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When Kurama let his animal features out, a pair of red ears with black tips and a long red tail, he saw that Hinata's fingers were twitching. "Gahahahaa! You want to pet him right? Just ask him!" He wondered what she could be thinking, then he made a wild guess. "Do you want to touch my ears?" Hinata gulped slightly. "C-can I do it?" His answer was to sit down and point behind him. For the next few minutes Hinata was feeling how his ears and hair had a silky touch to them, then she heard a rumbling sound coming from the man sitting in front of her. 'What's that?' Hikari looked like she were about to burst in laughter. "Is he a fox-boy or cat-boy?" Hinata began giggling, picking his attention. "Why you're giggling?" She stifled her giggles before answering. "You can purr like a cat!" Kurama got embarrassed at her statement. 'I can't deny that it felt so good.' When she saw his blush she resumed petting his ears, making more of the purring sound, both forgetting their little challenge concerning focus and hiding their extra features.

The Rookie team was angry, the sounds came from a regular fox and wolf, not the ones that they were searching for. Sakura was so angered that she took a kunai and charged at the two animals, only to be blocked by Lee and Choji. "Don't do that Forehead! They aren't involved in the mission!" "I know Ino-pig! I just want to vent out some anger!" After a while they managed to calm down Sakura, but it was already dusk and they were tired, so they raised a camp for the night. Naruto was tossing and turning in his tent, in a nightmare.


He was covered in cuts and bruises from falling so many times, trying to find the wretched demon, but found Hinata leaned to a tree instead. She was dying, four deep claw marks on her chest were draining her blood, but she managed to utter a phrase: "It's all your fault." She collapsed at the sound of a cruel laughter.

End dream

This time he just got up, all sweaty and about to cry. "If I were stronger we wouldn't be in this situation. I'm sorry Hinata."

"Kurama, can I ask something?" He just hmmed, lost in the pleasure of ear petting. "Can we stay at the village?" He turned to look at her. "Why?" Hinata fidgeted a little. "I want to sleep in a bed again. Please?" His imagination strayed, creating a image of Hinata waving at him while laying on the bed. She noticed that he went still, with a dazed look. "Ano... Kurama? Did you hear what I said? Answer me."

He snapped out from his thoughts, noticing that they were taking a more perverted nature. "Uh... Yeah, sure!" His hesitation alerted Hikari. "Hoho... Maybe he got naughty thoughts about you~" 'Hikari!' "What? It's the truth." She focused in Kurama. "So, what do you say?" He didn't have the guts to look at her eyes. "Sure, let's go now?" She began smiling. "Thank you." When she was about to walk back Kurama held her arm. "Wait, could you wear this?" He held a box in his hands. "Fine." It was a nice flowing kimono, being purple in color with silver and golden leaves decorating the sleeves and hem, with a lavender obi. "It's beautiful, I love it!" When she hugged him, he got as stiff as a board, thankfully Hinata didn't notice this fact.

They went back to the village, this time just hiding their extra features. It was easy to get a hotel room, then they went sightseeing. There was a little festival to celebrate the anniversary of the village so they took part in it. The people were welcoming, the food was great and the couple got a lot of fun, if you omitted some jealous glares from Kurama and Hinata for flirty men and women.

Back to the hotel, they went to their room, it was a bit plain and had two beds and a bathroom. Each one picked a bed and went to sleep, but Hinata had gotten used to have Kurama close to her when they slept. "Kurama, are you awake?" He sat up at her voice, seeing her standing at the side of his bed. "Do you want something?" "C-could I sleep with y-you?" The combo of puppy eyes and the fact that he missed sleeping next to her made him cave in fast. "Come here then." He lifted the covers, leaving a space for her. She went in and snuggled with Kurama by reflex, falling asleep in an instant. He stayed awake longer, replaying the events in the festival. 'So she got jealous with those women looking at me, that felt good.'

Now Naruto looked like an undead, making his teammates worry over him, but they knew why he was in such a slump. And they kept losing the trail of both Hinata and the fox. Suddenly Kiba raised his head, then began beaming at his squad. "Hey guys, I found Hinata's smell again! It's going in that direction!"

When Kurama woke up he felt something odd, so he looked down and saw that Hinata had changed position in her sleep, using his chest as a pillow and had a hand tucked into his shirt, and I didn't even mention what he felt against his arm. Now his blush rivaled Hinata's, only worsening when she began rubbing her cheek on his chest and snuggled closer. Trying to focus on something else, he made a clone and exchanged places with him, dispelling it so Hinata wouldn't think badly of him, then rushed to the bathroom, desperate for an ice cold shower.

He had barely turned the shower on when Hinata began waking up. "Yawn, what's are you Kurama?" "In the shower, by the way, when a male goes to take a bath this early it's because they got-" "Well maybe we should be going, right Kurama?" In this exact moment Kurama got out from the bathroom, only with a towel wrapped at his waist. "Oh boy..." She had turned to the door when she heard it open, seeing the upper half of Kurama's body in all it's glory (guess the outcome). Her face at first was blank, then it got redder and redder, until she fainted.

She woke up after a couple of minutes, with Kurama at her side. "Well, it's your turn to get ready, we're going as soon you're finished. I'll be waiting you at the entrance." She bathed quickly, trying to keep the image of a half-naked Kurama out from her mind. "Wow, is he a bodybuilder? *drools*" Her willpower went all to block Hikari, as she turned to be a closet pervert. "Nope, I'm very proud to be one." One hour later they were ready and resuming their path to the south border of Hi no Kuni.

Sakura stared at the gates while skeptical. "What the heck?! If she's on the run she wouldn't go to a village!" Kiba looked at her. "But the trail goes in that direction. What about we gather information?" They separated once they got in, inquiring the villagers about something unusual. The first one was an old man. "Something out of place? Hmm, maybe you're talking about the rich couple that stayed here yesterday." Then a couple of friends. "How were their faces? I wouldn't forget even after a thousand years! They were such a gorgeous couple, the guy was like a fallen angel, that fiery red hair and golden eyes that seemed to look at your soul, and such a dreamy body..." The girl lost herself to her fantasies, making the guy the only one able to answer. "Well, the lady could be a goddess in disguise, she had long hair that was... indigo? I remember that was a dark color, her eyes were like pearls, just with a tint of lavender. And her body was the dream of every man." Lastly they asked if someone could give them an accurate description. "If there is someone that can provide a picture of them, is the painter Gaka Efude, he depicts every couple that he sees in the festivals."

The team showed the info that they got on Hinata. "To sum all this, it seems that she either got the affection of an unknown lord or the Kyuubi already captured her." Ino turned to him. "How do you know Shikamaru?" He snorted. "Don't you remember? The Kyuubi had red hair, not that it was easy to note as it were covered in blood from Naruto and Hyuuga-sama, but about the other features we can't be sure, as his body was covered by chakra." They turned to Naruto, both because he kept silent and because he held a portrait in his hands with the picture facing away from them. "What do you have there?" He just turned the portrait so it faced them, showing Hinata and the stranger in a festival stand. "Wow! He's surely hot! I'm jealous of her now!" Choji glared at the girl. "Ino, don't you see that it's hurting Naruto?" Kiba butted in. "I don't want to pop your bubble, but we should go before the smell fades."

The couple was playing at one of the many lakes, tossing water at each other and having a game of tag over the lake's surface. Hinata turned in a wolf. "You won't catch me if you stay behind!" Kurama followed suit and dashed at her, touching her with his muzzle. "It's with you now, try to get me!" She gave him a mock glare, using the water to make a cage around them. "Oi, oi, that's cheating!" She had a smirk. "Anything is fair in a game against a bijuu." He laid down, surrendering to his companion. "I give up, spare me." With this he rolled over his back, waving his tail like a white flag. She jumped on him and they began a light spar and reentered the forest, each one trying to outwit the other.

There was a lone question over the Rookies head, that was: is Hinata a hostage for the Kyuubi? Akamaru sniffed the air then sprinted to the woods, not letting anyone get near him. He was looking at his surroundings, searching for something. He bolted at a black blur, knocking both them off balance, revealing a female wolf. If you looked at his eyes you would see hearts on them. "Damn Akamaru, you know how to run, come back here!" When Kiba reached Akamaru, he saw a weird scene: his dog cornering a wolf and seemingly smitten by the creature, but hell broke loose when his team and a red haired man arrived at the clearing. "Oh, fuck."

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