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Hikari told Hinata the necessary seals, giving a warning. "Remember, you only have two days, but I trust in you that you will get it right. Just one thing, you will be in severe pain for a few hours, so the sooner the better." Hinata made her first attempt to access the demon form, but ended in failure having the drawback of leaving her exhausted. "I can't give up, I won't let them kill me. But it is really tiring." she made more five attempts, just for them to fail.

"J-just one more time! I can't fail." She went on the sequence of seals, finishing with the dragon seal. 'Shapeshift!' The night had fallen long ago, and the moon was high in the sky, with her last attempt Hinata actually managed to complete the technique, but she got the feeling that her insides were burning and her skin felt like it was pierced by thousands of burning knifes, making her curl and writhe in pain, ignoring the changes that occurred with her body.

The village of Konoha was unsuspecting from the several incidents that happened in the last week, thinking that today was just another day, like a certain blonde knucklehead boy. "Hey Naruto, are you sure that you're alright? I mean, you just had it pulled from your gut!" He turned to his pink haired friend. "I'm alright! It's not a big deal Sakura-chan." Anyone would think that the couple of ninja was talking about something like a kunai wound made by an enemy, but they were SO wrong, the 'It' was the fox demon, bane of Konoha.

Then the Uzumaki turned to his teamate. "Did you see Kiba today? I want to spar with him." "I did see him, but he seemed to be in a bad mood." "Better leave him alone then. Do you want to have ramen with me?" When the pinkette was about to answer, a Chuunin came to them saying that the Hokage had summoned them.

"What do you want Grandma?" Naruto was curious, even more when he saw that the other Rookies were there. "Shut up gaki and listen, you all will be sent in a top secret mission, a SSS-rank, track and subdue the Kyuubi no Kitsune and bring it back. We can't risk having the other villages trying to invade our country." All them were extremely nervous, they had to face a demon, in an unknown terrain. They hesitated at first, but relented.

But Shikamaru had his suspicions towards the mission. "Hokage-sama, I don't want to be considered rude, but I did notice that it got out from its seal after it had heard the words from Hyuuga-sama. Is there a connection between these two facts?" The Hokage got antsy. "Shikamaru Nara, looking at what happened earlier with the incident a few days ago in Pain's attack, what would you assume?" He got in a pensive state, trying to link the facts, then groaned. "I don't like this. Hokage-sama, tell me if I am wrong, my guess is: the Kyuubi is attached to Hinata, right?" Everybody but the Hokage jumped in surprise. "Don't joke Shikamaru!" "It's a joke right?" "It can't be true!" Tsunade silenced them with a slam to the table. "It sounds ridiculous, but it's the truth." There were the sounds of shocked gasps. "Enough chitchat, go now!"

Kurama had covered several miles thanks to his enhanced speed, getting more and more worried due the smells of foreign people, even getting the scent of dried blood, that only came from Hinata. 'She's really merciful, sparing them and fleeing instead of making a direct confrontation.' His eyes softened a bit at the thought of her. Now he was in his weakest demon state, looking like his larger counterpart but sporting only one tail and was just slightly larger than an Inuzuka ninken. The smell trail was getting fresher, signaling that he was close to his destination, meeting some sharp turns, feeling closer to his mate.

After a few turns he saw something that froze his heart. Shredded remains of what he recognized as Hinata's jacket, to his relief there wasn't even a drop of blood on the cloth. He heard some whimpers and groaning, turning around to look from where the sound had come Kurama almost jumped out off his fur. A few meters from him rested a beautiful wolf, that he knew that was a female thanks to his smelling. 'Wait, this smell... Hinata? I wouldn't mistake such an unique scent. Though, how did she turn in a wolf?' He was intrigued, but the whimpers came back and the wolf was turning on its sleep. 'Nightmare, better take her to a safer place.' He went up to two tails, doubling in size. Crouching at her side, Kurama lifted Hinata gently with his two tails and settled her on his back, walking slowly to the deeper area of the forest, recalling a hollow tree that he had found years ago. It wasn't hard to find the right tree, because it was the tallest one in the whole forest, being several stories tall. 'Hmm, it grew a damn lot, the hollow isn't even reachable by normal means.' It didn't matter to him, a few jumps on the branches on the closest trees were enough to get at the hollow.

The place was spacious, having spots covered by a thick moss, giving the occupants a soft place to lay down. He went to the back of the room, letting Hinata slide from his back, laying her over the patch of moss, then he got back to one tail, shrinking in size. 'Now that I got a good look, I can say that she looks gorgeous.' Indeed, now Hinata was a wolf with fur in the same color as her hair, having light purple marks on her face, but the tip of her tail, ears and paws were a dark tone of purple. Kurama went to her, laying down behind her and settling his head on her neck, falling asleep quickly.

The remaining Rookie 12 were scouting the area, trying to find any signs from the demon fox. "Damn, why did she sent us? She could have chosen someone else!" "Silence Naruto, what would you do if the fox attacked us right now?" "Sheesh Neji, you're too serious!" Neji just scoffed, turning his attention to the road. Kiba was silent all the time, Akamaru felt his distress towards his teammate, but he smelled something, so he barked to warn his owner. "What do you want Akamaru? Eh? You found the scent? Good boy, where it's going? South? No way! Hinata's going there too?" Every time that Kiba made a question Akamaru would bark to answer. "What's the matter?" Kiba looked to his team. "I found him, but he seems to be chasing Hinata. They went south." That was enough for Naruto to snap. "Then we have to run faster!" For once they agreed with Naruto.

Hinata woke up slowly, every inch of her body ached and she still felt her skin burning. 'Hikari? Are you there?' "Yes, by the way, when you wake up, try to not panic." 'What do you mean?' "You'll see." With this Hinata was pushed out from her mind, making her wake up. The first thing that she noticed was that her body felt different, then a smell that calmed her, and finally a weight on her neck. Opening her eyes, she blinked a little to shake the sleepiness away, trying to sit up, just to have her body not obey her. Looking down she saw her new body. She jumped in fright. 'W-w-w-what? What's this Hikari?!' "Calm down, at this rate you're going to have a heart attack. It's your demon state, congratulations. Anyhow, apologize to that fox that you just headbutted." If any of you guessed that Kurama was holding his chin and rolling in pain, you're absolutely right (lol XD). 'Ugh, who knew that she had a hard head, literally.'

Hinata looked at the fox, feeling a bond of sorts, but she had never seen it before. "Ano... Are you alright?" Kurama looked at her. "What do you think? Owww..." "You can talk!" He stared at her as if she were dumb. "You can too." Hinata recoiled from the harsh tone in his voice, something that didn't go unnoticed by Kurama. "Ah! I'm sorry, that was rude from me." She was curious and wanted to know what he was. "I don't mean to pry, but what are you?" Kurama got nervous. "I will tell you if you promise me not to run." "I promise."

He gave out a deep breath. "I am the Kyuubi no Yoko, but I swear, I was controlled, I didn't want to destroy your village." Hinata was stunned, she saw the pain and regret on his eyes. "I-I believe in you." She raised her eyes hesitantly, steeling her nerves. "Could you tell me your name? I'm Hyuuga Hinata." "Youko Kurama, it's a pleasure to meet you." Smiling as much as she could with the mouth of a wolf, she tried to rise her body, failing miserably. "Are you alright?" He rushed to her side. "I'm not used to walk like a wolf, I'm just a human." Kurama only nodded. "Look at me and repeat what I do." He walked a little in front of Hinata, showing her how to stand. She fell on her nose a few times, earning a laugh from Kurama, which made her pout.

In the meantime the two ROOT members were trying to find their prey, failing in doing so. They assumed that she was devoured by wild animals after seeing the ripped jacket. Their report made Danzō utterly enraged, so he gave a severe punishment to his subordinates.

The search team was baffled, after an entire week they didn't find anything that remotely resembled the fox, leaving the more hothead members frustrated. "Why do we even need to search for it? Isn't better for the village if the demon is away?" "Sakura-san, a bijuu is the greatest trump card that a village can get, it is like a guard dog." "Neji is right, by the way, the guys must be wary, a fox can disguise itself like a gorgeous woman, but we can't deny that the opposite can happen. So troublesome." "Meh, when I see the dumb fox I will give it a rasengan in the guts." "I wonder what happened to Hinata." "Tch, maybe she was eaten by a bear." All the ones that had a close friendship with Hinata tried to not kill Sakura. "Let's go Akamaru, she doesn't deserve our company."

The innocent rabbit was eating, until it heard leaves rustling. Lifting the small ears to measure the danger, it assumed that there wasn't any danger, so it resumed eating. A pair of silvery eyes spied the rabbit, watching for a chance, it came after a couple of minutes.

The rabbit got terrified when it witnessed a humongous black wolf pouncing over him, but the wolf seemed to have miscalculated the strength needed for the jump and rammed its head at a tree, letting the small prey to flee. "Hahaha, that was so amusing, you didn't need this much to hunt a rabbit. Hahaha!" The wolf nursed the hurting muzzle. 'Stop Hikari, please.' As if on cue a certain fox appeared carrying a deer.

"Hello Kurama." He noticed the depressed tone in the greeting. "What's the matter Hinata?" "I lost a rabbit and Hikari is making fun of me." "You know, we can always share." "No, no, don't worry about me." A loud growling sound came from her stomach, Kurama made a deadpan face. "Your body says the opposite. Come here and eat." Lowering her head, she complied. In the last week they learned some things about each other and Kurama confessed that he already knew Hinata, even if she didn't know him, and Hinata revealed her new condition as the future ten tails. To her surprise he offered help to aid her through the changes. When she asked him why he was helping her, he got a strange look and said that he just wanted.

In the first time that Hinata tasted raw meat, she discovered that her sense of taste had changed as well, because she didn't find it disgusting. Her strength increased to the point that she had to relearn how to walk and the breaking point for things, sometimes she put too much power in a single step that she ended slipping or running on a tree/rock. Every night when they went to sleep, Kurama waited for her to lay down then he would cuddle with her, resting his head on her neck, she thought that it was a quirk of his and it just felt so... right.

The search team was settling for the night, becoming increasingly worried after finding paw prints that were larger than Akamaru paws. Nobody believed that a monster could love someone, they really believed that Hinata was in danger. Naruto kept looking at the roof of his tent, wondering where were the fox and Hinata, until he got tired and went to sleep, soon he wished that he didn't.


Naruto was running in the woods, not caring about the gashes made on his face by tree branches, having a sinking feeling on his gut. When he arrived in a clearing he saw the fox holding Hinata by her neck, she had glassy eyes and a pleading look on her face, the fox chuckled darkly and tightened his grip, strangling his victim. Her last words were: "Why Naruto-kun?"

End dream

"Gaaahhhh!" His scream startled the birds and woke the entire camp. "What's the matter, it's too early to be screaming baka!" His pink haired teammate got annoyed by his screams. "S-sakura-chan, I saw him, he was strangling her! We have to run!" Naruto was teary eyed, he believed that if Hinata were dead, it would be his fault.

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