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Hikari was having a field day with the embarrassing situations between Kurama and Hinata, only getting more amused as the days passed. She had figured in the instant that she saw him that he was Hinata's mate, his chakra was unique, and the prospect of a good companion was a definite plus. But now she was getting ready for the best laughter session, because today was when Hinata was going to revert back to her human form. 'This is going to be soooo gooood~' Did I mention that she got snacks and drinks for the show?

Hinata had woken up, not seeing Kurama anywhere, she guessed that he went hunting. Then she felt her own smell. 'I'm filthy, better go take a bath.' She never heard the snickering coming from Hikari. At the stream she just entered in, swimming happily, as she were a wolf right now. The cold water had a cleansing effect, both in body and mind. After a while she decided to go back, to not worry Kurama needlessly. Shaking the excess water off, she went to the clearing. 'He isn't back yet.' She went under a tree and dozed to sleep. 'Dear friend, you're going to have a heck of a surprise, hehe.'

Later on, she heard a twig snapping but she didn't worry, the smell was from her companion. Hinata got up and stretched, still a bit sleepy. Looking up she noticed that Kurama was in his human state, with a strange look that made her body heat up. He seemed to be in a trance as he approached her. With a husky voice he whispered on her ear. "I didn't know that you were so bold." Wondering why he had said such a thing she looked down and saw that she was human again, but was completely naked, her face heated to the point where you could see steam coming of her ears. "Gyaaahahahahaaa! That was GOLD! Haha, I wish I could see your face right now, hahaha!" Even if Hinata couldn't see Hikari she was sure that the wolf was laughing her ass off and rolling around.

The embarrassment overload made her do something unthinkable for her. "Pervert!" She punched him in the face and hid behind a tree. 'Owwww, she also packs quite a punch!' He held his broken nose that was already healing. "Sorry, I was just messing with you, don't be angry." She shrunk against the tree bark. "Go away! You saw me and didn't say a thing!" She peeked when she didn't hear a reply, just to see that Kurama was looking away with a hand covering his eyes, one hand stretched to offer the top part of his kimono. She picked the cloth reluctantly, using it to regain a little modesty, it was surprisingly large, almost reaching the middle of her thighs.

"Can I look now?" She felt like her face was burning. "Yes... can we go to a village to get some clothes?" He looked at her. "Why do you ask?" Her blush darkened a bit. "If you didn't notice, we are half naked." Kurama tilted his head. "So? We were literally naked around each other for an entire month. " Now she would make a tomato pale near her face. "That was different!" He got a smirk. "Tell me, I fail to see the difference." Hinata was about to retort when she saw the mirth on his eyes. "You're a jackass!" He tried to hold his laughter, failing in doing so. "Chill down, I understood what you mean." She glared at him.

Naruto was cursing loudly now, barely hiding his frustration, annoying the others. "Can you shut up Naruto? Your voice is hurting my ears." *Bark* Wherever Kiba complained his dog would bark in agreement. "It's you who should shut up Kiba! Hinata could be hurt right now." Because the two engaged in a fight, they didn't notice that their teammates had stopped. A whine from Akamaru was enough to make Kiba freeze, so he took a punch in the chin that threw him in the clearing. "Ouch, that hurts Naruto, why you're all looking at me?"

When Kiba tried to get up, his hand felt some shredded cloth. Picking some to examine, he confirmed what they feared. "It's from Hinata..." Shikamaru pointed a detail. "There isn't any blood, it's just a torn up jacket. I wonder what really happened." Shino was silent during the whole ordeal, but now he decided to give his opinion. "My bugs got her track, even if it's faint, it's still here." Kiba sniffed the air. "He's right, follow me guys!"

Hinata was happy for the fact that she could get some clothes, but she had a worry. "But even if we do find a village, we can't go in half naked." He gave Hinata a reassuring look. "Don't worry, I will put a genjutsu over both of us, so we can enter without worries." Kurama held her hand, cloaking both of them on an illusion. Finding a village wasn't hard, nor was the infiltration. Once they were inside Hinata pulled Kurama to the shopping district, deciding that she wanted his opinion. They didn't know how the civilians saw them, but they were sure that whatever they were seeing, it was enough to not raise questions.

The couple entered in the first store, Hinata was choosing her clothes while Kurama waited. While she were looking the clothes, Hikari decided that now was a good chance to annoy her host. "Come on, Hina, I know that you want him to look at you~ So why not to choose something more... suggestive?" Her face turned crimson, attracting the attention from the customers. 'Hikari!' She gave out a dismissing wave. "Too bad that I have a chicken for vessel, maybe I'm going to complain to Kami." This comment made something inside Hinata snap. "Uh oh, unleashed the beast." She picked a set of clothes at random, entering the dressing room.

In the meantime Kurama began fidgeting. 'What's she doing? Damn, I promised that I wouldn't peek!' He began pacing inside the store. "Ano... Kurama?" When he turned around he saw a thing that left him speechless. "H-hinata?!" There she was, just a purple tank top with black tight leggings, literally making all the male customers look at her. "Please, if you're going to choose this outfit, at least pick a jacket as well." His voice was extremely strained. "Hoho~ fox-boy is getting hot under his collar, I'm sure of this!" Hinata didn't answer, it seemed that her assertiveness only lasted until Kurama made his comment.

She silently picked a jacket that looked like her old one and larger pants. Ate she chose her new attire she asked Kurama to pay. "Okay, I never had a chance to spend money with anything." He pulled a large amount of cash from a pouch and told to the owner that he could keep the change. The way back was awkward, Hinata kept ignoring him and looked elsewhere but him. 'She must be angry about that yet.' The male felt bad for pushing things a bit too far.

Sakura was utterly outraged by the mission. Why did the marvelous being that was herself involved in such a mission? "Sheesh! We were searching that demon for a whole month, I say that we drop this mission and tell Tsunade to send someone else." Kiba and Shino had lost the interest to argue long ago, including the members of team Gai and Shikamaru. Earlier they had found out a new set of paw prints within the trail left by the demon fox, also stumbling across dark and red patches of fur, not to mention the bones of deers left behind.

The Nara was mulling over the new information. 'Strange, according to Kiba, there were two different bite marks in the bones, but the Kyuubi doesn't seem to be the kind that likes to share. What's going on? Tch, it's all so damn troublesome.' Lately they had spoken with travelers, and what they said surprised them. It seems that the fox was being followed by a wolf slightly smaller than him, the most striking description was that the wolf seemed to be blind. Suddenly Kiba jolted forward, claiming that he found the smell of Hinata again.

Kurama was frustrated, all the attempts to get the attention of Hinata again just failed repeatedly. He was abou to kick himself in his mind when he noticed that she had a faint blush and her tail was wagging slightly. 'Wait, did she like what happened earlier?' He got a sly grin, waiting for a chance to test his theory.

In the meanwhile Hinata was arguing with the wolf demon. "Come on, I know that you liked him ogling your 'assets', don't lie to me." Hinata was feeling light headed. 'I didn't like it, I never got this embarrassed!' The smirk on Hikari's muzzle never faded. "You said embarrassed not humiliated, and denial is just the first step." She was poking her index fingers. 'Well, that felt kinda... nice.' The wolf's face looked like it would split in two if she widened her smirk. "Aha! You like him!" She averted her eyes. 'Erm, it's nice to stay near him, and he helped me a lot.' The wolf crouched to stay face to face with her vessel. "Girl, go on, grab your prey!" Her head turned so fast that seemed like that she would get a crick. 'Things aren't that easy!' It only got a bored wave from the demoness. "Whatever rows your boat."

When she snapped out from her trance she saw that Kurama was staring at her. "What's the matter?" He had a smirk. "Are you thinking about earlier?" Hinata jumped when she noticed the innuendo. "Eep!" He crawled to her side. "Am I right?" She began blushing a storm. "A-ano... I... I..." He cocked an eyebrow. "You're blushing. That means that I am right. Correct?" Hikari was cheering for Hinata. "Whoohoo! Go girl, you just need the right answer!" She took a deep breath. "H-how d-did you k-know?" Hikari got a deadpan face, then she slapped her face. "Are you fucking serious?!" Kurama just got a wider smirk.

'I knew it!' He leaned at her direction. "Anyone would know if they looked at your tail. It's showing your emotions." When he thought that Hinata couldn't get any redder, she proved him wrong. "Doesn't it happens with you as well?" Kurama got in a thinking position. "Let me think... No, I learned how to control my tail." She didn't believe his words. "Prove it." He gave his best vulpine grin. "Challenge accepted."

"Come on! Why we can't find a girl? This is getting ridiculous!" The path followed by the Rookies was mind defying, steep cliffs, humongous tree tops, wild rivers and woods infested by wild animals had driven them to borderline madness. It is, until now. They were in a easy road made by travelers, rushing to their destination. They were insanely freaked out, wishing to finish the mission as fast as possible. They heard low growling, accompanied by playful barks and some howls. "What's that? It sounded like a fox and a wolf. Wait..." They looked at each other, recalling what the travelers related to them. "Should we go? Or leave them alone?" The choice of Naruto was made in an instant. "Let's go! Maybe it's the fox!"

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