeping undisturbed. Then he looked around and saw a delicate looking door with the name Hinata. Swallowing his fears, the blond man opened the door. It was packed with several feelings and memories, all them about a single person. 'Why would he reserve a space for the Hyuuga heiress?' Then he saw a golden chest separated from the rest. 'What's that?' He reached a hand to touch it but was held by a shadow. "Sorry, but I won't let anyone see this. Scram." The Yamanaka was pushed out from the demon's mind by a greater power. He returned to his body and felt a piercing glare coming from the restrained man.

After the mind reader had gotten out from the room he was inquired by his superior. "So? Any results?" The man hesitated a little but asked still. "Hokage-sama, do you think that he is just a demon, not someone that would do anything for love?" The platinum blonde gave a small laugh. "You're kidding, right?" "No, I'm serious, he showed a great devotion for the girl that you banned. He even spared a space in his mind just for her." The seriousness in the voice of Inoichi was enough. "Shit, if it's true then I was wrong when I decided to exile her." Maybe if she was still in the village, the demon could have been placated and maybe brought to their side.

One of the ANBU in the room was from ROOT, he heard the small exchange between the Hokage and the Yamanaka, after deeming it as useful for his boss, he got out without being noticed. The ROOT member appeared inside a room with a dim light. "Danzō-sama, I got some information that may interest you." The bandaged man signaled for him to continue. "It's about the Kyuubi, the Yamanaka head found out that it has some fondness towards the ex-heiress from the Hyuuga clan." "Hmm... Interesting indeed, maybe we could control the Kyuubi with her, and one more Hyuuga in my forces wouldn't hurt. Send Fū and Torune to track her and turn her in one of us." "Understood Danzō-sama." After the ROOT member faded away, Danzō began snickering. 'The Kyuubi, on my hands, perfect!'

For three days Hinata was training under the instructions of Hikari about her new features, while she learned more about herself and her newfound power, but she was far from perfection.

"Keep this in mind, the tail helps you in the body balance, letting you change directions easier." Each time that Hinata messed up in some things, Hikari encouraged her in using them to learn about herself. "Like when you use the Byakugan and loses the need of turning your head all the times, with your ears you just turn them to where the noise is coming from, and they are more sensitive. By the way, your nose was improved as well." Little by little Hinata got used to her new body type at the same time that she learned how to conceal her animal features. "You can hide your ears and tail just by willing them to disappear, but you will feel as like your arm were in a cast." Every day Hikari urged her vessel to change locations, telling her that there were pursuers. But in the fourth day she was ambushed by the hunter-nin hired by her father.

"It's the target. Remember, retrieve the eyes, alive or dead doesn't matter." There were two hunter-nin, one specialized in long distance combat and the other was a Hyuuga from the main branch. They circled around Hinata, one in the front and the other at her back. What they didn't know was that Hinata had discovered them a little time ago. 'They were sent by my father, but I don't want a direct confrontation. What should I do?' The wolf growled. "Killing them would be the preferrable option." 'No, I don't want to lower myself to their level.' "It will be risky, but I know a genjutsu, we have to exchange places for me to do it." 'I accept, but teach it to me later.' With Hinata's permission, Hikari took control and put her technique in motion. First she made four clones then jumped to the tree tops, leaving one behind to act as a decoy. Morphing herself and the three clones in regular looking wolves, she put two clones to follow the long range specialist while she and the remaining clone tailed the Hyuuga. 'Genjutsu: Illusory howl.' All the wolves began howling at the same time, confusing the attackers while trapping them in an illusion, tricking them in thinking that they managed to capture Hinata when the truth was that they were induced to sleep.

After Hinata had walked a good distance she began the questioning. 'How did you do that?' "The sound of the howls was echoing in their ears, disorienting them while influencing them, but this technique requires at least two members, otherwise it won't work." While Hinata had to deal with her chasers, Kurama was having his own issues as well.

Kurama was staring at the bare wall. '... First I was interrogated then my mind was scanned and now I am in the jail. Honestly, even a kit could get out.' He broke his bindings while casting a simple illusion on the jailers. 'Too easy, but how can I find her?' His illusions were a special kind, if the user wanted, it could have as many layers as he wished, with the bonus of needing a small amount of chakra. After he got out, he turned in a small falcon, flying away from the village. 'Child's play, but now, where should I go?' He went to a clearing and took the shape of a deer with reddish fur and beige underbelly. Sniffing around to find a trail, he found out that Hinata was going south.

Tsunade was very angry, first the demon fox bailed out from the jail, then she discovered that her former teammate and traitor was about to make his move, not to mention the old war hawk Danzō seemed to be in a good mood, what was a bad sign. To top all that, she had to watch over Naruto's condition.

She had put him in the safest area in the hospital, worrying over the possible drawbacks of losing the demon. 'The Kazekage died when the one tail got extracted...'

Hinata was tired, she kept fending off the aggressors, but they only backed away for a day or two. 'Hikari, I won't last long like this, tell me what to do. Please.' The wolf was really worried, sensing that even if Hinata was stronger, she was still quite inexperienced in such a situation and her control had gone to the pits of hell. "I won't lie, but you have two options, either stay on the run until you get help or assuming the demon form." 'What do you mean?' "You would get stuck in the demon state for one or two months, but you would be able to get some peace, because the human and demon forms are very different, be in chakra or smell." 'And what do I have to do?' "It's a gamble, you have two days to learn to access the demon form or you're going to be captured. "

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